If You Can Get 100% On This Eclipse Quiz, You'll Have Your Pick Of Edward or Jacob

Are you team Jacob or are you team Edward? Have you gotten into fights with your friends over which guy Bella should be with? Have you seen Eclipse so many times that you can say the lines along with the actors and actresses? Then you should have no problem getting a great score on this quiz! In this quiz you'll be asked about Rosalie's and Jasper's backstories. You'll be asked about the Volteri and the events that happened once the newborn vampires from Seattle. You will be asked about Victoria and Riley. If any of these names seem unfamiliar or strange to you then you might want to watch the movie again before taking this quiz. After all you want to ace this quiz, right?

Finally Bella has to choose between Edward and Jacob. Which will she pick? One guy will get heartbroken and the other will be the happiest man alive, so long as Charlie (Bella's dad) doesn't kill him for dating his only daughter. No matter what her choice is the other guy will gracefully accept it because both of them are kind-hearted gentlemen. But which one will she ultimately pick to marry and spend the rest of her life with?

Question 1

Finish this quote: "Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in _____."

The movie opens with a very dramatic rainy scene where a young man gets attacked by some entity. Maybe it's a vampire or maybe it's a werewolf. It's hard to say. Then we find Bella and Edward laying in a field of flowers together while she studies for her English final. It's very romantic and very cute at the same time. Bella is really glad to have Edward Cullen back into her life after all those months of him being away.

Question 2

Why won't Bella marry Edward?

Bella is really sticking to her guns on this one and really no one can blame her. Edward keeps asking her over and over again. It's probably pretty difficult to say no to a beautiful guy who is sparkling in the sunshine right next to you in an open field. Anyone would probably say yes but if you have seen this movie before then you know exactly what happens. So do you remember what Bella's reasoning was for not marrying Edward?

Question 3

What does Edward get Bella as a graduation present?

Edward Cullen just wants Bella to live a happy, normal and safe life which is part of the reason why he wants her to marry him. It was an old custom back from when he was growing up that marriage means "I love you" which is why he is so persistent on the topic. Her dad wants her to spend more time with Jacob Black because his father is worried about him. That seems to be the only thing Edward doesn't want Bella to do.

Question 4

What's her name?

Remember Harry from the last movie? He died of a heart attack from watching a werewolf transform in front of him while he was in the woods. This is his daughter and she does not like Bella one bit. She doesn't like Bella because she thinks that Bella tortures Jake by only wanting to be his friend. Right when Jake introduces her to Bella she gives Bella a glare and runs away into the woods. Do you remember her name?

Question 5

What's imprinting?

Finally after weeks of radio silence, Bella is able to catch up with good old friend Jacob Black. They go out to the reservation where she meets up with all the other werewolves in Jake's pack. We get to see Emily again along with Sam Uley. They are all trying to get to Victoria because she is after Bella. After talking about Emily and Sam for awhile, Jake explains the process of imprinting to Bella. Do you remember what it means?

Question 6

When is Bella supposed to become a vampire?

Okay so Jacob become pretty angry with Bella when he finds out just how little time he has with her being a human being. He says something very out of line and it hurts Bella a lot. He said he would rather her be dead than to be transformed into a nonliving vampire. He takes it back and apologizes to her though because he still cares for her even if he doesn't agree with the decisions she's been making lately.

Question 7

What happens when Jake kisses Bella?

Jake claims he can give Bella a lot more than what Edward can give her. He tells her that she won't have to give up everyone she knows and loves. She won't have to change into a monster according to him. He insists that Bella does have feelings for him but won't admit it. During their walk along some pristine landscape Jake Black tries to kiss Bella. Do you remember what Bella Swan does when Jake Black tries to kiss her?

Question 8

Why does Rosalie dislike Bella?

This is when we get to hear all about Rosalie's back story. She grew up in the early 1900s and was betrothed to a very nasty man who attacked her along with his buddies while drunk one night. Carlisle found her bleeding in the streets and tried to help her as best he could. Luckily for Rosalie she was able to exact revenge on her fiance. She killed his friends first and left him for last. Do you remember why Rosalie dislikes Bella?

Question 9

What did Rosalie say Bella will end up liking more than Edward once she turns into a vampire?

Bella probably needed to hear this from Rosalie. Edward tends to tell Bella little fibs to keep her safe and honestly he does want her to become a vampire like him. He calls it selfishness while others would call it love. Rosalie had no reason to lie to Bella or mince words. She told Bella exactly what happened and how it happened when she was changed from a human to a vampire because of Carlisle. Do you remember what Rosalie said?

Question 10

Who gave the valedictorian speech?

It was a really nice speech too. It made Bella question her decision because unlike what the speaker said, her decision is permanent. If you have seen the movie, then you'll know what she ultimately chooses. It isn't all too surprising either. The speaker said to make many mistakes so that when it comes time to decide for sure you'll know it is the right decision for you. This is a great speech to listen to in your 20s in my opinion.

Question 11

What does Jake give Bella as a graduation present?

Jake and his wolf pack friends arrive at the graduation party even though they are only 16 or 17 years old. Jake comes to apologize to Bella about the kiss and her injuring her hand. Bella accepts the apology and she is given a present which she loves. Alice watches all this from a staircase and has a disturbing vision of a bunch of new vampires smelling a red t-shirt. Do you remember what Jake gives Bella as a graduation present?

Question 12

What did Alice see in her vision during the party?

The werewolves and Cullen and Hale family are uniting to protect Bella from the new vampires that were terrorizing Seattle. They have 4 days to prepare and to create a battle strategy with Sam Uley's werewolf pack. Despite Bella's protest, Jake offers his help to protect Bella from the vampires. Bella is terrified that Jake is going to get hurt but he insists that that is his job and that he will be okay. Do you remember what Alice sees?

Question 13

Who has experience dealing with newborn vampires?

Emotions are flying high while Edward Cullen and his family are practicing to fight off the newborn vampires in Seattle. We get to see them battle it off against each other while the wolves watch. Bella is deeply concerned about the well-being of Jake and his wolf pack as well as Edward and his family. She feels pretty guilty knowing that the newborn vampires are coming to Forks because of her. Do you remember who has experience dealing with newborns?

Question 14

What's Jasper's special ability?

Now we finally get to see Jasper's backstory. His pretty interesting and heinous all at the same time. He was turned by a woman named Maria who wanted to create an army of newly turned vampires. It was Jasper's job to train these vampires as well as his job to dispose of them when they were no longer newborns because at that point they were useless to Maria. Jasper's job was made especially difficult because of this special ability he possessed.

Question 15

What's the plan for masking Bella's scent?

Bella convinces Edward that in order for her to be safe he must stick with her during the fight between his family and the wolves versus the newborn vampires in Seattle. But remember Bella has the most enticing smell of all the other humans so something needs to be done about her scent because it will ultimately lead Victoria and her army to her and Edward no matter where they hide. Do you remember what plan they come up with?

Question 16

True or false: Jake is the alpha wolf in his first pack

Jake never really wanted to be a wolf or in a wolf pack. He wanted a normal life like Rosalie, however, he must accept the life he has. So he is doing everything in his power to protect Bella because he loves her and becomes he is powerful enough to stop the newborn vampires. Edward doesn't like his involvement in the fight but there's nothing he can really do. If it guarantees Bella's safety then he is all for it.

Question 17

What's Bella's alibi during the fight?

Okay so luckily her dad was going fishing that weekend anyway so Bella didn't have to be too creative when preparing for her rendezvous with Edward. As well all know Charlie isn't very fond of Edward because he doesn't really trust him. He likes Jake way better because he knows Jake's family. The weekend before the fight the vampires are going off to hunt to fuel up before their big fight against the newborn vampires from Victoria's army in Seattle.

Question 18

True or false: Edward wants to marry Bella before they have sex

We find out in this movie that Bella is still a virgin which she mentions to her father in a very awkward and cringey way. Charlie, Bella's father, is grateful that she hasn't lost her virginity yet and he seems to like Edward Cullen a lot more once he is told this. Bella and Edward definitely get the opportunity to have sex the night his family goes hunting before the big vampire fight but do you remember if they actual do it?

Question 19

Who is this on the right?

Okay so the movie opened up with this guy being bit by a vampire. He was agonizing over the wound in his hand back in Seattle. He is the official ring leader of the newborn vampire group in Seattle, Washington and he is Victoria's puppet. She is using him to get to Bella and the rest of the Cullens. He is to Victoria as Jasper was to Maria. For what it's worth, Victoria is the red-headed girl on the right.

Question 20

Why isn't Bella wearing her ring while she and Edward are out trying lead the newborn vampires down the wrong path?

So in this movie Edward finally proposes to Bella while they spend the night as his house while his family go off on a hunting trip. While his family is gone, they try to lead the newborn vampire army astray by putting her scent in random places throughout the forests in Forks. Edward notices she isn't wearing the ring his mother had owned before her and is visibly heartbroken. Bella offers up an excuse as to why she isn't wearing the ring, but what's her real excuse?

Question 21

Where do Bella and Edward stay while the newborn vampires arrive?

Their plan seems foolproof at this time. Jake was able to carry Bella through the woods to hide her scent and to confuse the newborn vampires. Now Edward, Jake and Bella all stick together while the fight starts. Of course there is some rivalry between Jake and Edward since they are both in love with the same girl. Jake doesn't seem to give up even while knowing that Bella is going to marry Edward and turn into a vampire just like him.

Question 22

Who says this line: "I'm hotter than you"?

It's pretty hysterical when the person in question says this to the other person in question. There's definitely a double meaning hidden in there and that's a huge hint by the way. Bella is freezing her butt off while she, Jake and Edward hide out in the woods. Her teeth are chattering during the rainstorm and Edward is deeply concerned. Since it is raining so hard there is no way they can build a fire to keep her warm either.

Question 23

Why does Bella become angry with Edward?

So Bella, Jake and Edward wake up to a wintry, frosty morning after the rainstorm. Bella and Edward rehash the events of last night and what they felt during it. Edward said it was not one of his favorite evenings and then he goes on to say one of his most favorite evenings with Bella was when she agreed to marrying him. Bella tells him that that was her favorite evening too. Then why does Bella become angry with Edward?

Question 24

What does Bella tell Jake to make him stay with her?

So Jake is understandingly disappointed in Bella's choice of marrying Edward over him. He is angry and emotional and he just wants to release his anger. He tells Bella that he's going to go off killing things because he is so angry. Bella is concerned and runs after Jake. She says a bunch of things to make him stay but nothing is good enough for him. Finally Bella says something a bit more personal which is enough to make Jake stay.

Question 25

Who does Bella love the most?

You gotta feel sorry for Edward at this point. Clearly without a doubt he loves Bella Swan very much, but it's also clear that she loves Jake as well. There's a point where we doubt Bella's love for Edward after the events that took place while they were hiding from Victoria's newborn vampire army. We aren't sure who she'll choose. Both men really care about her so it makes super difficult for Bella to choose. Which do you think she loves the most?

Question 26

Who is Victoria's real lover?

Edward Cullen does his best to keep Bella safe and he uses his ability to read minds to his advantage. He is able to get into not only Bella's mind but Victoria's and Riley's as well. He uses this power to his full advantage. Riley is originally from Forks so he knows the area really well. He was turned into a vampire in Seattle, Washington. It's not clear as to why he was there but that's how the story goes.

Question 27

Who does Riley believe?

So now Riley has a choice to make. Edward made this very hard for him because it's the best way to protect Bella. Riley has been working with Victoria for the past few months and he has grown very close to her during those months while she and himself trained the young freshly turned vampires into vicious army members. He really thinks that she loves him, but now he isn't so sure. Do you remember who he chooses to believe?

Question 28

What happens to Riley?

So Riley sealed his fate by his choice which happens in real life as well. We must live on with the choices we have made in the past. The good news is Bella is safe for another day. However, Edward taunts Victoria to get her to fight him so that she will no longer try to hunt Bella down and kill her. Victoria isn't sure what she wants to do. Do you remember what happens to Riley during this exchange?

Question 29

How does Bella help Edward fight off Victoria and Riley?

Okay so she performs a gutsy move right here and it helps Edward win the battle against Riley and Victoria. It was a bold move and many others less brave than her wouldn't have done this. Edward is able to attack Victoria and it gives time for the wolves to come and attack Riley. Edward, Bella and the wolves end up winning the fight. Do you remember what Bella does to help Edward win the fight against Victoria and Riley?

Question 30

True or false: Edward sets Victoria's body on fire

Luckily, Edward wins the fight thanks to the wolves. It did look like a dire situation for him especially when he was in Victoria's headlock. Thankfully Bella helps out in the only way she knows how and it probably won the fight for them. Good thinking, Bella! Edward's family is off fighting the newborn vampires. If they weren't there then Edward and Bella wouldn't have won the fight. So do you remember what Edward does to Victoria's body after he kills her?

Question 31

Who saves Leah from a newborn?

Newborns are dangerous because when they are first turned into a vampire they want maniacally want blood and will do anything in their power to get it. Vampires are the most dangerous when they are first turned for a few months. If it had not been for the wolves, Edward Cullen and his family would not have won the battle. There would have been too few of them to fight off. So do you remember who saves Leah from a newborn?

Question 32

What's the name of the newborn the Cullens try to protect?

So there's a little girl who seems to not be so blood-thirsty. In fact, she barely looks like a vampire except her eyes. They're red like the rest of them. She appears very scared and meek which is why the Cullens and Hales spare her. She refused to fight and surrendered to Carlisle right away. It'd be hard to kill a little girl like that despite her being a bloodthirsty, dangerous vampire. So do you remember what her name was?

Question 33

What's the name of the girl that can torture people without touching them?

Okay so this girl is pretty dang scary. She is the head of the powerful Volturi even though she is only about 9 years old. She is very dangerous and very terrifying. She tries to torture people to get information from them and there's usually little anyone can do to help them. She tries to torture this little girl the Cullens are trying to protect. Unfortunately, there's nothing the Cullens can do and someone ends up killing the little girl.

Question 34

True or false: Bella decides to do things Edward's way which is to get married and then turn her into a vampire

Okay so the Volturi have left and all the newborns have been destroyed. The Cullens, Hales and the wolves have won the fight. Bella has to break the news to Jacob that she is definitely marrying Edward. He is hurt because she chose Edward over him but he is understanding. Edward and Bella announce the news that they are getting married. Now the last person to break the news to is Charlie. Bella jokes that she hopes Edward is bulletproof.

Question 35

True or false: Jacob kills himself at the end of the movie

Okay so Jacob and Bella have known each other since they were kids. They grew up together for a little while before Bella went to live with her mom. Now that she's back he realizes that he is without a doubt in love with her. It started when they began working on the motorcycles together. When Edward came into the picture he was heartbroken because he realized that Bella loved him more and that she will always love him more.

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