If You Score 100% On This Quiz, You’re The Most Diehard FRIENDS Fan


25 questions and the Geller cup can be yours…

Unless you have been living under a rock all your life or have just landed from Mars, you have seen Friends. It’s not even a question or a conversation breaker – if you are alive and kicking and have seen at least twenty summers of your life (that’s when the show last aired, sniff), you have seen Friends and you know Friends. I mean, you can’t be friends with someone who hasn’t seen Friends. It’s like THE holy grail of sitcoms, and the single greatest piece of entertainment to have ever hit the telly and touched our lives.

So it’s only natural that you have had lots of practice: sitting in front of the TV binging on Friends, spent most of your Netflix time watching and re-watching friends, tagging your friends in Friends’ memes, making Friends references with friends, and being the biggest Friends supporter on the planet.

You may claim to know all of Friends dialogues by heart. But are you the one with all the answers? It is time to put that knowledge to test and prove to the world that you are the biggest friends fan ever! And no, we won’t be asking you what a transporter is or what does Chandler do for a living.

1One of Monica’s boyfriends on the show was billionaire Pete Becker. Do you remember where they went on their first date?

Yes, we are talking about the hunk was a huge computer mogul, and who tipped Monica $20,000 while she was working at the Moondance Diner. Later, he also bought a restaurant and asked Monica to be the head chef. Even though they didn’t end up together, but their first date was quite dreamy. Can you tell where they went?

2Which TV show did Joey star in for a brief stint?

Chandler called it one of the worst things ever, and the gang agreed the show was terrible. The show follows the adventures of a detective and his err... robot partner. Thankfully, the show didn’t last long and was cancelled halfway through the first season. But do you recall what was it called?

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