If You Fail This Fifty Shades Of Grey Test, You're Totally Vanilla

Time to see just how vanilla everyone really is! Since the release of the first film back in 2015, we just haven't been able to get enough of Christian and Ana's roller coaster ride of a relationship. Now that the final film has come out though, we are all just trying to deal with the fact that it's over.

That's why we will be remembering each of the films in today's quiz. We are going to be covering all kinds of details from all of the hit movies, so having seen them all is a must for passing this one. It isn't going to be easy, but the truly devoted fans out there should be able to swing at least a 50%. Who's ready to test their Fifty Shades knowledge?

Question 1

Which of Ana's quirks does Christian love the most?

Question 2

What flavor does Christian use to describe Ana?

Question 3

Where do Ana and Christian share their first kiss?

Question 4

How many women signed Christian's contract before Ana?

Question 5

What are Ana's safe words?

Question 6

Where does Christian not like to be touched?

Question 7

Who was Christian jealous of?

Question 8

True or false: Ana joins the mile-high club

Question 9

How does Christian say goodbye to Ana?

Question 10

True or false: Ana fell in front of Christian the first time they met

Question 11

What color tie does Christian use to bind Ana's hands?

Question 12

Which of these items did Christian buy from the hardware store?

Question 13

What color car does Christian buy for Ana?

Question 14

Where do Christian and Ana meet for the first time?

Question 15

True or false: Christian was adopted

Question 16

What is the name of the hardware store Ana works at?

Question 17

Where does Ana move to after graduation?

Question 18

Where does Ana's mom live?

Question 19

True or false: Ana was in a relationship when she met Christian

Question 20

True or false: Christian can play the piano

Question 21

What was served during Ana and Christian's business meeting?

Question 22

What did Ana name her VW Beetle?

Question 23

Does Ana take Christian's name after they get married?

Question 24

What kind of game does Ana challenge Christian to?

Question 25

What does Ana buy at the charity event?

Question 26

What kind of pet does Christian have?

Question 27

When do Ana and Christian announce their engagement?

Question 28

What was the name of Christian's biological mother

Question 29

True or false: Christian was Ana's first

Question 30

What is Ana's middle name?

Question 31

Which of these activities does Christian enjoy?

Question 32

Who is Jason Taylor?

Question 33

True or false: Christian has his own helicopter

Question 34

Who tries to kiss Ana at the bar?

Question 35

True or false: Christian and Ana get interrupted by his mother

Question 36

How many movies are there?

Question 37

Whis is the name of Ana's best friend?

Question 38

What is the name of Christian's brother?

Question 39

What kind of car does Ana drive in the final movie?

Question 40

What does Christian give to Ana after their first weekend together?

Question 41

What did Ana study in college?

Question 42

What did Christian name his helicopter?

Question 43

What does Christian's mother do for a living?

Question 44

Who was originally supposed to interview Christian in the first film?

Question 45

True or false: Christian taught Ana how to fly a plane

Question 46

What is the main color used in the playroom?

Question 47

Which of these did Christian never take Ana on?

Question 48

True or false: Christian has never been in a helicopter accident

Question 49

What college did Ana attend?

Question 50

Who was the author of the book Christian sent to Ana?

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