If You Remember These Old School Will Smith Roles, You're Probably A 90s Kid

Will Smith is one of the most famous people in the world, and one of the greatest actors in recent memory. Love him, or hate him, the man has talent. He has been in many great films, not all of them well received critically, but I haven't met a single person who has anything bad to say about his movies. That is because he is one of the most charismatic people on the face of the planet. When you watch a Will Smith film, you can see and feel the energy he brings to the performance. He absolutely owns any role he is put in, whether it be a comedic or dramatic. From humble beginnings, to becoming the lead in one of the most famous sitcoms in history, to becoming a leading man in blockbuster films, Will Smith has worked to the top of the food chain.

Many of his films happen to be in most people's top ten, such as I Am Legend, or I,Robot, and Men in Black. How iconic was he in Bad Boys? So how much do you know about Will Smith's films. Do you know who he played in Independence Day? How about Men in Black? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1

Who did he play on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Will Smith’s breakout role in the 90’s, this show made him into a house hold name all across the world. The show was the story about how his life got turned upside down, and then forces us to take a seat right here while he tells us about how he became the prince of Bel-Air. But the gist of it is he pretty much kicked some bullies butt and his mom freaked out and sent him to live up with his uncle.

Question 2

What was the name of the family that the Fresh Prince was staying with?

The show gave us a classic 90’s family that had a strong love for each other, their own problems, their own fights. But most importantly, they made a real, human family. Each character had something that every one of us could relate to. From Uncle Phil, to Carlton, to Ashley, each member had something that we could understand. What was the name of the family that Will’s mom sent him to?

Question 3

Where did Will move from?

Where was Will born and raised, before his life got turned upside down. Sit right there while you take a moment to think about it. It is literally in the theme song if you cannot get it. You know the one, with Will spinning on the chair? And everything is strangely green and purple? Don’t worry; there is no time limit here. Take your time. I’m going to go see if I can find one of them fancy spinning chairs so long.

Question 4

In which movie did Will Smith play Detective Mike Lowrey?

Detective Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are two buddy cops on a mission to find the heroin that was stolen from inside their own police station. This is one of the best buddy cop movies ever made, and still has a cult following till this day. A sequel was made with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprising their roles as the bad cops, this time to put a stop to the ecstasy trade market in Miami. And blow stuff up.

Question 5

True or False: Mike and Marcus are brothers?

A big part of the Bad Boys movies are the relationship that Mike and Marcus share together. After all, being in so many gun fights, car chases and explosions, you can’t help but feel the love eventually. But it is soon revealed in the first movie that the two are actually brothers, and this happens to be the biggest plot twist in the film, as the two never knew this. It turns out that the hospital messed up and gave them to the wrong people.

Question 6

Which police department did Mike Lowery work for?

Set in a sunshiny city with exotic locals, the movies are full of beautiful woman, and even more beautiful cars. It is most likely the reason that Mike Lowery decided to work there, given his personality as a sort of gangster cop and womaniser. So which police department do him and Marcus work for when tracking down crazy drug lords and looking for something to shoot?

Question 7

In which movie does Will Smith welcome an alien to Earf?

No, that is not a typo. That is exactly what he says. I have analysed, performed extensive video forensics, and harassed the director of the film in order to confirm this. During an invasion of Earf, Will Smith manages to finally take down one of the alien aircrafts, and comes face to face with a mini C’thulu. He punches it out, and then lights a cigar to celebrate his victory. It is a truly unique moment in film. Also flu saves the day.

Question 8

Who does Will Smith play in Independence Day?

If aliens do ever invade us, I believe that Will Smith will be the one to save us with some awesome fighter pilot skills. Just because of his performance in this movie. No alien scum is going to get close to taking over the Earf as long as Will Smith is alive and peeing while spying on his neighbours. None, and that is a fact. And it is almost guaranteed that Will Smith will be there to welcome them to planet Earf.

Question 9

On which day does Independence Day take place?

Independence Day is meant to be a realistic movie on what might happen if aliens invade, if they happen to invade on the actual Day of Independence. Which is a bad idea when you consider that it is a national holiday that brings everyone together. In fact, attacking on any national holiday just seems like a bad idea. Even more so, attacking anything on any day just sounds stupid, in my opinion. Can we not just get along? Come on guys.

Question 10

In which movie is Will Smith a member of a government agency that watches over aliens?

Apparently the world is full of alien immagrants, and the government is keeping that a secret from us. Because they are scared that there will be mass histaria from the general public. And they do have a point, but still, I'm sure we would all get over it eventually. In this film Will Smith plays and agent of this agency, along with his partner, Tommy Lee Jones. Together, they are the best in the business. Also, Will has a pretty cute gun.

Question 11

What does Agent Jay have to do when humans see aliens?

The Men In Black cannot afford mass hysteria in the streets, so they have a way of preventing that. Whenever a normie like you or me sees something we are not supposed to, the MIB have a special weapon to use on the populace. It is quite a powerful and useful tool, and it is quite sad that this technology doesn't exist. I mean, we could enjoy our favorite movies or video games all over again, how sweet is that?

Question 12

Who never died and just went home according to K?

The Men in Black films have a massive amount of references to pop culture. To movie stars, famous singers, and even some video games. As Agent K is explaining things that basically rewrite human history to Agent J, he mentions that one of the biggest musical sensations in history did not die, but rather just went home. Who is this rock and roll icon?

Question 13

In which movie does Will Smith play a cowboy?

Arguably the oddest movie entry into this list, Will Smith took this role over a chance to play Neo in the Matrix. I bet he regrets that decision. This movie about James West and U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon's mission to stop an assassination attempt on the President of the United States, perpetrated by basically an evil genius scientist. This movie is really weird, and even includes a giant, spider, robot mech thing that attacks President.

Question 14

Who did Will Smith portray in the 2001 boxing drama?

Will Smith took to proving his dramatic acting chops in a 2001 biopic of the greatest boxer of all time. The movie itself is pretty damn good, and one of the best sports dramas ever made. Will Smith proved, at least to me, that he is able to take on those harder roles, and pull them off flawlessly. And he even managed to pull of the physical part of the performance, making audiences believe he could have been a boxer.

Question 15

In which movie does Will Smith play a technophobic detective?

In this movie, Will Smith plays a detective in the future, where robots and artificial intelligence are now a way of life. He starts working on the murder of a Dr. Lanning. He soon finds out that one robot is not bound by the three laws of robotics. This soon leads him down a rabbit hole of conspiracy and deceit, culminating in one robot vs human civil war.

Question 16

What is Will Smiths name in I,Robot?

Will Smith plays a technophobic detective in I,Robot, and he has good reason to be technophobic. Once upon a time, he was in a car accident, which caused him to lose an arm and resulted in the death of a little girl. As much as he begged and pleaded with the robotic intelligence, the laws of robotics would not allow the robot to save her, and instead forced the robot to save him instead. This lead to mistrust for technology.

Question 17

What is revealed to us when Spooner gets attacked by a rogue robot?

While taking the freeway home after a long days work, Spooner is attacked by hundreds of robots. He fights for survival and eventually, the attack ends in an awesome explosion as usual. But just when we think its over, one more rogue robot attacks out of nowhere. At this point, the audience believes Spooner is defenseless, but during the attack, there is a revelation as the robot goes in for the kill. What do we find out during the attack?

Question 18

In which movie does Will Smith play Robert Neville?

Set in a world that has been ravaged by a virus, Robert Neville is the last man alive on Earth. As a scientist, he spends his nights searching for a cure, and his days hunting for meat, supplies, and monsters in the streets of New York. He has become an expert hunter, and as a result he is able to capture zombies with easy for his experiments. It is later revealed that there are other survivors other than him in the world.

Question 19

What is Rober Neville forced to do when his dog gets infected?

Robor Nevilles dog was the only friend he had left in the world, and when he came under attack, he would be there, fighting along side him. He protected his master with the utmost loyalty, and when Robert got caught out by a trap laid by the zombies, he fought off the enemies without a second thought. Unfortunately, the doggy gets bitten, and Robert is forced to do the unthinkable, effectively killing what ever hope he had left in his life.

Question 20

What song does Neville play all the time?

There is no doubt that Robert Neville was having a hard time of things, but he kept on working and had no worry, because he knew that one day, every little thing is going to be alright. And he plays a song that says just that to his dog when bathing, he sings it, he plays it for some special guests. But it is sad to see him start to lose the hope he had.

Question 21

In which movie did Will Smith play a rundown superhero?

In this movie, Will Smith plays a drunken, run down man with superpowers. And he doesn't exactly go out of his way to use them for good or to help people. He mostly just gets the job done, and doesnt really worry about the consequences. That is until he meets Jason Bateman, a public relations specialist, and sees an opportunity to make some career moves with Hancock. Although it was a long and rocky road, it all works out in the end.

Question 22

How does Ray meet Hancock?

Ray and Hancock's relationship moves on from being simple business and the two actually become best friends. Ray had done Hancock a massive service by giving him a purpose again, and actually gave him a second chance in life. But how did these two meet? It must have been something epic to get some random person to dedicate his time to help improve how an entire city views a man with superpowers who has caused millions in property damage?

Question 23

How is Hancock related to Ray's wife?

So at first it, it just seems like Ray has an ordinary life, with an ordinary wife and son. But soon we start to see that things my not be so ordinary after all. And soon we find out that Charlize Theron also has powers, just like Will Smith. So how are they related to each other? Siblings or something more entirely?

Question 24

In which movie does Will Smith donate his organs to seven people?

Will Smith plays Ben Thomas, and suicidal man who whats his death to mean something. He goes out and meets seven people, all with disabilities. He eventually falls in love with one of them, but she only has months to live and requires a heart transplant. So he decides that he loves her so much, that he kills himself in his tube full of ice, and donates his heart to her. She survives, and if that isn't true love, nothing is.

Question 25

In which movie does WIll Smith play a homeless man?

In this movie, Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, it is based on a true story. It features Will Smiths son as his actual son in the movie, and it does actually give the movie a bit more gravity to it. In this movie, Will Smith is a salesman that lands into some hard times, and follows his journey from being a homeless sales man to becoming one of the best brokers in the world. This movie will pull at your heart.

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