If You Don't Get 100% On This Pub Quiz, It's Time To Quit Trivia Night

Get ready for another challenging pub quiz, and this one might just remind you of your real intelligence. The end results might be flattering... Or they might be embarrassing. But now it's all up to you. You have to prove to the world just how intelligent you really are. Because we all know that the most important sign of intelligence is a wealth of useless knowledge, right? All joking aside, this quiz might just be one of the hardest we've ever made, so get ready to have your brain muscles stretched and pulled like never before.

And even if you fail horribly, you'll leave this quiz feeling like you've had a really good mental workout. This quiz will take you to all four corners of the globe. It'll force you to answer questions about the human body. You'll be quizzed all about your favorite animals. And you'll be forced to call upon knowledge that you didn't even know you had. So - will you prove to be victorious? Or will your lack of intelligence be exposed for the whole world to see? That's all in your hands now... So put on your best thinking cap, and give this quiz a try...

Question 1

In Which Country Would You Find The Amazon Jungle?

The amazon jungle is one of the most wonderful and interesting places on Earth. It's full of all kinds of different plants and animals, and many of them haven't even been discovered yet. This jungle is also home to many different indigenous tribes, and some of them have never been in contact with the outside world before. It's a place where brave adventurers go to explore a brand new part of the world. But in which country would you find this jungle?

Question 2

What Language Do They Speak In Romania?

Romania is one of the most famous European countries, and it has a very rich culture and long history. This country is actually the birthplace of the Vampire myth, as it all started with one Romanian king called Vlad the Impaler. This monarch reportedly drank the blood of his victims, and impaled them on large spikes throughout his kingdom. He was also integral in repelling the Muslim invasions during that time. But what language do they actually speak in Romania?

Question 3

In Ancient Rome, Where Would You Go To See Gladiators Fight?

Ancient Rome was a very interesting place. This was the heart of a massive empire, and Roman citizens were some of the most privileged in the entire ancient world. They had access to all kinds of different luxuries, although entertainment in Rome was considered to be one of the main attractions. Citizens could engage in the so-called "bread and circus," although the most popular was definitely the gladiatorial arena. This pitted fighters against each other. But where would you go to see such a show?

Question 4

The Measure Of Acidity Of Soil Is Called…

Soil is one of the most important things on this Earth. For thousands of years, filthy peasants have worked long and hard mucking around in the dirt - all to ensure that the monarchs had enough to eat. But as it turns out, there is a real science to soil. One of the most important things when it comes to soil is the level of acidity. This is crucial for growing plants. But do you know how soil acidity is measured?

Question 5

True Or False, Lions And Tigers Can Mate To Create Ligers

One of the most amazing mythical creatures is called the Liger. This is actually a mix between a lion and a tiger, and as you might imagine, they look pretty sweet. People started talking a lot about ligers after the movie Napoleon Dynamite, because this character was obsessed with drawing ligers in his notebook. But is there any truth to this concept? Could ligers actually be real? Can Lions and Tigers mate to create a whole new animal - the liger?

Question 6

A Group Of Puppies Is Called A…

Puppies are some of the cutest animals on Earth. While all animals look cute when they're young, Puppies really take the cake in this department. But what's cuter than just one puppy? How about a whole group of puppies? Female dogs often give birth to a huge amount of puppies, meaning that for the first few years of their lives, they have plenty of brothers and sisters to play with. But do you know what a group of puppies is actually called?

Question 7

What Is The Symbolic Bird Of America?

America has some pretty sweet symbolism, and it's a country where many people are extremely proud about showing off their patriotism. Mostly, this manifests itself in many flags flying throughout the ol' US of A, but there are actually other symbols that the US has. One of its symbols is actually a bird. Many countries have animals that symbolize them. For example, Russia is symbolized by a bear. But do you know which bird symbolizes the great nation of the United States?

Question 8

Identify This Flag

There are many crazy looking flags out there, and many would say that this is one of them. The flag is very bright, and has brilliant shades of green and yellow, complete with a blue circle in the middle that presumably symbolizes the Earth. The country that is symbolized by this flag is a very hot one. It's also a country with huge land mass, and it's a popular tourist destination as well. But do you know which country this is?

Question 9

Which Is A Better Score In Golf, A High Number Or A Low Number?

Golf is a sport that many would call extremely boring, and it's easy to say why people would say that. The sport is rather slow, and it played primarily by the elderly. Other sports, such as soccer and hockey, are much faster and include much more exciting moments. That being said, golf is a very deep sport with many nuances and requires a great deal of control and skill. But do you know whether a higher or lower skill is better in golf?

Question 10

True Or False, Humans Lived Alongside Dinosaurs

Humans have been fascinated with dinosaurs for a very long time indeed, but it's only now that we're beginning to truly understand them. Nowadays, dinosaurs are nowhere to be found, except in some legends and reported sightings. We gain all our understanding of these majestic creatures from the fossil record. We are pretty certain about when exactly the dinosaurs walked the Earth, and we're fairly sure that they were all wiped out by a massive extinction event. But did dinosaurs live alongside humans?

Question 11

True Or False, Humans Lived Alongside Neanderthals

Neanderthals were another species that lived in the past, and we have also become rather obsessed with them as well in recent years. Upon closer examination, Neanderthals were a lot more than just primitive cave people. These proto-humans had art, music, and some kind of communication with each other (although it was probably just grunts). They also buried each other with surprisingly complex rituals. There's a huge sense of mystery surrounding Neanderthals. But did they live at the same time as humans?

Question 12

Wool Is Usually Made From The Hair Of Which Animal?

Wool is one of the most versatile and widespread fabrics known today. It's also one of the oldest. To this day, wool is considered to be somewhat of a luxury item, and the warmth and comfort it provides the wearer is legendary. The most common item of wool clothing is a wool sweater, but the fabric is routinely made into hats, gloves, scarves and blankets. But do you know where wool actually comes from? More specifically, do you know which animal it comes from?

Question 13

Maize Is Another Word For Which Crop?

Crops are very important for the survival of our race, and without farming we'd be nowhere as a race. Actually, that's not entirely true. If we never settled down to a sedentary lifestyle, we'd still be living in harmony with the planet as hunter-gatherers. Agriculture is what led us to start draining the planet of our resources. But there is one crops that is much more common than any other, and it's called maize. But what is another word for maize?

Question 14

True Or False, Dogs Stick Their Tongues Out To Breath Properly

Dogs are known the world over as "man's best friend." This funny little creature has been at our side for thousands of years now. Researchers believe that the first ever pet dog was a wolf pup who was abandoned by their mother. A traveling group of hunter-gatherers took the puppy in, and that was when the first ever bond between man and canine was started. They're a really funny species. But is it true that sticking their tongue out actually helps them breath?

Question 15

True Or False, A Cactus Requires More Water Than Most Other Plants

Of all the plants on planet Earth, cactus are some of the most interesting. First, their uniqueness is plain to see by their characteristic spikes, known as spines. Of course, cactus don't grow everywhere, but they've spread across the planet to many different spaces. The most common areas they're found are dry locales such as deserts or tropical climates. The prickly pear can be made into a drink which is quite good. But is it true that cactus require more water than most plants?

Question 16

True Or False “Mongrels” Are Generally More Healthy Than Pure-Breed Dogs

Dogs are unique among animals because they've been so intensely impacted by human breeding and interference. The first domesticated dogs were basically wolves, but soon enough new breeds started to appear. These range from dogs which are actually bigger than wild wolves, to dogs which are barely bigger than some rodents. And there are countless breeds of all different sizes and shapes. Of course, there are also mongrels, which are just arbitrary mixes of different pure breeds. But is it true that mongrels are healthier?

Question 17

What Kind Of Wheeled Robot Did We Land On Mars?

Mars is the next big challenge for humanity's space programs after we set foot on the moon. It's actually not even the closest planet to us - that would be Venus - but it's a close second. This planet is however the target of the majority of exploration attempts, as there are hopes that one day it could become a viable colony for us to establish. We've sent a few different kinds of crafts to Mars. But what kind of wheeled robot landed there?

Question 18

What Language Do People Speak In Brazil?

Brazil is a wonderful nation with all different kinds of people. Home of the Amazon jungle, Brazil contains countless indigenous groups of people, many of which have their own native language. But there is one universal language in Brazil, and it's by far the most popular spoken tongue. This language is the same as the one spoken by the European people who sailed to the country and claimed it as their own. But what language do they speak in Brazil?

Question 19

Identify This Flag

Here's another flag for you to identify. This might be one of the more obscure flags in the world, but it bears some striking similarities to other flags in the world. For one, it has the same colors as many other flags in the world - red, white and blue. Secondly, it looks a little bit like the English flag. Those who watched the Euro Cup of soccer might recognize this flag. But do you know which country this is?

Question 20

Which Of The Following Is Not A Known Star?

There are many known stars in our universe, but the vast majority of them throughout the universe are not discovered, nor are they named. There are so many stars in our galaxy alone that there would be much more than there are grains of sand at your local beach. However each star has its own system, its planets, and its own glorious presence in the galaxy. There are some famous stars. But which one of these is not actually a star?

Question 21

True Or False - The Russians Were The First To Set Foot On The Moon

One of the biggest conflicts of the cold war was fought not over nuclear warheads or territories, but in the cold confines of space. More specifically, it was a race to see which nation could "conquer" the most territory in space. A big target for both nations was the moon. The first nation to set foot on this lonely rock would be crowned the most advanced nation, and the winner of the space race. But is it true that the Russians were the first ones on the moon?

Question 22

In Which Country Would You Find The Koala Bear?

Koala Bears are some of the cutest animals known to man, and they reside in one specific country. In a way, they have come to symbolize their nation, and many people admit that koala bears are their favorite animals. These little creatures live in trees, and eat only eucalyptus leaves, making them one of the pikiest eaters in the animal kingdom! Seeing them in the wild is an amazing experience. But in which country would you find the Koala Bear?

Question 23

In Which Country Would You Find The Kiwi Bird?

Ah, the elusive Kiwi bird. One of the most mysterious and hard to find animals on the planet. They keep to themselves, and are very shy. However, they also happen to be one of the most threatened animals in the world. This is because they evolved to live in a country free from natural predators. When people came over from other nations, they brought with them pests that almost wiped the Kiwis out. But in which country would you find this animal?

Question 24

Which Of The Following Is NOT A Native American Tribe?

The Native American tribes are some of the most interesting groups of people in history. These are people with a rich culture and history, with countless stories and legends passed down through an extremely intricate oral tradition. Sadly, these people were almost wiped out by colonists and settlers coming into the so-called "new world." But there are those who remain, and the culture and traditions of their people live on through them. But which of these is NOT a native tribe?

Question 25

True Or False, USA Has More Tornadoes Than Any Other Country

Tornadoes are some of the most devastating meteorological incidents known to man. They have the power to cause untold mayhem and loss of life. But, as long as you're not in their path of destruction, they actually look really cool. Several documentaries have been made about these cool things, and many people even chase after them in order to try and get footage of them. But there is one country that gets more tornadoes than any other. Is it the USA?

Question 26

Which Do You Experience First, Seeing Lightning Or Hearing Thunder?

Lightning usually goes hand in hand with thunder, and this has long been a cause for much fear and paranoia in the human population. In fact, during the pagan times, it was believed that lightning and thunder were caused by gods. The ancient Greeks believed that Zeus had the power to throw lightning bolts. The Norsemen believed that Thor was the god of thunder. But most people know that one of these two things comes before the other. Which do you experience first?

Question 27

The Area In The World Known As The “Ring Of Fire” Has The Most…

The ring of fire is one of the most dangerous places in the world to live. Regardless, many people live there, and countless cities have been created along this so-called path of destruction. Why? Because so far, we just haven't experienced much destruction in our lifetime as a result of the ring of fire. But it's really just a matter of time, and one day this ticking time bomb will go off. What does the ring of fire contain the most of compared to other areas in the world?

Question 28

True Or False, Most Domestic Cats Love Water

Cats are funny creatures, and they're actually the most popular pet in the USA, slightly beating dogs. Cats are also very well-known on the internet, and there have been countless funny pictures and videos of cats posted on the internet. In fact, it's theorized that a pretty sizable percentage of the internet is just cat-related stuff. Domestic cats differ from wild cats in a few noticeable ways. But is it true that domestic cats actually love to be in the water?

Question 29

True Or False, Vegans Are Allowed To Eat Eggs

Veganism is growing more and more popular by the day, particularly in first world countries where people have a greater degree of control and choice over what they eat. As long as you make sure to get all the essential vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins, a vegan diet can be an extremely healthy ones. However, switching over to a vegan diet means adopting some pretty strict rules. For example, is it true that vegans are allwoed to eat eggs?

Question 30

Which Bird Lays The Largest Eggs?

Birds are amazing creatures, and they share some pretty common characteristics with the dinosaurs and reptiles that they evolved from. All birds actually lay eggs, which sets the apart from (most) mammals. These eggs need to be kept warm and guarded, and they'll eventually hatch into little chicks. Humans love eggs because of their nutritional value and their great taste. Mostly, humans eat chicken eggs, but there are other eggs out there. Do you know which bird lays the largest eggs?

Question 31

Where On Your Hands Would You Find A Substance Called Keratin?

Your hands are very important, and without them you wouldn't be able to complete many of the tasks you might take for granted today. For example, without hands you'd have a very difficult time typing on a keyboard or texting your friends. You wouldn't be able to caress your lover or pet a dog. But how much do you really know about your own hands? These complex structures are some of the most evolved parts of our bodies. But where would you find keratin?

Question 32

The Bones In The Spine Are Known As The…

The human body is full of very complex structures, and one that is extremely important is your spine. If you suffer a spinal injury, you can lose complete use of your body, and your life can be impacted in a major way. But in truth, all of us haven't quite gotten used to living with a human spine. Humans have evolved to walk upright, and we're actually still evolving to do this properly. That's why so many people have back problems. But what are the bones in the spine called?

Question 33

Who Was The Dictator Of Italy During WW2?

During WW2, Fascism became pretty trendy. Numerous countries were taken in by ideologies that were all pretty similar. Italy was one of these nations, and their ethos was all about reclaiming the past honor of the Roman Empire, and becoming once again the "chosen people" that they were meant to be. This was spearheaded by a very charismatic, energetic leader, who would later become their dictator throughout the war. But do you remember what this Italian dictator was actually called?

Question 34

In The Early 90’s, Iraq Invaded Which Country?

In the early 1990's the world was rocked after a certain dictator called Saddam Hussein started to flex his muscles across the middle east. It all reached a boiling point when he invaded a small country that neighbored Iraq. This prompted the US to defend the small country, and so the first Gulf Wars started. It didn't last long, as the USA's overwhelming force completely obliterated Saddam's armies. But do you know which country Saddam Hussein invaded during the early 90's?

Question 35

True Or False, Santa Wears Red And White Because Of Coca-Cola

Tis the season to be jolly, but how many of us have actually questioned the root of the celebration so many of us are celebrating? The truth is that Christmas actually has its roots in the ancient pagan rites of the winter solstice. During this time, our pagan ancestors feasted and celebrated much in the same way we do now. But Santa Claus, or Saint Nick, is a fairly new idea. Even more new is his red and white attire. Is it true that this outfit was all due to Coca-Cola?

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