If You Fail This Aladdin Quiz, Your Childhood Sucked

Remember Disney's Aladdin? Specifically, do you remember a lot about the plot of Aladdin? How he was a street-rat turned prince? And how with the help of the Genie, played by the wonderful (and late) Robin Williams, Aladdin was able to make his wildest dreams come true and find true love? Do you remember intricate points to this plot? Take this quiz and find out!

Released in 1992, Disney's Aladdin came out during the years of some of the finest Disney creations and releases. Sandwiched between Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King (along with many, many others), Aladdin's story of the underdog finding true love, and fighting to right the wrongs he inadvertently created, falls in line with many of the Disney Era movie plots. The fact that Aladdin is one of the 'few' (there are more than you think) Disney films with a male lead rather than a female also made it incredibly popular for families that had little boys, or needed to compromise on a Disney movie between brother and sister (let's face it, Jasmine is just as awesome as Aladdin, even if she's not the 'main' character). On top of that, Aladdin was one of the Disney movies from this time period to get his own Disney Channel TV show - where his adventures with his friends were refreshing and hilarious - along with several sequels.


1What is the title of the song that opens up the movie?

The movie Aladdin opens up with a mysterious figure traveling on camel-back, singing an introduction to Agrabah. The first few words of his song are “Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place, where the caravan camels roam,..”. This opening song sets the stage - literally - for the place where the tale of Aladdin and Jasmine will take place. It describes the setting of Agrabah, as well as foreshadow the flying carpet Aladdin will find in the cave of wonders.

2Who voiced the opening figure that tells the tale of Aladdin and Jasmine?

Where the Cave of Wonders is the catalyst for the entire plot of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’, the Peddler - or more commonly known as the quirky figure who sings ‘Arabian Nights’ and opens the movie by trying to convince the audience to buy his wares, but ends up telling them the tale of Aladdin and the ‘magical lamp’ - is an incredibly amusing character whose antics make audiences of every age chuckle … Just like another character that is voiced by one of Hollywood’s best comedians.

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