If You Can Get 100% On This New Moon Quiz, Jacob Will Pick You

Have you read all the books in the Twilight saga? Have you seen all the movies and think you know your Twilight trivia? Well, if you know the movie New Moon especially well then you'll have no trouble earning a perfect score on this quiz. In the movie, New Moon, a lot of interesting and adrenaline-pumping things happen. First Edward leaves Bella which causes her a huge depression that lasts months. The only person who was able to yank her from her despair was her childhood friend Jacob Black aka Jake. Together they bond and spend a great deal of time together that manifests as love on Jacob's end. As for Bella she is not so sure because she thinks she is still in love with Edward after all that time. Jake becomes a bit angry and standoffish towards Bella and that's when things get really interesting.

For the first time we get to see werewolves and vampires battle it out. Who wins Bella at the end of the day? Who saves her when Edward is no longer there to protect her? There are a ton of dire situations that happen to Bella but if you've been watching closely you'll remember how it all unfolds.

Question 1

Who plays Bella Swan?

In the very beginning of the movie Bella wakes up from a terrible and disturbing nightmare. In the dream she finds Edward in the woods and in the distance Bella spots an old woman. When Edward and Bella get closer and closer to the old woman, Bella discovers that she is in fact the old woman. Edward kisses her hand and at that point Bella wakes up gasping. This is to show us that Bella is worried about growing old without Edward.

Question 2

Who plays Jacob?

Jacob is the star of this movie and book. Who is better to keep Bella occupied and not focused on Edward other than a werewolf? Jacob does a pretty good job at distracting her and being her rebound after Edward and his family leave Forks. If you're on team Jacob then you probably loved this book the most out of the entire Twilight trilogy. So do you think you remember who played Jacob Black in the movie, New Moon?

Question 3

What does Bella's dad buy her for her birthday?

Bella and her dad have a cute relationship in the movies. You can tell he is really trying to be a good dad and a prominent father figure in her life. He does it in an embarrassed and sheepish way but at least he tries. He tries to remain on speaking terms with her mother. He never tries to insult her or try to break up their relationship. He's a pretty good day. So do you remember what her dad gives her?

Question 4

What does Jacob get Bella for her birthday?

It's pretty awkward whenever Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are near each other due not only to their long history of their families hating each other but because they are both in love with the same girl. They're like deer bucking their antlers together. At least Edward is being a good sport about it. Whenever Bella wants to talk to Jacob he lets her and doesn't put up a fight about it. So do you remember what he gave Bella?

Question 5

Who are the Volturi?

It's still the very beginning of the movie and Edward is still with Bella. He is still meeting her before class, walking the high school hallways with her, and talking to her during class. All is well in Bella's world. She tells him to not give her a gift because all she needs is him. Much to Bella's dissatisfaction, Alice still gives Bella a present and Jasper uses his mood control to get Bella to accept the gift. What a dangerous power!

Question 6

Who tried attacking Bella at her birthday party?

Alice put together the entire party and even bought Bella a beautiful green dress. All is well and Bella is opening up her gifts from the rest of the Cullen family. Emmett gives her a new sound system for her truck much to Rosalie's disgust. Eventually Rosalie comes around and starts accepting Bella but that isn't for awhile. There's a reason why she detests Bella. At her birthday party Bella accidentally cuts her finger opening a present and all hell breaks loose.

Question 7

Why doesn't Edward want to change Bella into a vampire?

Anyone could completely understand why Bella wants to be turned so badly. She doesn't think Edward will love her if she looks like an old woman. Once she says this Edward becomes distraught because he doesn't think Bella understands how much he cares about her. The clock is ticking for Bella, though, and she is already one year older than him. It is very selfless of Edward to leave Bella at this point. He doesn't want her to get hurt by his family.

Question 8

Where's the last place Bella sees Edward before he disappears?

This is very hard part in the movie to watch. He tells her that he is leaving Forks and that she can't go with him. To top it all off, he tells her that he doesn't want her. Outch! He thinks he's doing the right thing but Bella is still trying to talk him out of it. He asks her to not doing anything reckless and he tells her that that will be the last time she'll ever seen him.

Question 9

Who does Bella try emailing?

Bella is totally and completely broken without Edward. Months and months go by and she is completely checked out of life emotionally speaking. She has no one to talk to and she has resorted to sitting by herself at Edward's old table at lunch. She channels her despair via email and hopes it somehow reaches Edward. She knows those emails won't reach him, though. Her dad has to wake her up at night because of her nightmares. Do you remember her email recipient?

Question 10

Why does Bella go with a member of a biker gang?

Bella is a wreck but she still tries to convince her dad that she is alright and that she doesn't want to leave Forks to go to Jacksonville. She calls up her friend, Jessica, and invites her to go to the mall to shop together. Her dad knows she doesn't like shopping but accepts it anyway. They go to see a movie and as they are leaving the theater Bella notices the same gang from earlier. Do you know why she gets on the back of a guy's motorcycle?

Question 11

What does Bella give to Jacob to fix up?

Okay so Jessica really ragged on Bella for going off with some "homeboy loser" and you can't really blame her. She must have been worried sick about her friend. Bella doesn't try to stick up for herself because she knows that what she did was wrong. She is, however, still wanting to get a jolt of adrenaline because that's the only time she can hallucinate and see Edward's face. At least she has Jacob to keep her out of trouble.

Question 12

How old is Jacob at this point?

He is still sporting the long hair. It's basically down to his butt. Bella doesn't seem to mind too much at all. Plus with Edward Cullen out of the picture, she can get to know Jacob Black a bit more. Eventually they get to be quite close while Edward is out of the way. Does she love him? It's hard to say, but Jacob Black definitely falls for Bella. Unrequited love can be such a bummer sometimes. Do you know his age?

Question 13

Which one of Bella's friends had seen a werewolf?

The motorcycle Bella Swan and Jake Black went on was cut a bit short due to Bella's clumsiness and her desire to create a dangerous situation so that she'd see Edward again. At first she is doing pretty well but then she is thrown off the bike and into a rock. Thankfully Jacob is there to rescue her and gives her his shirt to blot up the blood coming from her forehead. Do you remember which friend saw a werewolf?

Question 14

Which one of Bella's friends asked her out on a date?

Bella's face is priceless when she is asked out. You can tell she isn't very interested but she is trying to live her life without Edward as hard as it may be. She says that she doesn't want to see any romantic comedies or anything having to do with romance really. She says she wants to see an action packed movie because of the adrenaline rush it will give her. Do you remember who asks Bella out on a date?

Question 15

Which of Bella's friends throws up during the movie?

Well it was pretty unfortunate but a few of her friends couldn't make it because they had previous engagements which leaves Bella with an awkward love triangle. The action movie was pretty gory and intense which made one of her friends have to rush off to the bathroom while Jacob makes fun of them a little bit. Jacob is clearly into Bella but she's not letting him get close to her. She may be afraid of getting hurt again like she was with Edward.

Question 16

Why does Bella not want to get too close to Jake?

It's hard to love again after you've been hurt badly in the past. It seems like a risk not worth taking and that's exactly what Bella is thinking whenever Jake wants to do romantic things with her like hold her hand. This leaves Jake feeling incredibly confused and you can't really blame him. After all she does spend a lot of time with him and acts like she is his girlfriend. You can't really blame the guy for thinking they are something more.

Question 17

True or false: Jake cuts his hair off and gets a tattoo

Bella hurts Jake pretty badly when she says she doesn't want to get close to him because of her last relationship with Edward Cullen. He goes radio silent for a few days. His dad, Billy Black, tells Bella that he is sick with mono. He doesn't return any of her calls. Eventually Bella finds Jacob in the pouring rain outside his house. She realizes that he was never really sick. This is when Bella starts to get hurt. Jake is leaving her kind of like how Edward left her.

Question 18

What's the name of Jacob's gang leader?

It's strange because we are introduced to this person as a bad guy. He is someone who doesn't obey rules and tries to lead a bunch of younger men. Now Jacob has joined his gang, much to Bella's surprise. She thinks that he did that to redirect his focus away from how Bella rejected him but he says that's not the reason. Jake tells Bella that he isn't a good guy and then just like that he runs off into the forest.

Question 19

Who does Bella find in the woods?

Okay so this is where things start to get really intense. Bella is still reeling from Jake's rejection and went into the woods to find mental clarity and maybe to find Edward again where they used to lay in the field together. Bella looks up and finds this deadly character. There's no one around to help Bella anymore. Edward and Jake are totally gone so we wonder if this is it for Bella. Thankfully someone does come to her rescue.

Question 20

Who saves Bella from Laurent?

Laurent tells Bella that he is exacting revenge for Victoria because Edward killed her mate. Bella begins to hallucinate Edward's face again and hears him trying to help her out by telling her to lie to Laurent and to threaten him if he harms her. All this does is stall some time until her saviors come and rescue her. They chase Laurent into the woods and Bella is safe again. Do you remember who saves Bella when she is alone in the woods?

Question 21

How does Jake get into Bella's house?

At this point Jake is pretty ripped from his werewolf activities which force him to be in excellent shape from all that running around. Bella is glad to see him but she's confused about why he's acting the way he's been acting. He doesn't really give her too much information because he claims it's a big secret that she can't know about which bothers the both of them. He's out to protect her from Victoria and Laurent but she can't know he's protecting her.

Question 22

What does Jake say when Bella asks him to run away with her?

Jake is acting very peculiar around Bella for a reason he can't tell her. They embrace for awhile before he jumps out her window and runs away into darkness. Now Bella is feeling pretty bad because he's the second guy to leave her without really telling her why. Jake wishes Bella knew what was going on with him and he's perplexed as to how she hasn't figured it out yet. So do you remember his reasoning for not leaving Forks with Bella?

Question 23

Why does Bella slap Sam?

She finally puts it together that Jake is a werewolf. It comes to her while she is sleeping and once she wakes up she immediately goes straight to Billy Black's house and asks where Jake is. She finds him sleeping peacefully yet she is still angry. She sees Sam and his gang members walking towards the Blacks' house and she runs over to Sam demanding answers. He mocks her and laughs at her until she slaps him right across the face.

Question 24

True or false: Jake comes to save Bella from Sam

Here's another dangerous situation that Bella got herself into. She just narrowly escape from Laurent but now she's literally dealing with a different kind of animal. The gang members tell Bella to back away from Sam because he's getting angry from her accusations and the slap across the face she gave him. Sam turns into a werewolf which Bella sees for the first time and tries to attack her. Do you remember whether or not Jacob comes to save her?

Question 25

Who is this?

Okay this is Sam's girlfriend who appears to have been touched by the werewolves at some point in her life. It's looks like grey scale like from Game of Thrones. This is Bella's first time meeting her and the other guys from Jake's gang advise her to not stare when she meets her. Nevertheless, Bella Swan is still caught off guard when she first sees this woman's face. This woman handles it very gracefully and asks Bella who she is.

Question 26

What does Bella learn about Sam's werewolf gang?

His gang members try to intimidate her by saying they can run faster than vampires and that they are deadlier than vampires. Bella says she is unfazed but deep down she is completely freaked out. Sam's fiance reassures her and offers her and the boys muffins which helps Bella relax a bit before Jake shows up. She is totally grateful that he is okay and they go on a walk together in the woods. What does Bella learn about them?

Question 27

What activates the werewolf gene?

Bella is still pretty freaked out but she calms down on her walk along the beach with Jake. He tells her all about werewolves and she accept this information as fact pretty quickly since her world is already crazy as it is from knowing Edward and his family. Only some people in Jake's tribe have the gene and unfortunately Jake has it. This leads to them not being able to have a relationship together. Jake tells her something pretty important here. What is it?

Question 28

Who are the werewolves after?

Okay so thankfully Jake and his gang of werewolves took down Laurent, the vampire that tried to kill Bella Swan from earlier. According to Jake it was pretty dang easy to do. Now they are after a new vampire and Jake doesn't know why she keeps coming back. Bella knows why. It's because she's trying to get to Bella. Bella fears quite a bit for Jake's safety yet he tells her over and over again that they are completely fine.

Question 29

What does Bella try to do to get Edward to come back?

She is pretty gutsy. Despite her hallucinated Edward, she still goes through with her plan to bring him back. At this point her life is pretty chaotic. Her dad is after Jacob and his werewolf gang. They are after Victoria and Edward Cullen is still missing. She is desperate to bring him back and decides to embark on a bold move. She doesn't even hesitate. Do you remember what she does to bring back the love of her life, Edward, back?

Question 30

Who does Bella find after committing her bold stunt?

It looks as if Bella is going to make it, then tragedy strikes. She comes face to face with someone completely unexpected and she has no one to save her since she didn't tell anyone where she was going. It doesn't look good for Bella at this point. If Edward has any kind of Bella sense then he really needs to be using it now or else she won't last much longer. Do you remember who Bella comes in contact with?

Question 31

Who rescues Bella?

The situation looks pretty bleak for Bella. She appears to be totally and completely lifeless and while she is unconscious she hallucinates that Edward Cullen is drifting along lifelessly beside her. They both appear dead. Just in the nick of time, someone reaches out and grabs her. If it wasn't for this very important person Edward would have to live with the fact that she died while he was away and that he should have stayed to keep her safe.

Question 32

Who dies from a heart attack?

So Jake brings her a bit of bad news. They are going to have his or her funeral service pretty soon. Unfortunately, this person suffered a heart attack because this person got to witness someone change from a human to a werewolf which makes total sense. Luckily, Bella survives her suicidal stunt and is able to rejoin Jake back in Forks. Jake scolds her for doing something so reckless and he helps her to her feet and takes her home.

Question 33

What makes Bella want to cozy up to Jacob?

Jake is now taking Bella home to her dad's house after nearly dying to bring Edward back from wherever he went. Jake likes that Bella is finally showing him some kind of affection as he smiles to himself while driving her home. Jake's special little power is something a lot of girls would totally adore. Jake claims it is a werewolf thing but Bella insists it is a Jacob thing. So what do you think makes her want to sit close to Jake?

Question 34

How did Emily get her scar?

Jake finally tells us why she has a scar on the right side of her face. He tells her so that Bella can be warned and so she can be safe. He only tells her this so that she doesn't suffer the same fate as Sam's fiancé, Emily. He must care about her an awful lot to be saying this because it is a known fact that he has romantic feelings for Bella Swan. So what did he say exactly?

Question 35

Whose car does Bella find once Jake drops her off back home?

Here's a hint. It belongs to a member of the Cullen or Hale family. So it belongs to a vampire. Bella is overjoyed when she notices this car and rushes inside her house to find Alice who eagerly embraces her. We find out that Alice thought Bella had died because one of her visions told her that. It worried Edward a lot too so much that he convinced his family to go back to Forks. Whose car does she see?

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