If You Can Get 100% On This Supernatural Quiz, Dean Would Share A Piece Of Pie With You

The Supernatural fandom is one of the most devoted ones out there. It was noted just a few years ago that on Tumblr, the largest active fandoms on their site included Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and Hannibal (we’ll never forgive NBC for cancelling it). However, the biggest of them all was Supernatural’s. Back in the day, the fear was that the show would be cancelled before it could finish its five-year planned arc. Not only did the vociferous fans help the series reach its goal, but Supernatural has just recently concluded its 13th season, and has been renewed for a 14th to air in the fall of 2018.

Fans know this show possibly better than its own actors and writers. But still. 13 seasons. 286 episodes. Backstage stories and convention incidents. That’s a lot of material for anyone to remember; especially if you have a life outside of the fandom (god, could you imagine?).

What we’re trying to say is this: you have an out if you don’t do so well on this trivia quiz. It covers the width and breadth of the series. All the way from the pilot to “Let the Good Times Roll.”

Good hunting.

1What kind of car is Baby?

Sure, Sam and Dean are technically the protagonists, but tell me the show wouldn’t be over if Baby were replaced. I somehow don’t see Supernatural working with the boys tooling around in a Prius. Despite the fact that the car is a classic and the boys don’t make a comfortable living with their minor credit card scams and gambling schemes, they’ve managed to repair Baby repeatedly—even after it was destroyed. And it has been. Many times. It’s almost as if there was a major TV studio paying for the damages.

2What series did creator Eric Kripke take inspiration from?

Eric Kripke originally had a three-season story planned for Supernatural, which was then elaborated to five. While the series remained in a different genre, it took inspiration from several sources—but one specific one in particular. Kripke developed a central mythology/overarching narrative that would be the main thrust of the series. They would check in on this story a few times a season, while most episodes in between dealing with more episodic cases, which helped to color in the world of the series. He lifted the structure from a specific show and had cast some actors from it over the years.

3How many meatsuits did Meg use?

Like 99% of the supporting characters on Supernatural, Meg went underused and probably should not have been killed off. That said, her character arc was clearly one that developed organically—going from implacable villain to respected antagonist and finally to uneasy ally in a way that was logical, careful and still allowed the character to maintain her edge. Also, that potential relationship with Castiel really needed more exploration. That was a special kind of weird that the show really needs more of.

4Which entity did NOT possess Sam?

Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam—and if you didn’t already know that you probably shouldn’t be taking this quiz (but continue anyway, please)—is something of the Peter Sellers of Supernatural. They love having him play several characters, and the easiest way is just to have him get possessed. And he does. A lot. Frankly, so does Dean nowadays, probably just to keep the dynamic fresh. Considering the show has been on for roughly 71 years at this point, you can’t blame the writers for trying to add some spice to the proceedings.

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