If You Can Get 100% On This Supernatural Quiz, Dean Would Share A Piece Of Pie With You

The Supernatural fandom is one of the most devoted ones out there. It was noted just a few years ago that on Tumblr, the largest active fandoms on their site included Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and Hannibal (we’ll never forgive NBC for cancelling it). However, the biggest of them all was Supernatural’s. Back in the day, the fear was that the show would be cancelled before it could finish its five-year planned arc. Not only did the vociferous fans help the series reach its goal, but Supernatural has just recently concluded its 13th season, and has been renewed for a 14th to air in the fall of 2018.

Fans know this show possibly better than its own actors and writers. But still. 13 seasons. 286 episodes. Backstage stories and convention incidents. That’s a lot of material for anyone to remember; especially if you have a life outside of the fandom (god, could you imagine?).

What we’re trying to say is this: you have an out if you don’t do so well on this trivia quiz. It covers the width and breadth of the series. All the way from the pilot to “Let the Good Times Roll.”

Good hunting.

Question 1

What kind of car is Baby?

Sure, Sam and Dean are technically the protagonists, but tell me the show wouldn’t be over if Baby were replaced. I somehow don’t see Supernatural working with the boys tooling around in a Prius. Despite the fact that the car is a classic and the boys don’t make a comfortable living with their minor credit card scams and gambling schemes, they’ve managed to repair Baby repeatedly—even after it was destroyed. And it has been. Many times. It’s almost as if there was a major TV studio paying for the damages.

Question 2

What series did creator Eric Kripke take inspiration from?

Eric Kripke originally had a three-season story planned for Supernatural, which was then elaborated to five. While the series remained in a different genre, it took inspiration from several sources—but one specific one in particular. Kripke developed a central mythology/overarching narrative that would be the main thrust of the series. They would check in on this story a few times a season, while most episodes in between dealing with more episodic cases, which helped to color in the world of the series. He lifted the structure from a specific show and had cast some actors from it over the years.

Question 3

How many meatsuits did Meg use?

Like 99% of the supporting characters on Supernatural, Meg went underused and probably should not have been killed off. That said, her character arc was clearly one that developed organically—going from implacable villain to respected antagonist and finally to uneasy ally in a way that was logical, careful and still allowed the character to maintain her edge. Also, that potential relationship with Castiel really needed more exploration. That was a special kind of weird that the show really needs more of.

Question 4

Which entity did NOT possess Sam?

Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam—and if you didn’t already know that you probably shouldn’t be taking this quiz (but continue anyway, please)—is something of the Peter Sellers of Supernatural. They love having him play several characters, and the easiest way is just to have him get possessed. And he does. A lot. Frankly, so does Dean nowadays, probably just to keep the dynamic fresh. Considering the show has been on for roughly 71 years at this point, you can’t blame the writers for trying to add some spice to the proceedings.

Question 5

What is Bobby Singer’s wife’s name?

What would Supernatural be without a good tragic backstory? I’d hate to find out. Anyway, the story goes that Bobby was once married (but still quite ornery). He loved his wife though. Unfortunately, she became possessed by a demon and was rabid. Though Rufus performed a successful exorcism, Bobby’s wife died of the wounds she suffered while fighting her husband. The guilt and rage caused Bobby to become the Batman of hunters. He became so good and so well-connected that he became famous among the disparate groups of hunters and a deeply hated figure among demons.

Question 6

What is the title of Dean's favorite magazine?

When you live in a bunker, your job requires you to travel and kill people, and your only friendly interactions are with your brother and an angel who still doesn’t understand humor or metaphors, you’re going to get lonely. And bored. And still more lonely. You could even say “a little backed up.” Dean certainly does. Thankfully, he has a massive hard drive and has filled it with all the reading materials. There was even a scene where God was surprised by the width and breadth of Dean Winchester’s collection.

Question 7

What superpower did Sam have?

No, having an amazing head of hair is not a superpower. In season 3, Sam developed a specific power. No, we don’t mean the dream walking, since that came from an African dream root. Rather, he had this ability for quite a while. I don’t remember if he specifically lost it at some point. Look, the show’s been on for 13 years. Some things get a little fuzzy after a while. We’re also not counting the powers he had the multitude of times he was possessed.

Question 8

What monster is this?

supernatural vampire

Not to give it away immediately, but these guys are overused in media. Not to give it away immediately again, but I for one really liked Benny, who was one of these demons, and whom befriended Dean when he was in purgatory. To the series’ credit, these creatures are certainly not romanticized beings of tragedy (for the most part), and their monstrous forms and group-tactics are much more animalistic than we’ve seen in most adaptations. Not only does it feel like a breath of fresh air, but it provides more exciting storytelling.

Question 9

What is Charlie Bradbury's real name?

Hey, look, another character Supernatural killed far too early. Ahh, well, at least with Apocalypse World now there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing another version of Charlie Bradbury sooner rather than later. Perhaps this alternate universe one will use her real name. That’s right—Charlie Bradbury isn’t her real name. Who would have thought? It sounds so natural and not like a pseudonym at all. We did get to learn Charlie’s real name at one point, but it’s certainly one she didn’t want repeated very often.

Question 10

What kills ghosts?

supernatural ghosts

Dispatching a ghost on Supernatural is deceptively simple. Well, if the right factors line up, but elaborating on that would give it all away. Suffice to say, Bobby didn’t know how to make proton packs for the boys. And god knows the show didn’t have the budget for those kinds of special effects anyway. Considering that the series is family friendly enough to usually avoid jump-scares, Supernatural has to tell a more compelling story when it comes to demons rather than rely on empty parlor tricks and the occasional falling book.

Question 11

How many showrunners has the series had?

As we said, series creator Eric Kripke original envisioned a three, and then eventually, a five-season arc for the show. Ratings for the series were not particularly great, so there was a real fear among fans and Kripke himself that they were never going to finish the story. Of course, the series did get to tell its arc, and we’re now in season 13. However, having told the story Kripke wanted to tell, he stepped down as showrunner after the fifth season to work on other projects. While he remains a creative consultant for the program, he has left the helm of the series.

Question 12

What is Sam afraid of?

Sam and Dean have been through some rough times. Their mother was murdered when they were young. Their father was…not great. They’re stuck wearing lots of flannel. The list goes on. However, even in a world where the two brothers have literally fought the devil and Adolf Hitler within mere weeks of the other, they are still both afraid of things. And we don’t mean specific creatures like Yellow Eyes or whom have you. We mean common fears like us common folk.

Question 13

What is Dean afraid of?

For Dean, of course, it’s a bit different. While both the brothers’ respective fears both played for narrative strength and for laughs, Dean’s is naturally a bit funnier. Of the two, he’s the most ornery, gruff, and hard-boiled. Some of it is an air he puts on, but a great deal of it is reflective of the rough life he’s led. That’s why, when Dean meets his fear, you can’t help but laugh at him a bit. It makes him human and more fallible.

Question 14

What monster is this?

Wendigo supernatural

This is the first monster-of-the-week the boys dealt with. Of course, by saying this, I’m immediately giving the question away to the super-fans. Hell, you could even just look it up on Google. Well, you can do that with just about anything, but why would you do it for these quizzes? This isn’t the SATs. There’s no point in cheating here. Anyway, look, we’re getting off topic here. These are ugly creatures, but they are much uglier in the accepted mythology of the beasts.

Question 15

What Star Trek series does Bobby Singer like?

Dean himself is actually an acknowledged Star Trek fan. He’s made references to the franchise over the years. However, there’s one scene in particular, where Dean makes a reference that goes over the heads of Bobby and Sam. He mentions it’s from Star Trek, but Sam doesn’t watch it, and Bobby only watched one series. In real life, Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby, was married to a woman who had a recurring role on that Trek series. When she passed away, the Supernatural writers wrote in the scene as an ode to her.

Question 16

The “Hammer of the Gods” episode features deities from different religions. Which was left out?

Supernatural gods

As season 5 approached its end, so did the prophecy about Lucifer escaping his cage and destroying the world. This peeved the deities of the other major religions/mythologies; not only because they could potentially be destroyed as well, but because, hey, all their stories have their own apocalypses too. Why does Lucifer get to enact his and they don’t get to enact theirs? Yeah, gods aren’t very nice. Strangely enough, not everybody was invited to the deity meeting to discuss the approaching apocalypse. Perhaps they were busy, or maybe they were purposely uninvited because they’re particularly disliked or something. It’s fun to speculate.

Question 17

Who/what killed Mary Winchester (the first time)?

The series begins on a telling note: Mary Winchester is suddenly launched and stuck onto the ceiling. She then spontaneously combusts. Clearly, some shenanigans are afoot, since most people tend not to die that way, even at home. This sent her husband John on a tailspin; he began a quest for vengeance on the entity that did this. It would become a generational mission; Sam and Dean were essentially drafted into this war as children, and it wasn’t until they were in their 20s that the reasons why Mary was killed were revealed, and the creature behind it was summarily executed.

Question 18

Why was Sam drinking demon blood?


Sam has been through the thresher quite a bit over the years. Of the brothers, he’s certainly the more sympathetic one, and the easier to identify with. So, yeah, tends to suffer a little more than Dean, though not by a large margin. Sam does, however, have weirder things happen to him. Like getting caught in a melodramatic love triangle with a woman who thought her husband who was dead but turned out to be recovering in secret. Or, you know, drinking demon blood.

Question 19

Can you cure a werewolf?

werewolf supernatural

Well, a silver bullet sure cures ‘em! But all kidding aside, folks, we’ve come across enough werewolves in Supernatural to recall how most of these encounters end. Sure, Supernatural has put their own spin on the myth and presented the situations and episodes carefully to keep things (mostly) fresh over the years without getting too repetitive. That said, this is a pretty easy question. Yes or no. And, sadly, we can’t count killing them as a cure. It’s a solution.

Question 20

How did Sam escape Lucifer's cage?

Season 5 ended rather strangely. The series’ mythology was wrapped up. Characters died, Sam ended up stuck in the cage with Michael and Lucifer, and Dean received well-deserved respite. But then Sam just materializes outside Dean’s house and walks away. It’s likely that the intended end of Kripke’s run was altered so that the show could continue without him. If, perhaps, the show had been cancelled ahead of time, it’s likely the last few minutes would have been different. Instead, season 5, is, well, another season finale rather than a series one.

Question 21

What monster is this?

Shapeshifter supernatural

These creatures are featured quite often on Supernatural. It’s easy to use them to play narrative tricks throughout an episode. While they look ostensibly human, they have features that give them away. When exposed to certain kinds of light or captured on video, their eyes glow a sickly color. Like several other entities on the series, dogs can also see through their façade, and they have a specific vulnerability to silver. Clearly the Midnight Rider was no fan of these monsters. That was an Allman Brothers reference, folks.

Question 22

Who killed Azazel?

Before learning his true name, the boys called Azazel—the demon who killed their mother—Yellow Eyes. Brent Spiner referred Data, his character on Star Trek: The Next Generation, as Yellow Eyes as well. This has no bearing on the conversation, but I am a font of useless trivia, and there’s a factoid for you. Anyway, yeah, the Winchesters didn’t much care for Azazel and their need for revenge necessitated them finding a way to kill demons rather than just exorcise them. They eventually do and one character specifically ventilated the SOB.

Question 23

Which fading rock star did Lucifer possess?

Vince Vincente supernatural

God and Lucifer were seldom seen after season 5. The idea was that their arcs were finished, and the writers didn’t want to touch the original mythology—thinking they’d let the characters leave with Kripke. However, after almost ten years, the characters returned. Lucifer escaped his cage and needed a new meatsuit. In perfect Supernatural fashioned, he took the body of an aging rock and roll icon. Strangely, the fictional musician was played by a real-life musician, who did a damn fine job of playing Lucifer without betraying Mark Pellegrino’s foundations for the character.

Question 24

How many times has the Impala been destroyed?

1967 Chevy Impala

In a show featuring demons and starring two brothers who have died and returned more times than South Park’s Kenny McCormick, the least realistic thing about it is the Impala’s ability to not only be totaled but in getting it back up and running like new in no time at all. Sam and Dean aren’t exactly wealthy, and as the Impala gets older, it becomes harder and harder to locate viable replacement parts. However, this admittedly minor plot hole can easily be filled it they introduce a retcon that the Men of Letters bunker has a 3D printer.

Question 25

How many time travel incidents are there?

supernatural dean winchester

We have Lucifer in a rock band, God is a neurotic writer and has a sister who no one had ever heard of before. There’s even one episode where a teddy bear came to life, became depressed and attempted to kill himself. We may as well bring time travel into this too. Sam and Dean have traveled through time, and so have angels and demons, and anyone else when the plot requires it. It’s all more than a little silly, but when Supernatural embraces the silliness, the time travel episodes work out reasonably well.

Question 26

What monster is this?

Leviathan supernatural

Shapeshifters are cousins to these much older menaces. A group of them were the big bads of season 7, which, well, wasn’t great. The standalone episodes were quite good, but the overarching story was pretty dull. This is largely due to the fact that there wasn’t much in the way of personal stakes for the characters. While these monsters posed a considerable threat to humanity, their plot and the presented villains felt dissociated from the rest of the series. And the Dick Roman jokes got very tired, very quickly.

Question 27

What was the name of Lucifer’s original meat suit?

Like many angels and demons, they need to possess a person in order to walk around on earth. Lucifer chose a broken man whose wife and infant was recently murdered by a home invader. The man stayed in the home, essentially making it a shrine to his lost family. Clearly one of Supernatural’s darkest moments, it made him a tragic character, and ever easier for Lucifer to seduce into allowing him access to the man’s soul. It not only underlined the man’s sad existence but the manipulative lows Lucifer would stoop to.

Question 28

Which demon did Sam sleep with?

Sam’s relationship with one demon is so complicated and weird that it has its own page on Supernatural’s wikia. Like many of the series’ recurring demons, this character used a number of different meatsuits over the years. This one was played by two—a blonde and a brunette (the latter of whom became Jared Padalecki’s real-life wife, making this whole thing even weirder). Then again, considering the multitude of different “ships” that the fans of the show subscribe to, it might make it more romantic. Anyway, the character eventually betrayed Sam, fooling him into drinking demon blood.

Question 29

Where is the Men of Letters bunker located?

Men of Letters Bunker supernatural

Supernatural has admittedly lost its direction since the overarching narrative ended in season 5. The season-spanning stories are fine, but there’s little sense of where the show is actually heading. There doesn’t actually feel like there’s a point. By adding the Men of Letters concept to the show, it has helped establish the larger world outside of the Winchesters and deepens the history of the war between humans and demons. While Supernatural is still rather rudderless, the Men of Letters has given the series more color.

Question 30

Which ex-girlfriend of Sam’s did Dean kill?

“The Girl Next Door” is one of the darkest episodes of the series. In it, we learn of Sam’s first love, who turned out to be a kitsune (they look human but eat brains). Young Sam let her get away before John and Dean could kill her. Years later, she shows up again, having started killing again (just bad people) to use the brains to help her ailing son. In secret, Dean kills her, and warns her now-orphaned 8-year-old son that if he started killing, Dean would kill him too.

Question 31

What monster is this?

Nephilim supernatural

These creatures were only introduced recently into Supernatural, though their real-life mythology has been the fodder for many stories over the years. Incredibly powerful and considered abominations by angels and demons alike, we’ve only ever met three, though only one of them is still currently active. Their powers make them nigh-invincible, and are often more powerful than angels themselves, which is why they are often hunted and killed while they’re still young. Angels aren’t usually good guys on this show, if you haven’t noticed.

Question 32

Why did Gadreel possess Sam?

Gadreel was the worst security guard in human history, having been tricked by Lucifer into entering the Garden of Eden, where he, you know, tempted Eve with original sin and doomed humanity ever-after. Even for an immortal, it takes a while to live that down. His arc in the series was one of redemption, but it didn’t come easily. He had to move from vessel to vessel, including possessing an unaware Sam Winchester for a time. However, as per Supernatural rules, he was killed off before we grew too attached.

Question 33

How did Dean become a demon?

Demon_dean supernaturalDemon_dean supernatural

Isn’t it funny how demon Dean wasn’t all that different than regular Dean? This was likely intentional. Dean once deserved to lead the happy life Sam had after he left for college. However, when given that happiness, he was still quite paranoid about demons and whatnot. Over the years, he’s become less and less redeemable, often became as violent, distant and unforgiving as the creatures he and Sam fought. It’s created problems. Of course, then he became a demon for a while, which meant…very little changed.

Question 34

Who is this character?

Adam_Milligan supernatural

We can’t blame you if you aren’t quite sure. You’ve probably forgotten about him. God knows Sam, Dean and the Supernatural writing staff certainly has. However, we think there’s still a story in there for the character, if he does show up again. Hell, by bringing him back it might even knock the series out of the doldrums again and give Supernatural the direction it has long needed to find again. Bringing this character back would create a personal story for Sam and Dean, and if done correctly, revitalize it.

Question 35

Who has died the most?

Winchesters supernatural

We’ve mentioned several times during the quiz that death isn’t really something to worry about on Supernatural. You really can’t feel too much concern for the lives of characters who have return from the dead multiple times and have literally killed Death in the past. Death is not so much a revolving door in the series as much as it is an open hallway. That said, one of these characters has died more than any of the others by a wide margin.

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