If You Love Harry Potter, Take The Quiz To Reveal Your Patronus

Only 5% of people have a ram patronus, and no one to this day has gotten the unicorn. What is your true patronus? Use your Harry Potter passion to guide your way through the world of witchcraft and wizardry and find out once and for all what your magical guardian really is. How is it that your patronus can be drawn out?

At times of great peril, you must find that glimmer of hope that still prevails and bring it outward toward the very tip of your wand. Only if you can reach beyond the quaking fear to the spark that remains will you be able to draw out the creature within. Your patronus is not exactly a part of you, not exactly your guardian. It is, in essence, a symbol of your purest hope and happiness. Only witches and wizards with pure intent can find the patronus within themselves and give it form. It is one of the most difficult spells to perform, and many will never see their patronus with their own eyes. At times of great change, your patronus may change with you. That is simply how close to your heart your patronus really is. If you solemnly swear that you are up to no good, then you may begin.

Question 1

Pick a magical treat.

harry and ron eating sweets

The students of Hogwarts sure are spoiled. Not only do they get chocolate candy, but instead of eating it they get to watch the candy hop all over the train, which is a good thing somehow. Which of these candies would you like to try for yourself?

Question 2

Which house are you?

There are four houses in Hogwarts. There is one for the brave, one for the intelligent, one for the slightly evil, and one for everyone else. Where do you sit between the four? Is there one that you see yourself in more than all of the others?

Question 3

Who said it: "It's leviosa, not leviosar."

leviosa not leviosar

Which of the characters of the Harry Potter series was the one to help the others to learn this particular spell, if in a bit of a rude manner? Who was the first to figure it out in the class of young witches and wizards learning their first basic spells?

Question 4

What is your favorite Hogwarts class?

harry potter potions class

Is there one class that you would just love to take if only your invitation arrived in the mail? Who is one teacher you would love to learn from? What are the contents of the class that you would love to experience for yourself?

Question 5

Pick a ghost.

pick a Harry Potter ghost

Who is your favorite ghost from the Harry Potter world? Do you remember this colorful variety of characters and all of the many antics they pulled off within and without the castle walls? Do any of these ghosts stick out to you from the Harry Potter story?

Question 6

Choose a way to relieve stress.

harry and ron playing wizard chess

What do you do when you are having a rough day at witch and wizard school and just need to relax? Is there somewhere you go, someone you look for, or maybe something you like to do? What is the magical equivalent to that?

Question 7

Choose your wand.

choose your wand

Naturally, each of these wands or at least others of their type have been held by certain witches and wizards in London. Can you find your proper wand by examining which of these individuals carried each wand? Who carries yours?

Question 8

You missed the train! How will you get to school on time?

flying car harry potter

There are many ways to get to Hogwarts without riding the train but few of them can strictly by called safe. What will be your route to the magical school if all other routes have been cut off? Can you get to school on time without anyone noticing?

Question 9

Are you predator or prey?

lions and ox predator and prey

What sort of animal are you on the inside? Are you the one that bites or the one that hides? Do you snarl or do you whimper? What are you intrinsically between these two opposing ways of being and the lives they lead?

Question 10

Describe yourself in one word.

hermione with books

How would you describe yourself in a nut shell? In essence, what sort of witch or wizard would you be? Are you a patient and courteous spellcaster or an impulsive and blunt mage? What is the flavor of your magical energy?

Question 11

Which scared you the most?

boggart clown

What was the one moment that became ingrained in your head no matter how many other scary things transpired between the pages? What, for you, was the scariest moment in all of the Harry Potter series out of these two?

Question 12

You found the marauder's map! What do you do?

marauders map

You may have to swear to be up to no good in order to use this device, but that doesn't mean you can't stir a few well-intentioned misdeeds into the mix. Will you use the map for good, or mostly good, or no good at all?

Question 13

Pick a quote.

dumbledore quotes

Which line from the Harry Potter series will always make you smile? Is there a moment from the books or movies that has stuck with you since you first experienced it? What do you love out of the whole of the Harry Potter series?

Question 14

Pick one to have.

scales or fur or feathers

Our skin has to be covered with something. It is pretty rare for animals to be walking around with bare skin. What would you like to have instead? Would you prefer to be fuzzy and cuddly or hard and prickly?

Question 15

Which Hogwarts class would you rather teach?

hippogriff vs harry potter

You are a brand new teacher at Hogwarts with your bright eyes full of excitement to help the young crowds to find themselves among the books. What is your favored course about? What do you wish to inspire young minds with?

Question 16

What is your strongest muggle subject?

dursley family photo

Let's ease off the magical throttle for a moment and think about the things we are leaving behind in the muggle world. Forget your wand for a second and really think. What class are you able to really shine in without magical assistance?

Question 17

Who is your favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?

gilderoy lockhart

Hogwarts has seen its share of defense against the dark arts teachers. None of them seem to stick around for long. Of all of the teachers you have gotten to know over the years, which is the one you would love to learn from the most?

Question 18

Who would you take to the Yule Ball?

harry and ron at yule ball

It's getting to be that time of year again. All of the witches and wizards are waiting for someone to ask them to the dance. Who will you dare to ask to go to the dance with? Is there a character you have always found...enchanting?

Question 19

Pick a magical device.

time turner harry potter

Which of these magical objects has inspired your interest the most? Each has a truly magnificent ability, one that cannot readily be created with a simple swish of a wand. If you could have any of these devices for yourself, which would you choose?

Question 20

The Inquisitorial Squad is coming! What do you do?

inquisitor squad and dolores umbridge

They're coming! They're coming! It's time to run or hide or stand your ground. Of course, you could also join them if you like. What do you choose when you are starting to run out of options and a point of no return is quickly approaching?

Question 21

Choose a familiar.

harry potter and hedwig

One of the greatest comforts to a witch or wizard is having a creature with them who will always be around for comfort. Granted most of them get purchased at a magical pet store, each develops a special bond with their magically gifted companion.

Question 22

Choose your favorite teacher.

choose a hogwarts teacher

Who is your favorite teacher from these four? Some are strict but care deeply for their students. Others are playful and whimsical on the outside but have a serious nature in there somewhere. Who would you love to learn magic from?

Question 23

Would you rather be able to fly or breathe water?

fly or breathe water

If you could do one but only one of these things, which would you choose? The power of flight you could do anywhere and at any time and travel in style far above the traffic lights. Breathing water would allow you to see all of the enchanting creatures below.

Question 24

Voldermort demands your loyalty or death! What do you do?

voldermort and his friends

Of all of the people that we meet in the Harry Potter world, one is the least likely to practice the art of forgiveness. How do you try to weasel your way out of loyalty for life (and quite possibly beyond life)?

Question 25

Which is your favorite magical beast?

mandrake root

There may not be room in your garage for half the magical creature we meet in the Harry Potter universe, but which would you love to at least meet? If you ever acquired a few acres of forest, maybe you would let the magical beast roam through it.

Question 26

You're lost in the Forbidden Forest! What do you do?

forbidden forest from Harry Potter

This forest is filled with secrets that everyone either does not know about or wishes not to know. The horrors that await lost students within these branches are truly the stuff of nightmares. How would you get out of the woods, as it were?

Question 27

Pick a position on the Quidditch team.

harry potter quidditch finding the snitch

What part would you most like to play on a Quidditch team? Out of all the team members, the keeper is the most likely to get hit with a bludger, since they have to keep totally still. Each position has its own set of challenges.

Question 28

You're headmaster for a day! What do you command?

hogwarts castle

What is your big wish that you can instantly make true as the headmaster of Hogwarts? If it's minor enough, it won't be instantly overturned by the next headmaster. Which of these things would you command with your short moment on the figurative throne?

Question 29

How many spells can you name?

harry potter hermione spell

Do you have a talent for remembering spells? It will come in handy once your magical powers awaken. Without a wand, though, the effects of your magic may be a tad unpredictable. How many spells can you remember from the Harry Potter universe?

Question 30

Pop quiz: Which of these characters can speak Parseltongue?

chamber of secrets and snakes

Who among these four people can speak the mysterious language of serpents? It is not something they have been taught in school. It is simply something they know. In Slytherin, much significance is placed on knowing this strange language, like a slimy medal of honor.

Question 31

Finish the sentence: Snape is...

Severus Snape

What do you see in Severus Snape? Is he just a sad, misunderstood man who ended up in a bad place? Is he worthy of forgiveness or only shame? Would you hold a grudge against this professor if you knew his full story?

Question 32

Which Hogwarts outcast are you?

filthy little mudblood

For having the most fantastic in-group imaginable, this story sure has a lot of sore thumbs. Which thumb feels the most like you? Are you the ghost that can't join the headless ghost club or maybe the witch with muggle blood?

Question 33

Would you rather be able to see in the dark or have camouflage?

camouflage octopus

In the dark, we are far better at bumping into things than creeping around like Solid Snake. Would you like to fix that little problem, or would you find it more fun to slip into your environment with the amazing camouflaging abilities that certain animals possess?

Question 34

Pick a side character.

pick a harry potter side character

Not every character gets to glow in the spotlight for long, but everyone has their moment. Out of all of the characters who are less well known, who is your favorite? Unfortunately there just isn't enough room for all of the enchanting characters.

Question 35

Describe Hogwarts in one word.

hogwarts castle

What does this magical school mean to you? It sits in a secluded place outside the eyes of muggle society, in a place that can only be reached by a train blocked from the human eye. The mysteries within tell a story older than anyone alive to tell the tale.

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