If You Can't Guess The Missing Lyric, You've Never Been To A Party

Music is the spice of life. Or is that variety...? Whatever the case, music is an important part of the way we socialize and have fun, and it's an essential part of any good party. What kind of party has no music? A bad party. So if you've been to a party within the last few years, chances are you've heard some amazing tracks that were popular within the last few years. And looking back, there have been A LOT of them. Some of these songs make you want to dance, some make you want to fall in love, and some make you want to cry. But there's no doubt that each of these songs were very, very popular.

Unless you've been living on Mars for the last few years, you really should be able to finish these lyrics. Even if you hate pop music, there's no way to avoid the music that's playing on the radio constantly, and even the songs you hate have a strange way of getting stuck in your head. If you're one of those people who loves popular music, you'll have no trouble with this quiz. But can you remember all of the lyrics? Try the quiz to find out...

1Because I'm Happy! Clap Along If You Feel Like A Room Without A...

One of the biggest hits in the last few years was "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. This very talented singer has come out with many huge hits in the past, and he never seems to come out with a song that doesn't get people dancing. Perfect for playing at upbeat parties, "Happy" was a huge hit, with many people singing along whenever it was played on the radio. A lot of people got it stuck in their head, but can you finish these lyrics?

2But You're A Good Girl! The Way You Grab Me. Must Wanna Get...

Another very popular song from fairly recently was "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. People loved this song, and they loved to play it at parties. The song is highly provocative in nature, and that's why it's so well-liked. It really appeals to all of our wilder natures. You might remember this song during the MTV music video awards, where Miley Cyrus came out on stage, completely transformed into a new image. But can you remember how these lyrics actually ended?

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