If You Think You Know Makeup, Then Pass This Ulta Quiz!

Are you a makeup expert? When you step into your local Ulta, do the staff know you by name? Could an employee handpick your regular products into their signature gray shopping bag upon arrival? If so, you probably know makeup, and we challenge you to pass this Ulta quiz.

Ulta Beauty has trademarked the phrase "All Things Beauty, All In One Place", and we definitely agree. Ulta is a favorite destination for beauty lovers because of their wide range of products and services. How knowledgeable are you about one of our favorite makeup and beauty stores?

Almost 25 years ago, Ulta opened its first location, and has become a top selling and rapidly growing company. Including their own line of makeup and skincare, Ulta carries over 500 brands. Recently, Ulta opened its 999th store in Chicago, IL on the infamous Magnificent Mile, a stretch of luxury shops and dining. This is one of the first locations with a MAC counter, after the May 7th, 2017 launch of MAC cosmetics on Ulta's website. Ulta truly wants to be the beauty retailer on top. Ulta is the first store to carry MAC outside their standalone stores or department store boutiques.

We bet you knew all of that already, since you think you know makeup, but prove it and pass this Ulta quiz.

1True or False: Ulta carries high end and drugstore makeup

If you're a complete cosmetic snob, or just like nice things, then it's probably not a problem that Sephora doesn't carry your favorite $8 body lotion. Maybe your secret to amazing eyelashes is a $9 mascara. The drugstore is just another place to check off your errands list. But what if it doesn't have to be that way. You can have your cake and eat it too...or $50 foundation and $6 lipstick too. What if there was a store that did both? Is Ulta that store?

2What are these?

You're in your favorite makeup store, Ulta we assume since you're here, and you see the newest and hottest products on the market. Of course you want to try it, but so have the fifty other people in the store. What's a girl (or boy) to do? Luckily most makeup stores provide stations with mirrors and disposable applicators so you can test that hot new product as safely as possible. What kind of product are you testing if you grab one of these?

3What service does the Benefit Brow Bar NOT do?

Benefit is a company based in California that was started by two sisters from Indiana. The two sisters wanted to create a makeup company that solved everyday beauty problems that women had. Their first product, Benetint, was originally designed as a nipple stain for an exotic dancer. Now it's still one of their post popular products, being a lip and cheek stain. Benefit opened their first Brow Bar in 2003 in San Francisco, and is now famous for brow services and products.

4Which of these fragrances does Ulta NOT carry?

Did you know that a fragrance may smell different on you than sprayed right from the bottle? It all has to do with your body chemistry. Ulta's business model is being a one stop shop for "all things beauty". However, you can't win them all. Although Ulta carries an extensive collection of fragrances, including Channel, Dior, and Estee Lauder, this fragrance is still exclusive to Sephora. If you ask an employee for a similar scent, they might recommend La Vie est Belle (life is beautiful) by Lancome.

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