Is It A Quarter-Life Crisis? Take The Quiz!


Plain and simple, your 20s have not gone according to plan. While you might have thought that your break into adulthood would play out like one of your favorite sitcoms -- with everyone laughing and living in a flawless apartment while taking the world by storm -- you're slowly learning that life on your own is expensive and anxiety-ridden.

Like so many people that are graduating college today, you may feel constantly weighed down by the massive amount of student debt you've acquired. This has probably made you desperate to start your career to beginning paying it off, only to discover that you hate the job you've found yourself in. This is the sad reality of life, which makes you spend your entire childhood wishing you could be an adult, only to finally reach adulthood and wish you were a child again.

But are you simply having a rough couple of months, or are you experiencing a full-blown quarter-life crisis?

Freaking out isn't necessarily a bad thing, so long as you can turn all the negativity into being proactive for your future. But if all the stresses of adulthood make you want to curl into a cardboard box and mail yourself back to your parents' house, you're gonna need to acquire some better coping skills, and fast.

But first, let's find out if you are indeed going through a quarter-life crisis!

1How many hours of the day do you spend looking at memes to drown your sorrows?

Meme humor is largely a generational thing, with those of us in our 30s and younger getting the jokes, while our parents are left scratching their heads. So how often do you use the dark and often deranged comedy of Internet to soothe your sorrows? Is this form of bleak humor the only thing that can make you laugh anymore?

2What do you usually end up watching on Youtube?

Even if you're pulling a 40 hour a week job or more, everyone needs to unwind and watch some mindless entertainment now and again. Thanks to Youtube, you can forget about life's daily struggles by endlessly watching two-minute clips until your laptop dies. So what are you usually searching Youtube for?

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