If You Fail This Pixar Quiz, You Have No Soul

Pixar is one of the greatest 3D animation studios to ever exist. That's not a statement, it's a fact. The creative crew at Pixar has been cranking out consecutive feature-length hits for over twenty years. Their stories are imaginative and whimsical, with a colorful cast of characters that showcase likable personalities and quirks. Their animation is top notch (of course) and helped pave the way for 3D animated films as a respected genre.

In short, Pixar is great and everyone loves them. Chances are you've seen a Pixar film (or two, or ten) in your lifetime. They make for great family entertainment but are also enjoyable for individuals, no matter the age. So don't be afraid to show your Pixar pride. In fact, we want you to show us just how much you know about their animated films.

We've put together a quiz to help test your general Pixar knowledge. Don't worry, it's nothing too difficult. In fact, we'd consider it pretty easy. So "easy" that we'd wager those who fail don't have a soul. After all, there's no other legitimate excuse as to why you'd  miss so many Pixar movies.

See if you can ace this Pixar quiz! How did you do? Let us know!

Question 1

Can you name the main character of Cars?

Pixar's Cars series came out of nowhere. People were so accustomed to seeing movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and A Bug's Life. These adventures followed a cast of curious characters, but they all seemed slightly rooted in reality. A band of talking toys and a vocal fish that go on adventures are somewhat plausible, giving us pause to imagine a world in which these things are possible. Cars was completely different. It created a scenario in which automobiles didn't just talk, they also had faces. Do you remember the name of the main character for this uncanny 2006 Pixar release?

Question 2

Which of these is Dinosaur-themed movies was made by Pixar and Disney?

Pixar has been branded the king of 3D animation for a long time. Whether it's their adorable short films or elaborate feature-length productions, you're always in for a visual spectacle when you see one of their creations. Even Disney fell in love with their gorgeous eye candy. The two studios have teamed up for an array of projects. Some of their best titles include The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo. Can you name the dinosaur-themed film they released together?

Question 3

Can you name this curious little robot?

Pixar is no stranger to sentient objects and machines. Prior to their popular robot-filled 2008 film (which shares the same name as its main character), Pixar had already created storylines for children's toys, aquatic creatures, rodents, and even vehicles. Yet, this beloved character had no narrative. His curious beeps and tonal noises helped skyrocket him 3D animated fame. The film itself was a whirlwind adventure, but most fans left the theater with fond memories of an adorable A.I. Do you remember the name of this curious automaton?

Question 4

Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear was the main antagonist of which Toy Story film?

Toy Story was considered Pixar's first feature-length film. The franchise is also classified as one of the most beloved film series in the entire entertainment industry. The animation was stellar, the soundtrack was amazing, and the voice acting talent was top notch. With another Toy Story release on the horizon, we thought we'd test your memory. Do you recall which Toy Story film featured a charismatic villain named Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear? We'll give you a hint, it's the installment in which the toys are accidentally shipped to a nearby daycare facility.

Question 5

Can you name name this ratty protagonist from Disney Pixar’s Ratatouille?

Hot off the success of their 2006 vehicle-based film Cars, Pixar set their sites on the hidden world of rodents In the real world, the presence of rats in a restaurant usually inspires a call to the local health inspector. In a Pixar film, it's the exact opposite. In true imaginative fashion, the crew imagined a world in which a rambunctious rat aspired to be a famous chef. Through perseverance, trickery, and a helpful human companion, this clever little rodent realized his dream. Do you remember his name?

Question 6

What's the name of the main antagonist for Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles?

Maybe gifted culinary rats aren't your cup of tea. Perhaps you're the type of person that prefers action and superheroes. Thankfully, Pixar has you covered there as well. In 2004, the studio released The Incredibles, a fast-paced 3D-animated action film that followed a family with superpowers. The movie was an instant hit with fans, and a second adventure is finally in the works. How much do you remember about The Incredibles? Do you recall the name of the main antagonist?

Question 7

Which of these insects is not part of the crew that Flik recruits in “A Bug's Life?”

In between Toy Story and Toy Story 2, Pixar released an adorable insect-based adventure called "A Bug's Life." It may have been Pixar's second feature-length film, but it usually finds itself buried behind all of the instant classics whenever critics discuss Pixar's history. The plot followed Flik (an ant) on an adventure to recruit some "powerful allies" and save his colony from destruction. During his adventure, he crosses path with a group fo disgraced circus performers (who are also bugs). Which of the following bugs was NOT part of Flik's gathered crew?

Question 8

Which character in Toy Story utters the words, “To Infinity and Beyond!?”

This one's a bit of a gimme. In fact, if you hope to make it through the rest of this quiz, then it's imperative that you pick the correct answer here. Toy Story was Pixar's first major release and spawned one of the most iconic phrases to ever grace family-friendly entertainment. During the film, a scene takes place in which a particular character attempts to prove that they can fly. The character in question utters the famous phrase "to infinity and beyond!." Which one of Andy's toys said this?

Question 9

Can you name the talking dog companion in “Up?"

Prior to 2009, Pixar had released a slew of emotional movies that would occasionally tug at your heartstrings. When developers got a hold of the generalized idea for Up, they decided to push the envelope. The end result was a breathtakingly beautiful film that could cure even the worst case of dry eye. Thankfully, there were many lighthearted moments to counteract the depressing overtone. Take, for example, the introduction of this canine with a rather short attention span. Do you remember the name of this talkative pup?

Question 10

In Ratatouille, where is Gusteau's restaurant located?

Pixar's Ratatouille takes place a prominent restaurant called Gusteau's. It's renowned throughout the city as one of the finest eateries, thanks to its head chef and owner, Auguste Gusteau. Unfortunately, Gusteau passed away, leaving the fate of the restaurant up in the air. This is where the story of Ratatouille really takes off. Shortly after a new "garbage boy" showed up, he began to cook an array of amazing dishes (thanks to the help of a rodent companion). Do you remember where Gusteau's is located?

Question 11

What mythical creatures lead Merida to the Witch in Pixar's Brave?

Brave is filled to the brim with Scottish folktales and imagery. Pixar did a fantastic job in studying the Scottish region and culture when piecing together their 2012 smash hit. The plot follows the young lass Merida, as she embarks on a curious adventure. During the film, we see a scene in which the girl is lead to a mysterious witch by a group of mythical creatures. Do you remember what type of creature helps Merida to discover her destiny?

Question 12

Which of the following “shorts” was NOT made by Pixar?

Pixar wasn't always a feature-length film juggernaut. Before they burst onto the scene with Toy Story, they were hard at work making animated shorts and honing their craft. Starting with the release of A Bug's Life, the studio would release a specially-created short for audiences to enjoy. Sometimes, the mini-films are just as enjoyable as the feature-length production. There are an abundance of Pixar shorts floating around the entertainment industry. Can you tell which of the following mini-adventures was not created by Pixar?

Question 13

What is the number featured on Lightning McQueen's body?

At first glance, the Cars series seems pretty creepy. The entire world is inhabited by sentient vehicles that each have a purpose. Lightning McQueen's dream and purpose is to become the best racer in the entire world. He is a race car after all. He's even got a spiffy race-inspired paint job, complete with an array of sponsorships, some lightning bolts, and his very own number. It's time to test how well you can recall a Pixar character from thin air. Do you remember the number on Lightning McQueen's body?

Question 14

In “Wall-E,” what musical does the little robot enjoy dancing along to?

One of our favorite parts of Wall-E is watching the adorable little protagonist sift through mounds of pop culture references. He was sent to Earth to collect and dispose of waste, but the little automaton finds himself collecting as many treasures as possible. In one adorable scene, Wall-E is introduced to EVE and begins to show her all of the goodies he's scavenged. Poor EVE almost messes up one of his most prized possessions, a videotape of a famous musical. The little robot enjoys dancing to tunes from this show. Which musical is it?

Question 15

In Monster's Inc, Boo's door has what type of design on it?

Monster's Inc. is one of our favorite Pixar creations. We love the idea, the character designs, and the voice acting. The story is expertly crafted, giving us just enough joy, sorrow, and action, to keep us constantly on the edge of our seats. For those unfamiliar (shame!), the monsters enter the human world through the closets of unsuspecting children. A series of doors act as a portal between the two worlds. Do you remember what designs are sprinkled across the door leading to Boo's room?

Question 16

Which of the following emotions was not present in Inside Out?

Pixar has explored a multitude of crazy worlds over the years. We've seen hyper-intelligent automobiles, peculiar artificial intelligence, a city of scary monsters, and even a rag-tag group of talking toys. All of those places aside, the most imaginative area that Pixar has ever taken us, is inside our own minds. The 2015 box office hit, Inside Out, explored the world of our emotions. It gave life (and a personality) to each feeling we express. Which of the following feelings was not included in the film?

Question 17

In the Pixar film "Inside Out," Riley moves to California from which state?

The main plot of Inside Out follows a young girl named Riley. We learn that after she is born, five main emotions begin to stir within her mind. These emotions "work together" to help the adolescent to form core memories and thoughts. As Riley grows up, she's forced to accept changes beyond her control. One of those changes sees her family moving to San Francisco. Can you recall where Riley was born? What state did she live in prior to the family moving to California?

Question 18

According to Edna Mode, which of the following items does a Superhero NEVER need?

We absolutely loved all of the characters in The Incredibles. The main plot revolves around a superhero family that must agree to stop using their superpowers. But the real bread and butter of the film comes from the characters and their interactions. A fan favorite is Edna Mode, a sassy fashion designer that made outfits for superheroes during the "glory days." She offers advice to Mr. Incredible when he finds himself in need of a new suit. What does she tell him a superhero never needs?

Question 19

Which address do Dory and Marlin travel to to find Nemo?

One of the most thrilling scenes in Finding Nemo is when Nemo manages to escape the clutches of the Dentist and his rotten niece Darla. Marlin and Dory manage to discover Nemo's whereabouts by reading an address from the back of some diver's goggles. The address has become famous among Finding Nemo fans, even prompting some people to travel to Sydney, Australia in an attempt to find it. Do you remember the exact address? It started with P. Sherman, but what was next?

Question 20

What is the name of Merida's faithful steed in Pixar's Brave?

After meeting The Witch, Merida begins a grandiose adventure through Scottish folklore. Along the way, she meets many interesting creatures and characters. She's forced to rely on her own strengths to help her succeed in her quest. She's not entirely alone though. There are many people who offer aid, as well as a rather helpful horse. Merida uses her faithful steed to help her traverse the dangerous wilderness. Can you remember the name of this loyal (yet stubborn) equine companion?

Question 21

Which fraternity does Mike Wazowski decide to join in Monsters University?

Pixar is well-known for breaking the mold. A lot of their films feature elaborate universes and storylines that ooze imagination and artistic passion. Perhaps that's why it was so alarming for fans to hear that the studio was making a prequel in 2013. It marked the first time the creative crew had done a "before story" for one of their beloved franchises. Skepticism aside, Monsters University was born (and well received!). But how well do you remember Mike and Sully in their early years? Do you recall which fraternity Mike first joined?

Question 22

Can you name this mischievous menace from Toy Story?

Toy Story is definitely one of our favorite Pixar films. Sure, a lot of people place it on a pedestal because it's Pixar's first feature-length movie. Yet, to us, the true charm lies in the storyline and the lovable cast of characters. Everyone has a unique and entertaining personality that we immediately latched onto. Well, almost everyone. There is one Toy Story character that we aren't that fond of. We knew he was trouble from the moment we saw him. Can you name this toy-destroying kid?

Question 23

"A113" is hidden throughout many of Pixar's films. What does it mean?

Each of Pixar's films features an elaborate world, that still manages to feel somewhat contained. For this reason, many individuals and theorists speculate that all of Pixar's creations actually exist within the same universe. There have been many that have attempted to create a realistic "timeline" for the releases, which showcase an ever-changing Earth. Pixar further fuels this fire by adding an array of objects and cameos from other movies. Although, the biggest Easter Egg is "A113," a mysterious code that appears throughout many of Pixar's films. Do you know what it references?

Question 24

What does Boo call Sully in Monsters Inc.?

Monsters Inc. takes an abrupt and adorable turn when Sully happens upon a small child (which he affectionately refers to as Boo). Although he's meant to spook the child, she doesn't seem all that afraid of the fuzzy protagonist. In fact, she cheerfully refers to him as a cute pet name. This name is used a few times during their interactions together (including during an emotional moment). Do you remember what Boo calls Sully during their first meeting with one another?

Question 25

Do you remember the name of this mellow sea turtle?

Finding Nemo is an incredible 3D animated adventure that follows a father (Marlin) as he attempts to find his missing son. The ocean is expansive, and Marlin meets an array of interesting aquatic life during his journey. Everyone's familiar with the forgetful fish, Dory (who received her own movie), but there are a few other interesting characters that pop on-screen. Take, for example, this mellow sea turtle who helps Marlin and Dory on their quest. Do you remember his name?

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