If You Score Less Than 100% On This Quiz, You're Not A Hannah Montana Fan


You want to ~get the best of both worlds~? Then this quiz is absolutely right for you! A Disney Channel teen show about a girl who tries to live a double life as a ‘normal teenager’ and a teenage pop idol, this is every girl’s coming-of-age go-to television show. And though most of us probably do not live double lives as a high schooler and a popular singing sensation, we can’t help but relate to and laugh at all the jokes and the crazy situations that happen in Miley Stewart’s (played by Miley Cyrus herself) double life.

The show only had a handful of seasons, but it seemed to have lasted longer than that; perhaps it’s the numerous re-runs on Disney Channel, because we just can’t get enough! It looks like it’s also Miley Cyrus’ growth being charted, in a way, because this is what really catapulted her into the Hollywood spotlight. Not to mention that her real dad Billy Ray plays her on-screen dad. The show was so popular they even made a movie afterwards, and had albums released for each season! Truly, Hannah Montana has made a mark on many teenagers worldwide, even garnering the highest ratings of a TV show on Disney Channel.  Take this quiz and see if you can score 90% or over!

1What was Miley Stewart’s dad’s first name?

This show has Miley Stewart taking on the name of actual girl Miley Cyrus, so it really is not that hard to remember who the star of the show is. And though her show mom is not played by her actual mom (she is played by Brooke Shields), her show did is her real-life dad, Billy Ray Cyrus! The question is, most of the time he just gets referred to as ‘dad’, mostly by Miley obviously, so we can forget sometimes what he’s called on the show.

2Dolly Parton plays what part in Miley’s family?

Hannah Montana is definitely a star-studded TV show. It not only stars numerous known Disney names such as Emily Osment and Corbin Bleu (as a guest), it also stars generally well-known artists like Brooke Shields and even Dolly Parton! In this show, she plays ‘Dolly’, a relative of Miley’s who comes and visits with her video camera to film the family. She accidentally films Miley professing her love for Jake, which only spells trouble because Jake is a video editor, and Jackson has already handed the tape over!

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