If You Fail This Basic Quiz, It's Time To Go Back To High School

Do you know the difference between a solar and a lunar eclipse? Do you know where the deepest part of the ocean is? Do you know how often leap years occur? If not, then don't bother taking this test. This is a test that will really test your general knowledge in a wide range of different topics. It's survival of the fittest, people. And only the strong-minded will survive this round. If you thought the other tests were hard, just wait until you see this one. We've finally constructed a quiz that will stump even the geniuses and savants. We're probably not kidding when we say that Einstein would probably fail this test.

All kidding aside, this quiz will provide a little bit of a challenge, but the main thing is that it's just fun! The first few questions are super easy, but before you know it you'll feel those cogs inside your brain whirring away. So if your mind has been feeling sluggish lately, then this quiz is the best way for you to give those brain cells a quick workout. And who knows... You might actually learn something. Wouldn't that be a special moment. So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz already!

Question 1

True or false: we are able to see the dark side of the Moon during a lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipses are some of the most interesting celestial events in our world. Solar eclipses usually steal the show from the lunar ones, but that doesn't make them any less cool. During this type of eclipse, the moon becomes a ominous reddish color, and ancient and present societies have always seen this as a sign of coming events. Some believed that the moon was under attack by demons. But is it true that during a lunar eclipse, you can see the dark side of the moon?

Question 2

How Often Do Leap Years Usually Occur?

Leap years are some of the most interesting features in our current method of keeping track of time. Creating an accurate calendar is actually an extremely hard task, and many have tried and failed over the years. The problem is that the way the Earth orbits the sun is very hard to divide into equal allotments of time. The Mayan calendar was actually much more accurate than the one we use today. But how often do leap years actually occur?

Question 3

What Is The Least Valuable Medal Awarded At The Olympics?

The Olympic games is regarded as the pinnacle of athletic competition, especially when it comes to non-team sports like track and field or gymnastics. The Olympic Games has it roots in Ancient Greece, a society which also gave birth to the concept of a marathon. Today, records are constantly being broken, although the highest achievement in these games is to win a medal. They are ranked based on the type of metal. But which medal is the least valuable at the Olympics?

Question 4

True Or False, Some Mammals Lay Eggs

Mammals are some of the most amazing animals on the Earth, and you should feel at least some kinship with them, seeing as you too are a mammal. Mammals are extremely varied, and have adapted to life in pretty much every part of the globe. There are sea mammals, mammals that burrow into the ground, mammals that can glide in the air, and tons of mammals that climb trees. But is it true that some rare mammals actually lay eggs?

Question 5

True Or False, Africa Is The Third Biggest Country In The World

Africa is one of the most incredible and compelling parts of the globe. Some researchers believe that all human originated in Africa, and there's no doubt that it was home to some incredible early societies, such as the Ancient Ethipians and the Ancient Egyptians. Africa is home to all kinds of wildlife, and has an ancient and rich history. Sadly, it is also one of the most poverty-stricken corners of the Earth. But is is true that Africa is the third biggest country in the world?

Question 6

Melting Is When A Solid Changes To A…

Melting is a very common change which happens often in the world around us. It's one of the ways in which a state of matter can change. Other examples would be condensation, sublimation, and evaporation. You've probably witnessed melting firsthand when you ate an ice cream cone. You can also see it when you put ice cubes into your water, and they slowly change into the water. But what is melting? When melting occurs, what do solids actually change into?

Question 7

Someone Who Studies Physics Is Known As A…

Physics is one the most complex areas of science, but it's also one of the most important. People who study physics are interested with the way the world works, and famous people who have studied physics have contributed greatly to our understanding of the entire universe. The laws of physics help us with a great number of things, including the construction of spacecraft and other highly advanced vehicles. Albert Einstein studied physics. But what is someone who studies physics known as?

Question 8

Which Region Of The World Uses The Internet More, North America Or Asia?

The internet has changed the way we interact with the world. The internet has reached a point where people don't even have to interact with the physical world at all if they don't want to. They can shop for groceries online, work online, and interact socially online. Most of the world is now connected to the internet. Who knows whether or not this is actually a good thing. But do you know who uses the internet more? Is it North America or Asia?

Question 9

Identify This Flag

Now let's play "identify that flag!" This flag is actually one of the strangest-looking flags, and it's complete with a great many symbols, stripes and colors. An interesting fact is that a huge majority of flags around the world have the colors red, white and blue. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but those three colors were also the colors of the ruling elite in Ancient Egypt. But what about this flag in particular? Can you identify which country it actually represents?

Question 10

Which Moves Slower Through The Air, A Baseball Or A Badminton Shuttlecock?

Baseball and badminton are two very different sports. One is a team game, while the other is played with one individual pitted against another. Baseball can be slow and drawn out, whereas badminton is faster and more to the point. Both use a flying projectile of some kind in their game, and this projectile plays a central role in both games. But these projectiles, a shuttlecock and a baseball, are actually very different. Which one travels faster through the air?

Question 11

Which Of The Following Is NOT A Type Of Swimming?

Swimming is another pastime that humans really enjoy, although not when the water is too cold. Water dominates 70% of the Earth's surface, so most life forms are familiar with water and can at least traverse it if necessary. Cats famously hate water, whereas dogs love to go wading around. Humans have invented several different types of accepted swimming styles. These are actually divided into separate competitions in the Olympic Games. But which one of these is NOT a type of swimming?

Question 12

Are The Particles Of Gases Packed Together Tightly Or Loosely?

Gas is another state of matter that most of us are familiar with. After all, you breathe it in every day in the form of air. But while there are safe forms of gas, there are also dangerous forms of gas, such as chemical weapons developed by rogue nations. Such weapons are illegal according to the Geneva convention, but that still hasn't stopped several nations from releasing these weapons. But what about gas itself? Are its particles packed together loosely or tightly?

Question 13

Where Is The Moon Located During A Solar Eclipse?

We've already mentioned the phenomenon of a lunar eclipse, but the type of eclipse that gets the most attention is a solar eclipse. This results in the sun going completely dark, and this happens during the middle of the day. This is another celestial event that has been the subject of many legends and myths from ancient cultures, and it's always an event that gives people a very strange feeling. But do you know where the moon is located during a solar eclipse?

Question 14

Which Of These Metals Is Nonmagnetic?

Magnetic forces are very mysterious to some, but for the vast majority of the Earth they are a somewhat easy to explain phenomenon. Magnetic forces are actually all around us. Our brain creates electromagnetic fields. The Earth also creates electromagnetic fields. Most of the magnetic forces are caused by certain types of metals. The Earth's iron core is a strong source of magnetism. But there are other types of metals that are magnetic. Which of these metals is NON magnetic?

Question 15

In Which Galaxy Is The Earth Located?

Our galaxy is a vast and spiraled cluster of stars, planets, and other unique systems in space. The spiral of the galaxy is the thing that classifies it, although the name of the galaxy itself refers more to its color. The Earth is a very small piece of this galaxy, and it really makes you feel insignificant when you realize how small you actually are in the grand scheme of things. But what is the name of our galaxy, where the Earth is located?

Question 16

Which Is Easier To Compress, A Liquid Or A Gas?

Liquids and gasses are very different, although there are some similarities. They can easily turn into one another, by means of evaporation or condensation. And we actually use both gases and liquids quite frequently in our everyday lives. We obviously use liquids as beverages, and for a wide range of other applications. We use gas to heat our stoves and to anesthetize people during medical procedures. But which is easier to compress? Is it gas, or is it actually liquid?

Question 17

An Eye Doctor Is Also Known As An…

At one point or other in our lives, we've all been to see the eye doctor. This specialist is usually interested in seeing how well we can see, and will prescribe glasses or contact lenses depending on the severity of our vision. In our present day and age, vision is an important topic, especially due to how much time spent glued to a screen. Those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer notice degrading vision at a much faster rate.

Question 18

Other Than English, What Is The Official Language Of Canada?

Canada is an interesting place, and it's not exactly what you might expect. When most people think of Canadians, they picture people living in Igloos, hunting moose and wearing lumberjack clothing. But this is pretty far from the truth. You might also know that Canada is a bilingual country. But in truth, the majority of the country only speaks English. But what about the other official Canadian language? Do you know what language this is? Can you take a wild guess?

Question 19

The Highest Point On A Mountain Is Known As The…

If you've ever gone mountain climbing, you know that the goal of this activity is pretty simple and obvious: reach the top of the mountain. For some mountains, this task is much easier than others. Take Everest for example, the tallest mountain on Earth. This mountain is one of the hardest mountains to climb, and many people die attempting to reach the very top. But for those who make it, the reward is great. What is the highest point on a mountain called?

Question 20

In 1917, Which Relatively New Political System Took Power In Russia?

During the First World War, Russia experienced a major upheaval in its political structure. Before this moment, Russia was a monarchy ruled over by Tsars, and this had been the case for many hundreds of years. But suddenly, the people revolted against their Tsars, and formed their own government. This would later be known as the Soviet Union, or the USSR. It was a notable change for all of humanity. But what was this new political system actually known as?

Question 21

The Study Of Psychology Deals With…

Psychology is another very interesting scientific study, although it's not typically referred to as a "hard science." That's because in the world of Psychology, there are very little formulas to learn, and you don't need to have a solid understanding of math to be a good psychologist. The study of psychology is a bit more abstract when compared to other sciences, but it's every bit as interesting and as challenging. But do you know what the study of psychology deals with?

Question 22

In 1865, America Abolished What Controversial Practice?

America has gone through some serious changes in the last few hundred years. As such a young country, it's accomplished a lot. In the grand scale of human development, the moment from when America became independent until today took place in little more than a blink of the eye. America has led the way in many respects for the entire world, but it also has some pretty dark history. In 1865, they abolished a controversial practice. But what did they abolish?

Question 23

True Or False, Saddam Hussein Was Dictator Of Iraq

Saddam Hussein was a very well-known figure in recent history. Of all the dictators of the world, he's the one that most Americans have heard of. Not too long ago, he was captured and put to death in his own country. The footage of his hanging in a stairwell was streamed across the globe. He was a strong military leader, and tried to expand his nation's influence into neighboring territories. For that, he paid the ultimate price. But is it true that he was the dictator of Iraq?

Question 24

A “Poacher” Is Someone Who Does What To Animals?

Poachers are some of the most despised people on the face of the earth, and a big reason for that is due to what they do to innocent animals around the world, particularly rare species that live in places like Africa. There have been many initiatives to catch, capture, and charge poachers. This is really important because the animals that are targeted by poachers are often endangered species on the brink of survival. But what do poachers actually do to animals?

Question 25

Where Does Nelson Mandela Come From?

Nelson Mandela is one of the most well-known public figures in the world. He is the subject of much praise and discussion, and he's even been turned into several memes, with a conspiracy theory named after him. But what did Nelson Mandela actually do? He's famous for being imprisoned after becoming a freedom fighter against what he saw as the wrongful ruling elite in his home country. But which country was that? Which nation does Nelson Mandela come from?

Question 26

Which Country Discovered And Claimed Australia As Their Colony?

Australia is one of the most interesting countries on the planet. It's also the only country which is also a continent. The land is filled with many unique and interesting plants and animals, and that's largely due to the fact that Australia has been isolated as an island for millions of years. It was only recently that the country was discovered by western colonialists, and they quickly claimed the territory as their own. But which colonial country discovered the island?

Question 27

Nobody expects the ______

Fans of Monty Python will have no trouble ending this famous phrase. It was one of their most loved skits, and it never failed to produce a laugh. But some people might not be aware that the skit was actually based on a real organization. This organization took it upon themselves to purge the world of Heretics, non-Christians, and other non desirables. They were actually quite a fearsome group of people. But who are we even talking about here? Can you finish the sentence?

Question 28

What is the ISS?

Of all the acronyms in history, "ISS" has come to represent the very pinnacle of human achievement. This acronym has come to epitomize the very height of what humans are capable of when they truly devote themselves to a particular task. Not only that, but the letters "ISS" also symbolize a willingness of all nations to cooperate and achieve something great while working together. You probably already know what it stands for. But do you know what the ISS actually is?

Question 29

The Three Smallest Bones In Your Body, Located In Your Ear, Are Known As The Hammer, The Anvil, And The…

The human body is really a wonderful and intricate thing. If you look at some of its finer details, it seems as though the human body has been fine tuned and perfected much like a work of art. Evolution has been kind enough to grace us with the most sophisticated bodies of all living things on Earth. Take the three smallest bones in the body, for example. There is the hammer, the anvil, and one other. But what is the name of this last bone?

Question 30

Which Of These Body Parts Has Cartilage?

Cartilage is another part of the body that is pretty interesting. This is something like a cross between bone and tissue, and it's an essential part of our bodies. We rely on cartilage for a great many things, and in certain places the lack of cartilage can mean a severe loss of motion and efficiency. Cartilage is actually quite fragile, and can be disrupted and damaged easily. Most places on the body do not have cartilage. But which of these body parts has it?

Question 31

Which Brothers Are Credited With Inventing The Airplane?

In the early 1900's, there was a mad rush of determined inventors who wanted to be the first to fly. Leonardo da Vinci actually created a blueprint for a flying machine many years prior, but the riddle of manned flight had yet to be solved in the modern age. There were also sorts of contraptions created during this time, some of them pretty hilarious. But none would be victorious until two brother managed to do the impossible. What were their names?

Question 32

Which Rank Is Higher? Sergeant Or Captain?

In the military, the power structure is dictated by a strict hierarchical system divided by ranks. There are almost countless ranks within the military system, and most service members never see more than a few promotions in their lifetimes. For the talented few, however, they are able to advance in rank until they are commanding entire armies, fleets, or groups of airplanes. But what about Sergeants and Captains? Do you know which rank is actually higher in the military system?

Question 33

What Is The Deepest Part Of The Earth’s Oceans?

While we often fantasize about exploring the furthest reaches of space, most people forget that there's another incredibly mysterious world still to be fully explored located right at our very feet. The ocean floor is actually less known to mankind than the surface of the moon. We simply cannot design technology that will allow us to see what is right at the bottom. But there are some very strange creatures down there who can survive without issue. What is the deepest part of the Earth's oceans?

Question 34

Trees And The Oceans Produce Which Vital Ingredient For Life?

Trees and the oceans are some of the most calming things a person can see. There is something about them that makes us take a deep breath, and have a silent moment of gratitude for all that nature has provided us with. Trees and the oceans actually have a very important relationship with the world, and provide human and all life on earth with a precious commodity necessary for life itself. But what is that the oceans and trees produce?

Question 35

Which Is Rarer? Rh Positive Blood, Or Rh Negative Blood

When it comes to blood types, the various people of the world are generally split into four groups: O, A, B, and AB. But there is another way in which people can be separated by blood type. This division is based on whether or not people have what's known as an Rh factor in their blood. Some people have it, some people do not. One of these two groups is much more rare than the other. But which is rarer? Rh positive, or Rh negative?

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