If You Think You Know Makeup, Then Pass This Ulta Quiz!

Are you a makeup expert? When you step into your local Ulta, do the staff know you by name? Could an employee handpick your regular products into their signature gray shopping bag upon arrival? If so, you probably know makeup, and we challenge you to pass this Ulta quiz.

Ulta Beauty has trademarked the phrase "All Things Beauty, All In One Place", and we definitely agree. Ulta is a favorite destination for beauty lovers because of their wide range of products and services. How knowledgeable are you about one of our favorite makeup and beauty stores?

Almost 25 years ago, Ulta opened its first location, and has become a top selling and rapidly growing company. Including their own line of makeup and skincare, Ulta carries over 500 brands. Recently, Ulta opened its 999th store in Chicago, IL on the infamous Magnificent Mile, a stretch of luxury shops and dining. This is one of the first locations with a MAC counter, after the May 7th, 2017 launch of MAC cosmetics on Ulta's website. Ulta truly wants to be the beauty retailer on top. Ulta is the first store to carry MAC outside their standalone stores or department store boutiques.

We bet you knew all of that already, since you think you know makeup, but prove it and pass this Ulta quiz.

Question 1

True or False: Ulta carries high end and drugstore makeup

If you're a complete cosmetic snob, or just like nice things, then it's probably not a problem that Sephora doesn't carry your favorite $8 body lotion. Maybe your secret to amazing eyelashes is a $9 mascara. The drugstore is just another place to check off your errands list. But what if it doesn't have to be that way. You can have your cake and eat it too...or $50 foundation and $6 lipstick too. What if there was a store that did both? Is Ulta that store?

Question 2

What are these?

You're in your favorite makeup store, Ulta we assume since you're here, and you see the newest and hottest products on the market. Of course you want to try it, but so have the fifty other people in the store. What's a girl (or boy) to do? Luckily most makeup stores provide stations with mirrors and disposable applicators so you can test that hot new product as safely as possible. What kind of product are you testing if you grab one of these?

Question 3

What service does the Benefit Brow Bar NOT do?

Benefit is a company based in California that was started by two sisters from Indiana. The two sisters wanted to create a makeup company that solved everyday beauty problems that women had. Their first product, Benetint, was originally designed as a nipple stain for an exotic dancer. Now it's still one of their post popular products, being a lip and cheek stain. Benefit opened their first Brow Bar in 2003 in San Francisco, and is now famous for brow services and products.

Question 4

Which of these fragrances does Ulta NOT carry?

Did you know that a fragrance may smell different on you than sprayed right from the bottle? It all has to do with your body chemistry. Ulta's business model is being a one stop shop for "all things beauty". However, you can't win them all. Although Ulta carries an extensive collection of fragrances, including Channel, Dior, and Estee Lauder, this fragrance is still exclusive to Sephora. If you ask an employee for a similar scent, they might recommend La Vie est Belle (life is beautiful) by Lancome.

Question 5

Which of these concealers is exclusive to Ulta?

Conceal your way to perfection. Concealer is a face product, like foundation, but has a fuller coverage and more dense of a texture. This is because concealer isn't for your whole face. The most common way is to apply it after foundation at the highest points of your face, and under your eyes. However, everyone has different concealer needs, and it may actually be the only product you need to achieve a perfect complexion (lucky). One of these concealers hit the market with a bang, and is only available at Ulta.

Question 6

What can you do with Ulta rewards points?

Everyone loves being rewarded by companies for brand loyalty. Whether someone prefers Ulta or Sephora probably has the most to do with the brands they carry. Within the last couple years, Ulta has caught up with Sephora with a lot of brands such as Cover FX, NARS, and Estee Lauder. For every dollar you spend at Ulta, you get a point, and the point gaining rate is even better if you're a platinum or diamond member. You can also sign up for a credit card to gain Ulta points on your everyday purchases.

Question 7

What is a “swatch”?

Not to be confused with a Swiss brand of watches, this term is used by makeup armatures and professionals alike. Kim Kardashian was recently under fire with her own brand KKW Beauty with this term. YouTube personnel, Jeffree Star, famous for his cutting edge makeup line and controversial topics, read her to filth on twitter. This was after Kim posted pictures on Instagram to promote her new product, a powder contour pallet. Kim responding that she is still learning, and got a lesson from her makeup artist.

Question 8

What are these?

What are these odd little things? If you're really into makeup, we're willing to bet that you've seen one before in use. No going in your makeup bag to cheat. These rubber pieces help make your eyes appear bigger, but so do most of your options below. Sometimes they're used in conjunction with a hairdryer. The beauty option these curved pieces work with was invited in Rochester, NY. Some of the best come from the brands Shiseido, Tweezerman, and Shu Uemura.

Question 9

What texture of eye shadow goes into the crease?

From Jaclyn Hill, Nikkie Tutorials, Carli Bybel, and countless other makeup gurus, there are thousands of makeup tutorials on the internet - specifically YouTube. People have been able to make their whole careers out of doing makeup tutorials on YouTube. One great example of PatrickStarrr, or Patrick Simondac,who grew a following of almost 2 million subscribers. At the beginning of his career PatrickStarrr, worked at a MAC counter, and recently came out with a collaboration with the brand with his success on YouTube.

Question 10

Does Ulta have a beauty salon?

A salon, or beauty salon, is a business where people can go to get cosmetic treatments such as haircuts, facials, or nail care. Some salons are specialized where they will only do hair or nails, but it's not uncommon to see an establishment to provide more than one type of service. What if while shopping for your favorite drugstore and high end products, you could get your hair or nails done? Sounds like a dream. Is that place Ulta?

Question 11

What does setting spray do?

This kind of product is a must have for makeup lovers. Urban Decay has the most famous versions of this product, and come in more than one formula. Other brands have cheaper alternatives, or dupes, such as NYX and ELF. Urban Decay setting spray is always a safe bet. Urban Decay went through a packaging change, and the signature white and purple bottles are now an elegant matte black. They recently came out with a pollution blocking spray to add to their collection.

Question 12

Vitamin C will help what skin issue?

Fruits and vegetables are good for you because of their antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These same compounds are good for your skin as well. Antioxidants protect the skin from pollution and free radicals, which can cause damage to your skin cells. They also help anti-aging measures such as wrinkle reduction and skin firming. Oranges are most famous for their vitamin c properties, however, they aren't as much as a vitamin c powerhouse as brussel sprouts, kale, mango, or bell peppers.

Question 13

Where is concealer applied?

The first concealer that was commercially available was from a brand called Max Factor. Max factor is a Coty, Inc. brand, and they also are responsible for CoverGirl, Sally Hansen, and Rimmel London. Maksymilian Faktorowicz, a Polish beautician, founded Max Factor, and the brand was passed down by generations until it was bought by Procter & Gamble in 1991. Concealer is an intensely pigmented product for the face. It's used to hide imperfections like acne, but where else is concealer applied?

Question 14

Which of these products should be applied first?

The debate about "what comes first, the chicken or the egg" is an ongoing and subjective conversation. In the makeup world, there's no debate about which of these comes first. Primer is a face product that helps makeup stay on longer. A good way of thinking about it is, you prime a wall before you paint it. Primers have other uses as well such as: reducing redness, filling pores, reducing oil production, and improving the general look and feel of the skin.

Question 15

What tool is used to brush your eyebrows?

Eyebrows are all the rage, and despite the ever changing trends, they always have been. Now, bigger brows are embraced, and even faked by products and cosmetic procedures such as microblading. Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo procedure to fill in and shape the eyebrows. Brows are so much everything, that they even have their own tool to brush and shape them. You'll often find one of these at the end of your favorite eyebrow pencil, but they can be purchased as a separate tool as well.

Question 16

What does powder do?

After you finish your makeup, you might finish with some powder. But why? One of the most popular powders is from Laura Mercier, a makeup artist turned makeup brand. The Translucent Loose Powder from Laura Mercier is a silky powder that doesn't leave pigment on the skin. There was originally only one version of this product, but Laura Mercier recently released a darker powder more suitable for deep complexions. Powder helps other powders glide on seamlessly, but what else does powder do?

Question 17

Where is blush applied?

No embarrassment here, blush is applied to the face to add a healthy color and definition to the face. It can also be referred to as blusher or rouge. The use of pigment to the cheeks can be seen as early as the Egyptians, like many of our current makeup uses. Berries or insects would be use to extract pigment for the skin, but now most blushes are in the form of a powder. There are also blushes in the form of cream and liquid.

Question 18

What does eyeshadow primer do?

It seems like there's a primer for everything now, but eyeshadow primer was one of the first. A primer is a substance put on a surface to prep for the desired material. You would also see this term in word or metal work. We're just talking eyeshadow here. Eyeshadow primer has been around for a long time. Some of the most popular are: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and Bareminerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer. But what do they do?

Question 19

What product will emphasize texture on the face?

If you have acne, wrinkles, or large pores, not only are you human, but you have texture on your face. With different kinds of primers and skincare products, you can help eliminate the appearance of texture. A silicone based primer will help products glide over your imperfections, like Benefit Porefessional. Regular exfoliation will also decrease texture on the skin. You can do this with a cleaning brush or chemically with alpha hydroxy acids in your face wash or toner. This product however, can emphasize texture on the skin no matter what.

Question 20

Which of these brands is NOT available at Ulta?

Ulta and what they carry is growing by the day. Recently, they've been catching up with Sephora on the products they sell. Things may be limited to the region and store location, but everything can be found for purchase on their website. A few years ago, you wouldn't have found NARS on an Ulta shelf. Most recently, Ulta has announced that select stores will carry Channel Beauty - which Sephora doesn't even have. So put your Channel foundation and L'Oreal mascara in your cart and be true to yourself.

Question 21

Which is exclusive to Ulta?

Ulta wants to you to have all of your beauty choices in one location. That's particularly important when products and brands are exclusive to Ulta. A special celebrity or product will drive more business. For example, Tarte Cosmetic's famous Shape Tape Concealer is Ulta exclusive, so even if you're strictly a Sephora girl...you're going to have to visit an Ulta for the hottest concealer on the market. Brands will often release special products or limited edition batches of things to makeup stores for this reason.

Question 22

Is Covergirl high end or drugstore?

What's the difference between drugstore and high end makeup? These days, few things differ between the $5 mascara and the $30 mascara. Drugstore brands in the last couple years have stepped up the game in product quality. Beauty gurus freak out when they find an inexpensive and effective product, and they will be the first to show their find with the rest of us. Which is a relief because who has time to try every mascara in the store? Just the people who get paid to do so.

Question 23

What is “prestige” makeup?

When you step into an Ulta, and ask how the store is laid out, you'll probably get pointed one of two directions: prestige or drugstore. There are also sections of haircare, skincare, and bath that fall into these two categories as well. On the drugstore side, you'll find brands like L'Oreal, Maybelline, Essence, and Rimmel, while on the prestige side you'll find Urban Decay, Tarte, Benefit, and Smashbox. If you're new to makeup (or Ulta) you may not know what that means, but we bet you know.

Question 24

Which of these brands is high end?

Okay, so some drugstore products have the same longevity or performance as high end brands...but what does it mean to be a high end brand? Are you just paying for the name, or are there better reasons to spend $50 on a foundation. More expensive brands generally have better and more gentle ingredients. Some people with sensitive skin have a hard time using cheaper products because the ingredients will break them out. Not that drugstore products are bad for you, any chemical can cause a reaction, but more expensive makeup is less likely to have those filler ingredients.

Question 25

Which of these brands is drugstore?

What is drugstore makeup? To state the obvious, it's available at your favorite regional drugstore like Walgreens or CVS in the United States. But, drugstore makeup overall is more accessible and average consumer driven. A person trying makeup for the first time, or who just needs a little bit of mascara for a special occasion, probably won't find themselves at a Dior or Chanel counter. Although may brands have gotten better, drugstore makeup is generally made more cheaply and are less high performing than the more expensive brands.

Question 26

True or False: Ulta is an American Company

If you know where the city of Bolingbrook is, you already know the answer to this question. Ulta's competitor, Sephora, is a French company that came to the United States years later. The brand was founded by the previous president of Osco Drug, Inc., Richard E. George. Ulta is different than Sephora in many ways, despite selling many of the same things. Ulta carries drugstore brands along side high end brands and has a full service salons that provide hair, skin, and nail services.

Question 27

Which brand is best known for natural makeup?

Each person wears their makeup differently. Although this brand has recently rolled out a full coverage liquid foundation, their bread and butter are loose powders. Powder foundation is best for people who want minimum coverage or have oily skin. A concealer could be used to spot mask problem areas with powder foundation. If you don't want your freckles to show through, stick with liquid products. Along with foundations, this brand also makes eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush - all catered for a natural look.

Question 28

Which brand is best known for super full coverage products?

Each person has their own individual look and goals when it comes to makeup. If you have a lot of acne scars, or work in an industry that encourages heavy makeup, you're probably going to want a full coverage foundation to make your face look flawless. This brand was developed by a demonologist and his wife, a makeup artist. Their most famous products are for covering up skincare concerns like cystic acne, stretch marks, and birthmarks. Their products are also popular for tattoo coverup.

Question 29

Which two makeup besties had a falling out in 2016?

Jeffree Star is no stranger to drama. Although he's adamant about being a changed person, this luxury product connoisseur, beauty entrepreneur, and ex-MySpace superstar has a problematic past. These two ex BFFs were supposedly friends for 10 years and part of their falling out was about the design of the packaging for Star's products, and the payment to the artist. The pair went at each other on social media before making long individual videos on YouTube to tell their sides of the story.

Question 30

Which product is most expensive?

Is there a makeup category on your budget? Do you have a budget just to afford your favorite makeup products? You're not alone. A survey from SkinStore, with 3,000 participants, estimates that the average woman spends approximately $300,000 on beauty in her lifetime. Now, that's not a huge sample group, but lets do some math. If your foundation is $50 and you purchase it every three months: that's $200 a year...just on foundation! Big ticket items like eyes shadow pallets have more longevity...but will you continue purchasing that $54 Urban Decay pallet the rest of your life?

Question 31

What does it mean for a mascara to be water resistant?

Brides (and heavy criers in the bridal party) will often opt for a waterproof mascara for their big day. Some famous waterproof mascaras include Urban Decay Cannonball, Too Faced Better Than S-x Waterproof Mascara, and Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara. But what if your package says "water resistant"? Well, is it waterproof or not? Most professionals will recommend avoiding waterproof mascara unless absolutely needed, because its staying power can be damaging to the lash upon removal. To avoid damaging the lash, it's recommended to use a lipid based remover.

Question 32

What is lip liner used for?

Pucker up! Not only do we eat, drink and breathe through this hole in our face - we often decorate it with pretty colors and textures. What is lip liner used for? Did you know the skin on your lips is different than the skin on the rest of your face? The skin on your lips is much thinner and more delicate. Your lips have up to 16 layers of skin! That's why it's super important to protect your kissers with SPF and remember to keep them hydrated.

Question 33

Matte foundation is better for what skin type?

Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies. Some people are strictly oily or dry, but most people fall on a spectrum of skin types. The texture of your skin is ever changing. If you've been oily your whole life, as you age, your skin may need more moisture. Choosing the right skincare and makeup will benefit whatever skin type you are. Dry skin needs more nourishing ingredients, when oily skincare typically has properties similar to that of acne prone skin.

Question 34

Which brand has a YouTuber collaboration?

Most recently, this brand came out with a collaboration with a beauty YouTuber. The collaboration consists of a highlight pallet, three traditional lipsticks, and a liquid lipstick. This collaboration launched in January, and is one of the first partnerships between this brand and an influencer. This internet star, who started her channel in 2014, does reviews of makeup products, and does vlog content, three times a week. She's passionate about cruelty free products and only features such in her content.

Question 35

Which brand makes this mascara?

This iconic drugstore mascara is a best seller, but can you remember which brand makes it? This original LashBlast Volume Mascara has since been reformulated and redesigned into other products under the same branding. This particular mascara comes in four colors: black, brown, very black, and black brown. Its patented formula and patent-pending brush design is meant to deliver extreme volume for that "ultimate big-lash look". Plastic bristles like the one on this mascara really grip the eyelash shaft for volume and coverage.

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