If You're Single And Loving It, You Could Probably Name All These Movies!

There are many positives to being single today. While we may not be in love like some of our friends, we have the option to do whatever we want in our free time. One thing many single folks can do is watch movies on an off night rather than having to plan a date. In fact, the struggle of having to pick a movie you and your partner will like is out the window. Single people have the option to be selfish and see any movie we want to in theaters, Netflix or on television.

We will test your ability to guess movies based on one picture and a short description. Each movie will see four choices offered as you try to name the correct one for all questions in the quiz. At the end of the quiz, we will tabulate the results and make our best guess of if you are single or not. Chances are single people are more likely to name more movies than those in relationships. Let’s find out how true that is as you start your journey with this quiz of thirty-five questions. If you are single and loving life, you can name all these movies!

1Name the movie

This movie was a recent smash hit in the box office to become the talk of social media for weeks. It set an impressive record for the biggest opening weekend in box office history. The villain is shown here and is already considered an iconic bad guy. Can you name this movie?

2Name the movie

The picture here shows a memorable battle scene from a highly successful movie to come out in recent times. This movie was highly anticipated, and it didn’t disappoint with intense scenes like this one. The cool visual does not represent the brutal battle to come from it. Which of the following movies featured this scene?

3Name the movie

This movie was one of the most successful horror flicks over the past few years. Box office fans were enthralled by a book turned movie being made in a modern spin. Kids battled together to try to overcome the terrifying clown tormenting their town. Do you know the name of this movie?

4Name the movie

Vin Diesel and Charlize Theron starred in this recent action film to deliver huge results in the box office. One of the characters was a villain manipulating the other to join them. The movie saw a lot of twists and turns. Despite the box office success, it was met with mixed reactions by fans. Can you name the film?

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