If You Can Name All Of These Kids Snacks You're Either A Mom Or Still A Kid At Heart

Kids snacks are timeless and pretty delicious. If you have children or are around children a lot then you may find yourself snacking on the same things as the kids! Come on who doesn't love a couple of Doritos or a handful of goldfish? But do you think that you can name all of these popular kids snacks correctly? If so then you are either a mom who knows her stuff because she is constantly running to the grocery store to feed her tribe or a big baby at heart who refuses to grow up! For this quiz we will show you a picture of a yummy snack that is usually enjoyed by little ones and see if you can chose the correct name. Some of them should be easy because they are pretty obvious but others may force you to go back in time and think about what your mom used to pack you in your lunch box.

There was no better feeling as a kid then opening up your lunch box and looking at your favorite snack of all time staring up at you. So lets see if you are single with no kids or a mom based on your snack knowledge.

Question 1

What are these called?

Do you remember what these delectable, cheddar snacks are called? These are dangerous because it is almost impossible to have just a few. Before you know it you will look down and see that you just devoured an entire bag in just a couple of seconds. As a kid you may have grown tired of these because they were a lot of moms and teachers go to snack since virtually every kid in the entire world loved them. What are they?

Question 2

How about these?

These tasty treats have been around since 1912! They are basically two chocolate wafers with a cream filling that will have kids boning off of the walls. There are a few different ways to eat these cookies. Some people only like the cream filling whereas others only like the chocolate wafers. Some people like to eat the cookie whole like its meant to be eaten and dunk it in a nice cold glass of milk to soften it up a bit.

Question 3

Do you know what this is called?

This snack has to look familiar to you if you have ever been a kid. Most kids couldn't wait to eat this at lunch or after school. They are perfect for picky children because you can spread as much or as little cheese as you want. Also who doesn't love a buttery, soft cracker?! You probably ate these when you were a kid and now if you have your own children you pack it for them in their lunch box.

Question 4

What are these called?

These are super popular among babies and younger kids who haven't developed all of their teeth yet because they melt right in your mouth! Thats right, no chewing required for these bad boys! If you are an adult who happened to try one then you probably pleasantly surprised by how good they taste!

Question 5

How about these?

These are beloved by children, mainly because of their fun shape. As a kid its always fun to guess which crackers you got in your box or were given at snack time. Sometimes it was easy to figure out and others you had to use your imagination, a lot. Either way their soft, buttery taste did not hurt their case at all! When you get older you may feel that its time to let go but fret not adults can enjoy them too!

Question 6

Do you know what these are called?

These have since faded a bit so you may not be able to get this one unless your a big kid at heart. But if you grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s then these were what everyone was craving! The cookies were delicious when dunked in the creamy, frosting. When you were a kid if you saw a pack of these in your lunch box then you knew that you were going to have a good day!

Question 7

Can you remember the name of these?

These were maybe not your favorite snack but they were relatively cheap and came in large boxes so if you grew up in a big family then you probably had these in your house all the time. They came in a variety of flavors so there had to be at least one that you liked and they were also not to bad for your health! The only downside to them is that they weren't the most filling snack in the cabinet.

Question 8

Do you know the name of these?

Even if you don't have any kids or are the most mature person on the planet then you most likely have enjoyed one of these in your adult life and many in your childhood They are great snacks because they make virtually no mess, are decently filling and are actually not too bad for you.Plus they taste great! So whats not to like? This should be a pretty easy one as they are kind of self explanatory as far as names go.

Question 9

What about these?

Most kids, if not all, are pretty much obsessed with these and most parents pretty much hate these. They are not only filled with sugar and preservatives, they are also terrible for your little ones teeth and can cause cavities pretty easily. However they are pretty good and most kids can't get enough! These have been around for decades and kids have been munching on them for that long so whats the harm in letting your little one have a bag every once in a while?

Question 10

Do you know the name of this snack?

These were another snack that were beloved by children but hated by parents. They are packed with sugar and will also give you cavities beyond believe if you eat them too often. If you had a snack cart at school then you probably spent all of your snack money on them week after week because your mom refused to have them in the house. Do you know the name of this coveted kids snack that makes parents cringe just at the name?

Question 11

What about these?

These were the third least favorite snack of mothers and fathers everywhere. They are literally dripping with sugar and all kinds of bad stuff that will have kids jumping off the walls and furniture after just one bag. However there is no denying how good they taste and how addicting they are. Once you start eating them its hard to stop after the bag is finished, its easy to go through a couple in one sitting. So what are these called?

Question 12

Do you know the name of these?

These lovely little snacks have been around since the 1950s! They are primarily eaten on the east coast but known all over the world. They are cheese flavored, cheese puffs that are baked to perfection. They offer a nice crunch, are light and are jam packed with cheesy flavor! The only down side to these are the mess that they make of your fingers and face once you are done. Some people enjoy licking the remnants off their fingers and others can't stand the thought of it.

Question 13

What about these?

These are another snack that most children love. In the recent years they have come out with a whole bunch of different flavors so there should be at least one that you enjoy. They can be a bit messy, similar to the previous snack, which may be the reason that kids love them. They are also a popular snack that people put on during parties and other events because a good majority of people like them. So what are they called?

Question 14

What about this snack?

These are a lot of parents first choice when it comes to snacks because they contain less harmful ingredients and are a bit better for kids then other snacks like them. They are very light in your stomach so are also great for kids because they won't get sick if they are running around after eating them. They have a bit of a funny name but are pretty well known so this should be another easy one for you to get.

Question 15

Can you remember the name of these?

These are another popular treat among kids. They were introduced to the public in 1969 and a survey stated that over 34 million pounds of these cookies are sold annually! They were created by the man who also created the widely popular Oreo cookies. They are two peanut flavored cookies that have a bit of peanut butter holding them together. Basically they are a peanut butter sandwich, the bread is just replaced by two thin cookies that are peanut flavored.

Question 16

How about these?

Now these were definitely one of the top ten snacks for kids in the early 2000s. They are terrible for you and contain nothing but sugar but they are so good that its hard to resist the sugary treats! They are basically brownies that have a couple of chocolate candies on the top that add a bit of color and tiny drops of flavor to your already flavor packed treat. So do you remember the name of this yummy snack?

Question 17

What about this treat?

These are relatively new on the scene so unless your a parent or like kids snacks then you may not know these. They are basically apple sauce or other blends of fruits and vegetables in a convenient pouch. They are great when you are an on the go mom and need to grab a quick snack for your little one to eat in the car. They also are not too messy as long as your little one knows how they work.

Question 18

Do you know the name of this snack?

These are another popular chip among kids. They have been around for decades and decades yet kids never seem to get tired of them. They are usually loaded with salt so some parents may not want their little ones to have it but that hasn't stopped them from remaining one of the most popular snack foods of all time. They resemble a lot many different chips that you kind of get the best of everything with this delicious snack food.

Question 19

How about this one?

These cookies are popular and known more for their look than anything else. They basically consist of a shortbread cookie that has a chocolate coating on the bottom and chocolate drizzled across the top. If you have some fresh ones then they are nice and soft and even melt in your mouth. They have been on the market for a long time and every new generation seems to love them. Most kids love cookies and chocolate so its no surprise.

Question 20

Can you name this snack?

These small squares are packed with cheesy goodness! This are really popular among kids just like every other cheese snack! This snack was introduced to the public way back in 1921 and have remained super popular among kids since then. They are baked and have a little salt so they aren't too bad for your kids as far as nutrition goes so they are used in a lot of nurseries and schools for snack time. Whats the name of this snack?

Question 21

Do you know the name of this snack?

This snack is popular among kids because it is actually a mix of a bunch of different snacks! Most kids don't eat everything they just pick through it and eat what they like. Included in the mix is pretzels, rye chips, mini breadsticks and more! So whats not to love! Like a few other snacks we mentioned they are a healthier option that a lot of parents flock to because it is one of the healthier options that kids actually like.

Question 22

What about this one?

Unlike the previous snack these are not one of the healthier options. They are pretty sugary but are also delicious so its no surprise that kids love them. This snack is a chocolate cake that is coated in a chocolate coating and filled with a white, frosting like cream. Basically a cake filled with sugar. These have been around for a while and probably found themselves in your lunch box at some point so can you remember the name of them?

Question 23

How about this treat?

This is another chocolatley treat that kids love. This snack consists of two longer chocolate cakes filled with a creamy, white frosting like the above treat. They are not good for you no matter which way you cut it but they do pair very well with a cold glass of milk. Kids love them because they are the perfect size for them and are not too messy since they don't really melt like other similar treats. Do you know their name?

Question 24

Can you name this treat?

Now if you can't name this kids treat then you may have never stepped foot in a grocery store or even watched television because these are one of the most "go to" snacks for kids. They have been around for a very, very long time and are frequently mentioned on TV shows and in movies when discussing snacks. They originally were vanilla cakes filled with white cream but have since been manufactured in a whole bunch of different flavors in the recent years.

Question 25

How about these?

These are one of the most popular snacks amongst children. They don't smell the greatest but if you like onions and chips then this is the perfect snack for you. They come in the shape of an onion ring and are carried in the chip aisle. They are not the healthiest of snacks but there are ones that are a lot worse so a lot of kids find these in their lunch boxes or for sale in the vending machine at school.

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