If You Fail This Sephora Quiz, You Don't know Makeup

For someone who loves makeup, going to a store like Sephora can totally be a dream come true! There are so many makeup products there that it can be a lot of fun to walk around the store, look at all the displays, and swatch all the brand new products. When we're just running in to pick up a new bottle of our favorite foundation and then leave, it's definitely hard not to buy absolutely everything!

There are so many different makeup brands and products sold in stores like Sephora that for people who don't like makeup, it can be really overwhelming. But for people who are into makeup, remembering all of them and knowing everything about their favorite brands and products is no big deal!

Who thinks they're a makeup expert? Pass this Sephora quiz to prove it!

Question 1

What brand made this Rainbow Strobe Highlighter?

Rainbow highlighter became a pretty big deal in the makeup world in the past few years. So many different brands have made their own versions, but this one is from one particular brand that makeup lovers can pick up at Sephora. This Rainbow Strobe Highlighter was released as part of this brand's Life's a Festival Collection.

Question 2

Who owns Fenty Beauty?

Fenty Beauty is a makeup brand that became an instantly popular one in the beauty world when it launched because of the huge range of shades in the foundation that it launched with. Another thing that makes this Sephora brand so popular is the fact that it's owned by a really talented pop star. Who is it?

Question 3

Does makeup expire?

We all know that food can expire and it's definitely not good for us to eat it after the expiration date has passed. But is the same true for makeup? Should we be tossing our mascaras and our foundations out after a certain amount of time? Only a true makeup lover will know!

Question 4

Is ColourPop sold at Sephora?

ColourPop is a makeup brand that has done collaborations with several different YouTube beauty gurus and other celebrities like KathleenLights and Karreuche Tran. This brand is known for being really affordable and having some pretty awesome makeup products. ColourPop can be purchased on their own website but can makeup lovers also find it at Sephora?

Question 5

How often should brushes be washed?

As much fun as putting makeup on is, it has to come off our faces at the end of the night. That's definitely no fun! Along with washing our faces, we all know that our makeup brushes have to be washed as well to get off all the makeup and any bacteria.

Question 6

This is the logo for what brand?

For people who love makeup, it's super easy to recognize the logos of our favorite brands. This logo features a pair of lips with a glittery liquid dripping off of them and is the logo for a makeup brand known for their lipsticks. This makeup brand is owned by a reality TV star and social media star.

Question 7

Which of these is the name of a palette by Huda Beauty?

Huda Beauty is a makeup brand that is available at Sephora and has released quite a few popular makeup products including a couple eyeshadow palettes that makeup lovers just can't get enough of. One of the following eyeshadow palettes is from Huda Beauty but only a real makeup fan will know which!

Question 8

Is Too Cool For School sold at Sephora?

Too Cool For School is a brand that got its start in South Korea and has become really popular around the world. This brand is part of the huge K-beauty trend that has taken over many makeup stores and our social media feeds. Is Too Cool For School available in Sephora stores?

Question 9

What brand makes this palette?

This palette is called the Be a Mermaid & Make Waves palette and is totally themed around mermaids. It's from a collection by the same name and comes in a palette that looks like an oyster shell. Inside, the fin-shaped pans of eyeshadow have names like Shore Thing, Splash, and Lagoon.

Question 10

What brand makes these lipsticks?

These lipsticks are made by a really well-known designer brand that can be found at Sephora. These are known as the Volupté Liquid Color Balm. They come in a variety of different shades and this shiny silver packaging is so eye-catching that it's hard not to want to grab at least a few tubes of!

Question 11

What brand made this Born to Run Palette?

This eyeshadow palette is called the Born to Run Palette and is one that has quite a few different shades, making it easy to use for a ton of different eye looks. It has a section of neutral tones, some really bright and bold shades, and even some on the darker side.

Question 12

Is Glossier sold at Sephora?

Glossier is a brand that has become really popular recently on social media. Many makeup lovers are drawn to Glossier's super minimal packaging and their really unique products like this Cloud Paint, a cream blush that comes in a tube that looks like a real tube of paint and goes on super sheer and easy to wear!

Question 13

Is KKW Beauty sold at Sephora?

KKW Beauty is the makeup brand owned by Kim Kardashian. That's right, Kylie isn't the only sister with her own makeup line! KKW Beauty has become popular among many makeup lovers and among fans of the Kardashians alike and has released quite a few super popular and unique products since they launched.

Question 14

What brand makes this concealer?

This concealer is one that's really popular in the world of makeup. It's called Shape Tape and it's from a high-end makeup brand that is sold both in Sephora and Ulta and creates a lot of other makeup products like eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, foundation, and blush. What brand makes this concealer?

Question 15

What brand makes these Studded Kiss Crème Lipsticks?

These lipsticks are from a brand that's known for being pretty unique and edgy, so the fact that they come in a black tube that's studded all along the casing is totally not a surprise. These lipsticks are called the Studded Kiss Crème Lipsticks and are from a brand that's owned by someone that used to be a famous tattoo artist.

Question 16

Which of these eyeshadow shades would be considered a neutral?

When it comes to makeup, there are so many different colors of every kind of product. There are different shades of blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, and lip gloss. When it comes to eyeshadow, many people talk about palettes including neutral shades or being made entirely of different neutral shades. Which of these colors is a neutral?

Question 17

Concealer should be __________.

Picking out the right shade for your makeup is definitely something that's super important! It may not always be incredibly easy to get the perfect match, but we definitely never want to leave the house with a foundation that's way too dark or has the wrong undertones. Which of these is true when it comes to finding a concealer match?

Question 18

Which of these brands is NOT sold at Sephora?

Even though there are a ton of amazing brands that are sold at Sephora, there are also quite a few that can't be found there! Many brands are sold at other stores like Ulta or are only available on their own websites and aren't sold in other makeup stores. Which of these is NOT sold at Sephora?

Question 19

What are these brushes used for?

Anyone who is into makeup will know that there are a ton of different brushes. Most of them are super specialized to work really well for a certain aspect of your makeup. For instance, these have densely packed bristles that are in a thin, angled line and are perfect for getting a straight line of product.

Question 20

What brand makes this foundation?

There's some makeup that comes in such cute packaging. This foundation is definitely no exception! The lid is a pink chrome while the bottle itself reflects the shade of the foundation and has a super cute face on it. This foundation is one that is sold at Sephora and comes from a certain high-end brand.

Question 21

Which of these is NOT a real makeup brand?

There are a lot of different brands in the world of makeup. Many of them are sold in stores like Ulta and Sephora while some others are only available on their own websites or in other stores. But, one of these brands does not actually exist. Who can tell which of these is the fake makeup brand?

Question 22

Is Lime Crime sold at Sephora?

Lime Crime is a makeup brand that has become pretty popular over the years for their makeup products. Some of their most popular products include their eyeshadow palettes and their matte liquid lipsticks, called the Velvetines. Lime Crime is a popular makeup brand but how many makeup lovers know if it can be purchased at Sephora?

Question 23

What is the name of this contour palette?

This palette is a contour palette made by Kat Von D. It comes with six different pans that each have a different shade. It can be divided up into three different sections from the lightest pair of highlight and contour shades to the darkest ones with one pair in between. What is this palette called?

Question 24

What brand made this Chocolate Bar Palette?

This eyeshadow palette is a really unique one because of the fact that it looks and smells good enough to eat! But we definitely wouldn't suggest that you do so. This palette is called the Chocolate Bar Palette and it's infused with real cocoa powder, so it smells like a real chocolate bar.

Question 25

What is this?

There are a ton of different makeup tools that all do really unique things. When it comes to putting on foundation, there are quite a few ways that it can be done. With your fingers, with a brush, with a sponge, or even with a really unique sponge like this one! What is it called?

Question 26

What are these lipsticks called?

Fenty Beauty has become known for a lot of different makeup products since they launched. This makeup brand initially gained attention thanks to being owned by pop star Rihanna and for the huge range of shades in the foundation that it launched with, but this brand has a lot of other awesome products as well.

Question 27

Which brand created the Obsessions palettes?

These eyeshadow palettes are known as the Obsessions collection. Each palette has a specific range of shades like blue and teal tones with a pop of yelow, orange and brown shades, or berry and red tones with a pop of coral. Instead of having a selection of very different shades, each Obesssions Palette has very similar colors.

Question 28

What Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is this?

This eyeshadow palette is made by Anastasia Beverly Hills and became an instant favorite among many makeup lovers really quickly after it was launched. This eyeshadow palette has a lot of really unique, whimsical shades like pastel pinks and lavenders and some darker tones to really make a variety of looks possible.

Question 29

When color correcting, what does green cover?

There are a lot of different makeup techniques that people tend to use when they're trying to make their face look just perfect. Color correcting is one thing that many people do in order to even out their skin tone and cover up patches of uneven tone or color. What color is green used over?

Question 30

What brand makes this bronzer?

Instead of being a whole pan of a single color, this bronzer is made up of three different shades that are all woven together. This bronzer was released as part of this brand's Peaches and Cream collection. Like the rest of the collection, this bronzer is infused with peach and fig to smell delicious and help to hydrate the skin and keep it healthy.

Question 31

What makeup brand did Gigi Hadid collaborate with?

Gigi Hadid is a model who has been working in the world of modeling for a while. She's known for dating One Direction member Zayn Malik, being besties with Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift, and for her collaboration with a certain makeup brand. Who knows which of these brands Gigi collaborated with?

Question 32

What brand makes this bronzer?

Hoola is a really popular bronzer that comes in a pretty unique package. Hoola is one of the Box O' Powder products that this makeup brand sells and comes in its classic formula as well as a version that's slightly lighter. Hoola is great for contouring or adding a warm, bronzed glow to the face.

Question 33

Where should foundation be swatched to ensure the best match?

Buying foundation can be pretty tough! It's one makeup product that you definitely want to match your skin instead of standing out and being a totally different shade. Because of this, it's important to swatch a foundation before you buy it to make sure it really matches your skin tone.

Question 34

How often should mascara be replaced?

We all know that unfortunately, makeup expires. This means that sometimes, we have to toss our favorite products and replace them with a new one before they actually run out. Mascara is one product that it's really important to replace periodically because you do NOT want that bacteria that can grow in it getting near your eyes.

Question 35

What brand made this Life's a Festival collection?

This is the Life's a Festival collection. It was released by a high-end makeup brand that is sold at Sephora. This brand often comes out with some really unique collections, products, and packaging. This collection is totally based around unicorns and rainbows and has some really interesting products like the Unicorn Tears bronzer.

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