If You Fail This Aladdin Quiz, Your Childhood Sucked

Remember Disney's Aladdin? Specifically, do you remember a lot about the plot of Aladdin? How he was a street-rat turned prince? And how with the help of the Genie, played by the wonderful (and late) Robin Williams, Aladdin was able to make his wildest dreams come true and find true love? Do you remember intricate points to this plot? Take this quiz and find out!

Released in 1992, Disney's Aladdin came out during the years of some of the finest Disney creations and releases. Sandwiched between Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King (along with many, many others), Aladdin's story of the underdog finding true love, and fighting to right the wrongs he inadvertently created, falls in line with many of the Disney Era movie plots. The fact that Aladdin is one of the 'few' (there are more than you think) Disney films with a male lead rather than a female also made it incredibly popular for families that had little boys, or needed to compromise on a Disney movie between brother and sister (let's face it, Jasmine is just as awesome as Aladdin, even if she's not the 'main' character). On top of that, Aladdin was one of the Disney movies from this time period to get his own Disney Channel TV show - where his adventures with his friends were refreshing and hilarious - along with several sequels.


1What is the title of the song that opens up the movie?

The movie Aladdin opens up with a mysterious figure traveling on camel-back, singing an introduction to Agrabah. The first few words of his song are “Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place, where the caravan camels roam,..”. This opening song sets the stage - literally - for the place where the tale of Aladdin and Jasmine will take place. It describes the setting of Agrabah, as well as foreshadow the flying carpet Aladdin will find in the cave of wonders.

2Who voiced the opening figure that tells the tale of Aladdin and Jasmine?

Where the Cave of Wonders is the catalyst for the entire plot of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’, the Peddler - or more commonly known as the quirky figure who sings ‘Arabian Nights’ and opens the movie by trying to convince the audience to buy his wares, but ends up telling them the tale of Aladdin and the ‘magical lamp’ - is an incredibly amusing character whose antics make audiences of every age chuckle … Just like another character that is voiced by one of Hollywood’s best comedians.

3What is the name of the cave that Aladdin went into?

While it only appears in the first half of the movie, the ever-aplty-named-cave, can be considered a catalyst for the entire plot of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’. If Jafar had not been searching for Genie’s lamp, he never would have found this cave and heard its decree that only a “diamond in the rough” could enter. If it was not for this particular prerequisite for entering the cave, Jafar would have never went looking for Aladdin and more importantly; Aladdin would have never met Genie.

4Why is Aladdin considered “the diamond in the rough?”

As it turns out, the Cave of Wonders is incredibly picky about who can, or cannot, enter its depths. During Jafar’s first attempt to steal the lamp from the Cave, the man he presented for the job did not meet these requirements and was swallowed during his attempt to enter the Cave, and the Cave’s immediately self-destruction once the thief’s foot touched his inner sanctum. The Cave’s specific words were that “a diamond in the rough” was the only one who could enter; hinting that Aladdin is more than what he seems. When is the first time this happens?

5How do audiences meet Aladdin?

Like many of the Renaissance-Era Disney movies, the main characters are introduced through fun-filled songs that describe the character. Aladdin gets this song twice: one for his street-rat persona and another for when he is Prince Ali. In his first musical introduction Aladdin is running from street-guards, who provide their own form of a chorus to become the antithesis to Aladdin’s insistence that he is a good person; however the residents of the neighborhood that he is running through, seems to agree with the guards.

6What is the name of his pet monkey?

Animal companions are not just for Disney Princesses', quite a few of the Princes' also have animal companions. In the case of Aladdin, his companion is a tiny monkey who has way more character than his size would have you believe. His animated gibberish-based discussions with Aladdin create quite a few moments of comedic relief for audiences. While Aladdin’s companion was not too keen on Jasmine originally, he never leaves Aladdin’s side throughout his multiple attempts to win her over.

7How many more days does Jasmine have to find a suitor?

When audiences first meet Jasmine, she and Rajah are laughing over having just caused yet another one of her numerous suitors to leave the palace in a huff. The Sultan, however, is un-amused by their antics, as it has caused yet another suitor to leave Jasmine without offering her marriage. The Sultan’s frustration - and obvious worry - suggests that there have been multiple suitors that Jasmine has offended and that there are not many more who would consider Jasmine as a potential wife. On top of that, the Sultan’s anxiety is increased by the alarming short deadline Jasmine has.

8Why does she have to pick a suitor?

Princess Jasmine has been quite reluctant to pick a suitor for her upcoming marriage, even though her poor well-meaning father is getting quite nervous that she is being so resistant to finding a husband. After the suitor before Aladdin storms off, the Sultan worriedly reminds her of the timeline, and the necessity, as to why she needs a husband; regardless of Jasmine’s complete hatred of the idea, and her strong desire to marry someone for love rather than political advantage.

9What’s the name of the suitor Jasmine offended before Prince Ali shows up?

This particular suitor of Jasmine wins no real fans during his short appearance within the movie. When he is first introduced as “another suitor for the Princess”, he is seen riding down a street in Agrabah, where his wealthy and pompous appearance - and shockingly bright outfit compared to the rest of the people on the street - already paints him in a bad light. Continuing to not endear himself to either of his audiences, this Prince also refuses to stop his horse when two children run out into the street in front of him and his horse.

10Why did the suitor for Jasmine leave the palace - and Jasmine - in a huff?

The next time audiences see Prince Achmed, it is to see him storming out of the Palace in a rage, saying to the Sultan “good luck marrying her off!” as his angry figure exits the screen; with a very amusing visual representation as to why the Prince is insulted, and refusing to even consider marrying Jasmine after the fact. While it can be assumed that Jasmine did not encourage Achmed in any way during their time together, this final act was the last straw.

11How old is Jasmine?

The age of the Disney Princesses’ during the Renaissance era is tricky - a lot of them are either older (or most commonly, younger) than what they are portrayed as. For instance, Pocahontas, with her wise words and big-picture perspective, could convincingly be seen as a young woman of anywhere from 19-21, whereas in actuality she was only 13. Just like Pocahontas, Jasmine is much younger than what you think she would be (but don’t think TOO young). Don’t let her outfit, demeanor or mindsets fool you.

12Why does Iago not like the Sultan?

Out of the four ‘main’ characters - Jafar, Aladdin, Jasmine and the Sultan - the Sultan is the only character who does not have an animal compatriot. Iago, Jafar’s parrot - and overall sarcastic wit within the movie - is perhaps one of the more cunning animal companions portrayed within all of the Disney Renaissance Era. Iago is more than just a sarcastic voice for dark-wit, he is also Jafar’s aid in coming up with master plots to further his master’s evil agenda. Yet he has a particularly healthy dislike for the Sultan. Why?

13What does Jafar use to control the Sultan?

As the evil advisor to the Sultan, Jafar HAS to control the Sultan somehow - I mean, how else could he get away with as much as he does? However instead of using simple mind-play and manipulation, Jafar is a sorcerer who uses magic to trick the Sultan into doing things he would not normally do. But Jafar cannot just wave his hands in the air and say an interesting word to brainwash the Sultan, he has to be stealthier than that. Meaning he has some sort of hidden magical object in his daily wardrobe, that aids his evil plans.

14What did Jafar take from the Sultan, that he used to find Aladdin?

The Cave of Wonders gave Jafar a crucial hint in finding someone to enter it’s depths and get the lamp for him: he needed to find a “diamond in the rough”. In order to find this particular person - Aladdin - Jafar somehow finds a magic spell that he is able to use to find someone who fits the Cave’s description. However, he needs a crucial element (hint: think of the cryptic phrase the Cave uses), in order to find this particular person.

15Why did Jasmine need Aladdin’s help?

Jasmine and Aladdin meet because Aladdin notices and helps Jasmine out of a tricky situation once she has left the palace on her quest for freedom. While Jasmine is appearing to marvel at the world outside of the palace, her ignorance of how the real-world works becomes quickly apparent. Aladdin and Abu, who were sitting on the top of a merchant’s stall, sees Jasmine’s plight, and while Abu is quite reluctant to help, Aladdin quickly springs into action to help her out.

16What does Aladdin tell the vendor to save Jasmin?

After accidentally giving children an apple without having any money to pay for it, Jasmine is in danger of having her hand cut off by a rather zealous anti-theft stall-owner. Her pleas for the stall-owner to stop catches Aladdin’s attention and he immediately swoops into action to save her, even though Abu is rather hesitant to do so. In this scene, Aladdin’s character, and ability to think quickly on his feet are cemented in the minds of the audience; as he not only gets away, but saves Jasmine’s hand.

17What has Jafar been assigned to do, by the Sultan?

While Jafar does use magic to further his own ploy for power, there is a reason that he is considered Royal Vizier (or a high official) within the Palace walls and has a realm of influence; including with certain guards within the Palace and in the city of Agrabah. While Jafar’s title, and job description, within the Sultan’s staff is rather vague, however when Jasmine confronts Jafar over his arrest of Aladdin, Jafar does note one specific duty that he is charged with.

18Why did the Cave of Wonders begin to self-destruct while Aladdin was in it?

Upon gaining permission to enter the Cave of Wonders, Aladdin is told that he may “touch nothing but the lamp” while inside. If you think about it, this warning should have made Aladdin nervous as Jafar promised Aladdin the rest of the riches within the Cave after retrieving the lamp for him. Yet Aladdin continues on his mission to get the lamp, even though he is severely tempted by the riches that are in the Cave. However, something goes horribly wrong, and the Cave begins to self-destruct in retribution for one of its treasures being stolen.

19How was Aladdin able to get out of the cave?

While the magic Carpet was able to save Aladdin from being eaten by the Cave of Wonders and from his fall after surviving Jafar’s assassination attempt, the carpet is unable to carry Aladdin out of the Cave of Wonders, as it cannot punch through the layers of sand that make up the caverns ceiling. Instead of being worried about getting out of the Cave, Aladdin makes a remark about the loss of the lamp, which causes Abu to reveal that he had stolen it back from Jafar while saving Aladdin; thus releasing the Genie, and his powers.

20Why does Jasmine not like Jafar?

Jafar never really endears himself to anyone other than the Sultan (and even that is done through manipulation, rather than by his own character and merits). But out of those who dislike him, Jasmine’s particular dislike of Jafar seems to rival those of everyone around her, including Aladdin. While there are several instances that can give any sympathetic person understanding in Jasmine’s particular dislike for the Vizier, there is one in particular act that pushes her towards absolute loathing. Which is it?

21What is Jafar’s main goal within the movie?

When ‘Aladdin’ first opens, all that audiences learn is that Jafar wants a lamp that is within the Cave of Wonders. It isn’t until the Genie is revealed to Aladdin, and Jafar is confronted by the Sultan about Aladdin’s death - through Jasmine - that audiences learn Jafar’s true intention was to gain power and become his own boss. Every action he takes within the movie is towards this goal; including his final plan to marry Jasmine and gain the power through marriage.

22Who came up with the idea of Jafar marrying Jasmine?

While the plan to marry Jasmine and gain power through his marriage to the Sultan’s daughter does hold Jafar entranced, it was never his first option. From her previous outburst, where she comment that once she is queen, she’ll be able to get rid of both Jafar and Iago, and his later comment on Jasmine being a shrew, it does not appear that the Princess ever held any romantic appeal for the Vizier. So then who was able to convince him that marrying Jasmine was the best way to gain the power he so desires?

23What is Aladdin’s first wish?

While Jafar is scheming ways to gain his power through marrying Jasmine, and is gleefully unaware that Aladdin is still alive, Aladdin and Abu are trying to escape the Cave in order to continue on with their lives. During their escape attempt, they awaken Genie and are able to escape the Cave of Wonders. Yet, Genie cannot do much with his powers, if people do not directly wish for it; but somehow Aladdin is able to take advantage of the Genie anyway, causing the Genie to mention that Aladdin will not get anymore “freebies”.

24Can You Spot the Beast Easter Egg?

Over the years, Disney animators have had way too much fun putting 'Easter Eggs' - or Disney characters from other films subtly into crowds, figurines, furniture, designs, etc. - into other films. Aladdin is no exception - as the Beast (from Beauty & the Beast) appears in Aladdin very briefly and subtly (as all original Easter Eggs do). To help you figure out where it is, I'll give you a hint: it is just when Jafar is about to begin his plan of convincing the Sultan to let him marry Jasmine since she cannot find a suitor (hint number 2: what was the Sultan building when Jafar came in?)

25Why was Jasmine unimpressed with Prince Ali?

Prince Ali’s introduction into Agrabah is ostentatious. The parade that precedes him into the town and the over-narration of Genie about the good, wealth and power of Prince Ali is almost border-line obnoxious. While the people in the streets of Agrabah seem more than excited over Prince Ali’s arrival into the city, Princess Jasmine does not look as impressed. However, it isn’t until Prince Ali is discussing his worthiness of her with the Sultan and Jafar that she truly becomes unimpressed. Why, specifically, is she not happy?

26How does Jasmine discover Carpet?

Princess Jasmine’s frustration with her pompous introduction to Prince Ali lasts for quite a long time. Even when Aladdin mysteriously appears on her balcony to talk to her, she is less than encouraging of a dialogue between the two of them. While Aladdin keeps trying to get her interest through noting his vast wealth and failed attempts at flattery, Jasmine remains unimpressed with Aladdin’s poor wooing skills. It is not until he starts to back off that he does something that gets her heart beating.

27What did Aladdin say that caused Jasmine to realize he was the boy from the market?

Jasmine’s curiosity about Carpet, and her ability to fly with Aladdin on this mysterious and magical object/persona, causes her to ask Aladdin if it is safe to get on. In response, Aladdin asks her a crucial question, which triggers her memory of her day away in the market-place with Aladdin, the street-rat. While Aladdin remains ignorant of how his question reveals his true identity, Jasmine is able to put the pieces together, causing her iciness to melt in the face of her fond memories for the street-boy from the market place.

28Where do Aladdin and Jasmine end up at the end of their carpet ride?

Jasmine and Aladdin’s magic carpet ride is perhaps one of the most iconic Disney moments, and songs, from that era. Audiences see the carpet flying around the world, in the sky and passing many important monuments, such as the Pyramids, on their magical joyride. However, after the wonderful moment has passed, audiences find Aladdin, Jasmine and Carpet sitting ontop of a palace, watching a scene below them. It is during this scene that Jasmine confronts Aladdin about lying to her and being the boy from the market-place.

29Why did Jasmine choose Aladdin?

It is no secret that Princess Jasmine is reluctant against marrying someone for political advantage, money, or having someone marry her for those same reasons. It is part of the reason why she has refused every suitor, including Aladdin. It is not until their magical carpet ride that Jasmine begins to actually dialogue with Aladdin, and let him a little bit closer to her heart. But it is not until she confronts him on top of the Palace in China, that Jasmine finally chooses Prince Ali/Aladdin to be her husband.

30Why is Aladdin both happy and remorseful for Jasmine choosing him?

After confronting Jafar about the treachery that he has been using against the Sultan to gain his own way, and taking a moment or two to lament over Jafar’s betrayal, the Sultan finally hears Jasmine voicing her preference for Aladdin over the other suitors, which makes him incredibly happy. While Jasmine and the Sultan are over-joyed that Jasmine has finally chosen a suitor, and that she has picked one that will be worthy of becoming Sultan, Aladdin seems both happy and remorseful about the way things have turned out.

31Why is Genie mad at Aladdin?

At the beginning of their relationship, Aladdin and Genie made a deal: Aladdin would use his first two wishes for his own purposes, and the third would be to give Genie his freedom (the only way he can gain it). However, after he has become Jasmine’s fiancé, the pressure of staying a Prince becomes too much for Aladdin, and he becomes short-sighted on how to handle the new predicament he finds himself in, and in his mind, it is too late to be honest with Jasmine and the Sultan.

32How was Jafar able to get the lamp?

While Aladdin is arguing with himself, Abu and the Genie on his next step as Prince Ali, he gets distracted by a voice - Jasmine’s - that tells him he has to go with her (we later find out that it is to go present himself to Agrabah as Jasmine’s chosen suitor). Audiences see Aladdin storm out of the building he was in, but leaving behind a crucial part of his new identity as Prince, which turns out to be the final step in his downfall.

33What is Jafar’s first wish?

After stealing the lamp from Aladdin, Jafar begins his take over of Agrabah and serving his revenge to Jasmine and her father in multiple stages of humiliation. Jafar’s first attempt at getting Jasmine and the Sultan to obey him fails, and in his anger he uses up his first wish with the Genie, and then quickly burns through the second one as well so that he can gain ultimate power and control over the city and Jasmine and the Sultan.

34What is Jafar’s first order to Jasmine and her father?

Before his first wish - and in fact, the reason he uses his second wish- is to gain a sign of respect from Jasmine and the Sultan. With his now-achieved status of Sultan, Jafar orders Jasmine and her father to show him a specific sign of respect; which the Sultan immediately moves to acquiesce his request. The problem is that Jasmine refuses to do so for them both, which causes Jafar to then use his second wish to become the world’s most powerful sorcerer and physically force them to show him respect.

35How was Aladdin able to trick, and ultimately beat, Jafar?

After escaping from his exile and returning to Agrabah on Carpet, Aladdin tries to steal the lamp back from Jafar. However, he is caught by Jafar and Iago and ends up going through a battle of wits (filled with many puns by Jafar) against the newly appointed Sorcerer-Sultan. All looks like it is lost for Aladdin, as he is now in the coils of a massive snake that is Jafar (it even looks like he might be eaten), until he realizes that there is a loop-hole that will trick Jafar and save everyone.

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