If You Can Get 100% On This Twilight Quiz, Edward Will Pick You

Were you a huge Twilight fangirl when the books came out back in the 2000s? Did you have a hardcore crush on Edward Cullen or Jacob Black? Or maybe you could totally identify with Bella Swan? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe it is time to put your knowledge to the test by answering these questions about the book and movie, Twilight. There may be subsequent quizzes that'll test your knowledge of the rest of books for movies but for now this quiz is just based off the first movie and the first book. A lot of these questions will be pretty straightforward. There will be a couple hard ones sprinkled in there as well.

IMbD and Rotten Tomatoes did not score this movie favorably at all, but boy did Twilight become quite the spectacle. Much like Harry Potter, there was much more to the movie, the script and the books that brought fans in. People became interested in vampires (especially the sparkling kind), and they fell in love with the romance between Edward and Bella. Most fans had to make a choice between #TeamJacob and #TeamEdward, much like Bella did. And if you were one of those people who picked #TeamEdward then this quiz is definitely for you. If you get 100% he may just have picked you if he met you in the lunch hall instead of Bella.

Question 1

What's the name of the city where Bella lives?

It's actually more a town than city to be honest and it's in the state of Washington. It's supposed to be the rainiest part of the state, which makes sense because I remember it raining a lot in the books. I'm not quite sure why the author of the series, Stephanie Meyer, picked this specific name. Since this city was used for the books the tourism to this small town has nearly tripled. I guess there are incentives to putting a real city name in the books.

Question 2

What was the name of the actress who played Bella Swan?

I think this woman was the perfect choice in my opinion. A lot of people said this girl was too pretty to be Bella, but I don't know I think this girl still works. I'm pretty sure she didn't even have to dye her hair or anything for the role. It was like she was born to play that role. Yeah I'm being a bit dramatic. Apparently the whole idea behind Twilight came to the author in one of her dreams.

Question 3

What was the name of the actor who played Edward Cullen?

I remember being a bit disappointed when they casted this guy as Edward Cullen. It kind of destroyed what I thought he looked like as I read the books. I think he's one of those people who look better in person than in pictures. He looked fine in the movies. I think the makeup crew overdid it with the makeup, but whatever it wasn't that big of a deal. Do you think you can recall the name of this actor?

Question 4

Which of the following best describes Bella Swan?

For the record, her real name is Isabella but I'm sure you all knew that. Movie critics kind of tore this character apart in Breaking Dawn by saying her personality was flat and mirthless. Right around when Edward Cullen bit her so that she would change into a vampire which would save her life while giving birth to their daughter, critics said people could no longer identify with her. I can kind of see what they mean when they say that.

Question 5

How old is Bella in the beginning of Twilight?

These are pretty nit picky questions but it'll make you feel so much more accomplished when you get a great score on this quiz. It should be pretty easy to figure out or to at least narrow it down to two different answer choices. If you remember from the book or movie, Edward Cullen is supposedly 104 years old. If that's not robbing the cradle then I don't know what is. Do you think you can get this question right?

Question 6

What's Bella's father's occupation?

Well, they sure did pick an excellent looking awkward, hairy guy as Bella's dad. I don't even think this dude had to read any lines. I think they just casted him because he looks the part. He also kind of looks like that guy from The Fox And The Hound, the dog's owner I mean. Yeah it's just a cartoon but if there is ever a live action version of The Fox And The Hound then she should give that role to Bella's dad.

Question 7

Who's this long-haired fellow?

He is part of the Quileute tribe, and has a dark secret that comes out with the appearance of Vampires. He and Bella Swan would make mud pies together when they were younger. Hopefully they did not eat the mud pies but you never know with little kids. His dad busted his leg and was in a wheelchair when we were first introduced to him in the Twilight movie and we aren't told what happened to it. Can you recall this young man's first and last name?

Question 8

Who is this girl?

It was such an awkward introduction. First she accidentally hits this blond guy with a volley ball and the next minute he's hitting on her while the girl in question shows up. Was she jealous or incredibly outgoing or was she trying to find some way to talk to Bella? I'm not entirely sure. It was just pretty weird to watch. And luckily for Bella, she manages to make like 4 friends on her first day of a new high school.

Question 9

Who is this guy?

Alright so this is the dude she hits in the head with a volley ball. He was very polite about it so polite in fact that he tried to get her number out of it. I'm exaggerating but he was hitting on Bella Swan pretty hardcore. I think her first day at this new high school was actually pretty good. For being as introverted and shy as she is, she managed to talk to 4 new people at this high school.

Question 10

Who is the first guy to ask Bella to prom?

She is so lucky. I think she's asked by 3 different dudes. I asked 1 guy to prom and I think he just ignored me which was pretty dang awkward. Bella goes to this school for like 2 weeks and is already being asked out to prom. I don't think this would ever happen in real life but I guess that's what's so enticing about this series. For once the hottest guy in school notices the plain jane. It's a fantasy girls can live vicariously through Bella.

Question 11

What special power does Edward have?

I mean, aside from being a vampire, being able to sparkle in the sunlight, being super strong, and being super fast. Every single vampire has one special ability. Out of all the special powers, I think I like Edward Cullen's power the least. I would rather be able to bend gravity or something. I could probably mess around with time if I could change gravity or I don't know physics is weird. So can you recall Edward Cullen's special ability?

Question 12

True or false: Edward can read Bella's mind

Well, I know regular people without psychic abilities who can read my mind. The looks on my face usually gives it away. I can sort of read minds too. I can read my mom's mind when she stares at the milkshake I'm drinking. Edward Cullen's special ability is a few notches above that. Then again, it is pretty easy to read the minds of men and I'm sure you know why. It's usually just that one thing or so I've been told.

Question 13

What was Edward dying of before he became a vampire?

Carlisle Cullen was his doctor and he saved Edward by changing him into a vampire. I could see how that could go horribly wrong, though. What if Edward didn't want to live forever? What if he wanted to die then and there? I guess we are supposed to assume that he wanted to be saved from death no matter what. The year was 1918 when Edward became ill. If you're a history buff then that should be a pretty big hint.

Question 14

What are the names of Edward's sisters?

One of Edward Cullen's sisters had long, blond hair while the other one had a short, a brown shaggy pixie cut. The blond haired sister pretends to be Jasper's twin sister even though girl and boy twins isn't medically possible. She also misses her old life quite a bit because it was a lot less complicated. The brown haired girl is about 19 years old and she is considered the kindest and most loving out of all the Cullen and Hale relatives.

Question 15

What kind of car does Edward drive?

I do not believe this is said in the movies. I think you just have to be pretty observant to see it, but it is mentioned in the books many many times. Now every time I see this kind of car I think of Edward Cullen. It must have been embarrassing for Bella to drive her dad's rusty red car while her boyfriend has this nice car, but I think he gets her a car for her birthday at some point.

Question 16

True or false: Edward doesn't sleep at night

Bella's first visit to Edward Cullen's family is a bit awkward. I don' t know who wrote the script but it just seemed so incredibly unnatural but I guess that would make sense since they are vampires. They all look like they are the same age, even the parents. It must suck for Edward Cullen to have to go to high school for the rest of his life or basically all of eternity. Would you want to live forever? I think I would.

Question 17

What game does Bella play with Edward's family?

When this game was introduced to Bella, it showed a very human, and fun side of the Cullens. It also explained why they played this sport in this particularly type of weather. The noise they played it, because of their enhanced strength, could be heard through the whole town if not for the thunder on a stormy day. It's a treat to see Emmett doing what he seems to have been made to do, play sports. Do you remember what sport they played?

Question 18

What are the names of the bad guys in the first Twilight?

This may be a hard question, because there are 3 names to keep track of. The movie does a pretty good job of making the bad guys, look pretty cool. The girl in the group has beautiful long red curly hair which could make any girl watching the movie pretty jealous. A lot of girls have curly hair but not many of them have it as long as she wore hers. Do you think you can conjure up their names?

Question 19

Which bad guy in Twilight gets fixated on Bella?

It was kind of sad to see Bella tell her dad off just so she could leave town. The plan was for Bella to get out of town while this character was on a rampage trying to find her. He manages to lure her into her old dance studio by using a recording of her mother's voice. Meanwhile, everyone else escapes town and tries to figure out a plan to kill this crazy vampire who wants to kill Bella and drink her blood.

Question 20

What is the name of the clan that forces Edward to turn Bella?

I don't understand how Alice's special ability is really all that special. It will only work if the person doesn't change their mind. More accurately, it works when the person has made a decision, and they show the outcome of the decision. People are pretty fickle, though. A lot of people change their minds numerous times when trying to decide on something. I feel like an intuitive, perceptive person could probably do the same thing as what Alice claims she can do.

Question 21

How did Bella get out of James' assault?

Okay well, it turns out that this vampire didn't actually have any one hostage. It was faked so that she would go there alone without Edward or the rest of his family to protect her. She was trying to be brave and felt she needed to protect her mom. I think bold is the right word here for this situation. She should have told Alice and Jasper though, so someone a bit stronger could have her back in the fight, just in case.

Question 22

True or false: Bella uses the mace her father gave her

I bought a little mace thingy off Amazon before going to college. You're supposed to test it out first when buying a brand new one to make sure that it works right. I pressed the button on my new pink mace and it squirted this lovely orange spray into the summer air. Then a big gust of wind came and blew it into my eyes. Yeah it worked alright. That was the only time I used the mace, but it's always good to have.

Question 23

Which vampire can run the fastest?

The action scenes in this movie are pretty good. When Edward goes head to head with James it's actually pretty adrenaline pumping. It's too bad that James broke Bella's leg. That was not fun to watch at all. It was a bit disturbing. It also wasn't fun to see Edward and Bella fall to the ground when James grabs Edward by the foot and pulls him down. That was hard to watch. Do you think you can recall who can run the fastest?

Question 24

Which vampire is considered the most beautiful woman in the world?

Look out Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, and Reese Witherspoon and check out this beautiful woman. I didn't know how to imagine this woman while reading the books. I'm not very creative when it comes to imagining faces from books. I just knew that she had long blonde hair and that she didn't like Bella. It's explained later that she doesn't like a few different things. She doesn't really see what Edward sees, but also Bella has everything she wishes she had, she was still human. So do you know which vampire it is?

Question 25

Which vampire is considered the strongest?

Rosalie is dating the strongest of course. The most beautiful gets the strongest. I guess that's fair. They explain why and how everyone's abilities are chosen. Edward was very perceptive as a human so the amplification of that is brought out with his vampirism, and he can read minds. Rosalie was treated as just a pretty face and was considered beautiful as a human, and as a vampire, that is also amplified and she can basically wow anyone when she enters the room. Another vampire was always strong as a human, and again, that is amplified, who is the strongest?

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