If You Can Name These Movies, You're Definitely a Girl

Movies are great, right? There are so many different genres and plots for movies out there that there's definitely something for everyone. Whether you like action movies, science fiction movies, or even romantic comedies, there's a whole world of movies out there that you can get lost in. Although your taste in movies doesn't always directly say anything about your personality, it's hard to deny that it can sometimes. For instance, there are some movies that are just considered to be more "girly" than others. If you've seen a lot of those movies, odds are that you're probably a girl.

These 35 movies definitely fall into that category. They're good movies and if you like rom-coms and tear-jerking romances, these are definitely the movies you're going to want to add to your Netflix list! But odds are, if you like that type of movie, you've probably already seen most of these because they're total classics.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of "girly" movies and we'll guess whether or not you're a girl based on how many of them you've seen! You'll have to dig deep into your memories of all those movie nights you've had to match these screencaps to the correct title.

Question 1

What's the name of this sad romance?

This movie is one of the most popular adaptations of a Nicholas Sparks book. It came out in 2004 and stars Ryan Gosling alongside Rachel McAdams as two lovers in the late 1930s who come from very different worlds, but still fall for each other. The book goes back and forth between an older version of Noah, Ryan Gosling's character, reading their love story to Allie in the present day and the 30s when they had been together in the hopes that she'll remember him.

Question 2

Which historical drama is this?

The couple in this romantic historical drama may have been made up for the movie, but the setting for the movie is a very real ship that met its tragic end the first night that it set sail. 84 years later, the main character is telling the story of that night to her granddaughter. She relives the tale of the night she got on the ship with her fiance and then everything changed when she met an artist who she fell in love with.

Question 3

What's the title of this rom-com?

Reese Witherspoon stars in this rom-com as Elle, a superficial sorority girl who just went through a really rough breakup. Although she thought that her life was perfect, she didn't have enough depth to keep her fraternity boyfriend around and she got dumped. When he heads out to law school at Harvard, she cooks up a scheme to win him back. When she manages to get herself accepted to Harvard as well, she learns that there's more to life than just looking great.

Question 4

What coming of age comedy is this?

Anne Hathaway stars in this coming of age comedy as Mia, a teenager who isn't exactly the most popular girl at her school - which she's happy about. She believes that her life as a teenager is difficult enough without standing out or drawing too much attention to herself. Unfortunately, attention is exactly what comes her way when her estranged grandmother comes to town and tells her that she's set to inherit something huge that she could have never expected: an entire country.

Question 5

Which Hilary Duff movie is this?

Hilary Duff stars in this movie based off a Disney Channel series that she starred in. She and her friends just graduated from 8th grade and for their school trip, they go to Italy. There, she realizes that she looks just like an Italian pop singer named Isabella! Unfortunately, Isabella and the heartthrob popstar that she normally sings duets with, Paolo, get into a fight and won't work together anymore. Things get complicated when Paolo asks if she'll act as a stand-in for Isabella.

Question 6

What's the name of this fashion-forward rom-com?

Andrea Sachs, played by Anne Hathaway, is a journalist looking for a job. Although she has no interest in the fashion industry, she still applies for a position at Runway magazine. Somehow, she gets the job and works as a personal assistant to the infamously ruthless editor in chief, Miranda Priestly. In order to fit in at work, she undergoes so me major changes in her attitude and her wardrobe with the help of her coworkers. Unfortunately, the positive impact it has on her professional life doesn't match what it does to her social life.

Question 7

What's this revenge-based comedy called?

Brittany Snow stars in this movie as Kate, the new girl at her school who uncovers a scandalous secret: one of the most popular guys at school is dating not one but three different girls! Of course, none of them know about his other girlfriends and all believe they're the only ones with his heart. Of course, Kate doesn't want to just sit by and let these girls each be cheated on and decides to come up with a way to get revenge on him for what he's done.

Question 8

Which Miley Cyrus movie is this?

Miley Cyrus stars in this total tearjerker as a rebellious teen who resents her father after her parents' divorce. Fortunately, she and her younger brother live with their mother... Until she sends them to spend the summer with their dad at the beach house he lives in. There, she meets a handsome, popular local and falls in love with him. While staying with her father, she starts to bond with him over their mutual love of music. When things change in her family, her easy summer becomes complicated.

Question 9

Which Nicholas Sparks book was this movie adapted from?

Zac Efron stars in this Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation as a marine who travels to Louisiana to meet the woman who he believes kept him alive when his unit was attacked. After finding a picture of a woman he didn't know shortly before an attack in Iraq, he began to believe the woman was his lucky charm. Once he finds her, he tries to tell her what happened, but can't find the words to tell her. Instead, he lies about being there to apply for the job opening she advertised.

Question 10

What's the name of this 90s comedy?

This 90s comedy grossed $56 million at the box office in the United States and since its release, it's become a cult favorite with a seriously intense following. Alicia Silverstone stars in this movie as a superficial high school student who is turning 16 soon and has to navigate her day to day life as a teenage girl. She decides to take a less popular girl at school under her wing to give her a makeover and teach her to be popular.

Question 11

Which dance movie is this?

This dance movie stars Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dukshu, and Gabrielle Union as cheerleaders from two different schools. When Missy, played by Eliza Dukshu, moves to a new school and auditions for the cheerleading team that Torrance, Kirsten Dunst's character, is the new captain of, she realizes that their old captain had stolen all of their routines from another school. Things get pretty complicated for this cheer squad when the routine they were going to use to compete with at a cheerleading competition was already used.

Question 12

Which gymnastics-based movie is this?

Missy Peregrym stars in this gymanstics-themed movie as Haley, a former gymnast who was forced back into her old sport after she was arrested. Because she walked out of a competition on her old team and cost them the medal they were going to win, the other gymnasts she used to compete with don't exactly welcome her back to the academy with open arms. Still, she has to learn to get along with them and get back into the groove of competing.

Question 13

Which romantic comedy is this scene from?

Reese Witherspoon stars in this romantic comedy as Melanie Carmichael. After moving away from her hometown in Alabama to New York City, her life changed. She became a famous fashion designer and her husband, son of the mayor, proposed. Unfortunately, she had been previously married in Alabama and her husband refused to grant her a divorce. In order to get it, Melanie heads back to her hometown to confront him so she can get him to sign the papers. While she's there, she realizes that you can't always leave the past behind.

Question 14

What special occasion is this movie named after?

Amy Adams stars in this movie as Anna, a woman who travels to Ireland in order to propose to her boyfriend. Because of an Irish tradition that involves proposing on February 29th, she has to make sure that it happens that day or else she'll be waiting for four years before she gets another shot at it. Although she faces some bumps along the way, she gets the help of people around her in order to make sure that her proposal goes smoothly.

Question 15

What's the name of this musical?

Trying to fit in when you're a high school student isn't always easy. Even if you're the star of the basketball team and think that your life is all figured out, it can be difficult. Especially when you develop a new interest in music that doesn't exactly fit your image as a total jock. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens star in this musical in which they play a couple who audition for their school's musical, much to the displeasure of the school's star performers and his teammates.

Question 16

Which Olsen twins movie is this?

Although this movie starred the Olsen twins, someone else in the cast went on to become a pretty big star in their own right. 2001 was long before she would be in movies like Jennifer's Body or Transformers, but Megan fox still gave an excellent performance as Briana, a spoiled teen girl who desperately tries to sabotage Madison, played by Mary-Kate Olsen, in her attempts to win over her crush. Things get complicated when someone is accused of stealing priceless artifacts and they have to find the culprit.

Question 17

What's the name of this classic 80s flick?

It's not everyday that a jock, a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal come together. But when they're all given Saturday detention on the same day, the five of them have no choice but to come together and put aside their differences for the day. As they get to know each other in the library, they realize that there's more to each of them than meets the eye and that they might have more in common than just being stuck in the same room all afternoon.

Question 18

What's the name of this classic dark comedy?

What was supposed to be a hilarious birthday prank on their best friend went horribly wrong when three of the most popular girls in school accidentally killed their best friend with a piece of candy. Although they tried to cover it up, the school outcast, Fern Mayo, discovers their secret. In order to keep her quiet, one of them offers to give Fern a makeover and make her popular too. They transform her into her new persona, Vylette, but it turns out it's not that easy to keep a murder covered up.

Question 19

What's this travel-based rom-com called?

Beth's last boyfriend broke up with her because he said she was too focused on her career and not focused enough on their relationship. Beth, played by Kirsten Bell, starts to think that there's no one out there for her to fall in love with. She goes to Rome for her sister's wedding and throws a coin into the Fountain of Love, despite not believing in love, and then things change. When she goes home to New York, her life is entirely different.

Question 20

What's the name of this made-for-TV romantic comedy?

Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence came together for this made-for-TV rom-com about two people who can't stand each other but are in desperate need of some money. Jennifer, played by Melissa Joan Hart, was moving when the van she was transporting all of her belongings in was stolen. Vince, played by Joey Lawrence, has a huge gambling debt he needs to pay back. Despite not liking each other, they come together to get married and split the wedding gifts between the two of them.

Question 21

What's the name of this dark high school comedy?

Veronica is a high school student who is friends with the three most popular girls in school who all share the same name, Heather. Surviving high school is hard enough without being friends with people you don't like. Veronica is tired of doing everything that the Heathers want her to do, like bullying people at their school who are less popular than them. When she meets JD, a rebellious student with a plan on how to stop Heather Chandler from her reign of bullying, her life changes.

Question 22

What's the name of this high school comedy?

After being homeschooled for 15 years while she lived with her zoologist parents in Africa, Cady has moved back to the United States and started a at a public school. Unfortunately for Cady, going to school with other people her own age is a lot more complicated than she ever could have imagined. When her new friends hatch a plan to help her take down the most popular girls in school, she learns that she might be in a little over her head.

Question 23

What's the name of this crime-based comedy?

Gracie Hart, played by Sandra Bullock in this 2000 comedy, is an FBI agent and is probably one of the least feminine people that a person would ever meet in their entire life. When she receives her assignment for her next case to stop a criminal, she has to go undercover in a world that is totally out of her element: a beauty pageant. She gets a makeover and has to balance being part of the pageant with still being an undercover agent who is there to do her job.

Question 24

What's this wedding-based rom-com called?

Charlie Cantilini, played by Jennifer Lopez in this 2005 rom-com, has finally found the man of her dreams. There's just one little problem: his mother. She was recently fired from her job as a news anchor and is incredibly overprotective of her son due to the fact that she fears that if he gets married, she'll lose him the way she recently lost her career and she will have nothing. Because of this, she sets out to sabotage Charlie who then has to fight back in order to keep her fiance.

Question 25

What's the name of this tear-jerker?

Channing Tatum stars in this movie, an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, alongside Amanda Seyfried who fall in love over the summer, but learn that staying together can be complicated, no matter how much they may want to. Tatum plays John, a soldier who is on leave for the summer and back home visiting his father when he meets Savannah, played by Amanda Seyfried. Although he wasn't planning to return to the army, circumstances beyond his control forced him to and life didn't wait for him to return to Savannah.

Question 26

Which Lindsay Lohan flick is this?

Lindsay Lohan stars in this 2006 film as Ashley, a Manhattan resident who has the best luck in the world. Until suddenly, she doesn't anymore. When she bumps into Jake, the aspiring manager of a rock band who doesn't exactly have the same level of amazing luck that Ashley has, things start to change for her. Suddenly, her luck is gone and Jake's life has turned around for the better. Ashley realizes that they must have traded fortunes and she has to try to switch them back.

Question 27

What's the name of this creepy teen film?

Sarah is a new girl in her school and she has quite a troubled history. At her new school, she has trouble fitting in until she sees one of her classmates, Bonnie, using her mind to move a pencil around on her desk. Sarah befriends three other girls at the school, including Bonnie, and finds out that they're witches. Together, they form a coven of witches and decide to use their power to make their lives better. But things aren't quite that easy.

Question 28

What's the brutally honest title of this book adaptation?

The title of this movie is shared with the title of the self-help book that it was based off of, which had been written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo and is based on a line out of Sex in the City. The main character, Gigi, is desperately trying to find "the one" and she thinks that the latest guy she went on a date with could be it. When he doesn't call her after their date, she goes to a bar that he frequents in the hopes of seeing him, but instead meets one of his friends who gives her dating advice.

Question 29

What's the name of this adventurous comedy?

Selena Gomez stars in this 2011 comedy alongside Leighton Meester, Cory Monteith, and Katie Cassidy. The three of them use their life savings to go on a vacation to Paris, but their tour bores them and they decide to ditch it and go out exploring on their own. A case of mistaken identity makes their trip a lot more interesting and a lot more complicated when one of someone thinks they recognize one of the girls and believe she's a British heiress.

Question 30

What's the name of this rom-com where opposites attract?

When the most popular guy at school is dumped by his equally popular girlfriend, he's pretty upset. But, he insists that her popularity and good looks are only skin deep and that anyone could look like her if they were given a decent makeover. In order to prove this, he takes on a bet that he can turn the least popular girl in their school from a regular misfit into the prom queen. Things get complicated when he starts to fall for her.

Question 31

What's the name of this comedy where someone goes undercover?

If the plot of this movie sounds familiar, don't be surprised. Amanda Bynes stars in this 2006 remake of the 1985 film Just One of the Guys which was loosely based on Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night. In it, Bynes plays a girl named Viola whose twin brother runs away to London instead of going to the boarding school he was supposed to enroll in. Viola agrees to cover for her brother instead of letting him get caught and takes his place at the school.

Question 32

What's the name of this young adult novel adaptation?

This tearjerker is an adaptation of a young adult novel. It stars Shailene Woodley as a teenager who has cancer whose mother desperately wants her to learn to cope with her disease and make friends and has convinced her to join a support group for other people her age who are struggling with the disease. There, she meets Ansel Elgort's character who lost a leg to bone cancer before becoming cancer free. The two of them bond over a book and a romance develops between them.

Question 33

What's the name of this makeover movie?

Ana Faris stars in this comedy as Shelley, a former resident of the Playboy mansion who was told she needed to pack her things up and leave on her 27th birthday due to the fact that she was now too old to continue living there. Because she has nowhere else to turn, she takes a job as the house mother of the least popular sorority on campus. She takes the members under her wing and gives them a makeover to help them revamp their image and get new members.

Question 34

Which sad romance flick is this?

Although Mandy Moore was best known as being a pop singer at this time, in 2002 she showed off her acting skills in this incredibly sad romantic flick. In it, she plays a reverend's daughter who meets a rebellious boy, played by Shane West, who is forced to do community service after a prank that went horribly wrong. Although they have nothing in common, as the two get to know each other, they grow closer and closer. A heartbreaking secret tests their relationship and the two of them have to decide how much they mean to each other.

Question 35

What's the name of this romantic comedy?

Ally, played by Ana Faris, has dated 19 different men. None of them turned out to be "the one" and, one by one, her relationships with each of them ended. Because of the fact that all of her relationships went south, she's beginning to believe that there isn't a man out there who is perfect for her. Instead of trying to find a new one, she decides to look back on all of her past relationships and try again with them.

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