If You Were A Pokémon, Which Type Would You Be?


Get ready to discover your inner Pokemon! Are you a creature of the icy mountains? Is there fire in your heart just waiting to erupt? Are you channeling an inner psychic type from somewhere in your mind?

Are you full of energy like an electric type, or do you take it easy like a ground type? Which Pokemon abilities do you crave the most? Test your friends to find out which Pokemon types they are. Are you the fighting type in your friend group? Are you the rock type with a foundation of inner strength? You may even be the normal type with an unassuming appearance but secret abilities hidden within.

See which of your favorite Pokemon you share an invisible bond with. You may have more in common with the lonely ghost type Pokemon than you realize. Maybe you share something special with the mystical fairy types or the fearsome dragon type Pokemon. Find out which of the trainers would be yours from Misty to Brock to Ash Ketchum.

Which of your friends is the normal type? Which is the dark type? There's only one way to find out. Continue below to put on the Pokemon sorting hat.

Question 1

Which is your favorite type of music?

Your favorite music is not just about what you like, it's about who you are, where you come from, and who you connect to. You feel a special connection to the friends who love the same music. The first time you heard your favorite song is a pleasant memory that you visit often. Which of these genres connect to you the best?

Question 2

Which is the scariest?

Everyone is scared of different things. Sure, almost everyone in the world is afraid of heights and the dark, but some people are okay with a spider crawling on their hand and some are not. What scares you the most shows insight into what kind of person you are, and therefore what kind of Pokemon you will turn out to be.

Question 3

Who are you in your friend group?

Firefly crew

Are you the oddball, the goofball, or a barrel of laughs? Are you the friend who always takes the extra time to invite everyone and makes sure everyone will have something they can eat? Are you the parental figure who guides and supports your friends? Which Pokemon would you be in the squad?

Question 4

Which would you rather eat?

This is not a question of hamburger or hot dog. This is the fear factor of disgusting foods designed to probe for your personal Pokemon strength. If you were stuck in a room with all four of these foods and needed to eat one of them, which would be going into your mouth?

Question 5

Which Disney princess do you relate to the best?

There isn't room for all of them, so here is a little sample of all of the princesses that Disney has turned into masterpieces over the years. One grew up bored and craved adventure. One grew up pampered and wanted freedom. Which princess speaks to your heart and your personal experience?

Question 6

Which Pokémon is your favorite?

Bulbasaur Pikachu Charmander and Squirtle from Pokemon

It can be tough narrowing things down to your very favorite Pokémon, so here are four classic first generation Pokémon. Which of these four gives you the warmest, fuzziest feelings? The type that the Pokemon you choose belongs to may give insight into which Pokemon type you were turned into.

Question 7

Which scares you the least?

Roz the old lady scaring Mike in Monsters, Inc

You don't have to be Super Man to conquer your fears. Maybe as a child you were terrified of bees, but as an adult you have learned to get over it. What is one thing that just plain doesn't faze you anymore, or never did? This may be a hint as to which Pokémon type you belong to.

Question 8

Which pet do you pick?

Our pets show a side to our personality that nothing else does. We often choose pets that we can relate to in ways that just don't work with other people. Our pets are like partners in crime accompanying us in our best and worst moments. Which one would you take home?

Question 9

Which color is your favorite?

Everyone has their own style. We wear what we are comfortable wearing in public, the things that express what's on the inside the best, and whatever we can afford. Pokémon often come in different colors depending on where they live and what they are capable of. Which of these colors do you find yourself wearing the most?

Question 10

How do you deal with bullies?

School counselors offer plenty of advice on how to handle bullies, but some words of advice are better than others. Everyone finds their own route. We might just shrug it off like water down our backs, or we might take vengeance into our own hands. Pokemon are just like us, protecting themselves in their own way.

Question 11

What's your style?

What you wear is the way you tell the world who you are. It's also one of the ways you find friends who you see eye to eye with. Most of all, it is how the world sees you. Pokemon may not be able to control how they look, but their form is what plants the seed of who they are.

Question 12

Which do you most want to be?

Mu Shu from Mulan

Everyone has a big dream, something they cling to whether it's possible or not. Sometimes people will have more practical dreams, something that is at least achievable, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't aspire for more if they could. If you could be anything on this list, which would you go for?

Question 13

Where do you want to live?

City people love to be immersed in society. They love when there is always something going on. Country people like familiar faces, real relationships, and the right mix of peace and quiet. People with a more rural lifestyle appreciate having time to themselves. A lot can be learned from where someone sees themselves living.

Question 14

Who do you want to train you?

Some trainers are easy-going and lovable but clumsy. Others push their Pokémon to the limit with no room for sympathy. Would you rather pair up with someone who will push you to be your best or take your chances with a lovable idiot? If you want to be on the team that will succeed in catching them all, it might take some sacrifice to get there.

Question 15

Which is your favorite genre?

Groot baby from Guardians of the Galaxy

Your favorite movie may be very different from your favorite genre. The type of movie that gets you out of the house and into the movie theater is the sort of thing that gets your hopes up, the thing that makes you think it will be worth the investment. Which genre will you always want to see?

Question 16

Which is your favorite school subject?

Morty's math class in Rick and Morty

Not everyone loves school but at least there is a silver lining. Recess may not be an option here, but at least there's something for people who like to be active while they learn. Which of these four classes did you look forward to the most? Your favorite Pokémon type feels the same way.

Question 17

How spicy do you like your food?

Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Some like it boiling hot full of mold. Rather, some people love blue cheese and some won't go anywhere near it. What is your spice pallet? Would you dare to try a traditional Indian dish, or are you good with something more tame like a glass of water?

Question 18

Which do you use the most?

laughing hyena lion king

There are more ways to convey laughter in a text than there are letters on a keyboard. Each one means something a little different. Some mean more of a forced laugh, others mean laughing out of control. Some are as ordinary as they come. Your favorite laugh shows a side to your personality.

Question 19

Which word describes your favorite show?

Rising Badge Pokemon

Even if we like the same shows, we all like them for different reasons. What draws one person to one show turns another person away. Sometimes we like be a bit freaked out or disturbed by our favorite movies. Other times, we're just along for the ride. Pokémon can be the same way.

Question 20

How do you cook noodles?

gordon ramsey

Tell Gordon Ramsay how you cook your noodles. He won't judge. Just look at that face. He looks so calm and patient, ready to listen to your cooking technique. Explain away. The last thing he would do is yell profanities at you for how you choose to prepare your meals. Go on. You have his full attention.

Question 21

Which would you rather do?

When are you really in your element? If/when you have vacation money set aside, what do you most want to do with it? Do you take it out on the water with you, or up into the snowy mountains? The place you feel most at home is where you will find your Pokémon type.

Question 22

Which would you rather have?

What is your ultimate fantasy when it comes to dipping a toe into the fantasy world? These subtle little upgrades put you in the place of the paranormal. Which do you think about the most? Your Pokemon type most likely has the same sort of strange and magical biological anomaly.

Question 23

Which is your fighting technique?

You may not get into a lot of fights in the real world, so which of these four things do you see yourself using, either in video games or your imagination? What are the strengths of the characters you most love to play as? Think Super Smash Bros. What do you look for in character?

Question 24

Which color do you HATE wearing?

Pink sorority meeting Mike in Monsters University

We all have a color we avoid because of what it is associated with. We might dodge pink because it is the color of the girly girl. We might shun black because of its association with depression. We might also avoid yellow because it burns our eyes. Which color would you not be caught dead wearing?

Question 25

What is your nature?

If you have played the latest Pokemon games, you are familiar with a Pokemon's nature and how that affects its strengths and weaknesses. A Pokemon's nature is its personality. It may be bold or bashful, lonely or adamant. Which of these four possible Pokemon natures fits your personality the best?

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