If You're Single And Loving It, You Could Probably Name All These Movies!

There are many positives to being single today. While we may not be in love like some of our friends, we have the option to do whatever we want in our free time. One thing many single folks can do is watch movies on an off night rather than having to plan a date. In fact, the struggle of having to pick a movie you and your partner will like is out the window. Single people have the option to be selfish and see any movie we want to in theaters, Netflix or on television.

We will test your ability to guess movies based on one picture and a short description. Each movie will see four choices offered as you try to name the correct one for all questions in the quiz. At the end of the quiz, we will tabulate the results and make our best guess of if you are single or not. Chances are single people are more likely to name more movies than those in relationships. Let’s find out how true that is as you start your journey with this quiz of thirty-five questions. If you are single and loving life, you can name all these movies!

1Name the movie

This movie was a recent smash hit in the box office to become the talk of social media for weeks. It set an impressive record for the biggest opening weekend in box office history. The villain is shown here and is already considered an iconic bad guy. Can you name this movie?

2Name the movie

The picture here shows a memorable battle scene from a highly successful movie to come out in recent times. This movie was highly anticipated, and it didn’t disappoint with intense scenes like this one. The cool visual does not represent the brutal battle to come from it. Which of the following movies featured this scene?

3Name the movie

This movie was one of the most successful horror flicks over the past few years. Box office fans were enthralled by a book turned movie being made in a modern spin. Kids battled together to try to overcome the terrifying clown tormenting their town. Do you know the name of this movie?


4Name the movie

Vin Diesel and Charlize Theron starred in this recent action film to deliver huge results in the box office. One of the characters was a villain manipulating the other to join them. The movie saw a lot of twists and turns. Despite the box office success, it was met with mixed reactions by fans. Can you name the film?

5Name the movie

This hit film featured the duo of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard as the main stars. Both characters were polar opposites that clashed until having to unite on the same page for the betterment of many others in the story. Which of the following movies features the duo in this scene shown above?


6Name the movie

The movie shown here was one of the most memorable action films in recent years. It was a surprise hit to make Keanu Reeves the star of a booming franchise once again. A story of redemption sees him go on the war path against his enemies. Can you name this movie?

7Name the movie

A horror/suspense film is featured here after becoming a surprise hit. Most pundits expected it to be a middle of the pack movie for the genre, but it dominated the box office with a couple of top weekend performances. It features the characters quietly trying to save their lives. Which movie is this?


8Name the movie

The recent success of this film saw it get nominated for Best Picture in a recent edition of the Academy Awards. It tells the tale of soldiers trying to survive in a very difficult situation. The special effects and visuals of this movie was celebrated for adding to a great movie. What was the name of this film?

9Name the movie

This movie was set in the 1920s but told a story that captured the attention of this generation’s audience. A world of imagination is shown in the story told about these unique characters with special abilities trying to figure it all out. Which of the following movies is the one shown in the picture here?


10Name the movie

The success of this film was groundbreaking due to the unique story being told in an established universe. Not even the company to make this film expected it to break all kinds of box office success for a movie released in the winter. Can you name the movie featuring the character shown here?

11Name the movie

The Rock has become one of the biggest stars in entertainment today with most of his films becoming huge hits. This one was no different as the movie found success with Dwayne Johnson playing the lead character in a story about survival and adventure. What is the name of this movie?


12Name the movie

The movie shown here blends a futuristic world of virtual reality and reality as the overall story. Players in the virtual reality world are attempting to improve their real lives through the means of the journey. The film was inspired was a highly successful book. Which of the following movies is shown here?

13Name the movie

This film is about a team trying to pull off heists with one character specifically trying to get by as the driver. Despite having some limitations, he is a great driver that has to help the criminals get away with their loot. It was a surprise hit in theaters. Can you name this movie?


14Name the movie

The musical genre found a huge hit when this movie made its way into theaters. Huge stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone took the roles in the smaller film due to believing in it. This led to the actors and the movie receiving many award nominations along with critical praise. Which movie is this?

15Name the movie

The movie shown here took a creative risk by trying to make a movie about the making of another movie that was remembered for being historically awful. It looked at the set of the film along with the people that attempted to make it. Seth Rogen and Dave Franco each had starring roles. Can you name the film?


16Name the movie

This movie was a surprise smash hit after it dominated the box office thanks to critical acclaim. A combination of suspense, horror and drama saw the story of a young man attempting to avoid being sent to ‘Sunken Place’ forever before it is too late. Can you name this movie?

17Name the movie

The picture here shows a cast of teenagers attempting to come together for the betterment of the world. All the characters were unintentionally together when a huge event changed their lives forever and they had to team up going forward. Which of the following movies is the one to feature this scene?


18Name the movie

This film looks at main character U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle become one of the most precise snipers in American history. Kyle attempts to protect his peers but becomes a target of many enemies along the way. Clint Eastwood directed this movie leading a huge financial success. Can you name this film?

19Name the movie

The superhero film genre saw this character enter the fray as a lead villain in this movie. Multiple superheroes are forced to team together to overcome the immense power of this bad guy looking to wreak havoc on the world. Which of the following films is the one to feature this screenshot?


20Name the movie

Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston star in this film about a group of people on a trip to a mysterious island in hopes of figuring out what exists there. They are in for a rude awakening with quite a few creatures putting their lives in jeopardy. Can you name this movie?

21Name the movie

This remake of a memorable story featured a group of friends attempting to band together in stopping forces out there causing issues for others. The comedy was met with mixed reactions and didn’t live up the expectations expected from such a franchise. Which of the following movies is the one shown here?


22Name the movie

Leonardo DiCaprio finally achieved his dream of winning an Academy Award for Best Actor in this film. The movie featured his character trying to survive and find a way back to civilization among many threats in his way. Many consider it DiCaprio’s best work. What’s the name of this film?

23Name the movie

This movie featured Sylvester Stallone having a secondary role. The legendary actor clearly had a unique rival as seen in the photo from the film here. While Stallone’s role is celebrated, he wasn’t that important to the overall story or main characters. Which of the following movies is described here?


24Name the movie

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart starred in this comedy movie to find moderate success in the box office. Both guys played off their opposite personalities to develop chemistry in this film. Olivia Munn also had a role in it as seen in the picture. What is the name of this movie?

25Name the movie

This movie tells the tale of an intimidating creature attempting to ruin the world and tear through everything in its way. The main character attempts to live up to his legendary father’s legacy by stepping up in the troubling time. Can you name the movie to feature this creature and story?


26Name the movie

Michael B. Jordan landed the lead role of this film as he attempts to accomplish his dream. The passion shown by his character sets him on a journey to continue a legacy he never realized was important to him until the story sets in. What is the name of this movie?

27Name the movie

Will Smith took a unique role in this film portraying a villain of a new genre. We usually remember Smith for playing the hero in action films that mix in a lot of humor. However, this one showed him playing a bad guy seeking redemption. Which of the following movies is this character from?


28Name the movie

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron starred in this raunchy comedy that did not live up to expectations. Despite having a world of hype behind it, the film didn’t do well in theaters and was trashed by critics. Rock and Efron were at least proud of their effort in it. Can you remember the name of this movie?

29Name the movie

This film featured a spooky character coming to life to make things difficult for the lead characters. Tom Cruise had a starring role in this film that was viewed a bust in the box office and one of his worst overall performances. Can you remember the name of this forgettable movie?


30Name the movie

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg teamed up for this comedy film. It featured Ferrell having to try to form a bond with Wahlberg’s more intimidating character. Linda Cardellini plays the current wife of one character and the ex-wife of the other. It leads to shenanigans for all involved. Which movie is it?

31Name the movie

This recent comedy saw John Cena, Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz playing concerned parents about their teenage children embarking on prom night. All three parents try to find their children and stop them growing up too quickly. It was considered a breakout performance for Cena. Can you name this movie?


32Name the movie

Mega-stars Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep star in this hit film about the Washington Post newspaper. It featured the story of an editor and a publisher working together to try to catch up to the New York Times by exposing a huge secret cover-up by the government. What is the name of this movie?

33Name the movie

This horror movie provided a unique story adding a terrifying twist to the premise of Groundhog Day. Someone relives their death every single day on their birthday attempting to uncover the killer to prevent it. The murderer is wearing this memorable mask. Which of the following movies is this one?


34Name the movie

Guillermo del Toro directed this unique story about a woman starting to grow close to a mysterious creature. It lives in a water tank and was labeled as a classified secret. The unusual story led to huge success, including winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards. What is the name of this film?

35Name the movie

James McAvoy had a memorable starring role in a recent movie looking at different personalities within him. One dangerous personality is attempting to lead him onto a terrible action while battling his other personalities. There are quite a few twists and turns along the way. Which of the following movies is it?

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