If You've Never Been Pregnant, You Will Probably Fail This Test

Is there anything more exciting than starting a family? Most people will probably agree that there is not. However, before a couple can take home their newest family member, the woman first has to get pregnant.

Getting pregnant is both exciting and daunting. On the one hand, one is about to become a parent. On the other hand, pregnancy is no joke and can be really challenging.

During pregnancy, a woman experiences not only physical but also mental changes. Things like morning sickness, bloating, and inexplicable pains are annoying. But coming to terms with the fact that one's life is about to change forever isn't easy either.

On top of that, first-time moms usually have no idea what to expect from the various stages of pregnancy, which is why only those who have a kid or two should pass this quiz with flying colors.

Question 1

What is the most significant symptom of pregnancy?

Question 2

True or False: Most pregnant women experience swelling in their feet?

Question 3

How big is a woman's uterus before pregnancy?

Question 4

And how big is a woman's uterus during the third trimester?

Question 5

What type of cheese should pregnant women avoid during pregnancy?

Question 6

How many cups of coffee can pregnant women have a day?

Question 7

Which of the below forms of exercise should pregnant women avoid?

Question 8

Which of the below doctors look after women during pregnancy and childbirth?

Question 9

How long does a typical pregnancy last?

Question 10

How many cups of caffeinated tea can pregnant women drink a day?

Question 11

What is a premature birth?

Question 12

What is a post-term birth?

Question 13

When does morning sickness usually start?

Question 14

And when does morning sickness typically ease?

Question 15

Are vegan and vegetarian diets safe during pregnancy?

Question 16

True or False: Herbal teas such as ginger root are safe to drink during pregnancy?

Question 17

When should women start taking folic acid supplements?

Question 18

A woman of average weight typically gains how many pounds during pregnancy?

Question 19

On average, when do stretch marks appear?

Question 20

Which of the below terms describes false labor contractions?

Question 21

What supplements should vegan moms take?

Question 22

True or False: Raw sprouts are safe to eat for pregnant women?

Question 23

A prenatal care checkup should be scheduled...?

Question 24

Call a doctor when contractions occur...?

Question 25

When do most women feel the baby kicking for the first time?

Question 26

Pregnant women should sleep on their...?

Question 27

Which of the below foods can induce labor?

Question 28

How much water should pregnant women drink daily?

Question 29

Is it safe to eat sushi while pregnant?

Question 30

How long does the first trimester last?

Question 31

Which of the below supplements should you avoid during pregnancy?

Question 32

True or False: Some women get acne during pregnancy?

Question 33

Can pregnant women eat fish?

Question 34

During labor, it's time to push when the cervix dilates to...?

Question 35

How many stages of labor are there?

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