If You Fail This Harry Potter Quiz You Should Join The Death Eaters

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter may have started as a simple collection of Young Adult fantasy books, about a young boy who discovers that he is actually a wizard, and that he is going to go to a wizarding school... but now, the series (and the films made of it) has become one of the biggest fandoms in the world. Are you a big enough fan of all things Harry Potter to become an honorary member of Dumbledore's Army and fight at the side of Harry and his friends, or are you enough of a Harry Potter hater (or just a muggle) to end up more closely aligned with the forces of Darkness, Voldemort and the Death Eaters?

From spells to characters to Hogwarts and its houses, this quiz covers a little bit of everything to test the knowledge of any Harry Potter fan - do you know what Harry's wand is made of? Does your knowledge of charms and potions mean that you would be passing your OWLs with flying colors, while still remembering what happened throughout the books and films? If so, you get to be one of the good guys... but if not, you might just be a Death Eater in the making! Take our quiz and find out which side you are on...

1What is this called?

The letter system in the wizarding world of Harry Potter is magical enough on its own - with letters being delivered by high speed owls, that know how to find a person no matter where they are. But this particular kind of letter is a little bit more than that - it's one that is opened to find the receiver listening to the sender's voice... usually a parent, as they scream at their child for their latest misadventure! What is it called?

2What kind of creature is this?

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is filled with magical creatures that the muggle world is mostly unaware of - especially when it comes to these winged beasts. They pull the carriages that take the older students to Hogwarts from the train, but most students think that the carriages are pulled by nothing, because these gentle but dark beasts are invisible to anyone who hasn't had first hand experience of death. However, that means that both Harry and Luna can see them.

3Name this character

This character appears in the very first installment of the Harry Potter franchise; Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone. However, he remains important throughout the series, and even becomes a pivotal character again at the end of the series, when Harry starts to learn about the elder wand. His knowledge is particularly important, because this man is one of the best wand makers in the world, and the person that all the witches and wizards in Britain go to for a new wand.

4What is Harry standing in front of?

Throughout his time at Hogwarts, Harry discovers all kinds of things hidden in the giant magical castle where he goes to school. From the passageways that led to the Philosophers Stone to the Chamber of Secrets itself, Hogwarts is full of secrets... including this mirror, which is an incredibly powerful magical object. When anyone looks into it, they see only the thing that their heart truly desires - which can be helpful, but can also become a distraction, especially if that is a thing they can never have.

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