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As one of the most famous figures in the history of professional wrestling, it would make sense that just about every person has at least heard of Hulk Hogan. The man made wrestling popular with mainstream audiences, and he would go on to develop an image that catapulted him into lead roles in films and beyond. Thanks to everything that Hulk Hogan accomplished during his prime years, the superstars that followed were able to have opportunities that simply were not there before. As a legend of the business, his influence can still be felt to this very day.

Today, we want to see who out there can be better than the rest and get top marks on this Hulk Hogan quiz!

Question 1

Did Hulk Hogan Compete In WCW?

Question 2

Did Hulk Hogan Appear In NJPW?

Question 3

Did Hulk Hogan Ever Defeat Ric Flair?

Question 4

Where Was Hulk Hogan Billed From In The WWE?

Question 5

Did Roddy Piper Defeat Hogan At War To Settle The Score?

Question 6

Did Hogan Team With Randy Orton In The Legacy?

Question 7

How Many Times Was Hulk Hogan WWE Heavyweight Champion?

Question 8

Did Hulk Hogan Ever Win The Royal Rumble?

Question 9

Is Hulk Hogan In The WWE Hall of Fame?

Question 10

Did Hulk Hogan Ever Defeat Andre The Giant?

Question 11

Did Jerry Lawler Defeat Hulk Hogan For The Intercontinental Title?

Question 12

Has Hulk Hogan Ever Teamed Up With Finn Balor?

Question 13

What Was Hulk Hogan's Finisher?

Question 14

Did Eddie Guerrero Take Out Hulk Hogan At WrestleMania 33?

Question 15

Was Hulk Hogan Part Of DX?

Question 16

Did Hulk Hogan Train Chris Jericho?

Question 17

Did Vince McMahon Defeat And Retire Hulk Hogan?

Question 18

Hulk Hogan Fans Are Known As...

Question 19

Was Hulk Hogan The First Man To Slam Andre The Giant?

Question 20

Did Hogan Ever Form A Stable With Dean Malenko?

Question 21

Did Hulk Hogan Ever Feud With Jake Roberts?

Question 22

Was Hulk Hogan Ever The Impact World Champion?

Question 23

Did Hulk Hogan End Goldberg's Undefeated Streak?

Question 24

How Many Times Has Hulk Hogan Won The Royal Rumble?

Question 25

Did Hulk Hogan Compete Against Dusty Rhodes?

Question 26

Did Scott Steiner Defeat Hulk Hogan For The WWE Hardcore Championship?

Question 27

Is Hogan Best Known As A Babyface or A Heel?

Question 28

Did Hulk Hogan Ever Win Tag Team Titles With Bret Hart?

Question 29

Did Hulk Hogan Headline WrestleMania Against Vader?

Question 30

Did Hulk Hogan Record His Own Entrance Music?

Question 31

Was Hulk Hogan Known For Using High-Flying Moves?

Question 32

What Was Hulk Hogan's Tag Team With Macho Man Called?

Question 33

How Many Times Did Hulk Hogan Win The Intercontinental Championship?

Question 34

Was Hulk Hogan Ever The WWE Hardcore Champion?

Question 35

Did This Tag Team Ever Win The Titles?

Question 36

Was Sgt. Slaughter Hulk Hogan's Biggest Nemesis?

Question 37

Did King Kong Bundy Defeat Hulk Hogan At WrestleMania 2?

Question 38

Did Hulk Hogan Use A DDT As A Finisher?

Question 39

Did Bam Bam Bigelow Ever Defeat Hulk Hogan For The WWE Title?

Question 40

Did Ken Shamrock Take Out Hulk Hogan?

Question 41

Has Hulk Hogan Ever Headlined WrestleMania?

Question 42

Was Hulk Hogan Ever WCW World Heavyweight Champion?

Question 43

Did Hulk Hogan Go Undefeated In WCW?

Question 44

Has Undertaker Ever Defeated Hulk Hogan?

Question 45

How Many 24/7 Titles Has Hulk Hogan Won?

Question 46

Did Hulk Hogan Feud With Andre The Giant?

Question 47

Has Hulk Hogan Teamed Up With Rusev?

Question 48

Did Hulk Hogan Team Up With Sid Justice?

Question 49

Has Hulk Hogan Retired From Competition?

Question 50

Did Hollywood Hogan Originate In WCW?

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