If You Score 100% On This Test, It's Time To Have A Baby

If we were all to sit around and wait for the perfect time to have a baby to present itself, there would simply be no babies! That is exactly why we will be testing everyone's baby-readiness today! While the right time for a little one may be different for everybody, passing this mommy quiz will certainly be a good indicator of whether or not our time is coming!

In this quiz, we will be asking all kinds of questions revolving around pregnancy and parenting. It will not be an easy test, but anyone who has been reading their parenting books, should be able to manage a passing grade. It is time to see who is baby ready, and who still has some homework left to do!

Question 1

When do children typically begin to lose their baby teeth?

Question 2

Which sense heightens in a woman once pregnant?

Question 3

When do babies typically say their first word?

Question 4

What is the most common first word for babies?

Question 5

True or false: A doctor's gender prediction is 100% accurate

Question 6

At what age can the potty training process begin?

Question 7

Which of mom's organs will grow in size during pregnancy?

Question 8

Name this kids show

Question 9

How often does a newborn need to eat?

Question 10

What is the recommended sleeping position for newborns?

Question 11

How long is the average pregnancy?

Question 12

What is the most common eye color in newborns?

Question 13

True or false: Breastmilk cannot be stored in the freezer

Question 14

Why are pregnant women told to stay away from sushi?

Question 15

When can a nursing mother being introducing solid foods?

Question 16

Which of these are babies born without?

Question 17

Name this kids movie

Question 18

About how many bones are babies born with?

Question 19

True or false: Babies require no amount of exercise to stay healthy

Question 20

What can baby powder help to prevent?

Question 21

When can we expect to start feeling the baby kick?

Question 22

Why do babies spit up so much?

Question 23

When can a nursing mother introduce a pacifier?

Question 24

What can a woman sometimes lose after giving birth?

Question 25

Which of these should NOT be given to a baby during their first year?

Question 26

Name this kids show

Question 27

True or false: Cow's milk is NOT safe for newborns

Question 28

Why do babies wiggle around so much?

Question 29

Name this kids movie

Question 30

Which of these is closest in size to a newborn's stomach?

Question 31

Name this kids movie

Question 32

When can babies start drinking water?

Question 33

When do babies typically begin to crawl?

Question 34

True or false: Pregnant women should avoid all forms of exercise

Question 35

True or false: Newborns produce more tears than adults

Question 36

At what age do toddlers typically begin throwing tantrums?

Question 37

When do babies typically begin sitting up on their own?

Question 38

True or false: Disposable diapers are bad for the environment

Question 39

What are babies born before their due date called?

Question 40

How often should baby bottles be washed?

Question 41

True or false: Babies should sleep with a bottle inside of their crib

Question 42

How many hours of sleep should a newborn get daily?

Question 43

Name this kids show

Question 44

True or false: Newborns only smile because of gas

Question 45

Should babies be burped after every feeding?

Question 46

True or false: A sleeping baby should never be woken up

Question 47

What is a common first sign of pregnancy?

Question 48

What is it called when a baby is delivered surgically?

Question 49

True or false: Home pregnancy tests are not always accurate

Question 50

What is the average size of a full-term baby?

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