If You Love The Big Bang Theory, You Have To Take This Quiz

Johnny Galecki, who has played awkward but loveable scientist Leonard Hofstadter for over a decade at this point, was recently asked about when The Big Bang Theory will come to an end. In the interview, conducted at the Television Critics Association's Winter Press Tour, he hinted that the show might be ending after the upcoming season 12.

'The only manner in which the cast has discussed wrapping the show has been that we’re all going to be very sad when that day comes' he said. 'But I think at this point everyone is very comfortable with 12 seasons being a good time to go home and see our families.'

The show is currently midway through season 11, which would only leave one more full season, if Galecki's musings prove to be true. While there is definitely a contingent of viewers out there who seem to resent the show and its astronomical success, the legion of fans that tune in every week for the gang's geeky adventures will surely be sad to see it go into the great TV beyond.

We've constructed this quiz precisely for those fans, then. The people that have watched Leonard, Sheldon, Penny and the rest of the group make them laugh right from the show's debut in September 2007 until the present day. This quiz will test their knowledge of the show greatly. In fact, they might need an IQ similar to Sheldon's in order to get all 35 questions right...

1Which one of these men is NOT part of the core group?

The Big Bang Theory is one of the biggest sitcoms on television. It is currently in its eleventh season, and in the last five seasons has pulled in an average of between 18 and 20 million viewers per episode. This popularity has led to the principal actors on the show being able to command more and more power, and they all now earn $1 million per episode! The series follows the lives of four nerdy male scientists living in Pasadena, and the sexy neighbour named Penny who moves in opposite two of them.

2Where is Penny originally from?

Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules, Charmed) is the female lead of the show. When she moves in opposite Leonard and Sheldon in the pilot, Leonard immediately falls for her. Penny is the exact opposite of the socially awkward and geeky guys; she is outgoing and vivacious and fun. Penny's surname has never been revealed on the show (the only character with which this is the case), but we have met her mother and brother, and heard a lot about her childhood growing up in a small town in...

3What is Leonard's mother Beverly Hofstadter's profession?

Christine Baranski's (Cybill, The Good Wife) Beverly Hofstadter is undoubtedly one of the public's favourite recurring characters on The Big Bang Theory. She is Leonard's cold, distant and aloof mother, and he is always pointing out how her parenting style has screwed him up in many ways. While, admittedly, the idea of a mother who treats her son with such coldness doesn't sound very funny, Baranski manages to wring every last bit of humour out of Beverly's stand-offish nature. In many ways, she's like a female Sheldon, which would explain why they get along so well!

4Where is Sheldon originally from?

Sheldon Cooper, played with brilliantly aloof whimsy by Jim Parsons, has always been The Big Bang Theory's breakout character. Parsons has won four Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Sheldon, and a spin-off recently debuted, detailing Sheldon's childhood. It is title, appropriately, Young Sheldon. The character's upbringing was often mentioned on the show, even before the spin-off came to be. Sheldon, a child prodigy with genius-level intellect but little understanding of social conventions, grew up with a highly religious mother in rural...

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