If You Can Get 100% On This Breaking Dawn Quiz, You're A True Twihard

Have you seen both Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet? Were you overjoyed to see Bella and Edward get married and have a little girl together? Were you sitting on the edge of your seat when Bella was going into labor? Then you should take this quiz on Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 since you’ll probably do great on this. These are the last movies in the Twilight Saga and everything seems to have wrapped up nicely and feels complete. Even Jacob is able to find a way to be happy in the end. You’d think Jake wouldn’t be in this movie too much given he doesn’t agree with Bella’s life choices but he shows up and is there for her like the good friend he is.

During Part 1 we get see Bella dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress and we get to see Edward and Bella exchange their wedding vows. We get to see where they go and how they spend their honeymoon. All appears joyous and blissful in Edward’s and Bella’s lives. That is, until we find out Bella is pregnant. If you have seen the movies then you’ll know exactly how everything pans out.

Question 1

Why is Jacob upset in the beginning of Breaking Dawn part 1?

It's pouring rain and Billy Black, Jacob's father, is yelling for Jake to not run off into the woods. Jake is visibly upset as he is bolting towards the forest in the rain. If you're team Jacob then your heart is probably broken as much as his is. He can't have Bella and that hurts him even though he hasn't imprinted on her. He still has yet to imprint on a girl. We just don't know who until the end of Breaking Dawn.

Question 2

What does Edward confess to Bella?

Edward hasn't told Bella everything yet. He still has a few skeletons in his closet and he's worried that Bella won't want to become a vampire like him or be with him at all once he tells her. To his relief, Bella says it's not that bad and that she doesn't mind it. She still wants to become a vampire after he tells her this. But do you remember what it is exactly Edward Cullen keeps from Bella until now?

Question 3

What do Bella's parents give her as a wedding present?

Bella has pre-wedding jitters while she gets ready for her big day. She has had a few nightmares about marrying Edward but they aren't enough to scare her into calling off the wedding. Instead she goes through the motions with ease and only a little bit of nervousness. Her nervousness is assuaged when Rosalie asks Bella if she can do her hair for her as a peace offering since they are finally on good terms. Do you remember what her parents gift her?

Question 4

True or false: Jacob comes to Bella's wedding

Although he is very upset in the beginning it doesn't necessarily mean he won't get over it or still try to attend her wedding to support her. Bella's wedding was beautiful with all her family and friends dressed up and giving Bella their full undivided attention. She also gets to meet Edward's distant cousins who look all alike according to her old high school friend Mike Newton. Do you remember if Jacob ends up going to Bella's wedding or not?

Question 5

Who gave a toast at Bella's wedding?

Bella Swan looked absolutely stunning in her white wedding dress while she was walking towards the altar with her father guiding her. At her wedding reception everyone says slightly embarrassing, yet endearing things about Bella and Edward. There's were comments about Bella's childhood and her relationship with Edward in general. Bella is overjoyed at all the comments even if they were slightly embarrassing. So do you remember who exactly gave a slightly embarrassing toast at Edward and Bella's wedding reception?

Question 6

Why does Jacob become angry during Bella's wedding reception?

Before we find out that Jake actually attends her wedding reception we watch all the couples dance together. Alice and Jasper are rockin it with their awesome dance moves while Edward and Bella are slow dancing. Edward says he has a surprise for her out in the middle of the woods. Oddly enough her surprise is Jacob Black seeing her on her wedding day. Edward must really love Bella to allow her to see another man that loves her on their wedding day.

Question 7

Where does Edward take Bella for their honeymoon?

Okay so Edward refuses to tell Bella until they are there since he wants to surprise her. She is totally swooning once they arrive at their incredible destination. The to the right picture isn't a hint so do not read too much into it. Edward and Bella have a nice time together. She's totally blown away by what Edward prepared for her surprise honeymoon getaway. Do you remember where it is exactly that Edward takes her for their big honeymoon?

Question 8

What do Bella and Edward do the night of their wedding?

The destination of their honeymoon is absolutely beautiful. The water as the moon shines down upon it. The furniture looks like it came directly from a magazine and the view is incredible all you need to do is step outside. Bella is blown away by how beautiful and extravagant their honeymoon destination is. Plus it really prepares them to do whatever they want to do that night. So do you remember what they do the night of their wedding day?

Question 9

What does Bella find out during their honeymoon?

Edward and Bella are having a great time together. They've been playing chess together. They've been going swimming and just hanging out for a few weeks at Isle Esme. Not only do they get to stay in a gorgeous place, they have Mexican cleaners come in to straighten the house and pick up after them. Sounds like the life, right? It's amazing until Bella finds something out. So do you remember what it is exactly that Bella and Edward find out?

Question 10

What does Carlisle want to do?

Everyone is panicking over what Bella and Edward told them. It has caused Edward to turn into a frenzy and for Bella to wonder how she is going to deal with it. Edward is very upset when he learns the news and Bella is completely and utterly dumbfounded that what has happened is even remotely possible. The rest of the Cullen family help out in any way that they can. So do you remember what Carlisle mentions that they should do?

Question 11

What do they tell Charlie?

As you know Charlie Swan is Bella Swan's father. He's the head cop at Forks. Bella calls him and tells them they are extending their stay at Isle Esme but really they are rushing back to Forks. Charlie is concerned but he would be even more concerned if they had told them the whole truth rather than this fib. They were doing it to protect him. So do you remember what Bella and Edward tell her father so that he won't worry?

Question 12

What does Edward ask of Jacob?

Okay so Edward is clearly worried about Bella. The whole Cullen and Hale family is deeply concerned for her well-being. However, they must give in to what Bella wants to do, despite the fact that it may kill her if she goes through with this. Bella doesn't look at it like a monster like everyone else. She looks at it for what it is, a baby. Jacob rushes over to their house when he finds out that Bella is sick.

Question 13

Why does Rosalie take it upon herself to become Bella's body guard?

We found out in the last movie that Rosalie desperately wanted her old human life back after Carlisle changed her into a vampire. Rosalie was very cold towards Bella when they first meet in the first movie. However, as time went on, she warmed up to Bella and she told Bella her backstory and why she treated Bella the way she had. Now they are on speaking terms. But why is Rosalie taking it upon herself to protect Bella's baby?

Question 14

How do they help Bella while she is in labor?

Emotions are running high as Carlisle honors Bella's request to go through with the pregnancy. He is doing everything to keep her alive, however, it's not enough. Her health is declining rapidly and everyone is frantic. Carlisle Cullen saves her in the only way he knows how. This seems to help her and she is able to stay conscious during labor. She spends hours in labor and Edward is worried sick. Do you know how Carlisle helps Bella with her sickness?

Question 15

What does Edward learn about the baby when he reads her thoughts?

Edward is very upset that Bella wants to go through with the pregnancy. He fights with her and he asks Jake Black to talk her out of it. He is trying to do everything in his power to keep her alive. After all, they only got married like a month ago. That's too soon to be come a widower. So what information does Edward gather about his daughter that mollifies his anger towards the child and begins to accept her?

Question 16

True or false: Bella has a C-section

Bella is still trying to give birth to her and Edward's daughter but it is really taking a toll on her emotionally and physically. However, Bella is pretty tough when she needs to be. Like in the last movie when she slits her arm without even thinking too much about it so that Victoria and Riley would become momentarily distracted. This allowed Edward to win the fight against them. So do you think you remember if Bella has a C-section or not?

Question 17

What or who prevents Jacob from killing their baby?

Everyone is deeply concerned about Bella because they all believe that they lost her when she went into labor because she lost a lot of blood. Edward tries to change her into a vampire in an attempt to save her life by biting her multiple times in various locations on her body but it does not look like it is saving her. Once Jake finds out that Bella is dead he sets off to kill their baby but something or someone stops him.

Question 18

What's Bella's reaction when she realizes that Jake imprinted on her baby?

Bella is now a complete and total vampire. She is now beautiful like the rest of them and is happy to join Edward Cullen's family. Rosalie is holding onto Renesmee and gladly gives her to Bella. Bella and Edward are a happy family and she is grateful that Jake was able to take part in this period of her life. She thanks him and Seth for being there for her. Do you remember her reaction when she realizes Jake imprinted on her baby?

Question 19

What's the first thing Bella kills and eats?

So Bella finally got what she wanted. She is now a full blown vampire just like her husband and the rest of his family. She is going slightly nuts with all her new powers but can you blame her? Suddenly she is no longer accident prone or fearful of getting hurt. She can jump high and climb fast. She's fearless now and Edward kind of likes it. He watches her jump from a cliff into the middle of the forest.

Question 20

What nickname did Jake give Bella's daughter?

So Bella and Edward are reasonably freaked out at this point once they find out that Jake imprinted on their newborn. Bella freaks out the most and attacks Jake. Thankfully though Jake doesn't attack her back. He tries to make Bella understand what imprinting is exactly. Once she learns this she becomes a lot more accepting of her best friend's love for her new baby girl. So do you remember what nickname Jake gives Edward's and Bella's new baby girl?

Question 21

What can't vampires do?

Now that Bella is a vampire she has to lead a vampire life and that means she has to kiss some of her human activities goodbye. She doesn't seem to mind though. Edward is grateful he has someone talk to while everyone else sleeps. Edward is especially grateful that him and Bella can have intercourse without him worrying about hurting her. So do you remember the thing that vampires can longer do once they change from a human to a vampire?

Question 22

Who is this woman?

Okay this is where Bella and her new family's happy lives are flipped upside down. This woman knows all about children who are changed to vampires during birth. They are vicious and they have been known to destroy entire villages. She watches Renesmee from a distance while Bella and her family are out in the woods. She then runs away to tell the Volturi what she saw. So do you remember the name of this female vampire from the movies?

Question 23

What is Bella's special ability in the movie?

We all know that a lot of times vampires have special powers. Emmett is super strong. Jasper can control people's emotions. Edward can read minds. Alice can see the future. The werewolves have special abilities as well. They can all read each others' minds. Now it is found out that Bella has a special ability as well. If you have read the books you can probably guess what it is. Do you think you remember her special power from the movie?

Question 24

What's this man's name?

He is the head of the Volturi and he tries to recruit vampires for his battle against the Cullens. He does this by destroying covens and recruiting the vampires for his army. He is anxious to beat the Cullens so that he can recruit them and add them to his army. He wants them especially because they have special powers. Thankfully Aro and his army never end up battling the Cullens. They are spared. So do you remember this man's name?

Question 25

What does that man realize about Renesmee?

Luckily the Cullens don't have to face Aro and his terrifying army of vampires. Irina claimed that Renesmee was dangerous and immortal and therefore she is a danger to the entire vampire coven across the world. The Volturi exist to keep humans from ever knowing about their existence and to keep vampires out of trouble. They are like the police but for vampires. Bella and Edward allow the head of the Volturi to touch Renesmee and realizes something important about her.

Question 26

What happens to Irina?

So Aro finds out that Renesmee is not a danger to their vampire coven, the other vampire covens across the world, and she is no threat to any humans for now. Irina made too many assumptions about the situation now the Volturi need to decide what to do with her. Irina now has to face whatever the Volturi have in store for her which could be good or bad. Do you remember what exactly the Volturi do with the vampire, Irina?

Question 27

What does Alice do to prevent Aro from battling them?

Just when you think the Cullens are off the hook for a massive vampire on vampire battle, Aro says that although Renesmee is not a threat now she could be a threat later which validates their reason to battle the Cullens. Thankfully Alice is able to change his mind and gives her family back their safety. Aro still wants to prevent any kind of harm that Renesmee might inflict on any human being. Do you remember what Alice does to change his mind?

Question 28

What is Renesmee exactly?

Okay so we know she is not mortal, she is not a threat to vampires or humans, and she's not evil so what is she exactly? She definitely wasn't brought into the world the traditional way. Usually vampires are turned when they are much older, not when they are newborns. Renesmee is definitely a special case which gives the Volturi a ton of anxiety but later we find out what she is. Do you remember from the movie what she is?

Question 29

What's the name of the boy who testifies for Renesmee?

This boy allows the Cullens to safely go back home and not have to battle the Volturi (even though the Volturi really want to battle them so they can be recruited into their army. This boy is 154 years old and his mother died while giving birth to him. He lives with a Native American tribe. He has a wife who he turned into a vampire. His existence proves to the Volturi that Renesmee won't be a harm to any humans.

Question 30

At what age did the boy in the last question stop growing?

This question is a bit nit picky but I think you'll still get it. We get to learn a lot about half vampire half humans through this person. We realize that Renesmee is not a threat whatsoever and that she can live happily with her parents and with Jacob. The Volturi agree to not battle the Cullens and they retreat back to France. Carlisle has the opportunity to attack the Volturi but he says it wouldn't be a good idea.

Question 31

At the end of the movie, what does Alice see in the future?

Okay so this vision ties up the Twilight saga very nicely. It shows that everyone ultimately got what they wanted and Jacob found something better than what he wanted before (sorry Bella). Alice has had many visions in the past and not all of them have come true. For example, she saw that Bella was dead which was not true and it never happened. Well, she didn't stay dead for long at least. Alice saw her entire funeral play out.

Question 32

How does Edward feel about Jake imprinting on Renesmee?

When Bella found out that Jake imprinted on her newborn baby daughter she attacked him and yelled at him. Only after he further explained imprinting did she back off. Edward's reaction wasn't known at that point. At the end of the movie we see Edward's reaction to Jake being with his daughter forever. This is all strange considering that Edward and Bella would be his parents in law. This doesn't faze Jake in the least. So do you remember his reaction?

Question 33

Who says the following: "Nobody has ever loved anybody as much as I love you"?

This is one of the last quotes from the movie. Bella and Edward are laying in the pasture bonding together. They are stroking each others faces amidst all the beautiful flowers and green grassy hills. You can tell that neither of them have any regrets about any of their decisions. Bella doesn't regret becoming a vampire nor marrying a vampire and Edward doesn't regret choosing Bella from the very beginning. So do you remember who said that quote to whom?

Question 34

True or false: Bella lets Edward read her thoughts at then end of the movie

Remember that Bella has always had this power over Edward. He could never read her mind even when she was human. Now that she is a vampire not only can she still block Edward, she can block other vampires from reading the minds she is blocking. That's a pretty powerful ability. However, Bella is a bit secretive and is a bit shy about how much she cares about Edward so it's pretty hard to answer this if you haven't seen the end of this movie.

Question 35

True or false: we find out that Bella is pregnant again at the end of the movie

This question should be easy if you have been careful attention to all the things we learn about vampires in the Twilight saga. We learn that vampires can sparkle in the sunlight, move really fast, can either suck human or animal blood, have special abilities, and be around humans if they are "vegetarian" vampires. You gotta give the Cullen family a lot of credit for that. Imagine not eating meat again for the rest of your life? For some of you that may be hard.

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