If You've Never Fathered A Kid, You'll Fail This Quiz!

Just like being a mom, fathering can be one of the most wonderful and difficult jobs in the world. You get to help to nurture a mini replica of yourself for the rest of your life. You watch them fall, play, grow, get sick, go to prom, get married... the list doesn’t end.

During pregnancy, the mother’s body goes through a lot of changes, and we mean A LOT! Sometimes dads are helpless and don’t know how to help the situation of an angry, nauseated, and tired mommy.

Only a true father knows certain aspects of life with kids. He knows how to feed, change, and soothe a crying baby (at least he should know!) What do you know about fathering a child? Do you know the ins and outs of caring for a woman who's having your child? We know you enjoyed and fully understand how to make a baby… lol, you know it’s true.

Well, here's a quiz designed to test your knowledge on fathering a child.

1How many months does a pregnancy usually last?

Pregnancy, some women love it, some women hate it, and the rest just deal with it. But it’s always a joy to mom and dad to feel that first little jab, kick, or roll. Bringing an innocent life into this world can be an extremely beautiful thing.

2What is Lamaze?

While pregnant, women do many things to help the pregnancy be as comfortable as possible (and tolerable) and for it to run smoothly. They also depend on their partners to run around and be there for them. Over the years, many techniques have been developed to help with this.

3What exactly is “terrible twos”?

While growing up, kids go through many changes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s fascinating to see how they develop. Nowadays, there's a medical term for every aspect of their lives. Someone needs to compile these into a great big book of everything.


4Which does a baby say first?

As a parent, you look forward to your baby’s milestones. That first step, first time eating solids, first word, and first funny face after eating a lemon or warheads. These occurrences drive parents wild, and we bet there's a whole album full of funny and adorable pics!

5What's a midwife?

There are so many terms that float around when pregnancy is in the picture. This technique, that technique, this syndrome, that syndrome. Oh, the headaches!


6Which is not a brand of diapers?

When you have kids, just be prepared for the long list that comes with them. Parents have to make decisions on what they think or feel is best for their children. But with the thousands of brands out there, choosing one can be a hard task.

7What is Desitin used for?

When people become parents, they become an array of things: doctor, nurse, teacher, counselor, referee, and the list goes on. So, whenever something's wrong, you take off one hat and switch to the next. You find yourself using Google a lot and asking yourself… what cream should I use for this rash? Or which medication should I use for a high temperature? Decisions, decisions!


8What's a burp cloth used for?

Prams, bassinets, cribs! So much beautiful stuff to know, so much stuff to remember! Baby necessities are crucial in helping to handle messy, noisy, or even fussy situations. So, just get with the program.

9What's Couvade Syndrome?

Couvade syndrome can affect up to eighty percent of expectant fathers. Have you ever heard of this syndrome? These make fathering a child sound so hard. All the men might run away (lol.)


10Which famous dad below had the most kids?

Some men pride themselves on planting as many seeds as is physically possible. They call it "recreating and populating the earth." In some cultures, the more kids a man has, the more masculine, manly, and favorable he is to women.

11Which of the following countries offers the most generous paternity leave?

Fathers are often overlooked when it comes to getting time off for their newborn babies. Mothers get maternity leaves, and fathers continue working their same hours (in some countries.) After all, some say the babies don’t need them, but guess what? That’s wrong! Studies have shown that babies need both parents in the first few crucial years of life.


12Modern dads are giving out more what to their kids these days?

Most dads play an integral role in the lives of their kids. However, studies have shown that moms do a lot more - a whole lot! So, are modern dads really ready to play an integral role in the rearing of their kids? The roles have been reversed to an extent - dads now take their kids shopping and on play dates. With the women’s population in the workforce growing so rapidly, what other choice do they have?

13What percentage of American dads wish they could spend more time with their kids?

Kids can be cute, cuddly, little monkeys, but they can also be little monsters. Experts suggest that parents should try to socialize as much as possible with their offspring. Quality time plays a big role in child development. So, the next time you think about working late, better think twice.


14What should you never do in front of your child?

There are certain things that children should never witness. Their psyches are so fragile that parents should be very careful about what they allow them to see. Plus, you guys should remember that children live what they learn and learn what they live.

15What are “footies”?

Who would've ever thought that baby stuff would have so many different names? But you know, that's part of being a parent. You have to learn about everything that your children might need to make them comfortable so that their transitions happen as easily as possible in this world.


16When your child gets a boo-boo, what should you do?

Getting hurt is an inevitable part of growing up. Kids will get bumps, scrapes, bruises, and even (God forbid) broken bones. Didn’t you know that apart from being a risk to themselves, those roller skates and bikes that you bought are also risks?

17A father’s principal role is…

Fathers have many roles - roles that not all fathers partake in and embrace. Being a father is much more than being there physically. Fathering a child means being involved emotionally, financially, and spiritually, too.


18You come home and see toys piled up in the living room. What do you do?

Ever stepped on Legos? Ouch! Well, if you have, you probably died and came back. Kids are always leaving their stuff lying around the house. Toys, clothes, shoes, and even themselves, once in a while. How would you deal with this?

19Your child climbs on your back. What do you think he/she wants?

Kids can be little cheeky monkeys! They sometimes climb you like a tree. They crave and love attention and cannot get enough of it. As their father, you should embrace this childlike innocence. Trust us - it won’t last forever.


20Do you tell your family you love them?

Love is profound. We should love and cherish our loved ones and let them know this. We see people living in regret when someone dies and they never got the chance to say “ I love you.” Mind you, some people aren’t expressive at all, but… trying beats everything else.

21Do you feel that kids deserve respect?

“R-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to me.” There's more than enough of this to go around. We're told that there are certain morals and values that we should instill in our kids, respect being one of them. But how many of us show them respect?


22Do you rely on your partner to do most of the “adulting”?

Being an adult is very hard, and sometimes, it can get very overwhelming. But what do you do when this happens? Give up? Throw in the towel? Or do you take it like a man and stand firm in the face of adversity?

23When household chores need to be done, what do you do?

Back in the 1950s, it was said that men should go out and work and that a woman’s place is in the home, being homemakers. Well, now, we're in modern times, and some people still follow the notion of years past, while others have gotten with the times and adapted to modern times. Most things are basically 50/50. I mean, we have stay-at-home dads, for chrissake!


24How long does it take you to get over an argument?

Arguments can be pretty heated, and some of you guys are so petty that you argue over anything and everything. Not everyone deals with being upset the same way. We're all unique. How do you deal with it?

25How well do you handle stress?

Stress can make you wind up dead, crazy, or in the hospital. We all deal with stress the best way we know how, some better than others. Realizing that you're in control of your life can greatly reduce stress. So what if the bills are piled up, the kids are demanding, or your boss hates your guts? Your way of dealing with each individual problem may be your solution to reducing stress.

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