If You Score Less Than 70% On This Test, You've Probably Never Given Birth

Childbirth is a truly unique event during which a new form of life comes into existence. It's miraculous how a pregnant woman goes from carrying a tiny human being inside her belly to clutching it at her breast.

However, childbirth can also be somewhat nerve-racking, especially if the woman that is giving birth is doing so for the very first time.

It's hard to understand everything that is going on. Luckily, more often than not, experienced doctors and caring nurses are there to guide them through the (sometimes very challenging) process.

The below quiz tests everyone's knowledge on childbirth. Those who have never given birth have a very slim chance of passing this quiz with flying colors. On the other hand, those who have been blessed with a kid or two should find the below questions ridiculously easy!

Question 1

Which of the below is NOT an early sign of pregnancy?

Question 2

Which hormone increases during pregnancy?

Question 3

True or False: You're not in labor until your water breaks

Question 4

How many hours can a first-time mother expect to spend in labor?

Question 5

True or False: Women in labor can't eat anything but ice chips

Question 6

It's too late to get an epidural for pain relief when...?

Question 7

Is it possible to be awake during a C-section?

Question 8

False labor contractions...?

Question 9

There are three stages of labor. Which one is the longest?

Question 10

And which one of the three stages of labor is the shortest?

Question 11

During which stage of labor should you go to the hospital?

Question 12

True or False: Contractions end as soon as the baby is born

Question 13

What is the build-up of dry skin on a newborn's scalp called?

Question 14

Newborns tend to have...?

Question 15

What does the term "lightening" mean?

Question 16

What increases the risk of premature labor?

Question 17

Which of the below is NOT a sign of premature labor?

Question 18

True or False: Eating spicy foods brings on labor

Question 19

What does the term "baby blues" mean?

Question 20

When do most women give birth?

Question 21

Is it normal for a newborn to have yellow skin and blue hands and feet?

Question 22

When do first-time moms get milk?

Question 23

If labor doesn't start, pregnant women are given ...?

Question 24

On average, how long does it take second-time moms to deliver their baby?

Question 25

It's totally normal for newborns to have...?

Question 26

What is a breech baby?

Question 27

What is the last thing to be delivered?

Question 28

What are false labor contractions known as?

Question 29

What does the term "preemie" refer to?

Question 30

When is it time to push?

Question 31

True or False: A pregnancy that lasts longer than 41 weeks is known as overdue pregnancy

Question 32

Which position is considered the most painful to give birth in?

Question 33

Are home births more dangerous than hospital births?

Question 34

What is the thinning of the cervix called?

Question 35

What is prodromal labor?

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