If Anyone Can Ace This Disney Princess Quiz, They're Definitely A Millennial

The first animated Disney film was released in the 1930s, and its titular character became the first Disney Princess of all time. The last addition to the ensemble happened with the release of Brave in 2012, which brought Merida in as the eleventh official Disney Princess.  In spite of its popularity and the fact that they're the offspring of a king and queen, the sisters from Frozen are not considered to be official Disney Princesses.

The definition of what makes a character into a Disney Princess is greatly debated. In fact, in her eponymous film debut, Moana gets into an argument with her sidekick Maui about whether or not she is a princess. She defiantly states that she is the daughter of a chief, calling to mind the titular main character of Pocahontas, who was the seventh Disney Princess.

Maui's retort of “Look, if you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you’re a princess,” calls attention to the fact that many of the Disney Princesses aren't even members of a ruling family prior to their wedding, which often takes place at the end of the movie, so they weren't anything princess-adjacent for the majority of their story.

The fact that Moana and the girls from Frozen were featured in Wreck-It-Ralph with the Disney Princesses sort of makes it confusing, but the official line-up includes only eleven girls. It encompasses a wide variety of girls from many different places with different backgrounds, including Belle, Snow White, Jasmine, Aurora, Rapunzel, Merida, Mulan, Ariel, Cinderella, Pocahontas, and Tiana!

Question 1

Which Disney Princess is not the main character of their movie?

More often than not, a Disney Princess is the focal point of her movie's storyline. She's also usually the titular character, like Snow White and Cinderella, or at least the inspiration behind the movie's title, like Sleeping Beauty or The Little Mermaid. That isn't always the case, though! Out of a total of eleven official Disney Princesses, one of them is neither the main nor titular character of her debut movie. That doesn't make her any less of a Disney Princess, though!

Question 2

Which of these girls was a princess before she married a prince?

The characters featured in the official Disney Princess line come from a wide variety of different backgrounds. Some were born into their princess role, like Snow White, although they didn't always know it, like Rapunzel and Aurora. Others weren't technically princesses, although they were something equivalent in their own culture, like Pocahontas, who was the daughter of a Native American chief, and Jasmine, who was the daughter of a Sultan. There are even girls who aren't even princess-adjacent by birth who come from pure commoner roots before their marriage!

Question 3

What was the name of Snow White's stepmother?

After her father passed away, Snow White was left in the care of her stepmother. Her stepmother was a vain, cold-hearted woman who greatly valued being superior in the looks department. She was jealous of Snow White because she could tell that she was going to grow up to be beautiful enough to take her place as the most beautiful woman in the world. The day that she asked her trusted Magic Mirror who the fairest of them all was and heard Snow White's name, she set out on a mission to get her out of the way.

Question 4

What were the names of Cinderella's closest mouse friends?

Following the loss of her father, Cinderella found herself trapped in the care of a mean-spirited stepmother. She didn't have very many options in terms of human companionship, which might have made the average person lonely, but she was lucky enough to be popular among all kinds of animals! The birds that flew into her window and the mice that lived in the walls were all incredibly fond of her, but she was particularly close to a specific duo of mice.

Question 5

Who is Aurora betrothed to?

After spending years unable to have a child, King Stefan and Queen Leah were overjoyed to bring their daughter, Aurora, into the world. They are so overjoyed that they declare her day of birth as a kingdom-wide holiday and allow all of their subjects to come and pay tribute to her. When the kingdom gathers for her christening, the infant princess is betrothed to the son of Prince Hubert, the ruler of one of their allies and a friend of King Stefan.

Question 6

How many sisters does Ariel have?

Ariel is the youngest daughter of Triton and Athena, the king and queen of the underwater kingdom of Atlantica. She has quite a few siblings, all of which are girls, and each of their names begins with the letter A, the same as their mother. They are the first to notice when Ariel begins to act unusually happy, and they quickly realize that she's fallen in love, although they incorrectly assume that the object of her affection is a merman.

Question 7

What is Belle's father's name?

Belle has lived with only her father for the majority of her life. Similar to his bookish daughter, he has a reputation in their village for being strange. In fact, he's often referred to as being crazy, because of the unusualness of his inventions leads the townspeople to question his mental stability. His dream is to create an invention that can improve the life of himself and his daughter, and even after repeatedly falling short, he stays dedicated and refuses to give up.

Question 8

What was the name of Jasmine's pet tiger?

Jasmine and Rajah found each other when she was only a child and he was only a cub. He had escaped from the touring circus that he was a part of and wandered into the palace, where Jasmine discovered him and thought that he was a gift for her from her mother. She named him after a story that her mother often told her about a star. Initially, her father wanted to return him to the circus, but he eventually purchased him for Jasmine. The two of them share a deep, loving bond.

Question 9

What is the name of Pocahontas' tribe?

Headstrong, and free-spirited, Pocahontas is the only daughter of the chief of her tribe. The tribe itself takes its name from its leader, and both he and his daughter are greatly revered among their people. They live in the state of Virginia, which is located in the Eastern United States. Their fictional tribe takes inspiration from a real-life one that resided in Eastern Virginia and Western Maryland, which is believed to have once had over 14,000 people, prior to English colonization of Jamestown.

Question 10

What is the name of Mulan's dragon guardian?

Mushu was once a guardian spirit of the Fa family, but he lost his position after he failed to protect Fa Deng. He was demoted to lowly roles and denounced by the Fa ancestors, who no longer considered him a real dragon. When Mulan runs away, he is assigned to awaken the Great Stone Dragon to bring her home, but he ruins the statue after several unsuccessful attempts. He takes it upon himself to find Mulan, but instead of taking her back, he intends to lead her to victory.

Question 11

Which of these things is not true about Tiana?

Tiana was an ambitious woman who wanted nothing more than to fulfill the dream she shared with her late father by opening a restaurant of her very own. She was dedicated and hard-working to the point of obsession. Her schedule was constantly overflowing with things she had to do, which meant that her life was very hectic and she rarely had a chance to relax. Regardless, she was a passionate, loving, and loyal person who always managed to find time to spend with her loved ones.

Question 12

What type of lizard is Rapunzel's reptilian companion?

When Pascal was only an infant, he lost his mother when a venomous snake attacked them, and he wandered away, following the sound of a girl's voice, which turned out to be Rapunzel. He climbed to the top of her tower, where he was unfortunately attacked by the snake again, but she revived him using the magical properties of her hair. Once she discovered that he was also alone, she invited him to live with her, and the two of them became best friends.

Question 13

What animal do the members of Merida's family become?

In Tenth Century Scotland, a young princess named Merida lives with her parents, Queen Elinor and King Fergus, and her three younger brothers, Harris, Hubert, and Hamish. One day, while following a trail created by the Will O' the Wisps, Merida stumbles upon a witch's cottage. As she's leaving, the witch gives her a tart as a gift for her mother. When Elinor eats it, she begins to feel ill and then transforms into an animal. The three young princes also turn into animals after eating from the tart.

Question 14

Who was the first Disney Princess?

The main character of Disney's first animated film was also the very first Disney Princess, as well as the first female fictional character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The official Disney princess line-up doesn't include every princess character across the Disney franchise. Instead, it consists of a specially chosen selection of eleven different girls. Some notable absences are the sisters from the Frozen franchise, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, and Moana, although they are included in the Wreck-It-Ralph franchise with the official Disney Princesses.

Question 15

Which of these is not one of the seven dwarfs?

After the Queen is informed by her Magic Mirror that she is no longer the fairest of them all, she flies into a jealous rage. She enlists a huntsman to eliminate her usurper, Snow White, but he finds himself unable to complete the task once he meets her. He instructs her to flee into the woods, where she asks the animals to help her find a place to live. They guide her to the home of the Seven Dwarfs, where she makes an arrangement to be allowed living quarters and safety in exchange for doing housework.

Question 16

What color was the dress that Cinderella originally intended to wear to the royal ball?

When she received the invitation to attend the Royal Ball, Cinderella was elated. She didn't get to enjoy very many things in life, since most of her time was spent cleaning or tending to the needs of her step-family members. She asked her stepmother's permission to go, and surprisingly, her request was granted, as long as she was able to finish her chores and find a suitable dress. She intended on wearing a dress that she inherited from her late mother, which was beautifully altered by her animal friends.

Question 17

How old was Aurora when her cursed fate was meant to happen?

Aurora, the beautiful daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah was given the same name as the Roman goddess of the dawn because of the way she brought sunshine into their lives. Her christening was a beautiful celebration that featured guests from far and wide, included the ruling families of other kingdoms and the three good fairies. One missing guest was the darkly powerful Maleficent, who was enraged about not being invited. To exact her revenge, she casts a powerful curse on the infant princess, dictating that she will meet her end when she reaches a certain age.

Question 18

What does Ariel believe that a fork is called?

Ariel has always had an obsession with humans. She collects artifacts from the bottom of the sea that once belonged to them and tries to figure out their name and purpose. Sometimes she asks her friend, a seagull named Scuttle, about an object's name and use, assuming that he's more worldly and knowledgeable about the lives of humans than she is. One of the objects she asked him about was a fork, which he told her was meant to be used for haircare, and gave it a name he presumably made up on the spot.

Question 19

What did the Beast give Belle as a token of his appreciation?

When she first comes to live with the Beast in his castle, Belle is less than charmed by his antics. He's an angry creature that doesn't show very much regard for the feelings of others. When he has an outburst, she flees from the castle and heads into the woods. She quickly finds herself cornered by a pack of aggressive wolves, but the Beast arrives just in time to fend them off. She thanks him for saving her life, which makes him feel good about himself, and as a token of appreciation for that feeling, he bestows a gift upon her.

Question 20

What is Jasmine's requirement for allowing a suitor to marry her?

The only daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah is legally obligated to be married by the time her next birthday, which is in three days, arrives. Finding potential suitors is an easy task because of her beauty, status, and wealth - the only problem is that she refuses to settle for any of them. Her father insists that her mother was much less picky than she is, but Jasmine doesn't pay him any mind, stating that she will only get married if she finds what she's looking for.

Question 21

What caused the Matchmaker to reject Mulan's request for a husband?

Ever since she was a child, Fa Mulan has been a clumsy but well-meaning tomboy that does things her own way. Because of these traits, she tends to embarrass herself and is often met with scorn from others in her village. However, as she is the only child of Fa Zhou and Fa Li, and the age where she should be wed is rapidly approaching, she is urged to call upon the local matchmaker in order to find a suitable husband.

Question 22

What is the name of Pocahontas' best friend?

Pocahontas' closest human friend is another female member of her tribe. While Pocahontas is free-spirited and mischevious, her best friend tends to be more pragmatic and responsible. The two of them balance one another out and often come to one another for advice or comfort, although the advice isn't always taken to heart, especially when it comes to Pocahontas. Even so, each of them seems to only want the best for the other, and they care for one another deeply.

Question 23

What was the name of the Evening Star?

The Evening Star is a bright, beautiful star that is said to grant wishes. Although Tiana doesn't believe in magic and thinks that wishing on stars is silly, she makes a wish for the bid she put in for her restaurant to not be beaten, which leads her to meet the frog prince, Naveen. The Evening Star is first called a proper name by Ray, who insists that she is a firefly and states that he has fallen in love with her.

Question 24

What is Rapunzel's weapon of choice?

Being trapped inside a tower for the majority of her life meant that Rapunzel never formally learned how to defend herself in a fight. However, when Flynn appeared and she perceived him as a threat, she was quick to find something to defend herself with. In a surprising turn of events, she found that she was incredibly handy with wielding her weapon, and liked it so much that she kept it with her on her adventure with Flynn outside of the tower.

Question 25

What does Merida choose to be the competition for her hand in marriage?

When Merida reaches the age of sixteen, she is expected to find a suitor among the viable princes, get married, and settle down. Her future husband will be chosen through the Highland Games, which is a competition that will take place between the firstborns of four separate Lords. She refuses each of them, which upsets her mother. Thinking on her feet, she realizes a loophole and declares that she will be competing for her own hand, as she is a firstborn child as well.

Question 26

Which of these Disney Princesses came last?

The films that the eleven official Disney Princesses come from span over decades. The first one made her debut in Disney's first animated film of all time, which released in 1937. The most recent one's debut film released in 2012. Over the years, a lot has changed. One of the most notable changes is the style of animation, which went from a classic 2D style to an intricately detailed 3D Pixar format that brings characters to life more than ever before.

Question 27

What does the Queen tell Snow White that the poisoned apple does?

When the Queen appears to present Snow White with her gift, the woodland creatures attack her in an attempt to drive her away from the princess. Their plan is initially successful, but the clever Queen pretends to need help, which is something that the kindhearted Snow White just can't ignore. She brings her into the cottage and helps her, allowing the Queen a chance to offer her the apple. Snow White hesitates but she is eventually convinced to take a bite.

Question 28

What is the name of Cinderella's stepmother?

Following the loss of her father, Cinderella is left in the care of her stepmother, along with her two stepsisters. The four of them live in Cinderella's father's estate, but she has been forced into working as a servant for her step-family members. Her stepmother holds a deep resentment for Cinderella, because she wants nothing more than to marry her daughters off into the top of the social chain, and believes that Cinderella's beauty, grace, and charisma will threaten her chances of doing so.

Question 29

What name did the good fairies bestow upon Aurora?

After a curse is placed upon her at her christening ceremony, Aurora is whisked away by the three good fairies to a small cottage in the woods. To prevent her from being hunted down by the powerful Maleficent, they change her name and raise her in isolation from the rest of the world, including her loving parents, King Stefan and Queen Leah, and the prince to whom she is betrothed, but she is allowed to wander outside and associate with the woodland creatures.

Question 30

Does Ariel break Ursula's curse by receiving a kiss from Eric?

The deal that Ariel makes with Ursula explicitly states that the only way she can prevent being turned into one of Ursula's polyps is by getting the prince to kiss her within three days. To make things worse, she has to perform this task without the use of her voice, which she traded to Ursula in exchange for her legs. The garden in Ursula's lair is packed full of polyps, so it is safe to assume that she intentionally made Ariel's end of the deal nearly impossible to fill, especially considering her history with Triton.

Question 31

How did Belle end up living in the Beast's castle?

Belle is a girl from a small village in the French countryside, where she lives with her father, a creative but eccentric inventor. She is well-known throughout her village for being an unparalleled beauty, but she doesn't pay attention to the looks of herself or others. She prefers to read, which has given her a reputation for being peculiar. In her young adult years, she ends up dubiously living in a grand, sprawling castle with an unfriendly bipedal creature known as The Beast.

Question 32

What does Jasmine accidentally steal for the boy at the marketplace?

As the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, Jasmine is expressly forbidden from leaving the palace. However, she finds her lifestyle stifling and wants to experience life outside the palace walls, so she disguises herself and slips away when she sees an opportunity. She finds herself in a lively, bustling marketplace, but her lack of real world knowledge very nearly costs her a hand when she encounters a hungry-looking boy and simply takes something from a merchant without paying for it.

Question 33

What does Pocahontas show John Smith when they talk about gold?

Pocahontas is the daughter of her Virginia-based tribe's chief. John Smith is a settler from England. Needless to say, the two of them have very different ideologies about life. While expressing his admiration for the place his people have ended up, John Smith mentions that he can't believe their only motivation to come was the pursuit of gold. Pocahontas is confused by the concept, and when he explains it to her, she insists that her people have lots of it.

Question 34

What does Mushu tell Mulan is how men say hello?

Fa Mulan doesn't know very much about how men interact with one another. She was the only child that her parents brought into the world, and her only prolonged male interaction was with her father, a retired warrior. When she disguised herself as a male to take his place, she quickly realized that she wasn't sure how to blend in with the soldiers, and worried that one of them could wise up and realize she was female. Luckily, she had Mushu to guide her, and with his guidance, she was able to fit right in among her peers.

Question 35

What was the name of Tiana's restaurant?

Tiana had dreamed of opening a restaurant of her own ever since she was a little girl, which was an ambition that she shared with her father before he passed away. Once she became eligible to earn her own money, she began to work as hard as she could to achieve her dreams, and eventually, she saved up enough money to put in a bid on a location that she thought would be absolutely perfect for opening the restaurant of her dreams.

Question 36

Where did the magical plant that gave Rapunzel her hair get its power?

Rapunzel's beautiful, flowing blonde hair was the reason that Gothel took her from her birth parents and kept her imprisoned in an isolated tower. It had magical properties that were able to heal illnesses, bring things back to life, restore youth, and do numerous other things. Although she knew that her hair was special and that she was not allowed to cut it, Rapunzel did not realize the motivation for her mother keeping her locked away - and once she did know, she quickly cut it off to free herself and save Flynn.

Question 37

How old is Merida when she receives her first bow and arrow?

During her birthday celebration, Princess Merida plays a game of hide-and-seek with her mother, Queen Elinor, and the two of them have a great time. While playing, she catches sight of a bow and arrow that belongs to her father, King Fergus. She becomes excited and immediately asks his permission to shoot an arrow, but to her surprise, he gives her a bow of her very own as a birthday gift instead, complete with a set of arrows to shoot.

Question 38

Which of these characters does not have a Disney Prince?

The plots of the movies that feature the Disney Princesses generally focus on them for the most part, with a couple of exceptions here and there. However, there is almost always a male counterpart that serves as a love interest. These characters are called Disney Princes. In the older films, they aren't always given a speaking role or a focal storyline of their own. Some of them aren't even given a proper name, like Cinderella's "Prince Charming" and Snow White's "The Prince," although the latter's name was later revealed to be Florian.

Question 39

What job did the Queen force Snow White to do?

The Queen was a vain, self-centered woman who put a lot of weight into being considered the most attractive person of all time. She would repeatedly ask her Magic Mirror to tell her that she was the fairest of them all. When she encountered the beautiful princess Snow White, she immediately recognized her beauty as a threat, and grew to resent her because of her jealousy. She took her feelings out on Snow White by forcing her into the role of a maid, where she was given no respect or gratitude for her work.

Question 40

Which of these things does the Fairy Godmother not use her magic to do?

When Cinderella receives an invitation to the Royal Ball, she knows the perfect thing to wear: a dress that once belonged to her mother, which she fixes up with the help of her loyal animal friends. However, her stepsisters tear it to pieces when they see her in it, realizing that some pieces of it once belonged to them. Heartbroken, Cinderella believes she won't get to go to the ball after all - until her Fairy Godmother appears, and uses her magic to transform the tattered garment into a beautiful, elegant ball gown!

Question 41

Which of the good fairies was not able to give her gift to Aurora?

On the day of the christening of their newborn daughter Aurora, King Stefan and Queen Leah hosted a party that featured a multitude of guests. Among those guests were the three good fairies named Fauna, Flora, and Merryweather who were going to bestow their magical blessings upon the princess. Unfortunately, the ceremony was interrupted by a wicked fairy who, enraged that she hadn't been invited, cast a vengeful curse that would end Aurora's life when she reached a certain age.

Question 42

Which of these things does Ariel not say she has in her collection?

The youngest daughter of King Triton has always been enchanted by the lives of humans. She scavenges through shipwrecks found on the bottom of the sea to harvest artifacts from humans, which she adds to her collection of treasures. She doesn't know the name or the purpose of the objects that she gathers, but luckily for her, she's able to get help from Scuttle the seagull. She believes that her friend is well-versed in the lives of humans, but in actuality, his information is generally either incorrect or made up on the spot.

Question 43

Who does Belle see when she looks into the Beast's magic mirror?

The woman responsible for turning Prince Adam into the Beast gave him more than just the Enchanted Rose that counted down the time he had left to break the curse. She also gave him an Enchanted Mirror that would allow him to get a glimpse of a future event. When he began to bond with Belle, she expressed missing her father, and he decided to allow her to see him through the Enchanted Mirror. What she sees upsets her so much that he allows her to leave in order to find him.

Question 44

Why does Jasmine pretend to be in love with Jafar?

Jafar is a selfish, manipulative man who's main goal is to acquire the powerful position of Sultan over Agrabah. He knows that his best chance of doing so is by winning the hand of his daughter, Jasmine. He seems to experience genuine attraction to and feelings for her, however, once he believes that he's won her over. This is evidenced in a scene where a newly red-themed Jasmine feigns being in love with him by showering him with physical affection.

Question 45

Does Pocahontas choose to stay in Virginia or travel to England?

At the end of the movie, John Smith and the rest of the gold-seeking settlers that came to Virginia from England prepare to head back to their home country. During their time there, the daughter of the chief, Pocahontas, had developed romantic feelings for one of the settlers in spite of the conflict between their people. She was given the option of staying behind with her people, including her father and her best friend, or returning to his home with her newfound love.

Question 46

What name did Mulan use when she pretended to be a male soldier?

When China is invaded by the Huns, the emperor sends out orders that each family must send one male to fight for China in the Imperial Army. The only male in Mulan's family is her father, Fa Zhou, who is an aging veteran warrior. Realizing that she will be unable to convince him not to go, Mulan takes his place. She chops her waist-length hair up to a shoulder-length bob using her father's sword, steals his armor, and rides away on her horse, Khan, to join the Imperial Army.

Question 47

What dish was Tiana's father's specialty?

One of the largest inspirations behind Tiana's dream to open a restaurant of her own is the fact that cooking was a passion she shared with her father. She was very close with him before he passed away, enough that he was planning on naming his restaurant in her honor. He worked tirelessly, the same as his daughter, to achieve his goal of opening a restaurant where he could serve the classic New Orleans dish that he was the most known for.

Question 48

What is the name of Rapunzel's kingdom?

When Rapunzel was only an infant, she was taken away from her parents by Gothel, who posed as her mother in order to take advantage of the magical properties of her hair. She spent most of her life trapped inside of an isolated tower. On the horizon, one day a year, she could see beautiful paper lanterns floating up into the sky, which she was always enchanted by - but she had no idea that they were being done for her by her parents, the King and Queen of a nearby kingdom.

Question 49

What is the name of the prince from the legend in Brave?

When Merida accidentally fires an arrow into the woods during her birthday celebration, she ventures off to retrieve it. While she's gone, her family is attacked by an ancient, demonic animal. Later, she has reached a marriageable age, but she refuses to accept any of her suitors in spite of her mother's pleas. An encounter with a witch ends with her mother being transformed into the same animal that had once attacked her family, and Merida realizes that the animal is actually a prince from a legend, whose pride had torn his family asunder.

Question 50

Which Disney Princess is not actually a ruler at all?

Out of eleven Disney Princesses, approximately half of them were born into a ruling family, whether they're the daughter of a chief, Sultan, or King. The majority of the other half became a part of a ruling family after they said their vows with their true love, who was often the heir of one. However, one particular princess stands out among the others, because she wasn't born as a member of a ruling family or married into one as an adult! Even so, she and her partner are still officially considered to be a Disney Prince and Princess.

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