If You Can't Match The Scene To The Teen Movie, Stop Watching Movies

Teen movies helped us all come of age. They gave us dreams, things to look forward to in the theatre, and some cool catchphrases. Though they've always been around, teen movies really cropped up in the 80s and never stopped shaping young minds. From the makeover film to films about teens who have powers, or discover that they're actually royalty, we've all wanted to be those cool kids whose lives seem put together. Plus, many teen movies have killer soundtracks that used our favorite hits and made us love them again, or introduced us to cool new music that defined us as we grew up.

Some teen movies also showed us that not everyone is a rebel, that some teenagers are just nerds trying to find their way through life. We learn based on the mistakes they make so we can avoid making them in real life. You probably saw many of these films with friends and related to the characters in many ways, but do you remember them all? This quiz will let you know if you're a teen film extraordinaire. So go ahead and test your knowledge of these classic teen films. Unless you don't know as much as you think!

Question 1

Let's start off easy...

Mia Thermopolis is an awkward teenager living in San Francisco with her mother, an artist. Her best friend Lilly cares about a variety of causes and always has Mia's back. Meanwhile, Mia has a crush on a popular guy, while Robert has a crush on her. When Mia's grandmother comes back into her life and reveals the truth about who Mia truly is. This changes her life forever and opens the door to many new adventures. Remember this teen film?

Question 2

Remember this odd couple?

Based on Pygmalion, this film is about art student Laney Boggs, who works at a falafel restaurant and is a talented art student. Meanwhile, Zack's girlfriend Taylor dumps him for a guy she met during spring break. As revenge, he bets his classmate Dean that Taylor could be replaced by any girl at school. Zack starts trying to make Laney more popular and starts succeeding, but also getting to know her better. Zack's experiment has unexpected results. Name this movie!

Question 3

Which teen flick is this?

Based on Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew," this film is hailed for being one of the smartest teen films around. It's about two sisters who are very different. The youngest isn't allowed to date until the oldest does, but the oldest sister isn't interested in love at the moment. A new kid starts having a crush on the youngest sister while an A/V geek helps him figure school out and many other cliques collide—but both sisters shine. This film is:

Question 4

Where have you seen this crowd?

A group of girls from Stoneybrook, Connecticut decide to put on a summer camp so they can stay busy and make some extra cash. They don't count on the neighbor getting so angry about the whole thing, dealing with one of Kristy's worst enemies the entire time. An absentee dad comes back into one of the girls' lives, and another girl deals with an older boyfriend even though he has a different impression. The girls help each other through their summer adventures, and you've seen them in...

Question 5

Seen this couple anywhere?

A group of awkward teens in their senior year of high school make a pact that they'll lose their virginity before graduation. Their names are Jim, Chris, Noah, Steve, and Paul. They make their pact because of Kevin's insistence. One guy joins the choir to find a girlfriend, another one has to convince his girlfriend that he's not just with her for sex, another tries to ask out a girl from Slovakia, and everyone ends up with awkward situations thanks to this deal.

Question 6

Remember these football players?

A school desegregates in 1971 and students must deal with racism and biases. The school's football team also gets shaken up as the team also desegregates. Even the coaches deal with racial conflict of their own. The team trains and gets to know each other, and although many things are off to a rocky start the boys start becoming friends. Some of them end up changing their families and giving up friendships in the name of their new friendships. This film is called:

Question 7

Know this trio?

In the 1980s, a teenager pretends to be sick so he can skip school for a day. His sister Jeannie doesn't believe him. He later talks his girlfriend and neurotic best friend to skip with him. The trio plays hooky together and they use a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder to check out many sights around Chicago so they can have a fun day. He's almost caught several times, but he stays clear thanks to his many schemes. This film is called:

Question 8

Where have you seen these cops?

Schmidt and Jenko are two police officers are assigned undercover missions that require them to relive high school all over again. This revives a 1980s strategy that was once successful. Their captain requires them to find out who's distributing a drug called HFS (Holy Fucking Shit). They find a lead from a fellow student and take the drug so they won't give themselves away. The officers then deal with high school problems while trying to do their job. Name the film!

Question 9

This 2000s film is called...

In 1989 Mike finds out his girlfriend is pregnant just as they're about to finish high school. This dashes all hopes he has for his future, including his dreams of playing basketball in college. Two decades later, Mike is a rut. His high school girlfriend and now wife is leaving him and his own teen kids are acting up with him. He encounters a janitor that transforms him into himself from the past, and his best friend feels this was so he could change his life.

Question 10

You'd have to live under a rock not to know this film

Cady moves to the United States after spending all her life in Africa. There, she meets Janis and Adrian, who show her the ropes of clique culture in the United States. They decide to take down the Plastics, and Cady works undercover to learn about this group. The undercover act works a little too well and Caty starts becoming more popular than the group's leader, Regina George. Cady has to undo a lot of damage in order to set things right.

Question 11

Seen this crew somewhere?

Five students are stuck in detention on Saturday, March 24, 1984. They've seen each other around the school but they're all extremely different and have nothing in common on the surface. Claire is popular and rich, Allison is an outcast, Andrew is a champion wrestler, John is rebellious, and Brian is a geek. The assistant principal assigns them a 1,000-word essay about who they think they are. The teenagers spend the day learning from each other and complete their assignment.

Question 12

C'mon, you know where you've seen them!

A New York City dwelling narcissist, Michael is a stockbroker waiting to get his wife's signature so he can get an official divorce and be able to marry his new fiancée. He goes to Venezuela where his ex-wife lives and discovers he's the father of a teenager named Mimi Siku. Michael promised Mimi Siku to take him to NYC when he's a man, but the tribe Mimi Siku lives with has just given him a rite of passage declaring him a man, which leads to a dilemma.

Question 13

Here's a 1996 classic!

A stylized version of a play by William Shakespeare, this film is about two families who've been feuding for seemingly no reason. Things get interesting when Benvolio and Tybalt wreak havoc in the city after a shooting. Benvolio talks his cousin into crashing a party to be held by their arch-enemies and he agrees. They also meet their friend Mercutio, who provides the party crashers with ecstasy. Then, Benvolio's cousin sees a woman and they instantly fall in love. This classic is:

Question 14

Where have you seen these boys stand up for something?

A high school teacher named John Keating starts his new job at a prep school for the rich and meets a group of sheltered boys who are taught to value their place in life. One of his students is Neil, a promising boy with a lot of talent who ends up as a roommate to the shy Todd. Keating inspires his students to make their lives extraordinary and uses unconventional methods in his class. The boys eventually find their own voices. This film is:

Question 15

What about this heroic group?

Will begins high school at a school for children with certain gifts. His parents are the two most famous superheroes of his universe, but Will actually hasn't developed his own superpowers. He is relegated to taking "Hero Support" classes and classified as a sidekick and his parents don't know about this yet. Meanwhile, Layla is a girl who can manipulate plant life and has an unrequited crush on Will. Will has a crush on a girl who turns out to be different than what he expected. This film is called:

Question 16

What about this mother-daughter duo?

Based on a novel of the same name, a mother and a daughter switch lives and bodies because of a fortune cookie. They have to navigate problems and literally be in each other's shoes. Anna is a regular teenager who isn't ready for her mother to remarry, has to deal with her band, and is in a feud with a former friend. Tess also has to do a job interview and deal with her children. This hilarious mix-up is the plot of a film called:

Question 17

Name this teen thriller

Katniss of District has been supporting her family ever since her father died and her mother has been mourning. It's a tradition for 12-18-year-olds to sign up for a fight to the death, and her sister Primrose is chosen. Fearing for her sister, Katniss volunteers to take her place in this match and has to fight along with Peeta, another companion from District 12. She is sent to the match with other fighters and has to deal with physical and psychological hurdles in:

Question 18

Remember this (sorta) controversial film?

A teenager sneaks her boyfriend into her room and ends up pregnant. She decides she needs an abortion and changes her mind as soon as she gets to the clinic. Her supportive friends and family help her find someone that will want to adopt the baby. Meanwhile, she has to deal with school, her boyfriend, and their baby. Though she found what she deems the perfect couple, our lead character discovers the truth about the would-be father. This 2007 film is called:

Question 19

Where have you seen them quarrel?

A couple with a baby moves next to a fraternity and seem to get along really well. They even make plans for what to do if the frat decides to have a party, but the couple goes back on their word and makes the boys angry. Thus, they decide to get their revenge, exacting elaborate pranks that make life difficult for the couple and their baby. The couple also decides to fight back, and they all learn lessons along the way.

Question 20

Where have you seen this epic kiss?

Josie is 25 years old and working at the Chicago Sun Times. Though her career is starting off well, she's insecure about herself. Her editor assigns her a story that will require her to attend high school undercover so that parents have a better idea of what their teenagers' days are like. Once she gets back to school, she reverts to her geeky persona and runs into three popular girls intend on making her experience miserable. She also meets a cute teacher. This film is called:

Question 21

This film is considered a smart new spin on teen flicks. Know the name?

Bianca lives in a suburb of Atlanta, where she attends high school. Her two best friends are Jess and Casey, and they happen to be more popular than she is. Her former childhood friend Wesley is now the school's star football player, and Bianca has a crush on Toby. She strikes a deal with Wesley so he can improve her social standing, but many of her plans backfire. The entire group learns lessons on being true to themselves, and that popularity is overrated.

Question 22

Where have you seen this distressed couple?

It's been 8 years since there was a zombie apocalypse. R is a zombie who lives in an airport with fellow zombies and craves human flesh so he can stay alive. He can feel alive by eating human brains. Meanwhile, Julie has been sent to get medicine and avoid zombies in the process. R meets her and kills her boyfriend Perry, which allows him to eat Perry's brain. This makes R more attracted to Julie, and a romance between the two ensues.

Question 23

Can you name this classic?

17-year-old Frances is also known as "Baby." Her affluent family takes her on vacation to Kellerman's, a Catskill Mountains resort. She is an idealist and plans to go to college so she can later join the Peace Corps. Baby starts having a crush on Johnny, the resort's dance instructor. She helps his partner secure the funds for an abortion, but this means Johnny and his partner may lose their entire summer salary. Baby fills in for her and this starts off their adventure.

Question 24

This squad is from which film?

Aubrey is a member of an a cappella group, The Barden Bellas. Everything is going well during a performance until she projectile vomits during the show. Four months later Beca starts college because her father forces her to do so. She actually wants to be a music producer and spends her time mixing music until she gets a radio internship where she meets Skylar. Beca's father suggests that she join a club and she can leave college after a year if she doesn't want to attend anymore.

Question 25

Where have you seen this crew?

Charlie has been suffering from depression and has just been let go from a mental institution so he can be a regular high school student. He's having a hard time making friends but connects with Mr. Anderson, his English teacher. Charlie meets Sam and her stepbrother Patrick at a football game. He eats a cannabis brownie by accident and discloses some traumatic events from his past. Sam and Patrick try to make sure Charlie feels included in their group, and they help each other out.

Question 26

This sweet moment is brought to you by...

Hazel lives in Indianapolis and has terminal cancer that has now spread to her lungs. Her mother encourages her to attend a support group out of fear that she may be depressed. Hazel meets Augustus, a cancer survivor who lost his leg fighting the disease. They spend one day engaging in their favorite hobbies and reading each other's favorite books. There, Hazel recommends that Augustus read a book about a girl whose experiences are similar to hers, and they try to find its author.

Question 27

Where have you seen this group?

Greg is drifting through life at Schenley High School in Pittsburgh, and he seems to befriend many cliques on the surface only. Rachel has been diagnosed with leukemia and was a childhood friend of his. Greg is forced to befriend her and neither of them enjoys the other's company at first. Greg introduces Rachel to Earl, his co-worker with whom he sometimes makes short films. Rachel is fascinated by their hobby, and Greg eventually makes a film dedicated to her memory. This film is:

Question 28

Where have you seen these sweet girls?

Carmen, Bridget, Lena, and Tibby are four best friends from Maryland who are about to live separate lives for the first time in their lives. They go shopping and find a single pair of jeans that fits them all despite their very different body types. They make a pact to share this pair of jeans and lead their separate lives. Carmen goes to South Carolina, Tibby spends time a young girl named Bailey, Lena goes to Greece, and Bridget goes to soccer camp.

Question 29

Recognize this intense film?

Chiron is known as "Little." He is quiet and observant and seems to have a hard time making friends. Chiron runs from bullies and hides in a crack house, which is how he meets Juan. Juan takes him home with his girlfriend Teresa in hopes that he'll talk to her, and he teaches Chiron how to swim. We also see how Chiron's life has changed in junior high, and this shapes the man he becomes in the third act. The movie is:

Question 30

Where have you seen these characters?

A geeky guy in a band called Sex Bob-Omb is dating Knives Chau, a high school student. This guy later meets Ramona and falls in love but forgets to tell Knives. In the meantime, he's sharing a bed with his roommate and has to prepare for a battle of the bands. He discovers that he has to fight with Ramona's evil ex-boyfriends and starts becoming upset at her past choices. An epic battle ensues and our geek finds the courage he needs. This film is:

Question 31

Can you guess which cult teen film this is?

David and Jennifer are teenagers whose lives are very different. David is studious and introverted. He chooses to spend much of his free time watching television. Jennifer is shallow, extroverted, and popular. One night their parents are away and Jennifer and David argue over what to watch on TV. They break the remote control and a strange repairman comes by and gives them a new remote control. This makes Jennifer and David a part of a TV show and they must find a way to escape.

Question 32

This is the most successful Disney original film ever

Troy and Gabriella meet on a New Year's Eve at a ski lodge. They sing karaoke, experience a connection and exchange numbers before heading back home. Troy sees Gabriella at school and realizes she just transferred. He follows her around and this makes Sharpay think she might be her competition. Troy plays basketball and is distracted by Gabriella and the idea of singing during the rest of his high school year. Troy auditions for a musical and surprises the school. This Disney film is:

Question 33

Seen this teacher anywhere?

Erin is an idealist and optimistic new teacher at Woodrow Wilson Classical High School. Known for its gang problems and underachieving students, Erin is encouraged to take it easy and not challenge her students very much. She instead decides to earn her students' respect by encouraging them to write their stories in their own words. Her classroom later becomes a haven for the students, and she even helps them with many problems along the way, impressing everyone. This touching film is:

Question 34

This classic is the basis for many teen movies about love. Care to name it?

In the summer of 1957, there's a turf war in New York. The Jets are led by Riff Lorton and they're in a feud with the Sharks, a Puerto Rican gang of immigrants led by Bernardo Nuñez. They end up challenging each other to a rumble to resolve their matters. Tony arrives at the rumble and falls in love with Maria even though she's already engaged. The gangs are still in a heavy turf war and this challenges the couple. This film is:

Question 35

Seen these dudes anywhere?

Stevo just graduated college and spends his days with his best friend "Heroin" Bob. They live in a crappy apartment and fight people of other subcultures. Stevo is in a relationship with Sandy, but it's not serious. Bob has a crush on a girl named Trish but doesn't have the courage to ask her out. Stevo's parents are former hippies who are now sell-outs in his book. Bob meets the end of his fate, and Stevo ends up changing. Name the film!

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