If You Can't Name The Original 151, Quit Playing Pokémon

Satoshi Tajiri first created the Pokémon franchise in 1995. It began as video games for the Game Boy console. It soon expanded into trading cards and toys plus several animated shows and movies and an augmented reality smartphone app called Pokémon Go.

The series centers on a world filled with unique and powerful creatures known as Pokémon. When a person turns 10 years old, they can become a trainer of these Pokémon trying to catch 'em all.

It is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, followed by Star Wars and Harry Potter. It is also the second best-selling franchise in video games. This is probably because the series has a special place in fan's hearts - many of us who played the GameBoy games as kids returned to play Pokémon Go.

Below is a quiz with a random selection of 50 Pokémon from the original 151. Why don't you put your knowledge to the test? See if you name them each and every one of them.

Recognizing all the original Pokémon should be an easy feat for anyone who grew up with the franchise. Think back to the "Who's That Pokémon?" quizzes between commercial breaks and the little rap the anime had at the end of the episodes going through the list. If you grew up watching those, you've got this!

Question 1

The very first on the Pokédex

This is the very first Pokémon in the original Pokédex and one of the most recognizable. It is also one of the most popular Pokémon depicted in official merchandise and fan art. It is a Grass/Poison type. It is a starter Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Green and the original anime. In the anime, it has a prominent role as one of Ash's main companions. It has the nickname "the Seed Pokémon." Do you know what this Pokémon's name is?

Question 2

Which Pokémon is this?

This Pokémon is number 6 on the Pokédex. Though its design greatly resembles a dragon, it is in fact not a Dragon type. It is a dual Fire and Flying type. It flies around in search of strong opponents but never fights a weaker one, according to the Pokédex. The Pokédex entries also say it spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders and that if it becomes furious, the flame at the tip of its tail flares up.

Question 3

Who is this Pokémon?

This Water type Pokémon is one of the three starter Pokémon of the Kanto region, the home of Ash Ketchum. The region is also featured in the Pokémon games Red, Green, Blue, FireRed, and LeafGreen. This creature shoots water at opponents and will withdraw into its shell when in danger. According to the Pokédex, its rounded shell not only protects it but also has a shape that minimizes resistance in the water and allow it to swim at high speeds.

Question 4

Ash's best friend

This Electric-type Pokémon is easily one of the most recognizable in the entire franchise. It was featured heavily in the original anime as Ash Ketchum's number one companion. This, it is considered to be the mascot of the Pokémon franchise as a whole and a major character in Nintendo's collection. It is very intelligent - it raises its tail to check its surroundings and stores electricity in its cheeks in case they need to attack an opponent. This Pokémon generally resides secluded in forests.

Question 5

Which bug is this?

Pokemon Caterpie

If you have watched the first anime, you will remember this Bug-type Pokémon as the very first Ash Ketchum ever catches in the wild. While he is excited, Misty is repulsed by her hatred of bugs. It has big, eye like patterns on its head to scare enemies and it will releases a horrible stench from the antennae on its head if it feels threatened. According to the Pokédex entries, it also has a strong appetite and grows by molting.

Question 6

Name this Pokémon

This tiny bird Pokémon is a dual Normal and Flying type. It is a very common sight in grassy and wooded areas. It is generally pretty docile and does not like fighting. It is even known to hide from others in the tall grass and kick up sand when provoked rather than fight back. It will blow smaller enemies away with its whirlwind move. It has a strong sense of direction and will always be able to find its way back home.

Question 7

This is...?

This Normal-type Pokémon is the bane of your existence if you have played Pokémon Go - they are practically everywhere. It will bite and scratch anything with its long, razor sharp fangs when it is provoked. The fangs continuously grow, so it gnaws on hard things to wear them down. It will also eat anything it finds and scavenges for food all day. It can survive in any environment and will settle down in any area where there is food.

Question 8

Who is this Pokémon?

Do you recognize this dual-type Normal/Flying Pokémon? Despite its designation as a Flying type, it is actually very bad at flying high due to its short wings. It must flap its wings constantly to star in the air. However, it is good at flying quickly. Its darts around its territory to protect it and lets out a high pitched cry that can be heard from over a half mile away. This Pokémon also uses its wings to flush bugs to eat out of grassy areas.

Question 9

Name this Poison-type

Do you know the name of this Poison-type Pokémon? According to information from the Pokédex, this creature sneaks through the grass silently to attack unsuspecting prey and search for its favorite food - the eggs of bird Pokémon. It has the ability to detach its jaw and swallow prey whole. However, it can become too heavy to move if it eats something big. Another fun fact: the older it gets, the longer it grows. What is the name of this snake-like creature?

Question 10

Recognize this one?

This quadruped, rodent-like Pokémon is 100% female and has a male counterpart to mate with. It is generally very mild-mannered creature that does not like to fight. It is, however, a powerful Poison type despite its small size. It has barbs that secrete a strong poison. Its horns also have a toxin inside. When it is enraged, it will release the toxin from its horn. Even a small scratch from the horn or drop of poison from the barbs can be fatal.

Question 11

Which Ground Pokémon is this?

This Ground type Pokémon burrows its dry body underground because it dislikes being around water, only emerging to hunt. When it hunts, it hides at the lip of its burrow and lunges out when the prey is close to drag it inside. If it gets cold at nighttime, it becomes coated with a fine dew. It also has the ability to rolls itself into a ball and bounce. Thus, if it falls from a great height it can escape unharmed.

Question 12

Who is this pink Pokémon?

This pink Pokémon is famed for its adorable appearance, its cute cry, its magical appeal, and its and playful nature. It is in high demand as a pet. Alas, they are extremely rare to see. It can only be spotted in certain areas in the mountains. However, whenever there is a full moon, groups of this Pokémon will all of sudden be outside playing together. They will stay out until the morning comes, then retreat to the mountains to rest.

Question 13

Which is this?

Pokemon Haunter

This dual-type Ghost/Poison Pokémon evolves from another Ghost/Poison Pokémon starting at level 25. Its round head is supported by a gaseous body with floating hands. It likes to dwell in dark places, like empty caves, and has the power to float through walls. The fearsome hunter stalks his prey and can steal its life force by licking it with its gaseous tongue. This will cause convulsions until the prey dies. Despite this terrifying ability, it is also known to be a playful prankster that likes to entertain people.

Question 14

Who is this?

This Fire type Pokémon starts off with just one, white tail at birth. As it grows older, that tail splits at the top into the six curly, beautiful, orange tails you see. It will gain even more tails the older it gets. It is a warm and cuddly creature. It is said that a flame burns inside of it that never goes out. It has the ability to control fire, create fiery orbs, and to release flame from its mouth.

Question 15

Name this Pokémon

This cute, pink Pokémon is another fan favorite that is commonly seen in Nintendo's promotional material, including as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. The tiny, round creature will use its giant eyes to distract its enemies. When its eyes light up, it sings a soothing song that has the power to put its foes to sleep. Its voices matches the brain waves of someone in a deep sleep. This power does not just work on other Pokémon, it also works on humans.

Question 16

Recognize this Pokémon?

Do you see the pattern on this Poison type Pokémon's body? It is rumored that the markings differ from area to area. Experts have studied them and found six different variations so far. It raises its head and uses these markings to transfix and intimidate its foe. It will then strike and bind its enemy to poison it. It it fails, it is known for being very vengeful and never giving up a chase once it has acquired a target.

Question 17

Which one is this?

If you ever went into the cave areas of the Pokémon Gameboy games, then you have for sure encountered this bat-like creature several times. It likes to reside in dark places; sunlight will cause it to become unhealthy. It does not have eyes or a nose and uses ultrasonic waves when it flies. These waves act as a sonar to check for things in its path. The waves bounce off objects back to the Pokémon's big ears to alert it.

Question 18

This is...?

That is not drool coming out of this Pokémon's mouth - that fluid is actually a nectar that is used to attract prey. It can also be used as a fertilizer for plants. There is also a flower on top of its head. Both the liquid and the flower emit a foul odor that can cause humans to faint from a mile away. The odor will become worse if the Pokémon feels threatened. This smell is used as a key ingredient for some perfumes.

Question 19

Who is this Pokémon?

This tiny, brown Pokémon loves to tunnel under the earth, which is why it is known as the Mole Pokémon. It primarily resides underground since sunlight will harm its thin skin. This Pokémon usually only leaves its head visible. It reportedly does have feet, but they have never been seen. When it burrows, it leaves noticeable tracks of upturned earth in its path. It feeds on tree roots underground. It also has fine hairs on its head for protection and is able to move them for communicating its feelings.

Question 20

Team Rocket's companion

This feline-like creature is known as the Scratch Cat Pokémon. It is nocturnal in nature. It likes to wander the streets at night in search of shiny objects. It also likes round objects, like loose change. This Pokémon is popular for being a companion of Team Rocket, the main villains of the anime. Team Rocket's Pokémon is rare for its ability to walk on two legs and to speak human language. It frequently translates the words of other Pokémon for humans.

Question 21

Which one is this?

This Water Pokémon greatly resembles a duck or platypus that walks on two legs. It is a rather odd creature. It often stands still looking dazed and confused. It is plagued by a constant headache. Sometimes, it will use its psychic powers to calm its headache with brain waves similar to sleeper. However, it never seems to remember using these powers. Misty has one of this Pokémon in the anime, which is often a source of annoyance to her due to its idiosyncrasies.

Question 22

Recognize this guy?

This Psychic Pokémon sleeps eighteen hours a day and always has its wide eyes closed. If it does not sleep, it will not be able to use its powers since they are such a strain on its brain. But even while it sleeps, it uses its telekinetic abilities. It also has the ability to read minds and teleport. If its senses danger nearby, it will teleport to safety while it is sleeping. It typically lives in urban areas and has been seen teleporting once every hour.

Question 23

Who is this fearsome fighter?

This big, vaguely human-like Pokémon primarily resides in mountainous areas. It walks on two legs and has four, muscular arms. These strong arms are capable of punching extremely fast, at about five hundred blows a second coming from multiple angles at once. It has mastered all forms of martial arts. It does, however, have weak dexterity so it does not do well with more delicate work. Its arms often become tangled if it tries. It has a quick temper and typically rushes into battle without thinking.

Question 24

Name this Pokémon

Geodude from Pokemon

This Pokémon appears to be a floating boulder with muscular arms. It uses these strong arms to climb up steep mountains - the environment it most often lives in - and often swings them when it gets angry. It is also seen in trails and fields. It has incredible defensive power. Its sturdy body makes it practically resistant to physical attacks. It likes to sleep buried in the ground and then rolls downhill when it wakes to search for food.

Question 25

This Fire-type is...?

This Pokémon is essentially identical to a horse. Its mane and tail is made of reddish-orange flames. It can control the strength of its flames if a human hopes to ride it. It grows this fiery mane and tail about one hour after it is born. Its hooves are described as being harder than diamonds and it is capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound. The Pokémon lives in environments where it can gallop freely, such as grasslands or plains.

Question 26

Which one is this?

This is a dual type Water/Psychic Pokémon often found at the water's edge. Its appearance seems to be a mix between a salamander and a hippopotamus. It walks on four legs and has a long tail that it uses for fishing. The tail drips a sweet, sappy substance that attracts fish. It is known for having a dim intellect. It frequently forgets what it is doing and has a slow response time to stimuli, including pain. Hint: its name is related to this quality.

Question 27

Name this Pokémon

This is a dual-type Ghost/Poison Pokémon. It is known as the Gas Pokémon since 95 percent of its body is made of poisonous gas. it appears to be a dark, spherical being surrounded by a purple gas. It can defeat opponents by enveloping opponents in its gas. It is often invisible and can sneak up quietly on anyone. A downside of its gaseous body is that it can be blown away by a strong wind. What is this Pokémon called?

Question 28

Who is this Pokémon?

This fierce creature is a dual-type Rock/Ground Pokémon. It likes to tunnel under the ground and can do so at over 50 miles an hour. This will create tremors above ground. People can also hear a scary roar echoing. It leaves behind huge tunnels. It likes to eat giant boulders it finds underground. It can rotate any part of its body, including its head, in a full 360 degrees. This Pokémon is known to be very aggressive. It will attack humans and even wounded Pokémon.

Question 29

This is...?

This Psychic-type Pokémon lives in grasslands and savannas has the ability to put people to sleep and then sense their dreams. Once it sees what kind of dream the person is having, it will then eat the person's dream through their nose. It remembers every dream it ever eats. It prefers to eat fun dreams. Bad dreams can make it sick. So if your nose get itchy while you sleep, it is said there is one of these standing over your pillow.

Question 30

Name this Pokémon

This spherical creature looks like a Poké Ball with a face. Rumor has it that it was first seen in the plant where Poké Balls were invented after being created by an energy pulse in the area. This Electric type Pokémon is most often found in power plants and other places that have an electric field. It is known for having a very bad temper and tends to explode if it is annoyed. It has zapped many people who thought it was a Poké Ball.

Question 31

Recognize this one?

This dual-type Grass/Psychic Pokémon resembles a group of six, pink eggs. These are called heads. There needs to be six heads to stay balanced. Each of the six heads has a different facial expression. Some of the heads appear to be cracked with yolks showing. They all communicate with a type of telepathy that only they can understand. Though it looks like eggs, the heads are actually more like the seeds of a plant. This unique Pokémon lives in jungles and forests.

Question 32

Which Pokémon is this?

Pokemon Cubone

This Ground-type Pokémon is known as the Lonely Pokémon. It always wears the skull of its dead mother. It never removes this skull, so its face has never been seen by humans. It cries for its deceased mother and longs to see her again. For some reason, the full moon reminds it of its mother. It sometimes cries inside the skull and its cries will echo as a sad melody. The stains on the skull are created by its tears.

Question 33

Do you know this one?

This Poison-type Pokémon is filled with poisonous gases, which allows it to float in the air. It also causes it to have a foul smell and it can explode at times. It creates the poisonous gas in its body by mixing toxins with waste. It can make more gas when the temperature is high. It can expel the gases through the holes in its body. Anyone who comes into contact with it will start to sniffle, cough, and get watery eyes.

Question 34

Can you name the first Pokémon designed in Red and Blue?

This is a dual-type Ground/Rock Pokémon. It is so strong that it can topple building with one sweep of its tail. Its horn can also drill into solid rock and break diamonds. Because of this ability, it is known as the Drill Pokémon. Its hard body acts like armor and makes it very resilient. It s hide can withstand streams of lava over 3,600 degrees and a direct blow from a cannonball. It also shows signs of being very intelligent.

Question 35

Which Pokémon is this?

The round body of this Grass-type Pokémon is covered in blue vines, leaving only its eyes visible. The vines on its body are constantly moving as it walks. It uses these vines to annoy its opponent in battle. It can also use the vines to trap others, though they snap off easily if they are grabbed. This does not hurt the Pokémon and grow back. Its round, red feet look like human shoes. It does not seem to have any visible arms.

Question 36

This Pokémon is named...?

This long, serpent-like creature is a Dragon-type Pokémon that lives in the water, primarily in seas and lakes. It is also a Legendary Pokémon. It has the ability to make it rain or snow and can also fly through the air. This mystical Pokémon stores a large amount of energy in its body and emits a gentle aura. It can release energy from the crystal orbs on its neck and tail. It is believed that these orbs give it the power to control the weather.

Question 37

Recognize this one?

This Water-type Pokémon looks very similar to a starfish. You may recognize it as one of Misty's main battlers throughout the original animated series. The sparkling core in the middle of its body shines in all seven colors of the rainbow. Some seek it as jewelry. But the core is not just pretty decoration, it also allows the Pokémon to regenerate any appendage it loses in battle. Even if it is cut into a thousand pieces, this Pokémon can heal itself if the core is intact.

Question 38

Who is this?

This humanoid creature was introduced in the first Generation as a pure Psychic-type Pokémon. Now it is classified as a dual type Psychic/Fairy Pokémon. It is rare to see except in some suburban areas, so information is limited. What is known is that it has the ability to solidify air molecules by vibrating its fingertips and create invisible objects with its gestures. It often creates invisible walls with this power. Due to this ability, it is known as the Barrier Pokémon.

Question 39

This Pokémon is named what?

This Pokémon, which has the appearance of a giant preying mantis, is a dual-type Bug/Flying. Its forearms have blades that are sharp as swords and capable of slicing through logs. It is also a powerful flyer, making it a formidable opponent in battle. According to Pokédex entries, it has ninja-like agility and speed and it is so fast that it can create the illusion that there is more than one. It is rare to see in the wild and almost never captured.

Question 40

Who is this?

With its long, blonde hair and red gown, this creature greatly resembles a human. But it is actually a dual type Ice/Psychic Pokémon. It is named the Human Shape Pokémon. It even has a language that resembles human speech. Alas, this language has yet to be translated. The Pokémon prefers to communicate through dancing anyways. Its rhythmic movements compel others to dance along with it. Its special attack is the Lovely Kiss, which puts its opponent into a deep sleep.

Question 41

Recognize this one?

This Water-type Pokémon is widely mocked for being virtually useless in battle. All it seems capable of doing is splash and flop around helplessly. And despite being called the Fish Pokémon, it is not a very strong swimmer. But it actually has some good qualities. It can jump very high. It can also survive in water no matter how dirty it is. Plus, it is worth catching because it evolves into a powerful and fearsome Pokémon starting at level 20.

Question 42

Which is this?

This serpentine-like creature is dual-type Water/Flying Pokémon that lives in large bodies of water, including lakes, ponds, seas, and oceans. Its appearance resembles a Chinese dragon. It is sought for its power in battle. It has a fierce temper and destructive tendencies. It can leap hug distances from the water and the ground and its fangs can crush objects harder than steel. Nevertheless, it is notoriously difficult for trainers to tame. It takes a lot of work before it will obey a human.

Question 43

Name this Pokémon

This is a dual type Water and Ice Pokémon that travels the sea. It is an incredibly intelligent Pokémon capable of understanding human speech. It is also very gentle and kind. It will even give people rides on its back, giving it the nickname the Transport Pokémon. It sings a melody to keep in touch with other Pokémon of its kind. Unfortunately, hunters have taken advantage of this Pokémon's docile nature and nearly drove it to extinction until preventive measure were taken.

Question 44

This is...?

This is a special Pokémon. It is a very adaptable creature. It is Normal type that can evolve into one of eight different Pokémon depending on its environment and what kind of friendship and stone it is exposed to. In Generation I, it could only evolve into a Fire, Electric, or Fire type. Now it can become every type of Pokémon. Because of this ability, it is called the evolution Pokémon in the Pokédex entries. Hint: this nickname plays into its name.

Question 45

Who is this?

This Pokémon is famed for its enormous size. It is the heaviest of all. Some of them can weigh more than 1,000 pounds. The majority of its body is its giant belly, where it stores most of its fat. It is native to areas with mountains forests. It is almost always asleep and only wakes and occasionally stretch its tiny legs. If a wild Snorlax is blocking a traveller's path, it is almost impossible to move it out of the way.

Question 46

Name this Pokémon

Do you recognize this Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon? It is very cute, intelligent, and fun loving. It is native to South America, but is so rare that many believe it is nothing but a mirage. It was believed to be extinct at one point. Only a handful of people around the world have actually spotted one. Experts say that it has the DNA of every single Pokémon contained within its body. Because of this, it is able to learn any attack.

Question 47

A Legendary bird

Some Pokémon are put into groups. In particular, there are plenty of trios of legendary Pokémon: a set of very rare and powerful Pokémon. The first Legendary trio to exist was the Legendary Birds of the Kanto region. Trios generally share similar traits and have a leader. In the Legendary Bird trio, they are all Flying types. One bird is Ice, another is Fire, and the last is Electric type. This bird is the ice type. What is its name?

Question 48

Which bird is this?

This is a dual-type Electric/Flying Legendary Pokémon and one of the Legendary birds of the Kanto region. It is rarely seen in the wild. Those who have spotted it say it emerges from the clouds flapping its glittering wings. With each flap of its wings, it releases electricity. It sheds lightning bolts in the air that makes a loud crackling sound. This electricity is strong enough to create a thunderstorm. It gains more power when it is struck by lightning.

Question 49

Name this bird

This is a dual-type Fire/Flying Legendary Pokémon. It is the final Pokémon in the Legendary Birds of Kanto trio. It is known as the fire bird. Every time it flaps its wings, it creates a dazzling flash of flames that mesmerizes the people watching below. This gives the appearance of its wings being on fire. It is a Legendary Flame Pokémon that is so powerful that, according to the Pokédex, its fire dust can bring early spring to wintery lands.

Question 50

Know this one?

Finally, this Psychic Legendary is one of the most powerful and popular Pokémon of them all. It is known for being cold and vicious. It is the only known Pokémon that does not exist in the wild but was rather made in a lab by humans. It was created using engineering experiments and gene splicing on a Pokémon that does naturally exist. It has the rare ability to speak to humans and translate the words of other Pokémon using its telepathic powers.

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