If You Get At Least 75% On This Quiz, You Have An Above Average IQ

Get ready for the latest quiz that will test every single one of your brain cells. This test will push you to the limit, and you'll have to devote all of your senses towards solving this one. Well, maybe not your sense of smell... But you get the idea. Sure, there are some easy questions mixed in here... But don't let your guard down... There could be a totally impossible question which pops up at any minute. If you really think you have an above average IQ, then maybe it's time to put that confidence to the test. Because if you score highly on this one, you're definitely above average in the brains department.

Don't think this quiz will test you merely on one subject. You're going to have to have a well-rounded base of knowledge in pretty much all areas if you want to succeed here. You might be good at logic and science, but what about the other subjects? You're going to have to be good at everything if you want to score at least over 75% on this one. Don't say we didn't warn you... If you still think you've got what it takes... Then maybe it's time to begin... If you dare...

Question 1

Which Country Is Credited With Inventing Parmesan Cheese?

Parmesan cheese is an excellent cheese and a very popular choice for many people all over the world. It's great because it's so amazingly versatile, and people can enjoy it in all kinds of different dishes. You can have it on pasta, on baked bread, the sky is the limit. It's usually grated down into a fine pile of cheesey goodness, so it can be spread easily on any kind of food. But which country actually invented the parmesan cheese?

Question 2

Denim Is Made From Which Fabric?

Denim is one of the most popular fabrics known to man, and almost everyone has at least one good pair of jeans to their name. They can be worn in almost any setting, and in any occasion, and they can be made to look casual or formal, to a certain degree. Most people don't known that jeans were initially invented for dock workers who were lifting heavy crates off boats. But do you know which fabric jeans are actually made from?

Question 3

Which Rises, Hot Air Or Cold Air?

Air conditioning is a major subject of concern, especially if you live in a hot part of the world, or one where the summers bring almost unbearable heat. In order to make truly efficient air conditioners that keep your place warm, you need to understand how hot air (and cold air) works. This understanding can allow you to air condition your house with no moving parts, and simply use the house's architecture to your advantage... But do you know which type of air rises?

Question 4

Which Of The Following Is NOT An Adjective?

Adjectives are a huge part of the English language, and these are types of words we use very frequently. Those who use words incorrectly are often accused of having "bad English," but is that really the case? There are those who believe that even in poor neighborhoods where people develop their own slangs and form of speaking, it's just as complex and as regulated by rules as the common English language. But can you spot the non adjective here in this list?

Question 5

What Sport Is The Most Popular Throughout The World?

Throughout the world, there is one sport that everyone loves. It has even been called the universal language, because anywhere you go in the world, you're bound to find someone who knows how to play this sport. It's biggest competitions simply dwarf other world sports in terms of its size and popularity. And everyone knows the sport's greatest players, as well as the latest controversies that go on within the sport. But what is this sport, which is the most popular?

Question 6

If You Mixed Blue And Yellow Paint Together, What Color Would You Get?

Colors are some of the most wonderful things in this world. Without colors, our world would truly be a dark and lonely place, and there are many people who are actually born colorblind. Color vision is determined by the rods and cones in your eyes, and some people are born with insufficient amounts. A common misconception is that cats and dogs are color blind. But what about blue and yellow? Do you know what you'd get if you mixed these two colors?

Question 7

Which Metal Has The Strongest Magnetic Attraction?

Magnets are some of the most interesting parts of this world, and magnetic forces play a vital role in our lives. Electromagnets can be found in many of our favorite electronic devices, including speakers and our phones. But electromagnetic forces in the natural world are important because they keep our planet safe from radioactive radiation from the sun. Electromagnetic waves also come from our brains and this is quite interesting. But do you know which metal has the strongest magnetic attraction?

Question 8

Identify This Flag

Now let's play a round of "guess that flag." There are many flags in the world, and each one has their own unique flag. Flags are a great way for a country to show their unique style, and put into images their country's history and past traditions. This flag is obviously very royal looking, and has a royal crest right in the middle of the flag. Flags are actually very important. But can you guess which country this flag represents?

Question 9

How Many Days Are In 36 Hours?

36 Hours might seem like a lot of time, but how much is it really? What if you only had 36 hours of time in a particular place or city? What would you do? This is often similar to the amount of time you'd spend in a country if your flight got cancelled and you had to wait until the next day in order to fly. But you can turn that mishap into a situation of much enjoyment. But how many days is 36 hours?

Question 10

In Which Country Is The River Nile?

The Nile River is one of the largest and most famous rivers in human history. Human life was linked strongly to the Nile for many years in the ancient history of a particular people. These people depended on the river to grow their crops and live their lives. When it dried up, it was seen as a bad omen, and it could spell death for thousands of people. But do you actually know which country the Nile river resides in?

Question 11

Which Of The Following Is NOT A Type Of Fish?

There are many types of interesting fish in the world, and many of them are quite unique. There are carniverous fish, flying fish, huge fish and tiny fish. No two species are ever quite the same. We humans know a lot about different types of fish, because we've been fishing them for food for many, many years. If you like fishing, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. But out of this list, can you identify which of these is not a fish?

Question 12

What Is The Capital Of Germany?

Germany has been through huge amounts of transformations over the years. Like many European countries, they started off as a Monarchy, ruled by kings and queens. Then they moved into political structure, although this was a corrupt socialist power that ran the country into economic doom. Then the Nazis took power, and were defeated by the allies. Nowadays, Germany is once again mostly socialist. But throughout all of time, power of Germany has resided at its capital. Which city is this?

Question 13

True Or False, ¾ And 75% Are The Same Thing

Fractions and percentages are very difficult to some students when they are in elementary school and in high school. But out of all the math skills you learn in early education, percentages and fractions might just be some of the most useful. They are very applicable to everyday life, and they can help you figure out many things, such as how much you're actually saving during a sale, for example. But do you know if three quarters and 75 percent are actually the same?

Question 14

The Amazon Is The Largest What In The World?

The Amazon is one of the most amazing places in the entire world. One of the most compelling and intriguing things about this part of the world is that it's still largely unexplored. Beneath the rapidly growing trees and bush lives a world that hold innumerable secrets. It's theorized that there are many undiscovered species of animal living there, and perhaps even mysterious ruins of lost cities. But what is the Amazon really? It's the largest example of what exactly?

Question 15

The metric measurement for temperature is ___

Temperature is one ingredient for life that is very important. It's not just about making people comfortable, being too hot or too cold can kill you. Severe heat stroke and dehydration as a result of high temperatures can kill you. Hypothermia and frostbite due to low temperatures can also be fatal. A spot right in the middle is actually pretty miraculous, and it's all due to the Earth's perfect distance from the sun. But what is the metric measurement for temperature?

Question 16

In What Country Is Mount Everest Located?

Mount Everest is the highest mountain Earth, and the "Mecca" for mountain climbers all over the world. Many people try and fail to climb this mountain. The peak seems to have a soul of its own, and will claim the lives of all those who do not give it the respect it deserves. The local people actually believe that the mountain is a living thing, complete with a soul and its own unique energy. But which country is Mount Everest in?

Question 17

Which Of The Following Animals Is NOT An Herbivore?

Animals are divided by researchers by their diet. The classifications are actually three separate diets. One is herbivorous, which means that the animals can only eat plants. The other is carnivorous, which means that the animals can only eat meat. The third is omnivorous, which means that the animals can either eat meat or plants. Obviously, humans are part of the omnivorous group. But what about this list of animals? Which of these animals is not actually a herbivorous creature?

Question 18

True Or False, The Slow Loris Is One Of The Most Poisonous Animals In The World

The Slow Loris is undoubtedly one of the cutest animals to ever walk the earth. Actually, they stay up in trees most of the time. They belong to a group of animals that is actually related to monkeys and apes, making them one of our earliest ancestors, in terms of our evolution. We probably evolved from a common ancestor, and our earliest ancestors probably looked very similar to the Slow Loris. But is it true that this creature is actually one of the most poisonous animals alive?

Question 19

Which Is NOT An Example Of A Type Of Tooth?

Teeth are very important to most types of animal, and these are the tools we use to eat. Actually, many other animals use teeth for other purposes as well, mostly for fighting other animals and driving away danger. But we simply use our teeth to chew and consume our food. During our lives, we get many different teeth, starting with our baby teeth and ending with out adult teeth, known as the wisdom teeth. But which of these is not a real tooth?

Question 20

Raisins Are Dried What?

Raisins are some of the best tasting snacks available, and they're pretty healthy too. They contain a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals, and they can be really good for you. Some people hate them, while others simply can't get enough of them. Sometimes raisins are mixed in with cakes, and sometimes even breakfast cereal. But however they're eaten, raisins have been a very popular snack for thousands of years. But what fruit were raisins before they were dried up?

Question 21

How Many Letters Are There In The English Alphabet?

The English Alphabet is the cornerstone of all English speaking languages. Kids learn the alphabet at a very young age, and they quickly memorize it by way of song. This song stays with them for the rest of their lives, and sometimes they even have to sing it back to themselves as adults to figure out which order things go in an alphabetical sorting sequence. It's certainly an important thing. But do you know how many letters there are in the English language?

Question 22

Orange Can Be Made By Mixing Red And…

Orange is one of the most bright and shining colors in the whole palette of colors. Orange represents a beautiful sunset, or that lovely orange creamsicle you had as a kid. Orange is often used in sports, and it's the national color of Holland. The country's national soccer team always has a bright orange jersey, and this is to bring them good luck in the world cup, where they compete. But how do you make orange? What can you mix with red to make this color?

Question 23

True Or False, Octopuses Are Very Intelligent Creatures

Octopuses are some of the most incredible, interesting creatures in the natural world. At first glance, they seem like they're some of the most alien creatures ever. With 8 legs, and a weird, soft body, they look very unique indeed. Scientists often do studies on these creatures, and they are often amazed by what they see. These creatures are able to squeeze into the smallest of cracks, and they can regenerate limbs. But is is true that they are also intelligent?

Question 24

Which Is More Valuable? Silver Or Platinum?

Silver and Platinum are both considered to be precious metals. These types of metals are often bought as investments, and people can amass large collections of this metal at home or in their safety deposit boxes. They represent an alternative to the much sought after gold metal investments, although they're not as valuable. Many people buy these metals to prepare for what they think will be an economic collapse where paper money is worthless. But do you know which is more valuable?

Question 25

What Is The Largest Planet In The Solar System?

The solar system is a large and wonderful place full of all kinds of amazing planets, moons, and other incredible celestial bodies. So far, we haven't been able to reach any of the other planets with manned flights, but that's a dream we hope to achieve one day. The largest planet definitely dwarfs Earth, and you could fit countless Earths inside of this huge planet without an issue. This planet is known as a gas giant. But what is this planet called?

Question 26

The Latin Word “Feline” Refers To Which Type Of Animal?

Many of the world's animals have names that root back to the latin origins of the word. Although Latin originates from Rome, the first great empire of the world, Latin itself comes from Greek, and Greek comes from the culture of the ancient egyptians. When you're talking about felines, this is something that the Ancient Egyptians knew very well, as they were very interested in these types of animals. But do you know which animal is referred to by the world felines?

Question 27

When Frogs Hatch, They Are Called…

Frogs are another incredibly interesting creature on our amazing planets. Frogs are actually amphibians, meaning that they can live in water and on land. And in their early development from the moment they hatch, they spend most of their time in the water. When you look at these young frogs to be, it almost seems like they are completely different animals altogether. Such is the magic of the living planet. But do you know what these young frogs are actually called?

Question 28

What Color Are Emeralds?

While most of the world is obsessed with diamonds, gold, and other precious objects, there are many other precious stones that very valuable indeed. These stones often get overlooked. Stones such as these used to be transported by ship from one end of the world to the other, and these ships would frequently become targeted by pirates. One type of stone is the Emerald, a lavish jewel used in all types of jewelry. But do you know what color an emerald is?

Question 29

If You Wanted To Find North, Which Star Would You Look For?

The stars were very important to people back in the day, and this wasn't just for sentimental reasons. Sure, the night sky is a beautiful thing, and knowing the constellations can make for an interesting story to impress people as you gaze upwards. But the night sky and its stars can also be incredibly useful, especially when it comes to navigation and stopping yourself from getting lost. There is a way to find north by looking at the stars, for example. But which star would you seek?

Question 30

Which Large Dam In The US Is On The Border Between Nevada And Arizona?

The United States is famous for its huge, impressive monuments, such as the carvings of the four presidents, the statue of liberty and the empire state building. But one of its most impressive and large monuments is actually very useful to the nation. This is actually a massive dam that is situated between Nevada and Arizona, and it generates a huge amount of electricity. This dam featured heavily in Fallout: New Vegas. But do you know the name of this dam?

Question 31

True Or False, Approximately 90% Of The World’s Money Is Digital

The world is being swept by a new craze: digital currencies. First it started with the bitcoin, and then it branched out into several other crypto-currencies, such as the "doge coin," which was actually started as a joke before it massively took off. But in all honesty, digital currencies are nothing really new. Most of us know that the amount of physical money in circulation is not the same as the amount of digital currency. But is it true that 90% of the world's money is digital?

Question 32

Who Is The Leader Of North Korea?

North Korea has been seen as a rogue nation for many years now, but in recent months its relationship to the outside world has become more sour than ever. Threats of nuclear exchanges seem more real than ever before, and the entire world is growing very tense about this whole situation. The history surrounding this nation is very old, and there are some major grudges that don't seem to go away. But Do you know who the leader of this country is?

Question 33

True Or False, Diamonds Are Made Of Carbon

Diamonds are some of the most valuable substances on the face of the earth. Engagement rings must have a diamond, and it's become a tradition that seems linked with humanity. But if an alien came to earth and heard about this, they would be very confused. Why? Because diamonds are actually some of the most common substances on the Earth. The Earth's crust is littered with them, and diamonds themselves are useless. Nevertheless, is it true that diamonds are made of carbon?

Question 34

What Is The Plural Of The Word Sheep?

Sheep are some of the most common farm animals known to man, and many farms raise sheep almost exclusively. Although Lamb meat is pretty sought after, the majority of farmers raise sheep for their wool. This hair can be made into all kinds of different garments and fabrics, and wool is an excellent choice in the winter. Providing, of course, that you don't mind the thought of wearing someone else's hair. But what is the plural of the word "sheep?"

Question 35

REM, Which Happens To You When You Dream, Stands For What?

REM is a very interesting phenomenon that happens to a wide range of animals when they sleep. The event happens when we reach our deepest level of sleep, and it's at this point that we start to dream. Funnily enough, it only happens for about two to three minutes at the very most, even though it might seem like your dreams last hours. REM is also vital to our health, and the way our bodies "recharge." But what does REM stand for?

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