If You Fail This Game Of Thrones Quiz, You Know Nothing

Game of Thrones is easily the most popular show on television right now, and it’s the biggest hit HBO has ever had. Sadly, it will be gone from our screens following the eighth and final season that’s due next year. But at least it’s been a heck of a run. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, our jaws have dropped, we’ve been on the edge of our seats – we’ve pretty much experienced every possible feeling on the human emotional spectrum, and we owe it all to the power of good storytelling. And sure, a lot of the appeal of Game of Thrones is the dragons and graphic nudity. But here’s the thing: we come for the dragons and graphic nudity, but we stay for the complex character dynamics, heated family drama, stunning visuals, and breathtaking action sequences. Oh, and Tyrion. Tyrion’s also one of the biggest draws. Game of Thrones has won 38 Emmy Awards, more than any other scripted primetime series, and it’s quite possible that no other show (except for maybe Breaking Bad or The Sopranos) has resonated quite so perfectly with both the most snobbish of critics and the most passive of audiences. That’s a near-impossible balance to strike, so kudos to David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and George R.R. Martin for pulling it off so deftly. Game of Thrones has millions of dedicated viewers in a fan base that gets larger and larger every single day, so if you’re hoping to claim the title of biggest GoT fan, you’ve got some pretty stiff competition alongside you. Prove your mettle by acing this quiz!

1What did Ramsay change Theon’s name to?

Theon Greyjoy has had quite the story arc. He started off the series as kind of a douche, but he’s since been taken captive by Ramsay Bolton (who rivals Joffrey as the most hated character on Game of Thrones) and broken down into the hollow shell of a man, being given a new name and a new identity as a bitch. He’s since escaped that hell, but the trauma will never, ever go away. What did Ramsay change Theon’s name to?

2Which of these is a catastrophic GoT event?

One of these is the name given to a terrible day of bloodshed whereby a bunch of everyone’s favorite characters were killed, including Robb Stark, the woman he loved, and the unborn child in her womb. It was a really groundbreaking and harrowing moment that kicked GoT above its status as the best fantasy show on television to the best show on television, period (except for maybe Breaking Bad). So, what is the name given to this tragic, shocking, and almost unwatchable event?

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