If You Fail This Harry Potter Quiz You Should Join The Death Eaters

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter may have started as a simple collection of Young Adult fantasy books, about a young boy who discovers that he is actually a wizard, and that he is going to go to a wizarding school... but now, the series (and the films made of it) has become one of the biggest fandoms in the world. Are you a big enough fan of all things Harry Potter to become an honorary member of Dumbledore's Army and fight at the side of Harry and his friends, or are you enough of a Harry Potter hater (or just a muggle) to end up more closely aligned with the forces of Darkness, Voldemort and the Death Eaters?

From spells to characters to Hogwarts and its houses, this quiz covers a little bit of everything to test the knowledge of any Harry Potter fan - do you know what Harry's wand is made of? Does your knowledge of charms and potions mean that you would be passing your OWLs with flying colors, while still remembering what happened throughout the books and films? If so, you get to be one of the good guys... but if not, you might just be a Death Eater in the making! Take our quiz and find out which side you are on...

Question 1

What is this called?

The letter system in the wizarding world of Harry Potter is magical enough on its own - with letters being delivered by high speed owls, that know how to find a person no matter where they are. But this particular kind of letter is a little bit more than that - it's one that is opened to find the receiver listening to the sender's voice... usually a parent, as they scream at their child for their latest misadventure! What is it called?

Question 2

What kind of creature is this?

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is filled with magical creatures that the muggle world is mostly unaware of - especially when it comes to these winged beasts. They pull the carriages that take the older students to Hogwarts from the train, but most students think that the carriages are pulled by nothing, because these gentle but dark beasts are invisible to anyone who hasn't had first hand experience of death. However, that means that both Harry and Luna can see them.

Question 3

Name this character

This character appears in the very first installment of the Harry Potter franchise; Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone. However, he remains important throughout the series, and even becomes a pivotal character again at the end of the series, when Harry starts to learn about the elder wand. His knowledge is particularly important, because this man is one of the best wand makers in the world, and the person that all the witches and wizards in Britain go to for a new wand.

Question 4

What is Harry standing in front of?

Throughout his time at Hogwarts, Harry discovers all kinds of things hidden in the giant magical castle where he goes to school. From the passageways that led to the Philosophers Stone to the Chamber of Secrets itself, Hogwarts is full of secrets... including this mirror, which is an incredibly powerful magical object. When anyone looks into it, they see only the thing that their heart truly desires - which can be helpful, but can also become a distraction, especially if that is a thing they can never have.

Question 5

Who does this dog belong to?

One of the many things protecting the Philosopher's Stone was this giant, three headed dog named Fluffy. Perhaps an unusual name for a hound with three heads, but given the owner, maybe it's not too surprising that they would see the best in even this monstrous beast. As well as having three heads, this giant guard dog is known for having only one weak spot - a love of music. As soon as music is played, Fluffy falls straight asleep.

Question 6

What charm allows things to levitate?

One of the most enchanting things about the world of Harry Potter is getting to see children learn how to do actual magic - which means that the early films are filled with classroom scenes as the basics of magic are slowly learned... like this charm. This incantation, along with a 'swish and flick' wand movement, allows the wizard to make an object float - a useful skill to know, especially when going up against a Mountain Troll in the girls' bathroom!

Question 7

What's the name of the wizarding bank?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has an equivalent to almost everything in the Muggle world - whether that is a Prime Minister (or Minister For Magic), the Ministry itself, the schools and pubs, or a wizarding bank. This bank is run by goblins, however, and is known as the safest place in the world. However, that doesn't stop there being two break ins over the course of Harry's adventures - one by Harry and his friends themselves, in their search for a Horcrux!

Question 8

What are the powers of Phoenix tears?

Fawkes is the name of Dumbledore's Phoenix, and appears throughout the series to help Dumbledore and those loyal to him. Of course, even in the wizarding world, a Phoenix is a rare creature, known primarily for its life cycle, which takes the bird from a chick through to old age and death, when it bursts into flame and is reborn from its own ashes. However, that is not all that a phoenix can do, as Harry learned when he fought the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets.

Question 9

What's the name of Mr Filch's cat?

Mr Filch is the caretaker at Hogwarts, and spends much of his time bemoaning the fact that it's difficult to keep a schoolful of magical children clean at all times! He is also a squib, himself, and his bitterness about that has taken him to the point that he hates the students of Hogwarts, and dreams of returning to the days of corporal punishment. However, for the meantime, he is forced to simply hand out detentions, with the help of his faithful feline companion.

Question 10

Which platform does the Hogwarts express leave from?

The Hogwarts express is the train that takes all students to Hogwarts at the start of each school year (and home again at the end of it). It was on the Hogwarts express that Harry first met Ron and Hermione, and started to form the bonds with them that would last him the rest of his life. However, he nearly couldn't find it, because it can only be reached by running at the wall between two platforms in the muggle train station!

Question 11

Which school are these students from?

During the events of Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire, fans of the wizarding world of Harry Potter first learned that there are multiple wizarding schools in the world - when two of them came to Hogwarts with a selection of students to compete in the Triwizard Tournament. The students of this school are led by a part-giant Headmistress, and arrived at Hogwarts in a flying coach, pulled by a team of giant, whiskey drinking horses. What is the name of their school?

Question 12

What is this form of magical transportation called?

There are multiple means of magical transportation in the wizarding world of Harry Potter; from the broomsticks that Harry loves to fly (especially when playing Quidditch), to the magical flying motorbike and car that Sirius and Arthur own, to the simplest transportation of all; Apparition. However, there is another option, especially useful for underage wizards who cannot Apparate legally just yet - a network of fireplaces, connected and travelled through instantaneously by using an explosive (but not dangerous) green powder.

Question 13

What are the names of the Knight Bus conductors?

The Knight Bus is a double decker bus that exists to help stranded witches and wizards - who only need to put out their wands for assistance to find the Knight Bus hurtling up. It can take you anywhere in almost the blink of an eye, and is largely invisible to the muggle world - especially useful when it is doing things like squeezing between two muggle buses while travelling at high speeds! When Harry uses it, he meets the conductors - what are their names?

Question 14

What subject does Professor McGonagall teach?

Professor Minerva McGonagall is a fan-favorite teacher at Hogwarts, and head of Gryffindor House (although she could easily have been a Ravenclaw, and was actually a hatstall for the two houses). She is a staunch friend and protector to Harry, and a stern but extremely fair Head of House (unlike Snape, for example, who always favors his own students). She also teaches a subject at Hogwarts, of course - one in which she is extraordinarily skilled. What subject is it?

Question 15

Name this Death Eater.

Of all the Death Eaters who followed Voldemort at the height of his power during the First Wizarding War, this man may have been one of the most loyal. He tortured the Longbottoms using the Cruciatous Curse, and he was sent to Azkaban for his crimes - although he was able to break out with the help of his father, who still saw the good in him. After his breakout, he disguised himself as Alastor Moody to get to Hogwarts and try to ensure that Harry Potter could be used to resurrect Voldemort.

Question 16

What's this magical device called?

Of all the magical devices and tools in the wizarding world of Harry Potter - this is one of the most impressive, and the most carefully legislated. However, thanks to Hermione's incredible intellect and the recommendations of her teachers when it comes to good moral standing, the young witch was given a special dispensation to use one in order to study conflicting subjects... and of course, to later use it to go back in time and save several of her friends.

Question 17

What is Harry's wand made from?

Each of the wands in the world of Harry Potter are made with a specific magical wood, and a core ingredient. This, combined with their length, shape, thickness and flexibility, can tell you a lot about the kind of wizard that wields the wand. Harry Potter's wand was especially unusual, not because of the materials themselves, but because the creature that gave a part of themselves for the cores gave only enough for two wands - this one, and the one belonging to Lord Voldemort.

Question 18

What was the make and model of the Weasley's car?

flying car harry potter

Arthur Weasley, as a worker in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts department of the Ministry, has always had a fascination with the muggle world. A pure-blood wizard himself, most of the things that muggles take for granted are absolutely fascinating to him - and he loves to collect them and tinker with them, even though he knows full well that he shouldn't. Like his muggle car, which has had an extender charm, an invisibility feature, and the ability to fly added to it.

Question 19

What is the name of the potion that grants luck?

harry potter potions class

One of the many ways to create magic in the world of Harry Potter is by brewing potions - a complicated and delicate task, but one that can often bring about the most effective results. When Horage Slughorn is teaching Potions at Hogwarts, he introduces the class to a particularly useful potion - one which will give the drinker unassailable good luck for a few hours after consumption. It can only be used sparingly, though, lest it lead to recklessness.

Question 20

What is the name of the only all-wizard village in Great Britain?

The wizarding community and the muggle world are, for the most part, living within the same basic space. Most of the wizarding world's most important spaces are hidden from muggle eyes by way of concealment spells and secret entrances, of course, but many muggle villages have witches and wizards living within them, going about their daily lives. However, there is one village in the UK that is an all-wizarding settlement, and where magical folk can live entirely openly, without having to worry about muggle eyes.

Question 21

What is the strongest love potion in the world?

Of all the kinds of potions in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, there are some that are particularly dangerous - and not just those that deal death or pain. Love potions are also recognized as extraordinarily dangerous, because although they cannot create real love, they can create an obsession - which is far worse, especially for the unwilling object of those affections. While some minor-league love potions are available to buy, this most powerful love potion is carefully regulated by the ministry.

Question 22

What do you say to wipe the Marauders Map?

The Marauders Map is an invention of James Potter and his friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, that found its way into the hands of Fred and George Weasley, who gave it to Harry Potter. The map shows the entirety of Hogwarts, and everyone within the castle walls, in real time - as well as the secret passages and rooms within the castle itself. It is activated by saying 'I solemnly swear I am up to no good', and then wiped to a clean sheet of parchment again with a second phrase.

Question 23

Where do these mer-people live?

There are various creatures that live around the grounds of Hogwarts, including the herd of Thestrals that pull the Hogwarts carriages, the unicorns and centaurs that live in the Forbidden forest, and these mer-people, who live in a lake on the Hogwarts grounds. Harry meets some of them first hand during the events of the Triwizard Tournament, when he has to dive into the lake to rescue his best friends, and finds them underwater and protected by the merpeople. What is the name of the lake?

Question 24

What is the name of the mark that brands Death Eaters?

The Death Eaters are the loyal followers of Voldemort, and those Dark Wizards who wish to follow him to power and a world under wizarding rule, where muggles and the muggle-born are the slaves to the pure blood witches and wizards. They are identified by a brand that is set into each Death Eater's arm, that looks like a skull and a snake. This mark is used by Voldemort to call his followers to him, and gets more prominent the more powerful he is.

Question 25

Name this villain

Most of the villains in the Harry Potter series look much the way you would expect - with lots of black, pale skin, wild hair, hideous faces and a love of torture and death... however, this woman was one of the most frightening villains because she was so different to that stereotype. Known for wearing all pink and having an office decorated with frolicking kittens, what this woman really wanted was order - obsessively so, to the point that she would follow Voldemort to get it.

Question 26

Who was Dobby house-elf to?

When Dobby first appears in Harry Potter's bedroom, the young Chosen One doesn't even know what he is, let alone who he belongs to. However, he (and an appalled Hermione), soon learn about House Elves, a race of beings who serve wizard families with obsessive loyalty and devotion - even when those families are not kind to them at all. Dobby, however, is something of an exception, who is granted his freedom by Harry and becomes loyal to him alone from then on.

Question 27

What is the real name of the Grey Lady?

The Grey Lady of Ravenclaw tower is one of the ghosts of Hogwarts, a young woman who has a tragic past and death. The daughter of the founder of Ravenclaw house, this young woman ran away from Hogwarts, stealing her mother's prized tiara at the same time. She was hunted down by the Bloody Baron, who loved her, but when she refused to return, he killed her and them himself - and the two ghosts returned to Hogwarts in death.

Question 28

Name this Quidditch player

In Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire, Harry and the Weasleys are able to go to one of the biggest events in the wizarding world; The Quidditch World Cup. There, they see some incredible things - including some amazing plays by one of the youngest players to ever make a national team: this young wizard, who is the Seeker for Bulgaria - and a student at Durmstrang, one of the other schools who come to compete for the Triwizard Tournament.

Question 29

Whose statue was in the Chamber of Secrets?

The Chamber of Secrets was built when Hogwarts was first created, although none knew it but the founder who created it - and who hid a Basilisk there, one who could only be controlled by a powerful Parseltongue. Years later, when the Chamber was re-opened, Harry discovered its secrets, and ventured down to battle the giant snake and save Ginny Weasley - under the gaze of a giant statue of one of the best-known Parseltongue wizards of all time, in which the Basilisk lived.

Question 30

What was the name of the brothers in the Deathly Hallows story?

The Deathly Hallows are a vital part of the Harry Potter story - three items, gifted to three brothers for outwitting Death himself... but more of a curse than a blessing, for two of the three brothers. One is the Invisibility Cloak, one is the Resurrection Stone, and the third is the Elder Wand - and combined, these three objects would make any wizard who held them a true master over death - which leads Voldemort to seek them out.

Question 31

What kind of dragon is this?

During the Triwizard Tournament, Harry and his fellow Champions had to face dragons for their first task - each of which was a nesting mother, and that the champions had to steal a golden egg from. It was a dangerous task, and one that Harry managed to overcome using a simple spell and his strongest ability: his skills on a broomstick. He called his broom to him and used to to become faster than the dragon, nabbing the egg without getting too singed in the process.

Question 32

What candy includes these trading cards?

There are plenty of things that exist only within the wizarding world of Harry Potter that fans wish they could experience - but it's not all the biggest or flashiest types of magic. Sometimes, it's the little things - like the fascinating candy (or sweets) that Harry and his friends get to enjoy. From the first time that the trolley was pushed through the aisles of the Hogwarts Express, we wanted to try them all - and collect these trading cards, available in which type of treat?

Question 33

What is the name of the flying instructor at Hogwarts?

Harry Potter himself may have been a total natural on a broomstick, but that doesn't mean that everyone is going to be quite so capable the first time that they kick off the ground! For most witches and wizards, learning to fly a broom happens in yet another Hogwarts class, and one that is taught by the same Professor who also acts as the referee for the House Cup Quidditch games. What is this teacher and referee's name in the series?

Question 34

Which House is Professor Sprout head of?

Each of the four Houses of Hogwarts has their own Head of House at the school - someone who was in the House during their own days at school, and who becomes responsible for all the students of that house as a Professor. Each of the Heads also teaches their own subject, and Professor Sprout teaches herbology, working in the greenhouses to teach students all about magical plants, their care, growth and harvesting. Which house is she the head of?

Question 35

What did Dumbledore leave to Harry in his will?

After Dumbledore was killed, it was revealed that he had left something to each of the Golden Trio in his will - as well as the Sword of Gryffindor itself, although this was something that that Ministry refused to hand over, because it was technically not considered to be Dumbledore's to give away. Each of the other items, however, were given to Ron, Hermione and Harry in order to help them complete their quest to find and destroy the Horcruxes and stop Voldemort.

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