If You Score Less Than 60% On This Pop Culture Quiz, You Officially Suck


Throughout modern popular culture, there have been numerous television shows, films, books and music that have added a great deal of references to regular life. Sometimes, these references make their way into daily life, whether it's chatting at the water cooler or sending gifs to friends. Being aware of pop culture references can be super helpful in creating new relationships, whether it's at work or through romantic opportunities. Sometimes, the best way to start up a conversation with a new coworker or someone you're potentially trying to date is by talking about a beloved television series or making a quip joke that shows the other person that you have a sense of humor they can relate to.

While pop culture knowledge isn't exactly thought of as a way to measure a person's intellect, it's hard to deny its significance in the modern world. People that aren't aware of certain pop culture references can be completely ostracized from a conversation and no one feels good about not having anything to contribute. Whether you want to make sure you're using the latest catchphrase in the right context or you're just curious about your general knowledge, test your pop culture cognition and see where you stand.

1What is the first rule of fight club?

In the 1999 film, Fight Club, fans got to see Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in the prime of their lives and most likely the best shape they would ever be in. This is actually saying a lot since both of these stars had been in films that showed off their incredible physiques. Yet, there was something truly intense about the training that was involved in this story about creating a "fight club" surrounded by secrecy and delusions. What is the first rule of fight club?

2What was the name of this Cameron Diaz film where she had “hair gel” during an infamous scene?

Cameron Diaz has been in a number of films throughout her career but not all of them have been huge hits at the box office. While she has definitely had her fair share of bombs, she's also had a number of huge hits that have helped to catapult her into superstardom. There was one infamous film that truly helped her professional career and people can't help but cringe and laugh at the thought of her putting "hair gel" into her hair. What was the name of this Cameron Diaz film where she had “hair gel” during an infamous scene?

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