If You Can't Name These Pokemon Characters, You're The Worst Trainer Ever!

Pokémon has been an iconic and global phenomenon for the better part of twenty years. Since 1997 or so, players around the world have been mesmerized by the spectacular games that allow you to immerse yourself in a different world filled with magical creatures that you can train and battle with.

Although the central component of the games has been the creatures themselves, i.e. the Pokémon, one mustn’t forget the other characters that made this franchise captivating. After all, it would be difficult if not impossible to actually enjoy a show/game if the only dialogue was composed of the various Pokémon speaking their names.

That’s why there have been various characters introduced over the years to make the stories more interesting. While you were mostly a silent protagonist that usually ended up mixed up in things much bigger than yourself, you were more often than not surrounded by a cadre of supporting cast that let the stories unfold in an interesting way.

From your rival(s) to various Gym Leaders with their own personalities and puzzles, to the nefarious deeds of various evil organizations, it was through these characters that the Pokémon franchise actually grew and developed into more than just a tedious collecting mission.

We've had several quizzes that have tackled the iconic Pokémon themselves, but little attention has been given to the characters that actually told the story.

This quiz looks at those memorable characters from the franchise that made it more memorable in one form or another. From interesting appearances in the early anime to unforgettable Gym Leader battles, these characters made the games far more interesting than they would’ve been if they hadn't been included.

1Which Pokémon character is this?

This is one of the most iconic characters in the entire Pokémon franchise. The character seen here is the one you play as in the original games. As the original playable character, you had the power to name this character anything you wanted. This allowed you to extend yourself onto this character and immerse yourself fully into the Pokémon universe. However, despite having the option to give him any name you want, he does have an official name in the canon.

2Which Pokémon character is this?

The character seen here is the chief villain of the fifth generation of games, Pokémon Black & White, and their successors. However, the organization he represents, Team Plasma, isn’t as overtly evil as those from previous generations. In public, this character and his agents want to ‘liberate’ Pokémon from human control. Later, however, he proves that this was a ruse all along and that he wanted people to get rid of their Pokémon so that he’d be the only one with any, which would allow him to conquer the region unchallenged.

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