How Well Do You Remember The Hunger Games?


When people learned that the best-selling book series, The Hunger Games, was being turned into a film series, fans of the books were super excited to see their favorite characters come to life on the big screen. Jennifer Lawrence became the breakout star of the film franchise but the true fascination was regarding The Hunger Games, themselves. The fighting to the death that was spawned out of a past rebellion meant different things to everyone and the storyline took place 74 years after the initial resistance.

Each year, the districts were forced to participate in a Reaping ceremony where the same propaganda film was shown. It got to the point where people were able to recite the words of President Snow even before the clip began and everyone seemed to know the story of how The Hunger Games began. President Snow claimed, "Thirteen districts rebelled against the country that fed them, loved them, protected them. Brother turned on brother until nothing remained. And then came the peace, hard fought, sorely won. A people rose up from the ashes and a new era was born. But freedom has a cost. When the traitors were defeated, we swore as a nation, we would never know this treason again." Some saw The Hunger Games as a way to bring honor to their District. Yet, others saw it as a way for the Capitol to oppress the districts and show them that their children could be taken from them and there was nothing that could be done about it. While audiences have responded to the characters in The Hunger Games through the love stories and bravery, it is the actual Hunger Games that have truly enthralled people. Test your knowledge of The Hunger Games and see if you know what it took to be a tribute.

Question 1

What is the name of this dystopia country?

The premise of The Hunger Games is based on a dystopia that has a futuristic setting. While the Capitol features high tech electronics, state-of-the-art robotics and medical advancements that are far superior than those already in existence, the rest of the country live in a state of intense poverty. The country consists of the Capitol and the remaining 12 districts. There used to be 13 districts but the majority of the franchise was spent hiding the fact that not everyone in District 13 were killed. The Capitol spread propaganda that made it seem like the 13th district was utterly destroyed after the uprising. This was just another way to frighten the people in the districts not to rise up. What is the name of this dystopia country?

Question 2

What is the age range that the people must be in order to have their names be in the running for The Hunger Games?

Each year, all of the districts are forced to give up one boy and girl as tributes to fight in The Hunger Games. There are some districts that actually train and have people volunteer to compete, the majority of the districts are at the mercy of the Capitol. Some of the members of the district are annually gathered and then their fingers are pricked to leave a trace of blood (and DNA), which is used to be part of the lottery of sorts that is used to pick the people that will inevitably fight to death in The Hunger Games. Yet, not everyone is included in the raffle. What is the age range that the people must be in order to have their names be in the running for The Hunger Games?

Question 3

What is her name?

When The Hunger Games tributes are collected, it isn't just a small drawing that quickly grabs a boy and girl and leaves. The Capitol makes the entire tribute drawing into a spectacle that is to be celebrated. There is an escort that conducts the drawing and then takes the tributes to the Capitol. In the case of Katniss Everdeen, the escort is a flamboyant woman that is obviously a Capitol citizen. Everything from her accent to her clothes to her over-the-top makeup, it became instantly apparent that the tributes of District 12 were in store for a completely different world when they finally made it to the Capitol. While District 12's escort may have been just another Capitol citizen in the beginning, she ultimately became a huge help to the resistance. What is her name?

Question 4

What is the name of this victor that became the mentor to Peeta and Katniss?

In the first film, there wasn't much mention of the previous victor from District 12 and it seemed like a surprise when he finally busted into the train car. In the books, the previous winner from District 12 appeared before the train car and actually made quite a spectacle on the tribute stage. It was seen as if it was just another drunk episode by this victor but in hindsight, his commendation of Katniss Everdeen's bravery was his own critique of the Capitol. When Katniss and Peeta finally met him, they weren't exactly thrilled that he seemed completely inadequate as a mentor. Yet, he proved himself throughout their training and when they were in the arena. What is the name of this victor that became the mentor to Peeta and Katniss?

Question 5

What are these soldiers called?

It's an interesting thing to think about the districts just voluntarily giving up their children to the Reaping in order to appease the Capitol but it's not exactly that simple. After the uprising, the Capitol had to create a sort of military action that was supposed to protect the people in the districts but it became a form of oppression. These Capitol soldiers were a constant presence in each district but were in huge forces on the day of Reapings. As the series progresses, the audience sees a lot more of these Capitol soldiers and they become a huge part of the storyline. It's even more interesting that most of the Capitol soldiers are actually trained in and come from District 2. What are these soldiers called?

Question 6

What was Peeta's biggest advantage in going in as a tribute to The Hunger Games?

When the tributes began training for The Hunger Games, the advice that was given was to hide their strengths from the other tributes. This was sound advice because it would inadvertently tell the other tributes what their weaknesses would be in the arena. Katniss went in with a huge strength of being able to hunt but she didn't show off her skills with a bow and arrow in the Training Center. Instead, she focused more on the survival skills and stayed away from the career pack. Yet, there was an incident at the Training Center that made Katniss tell Peeta to reveal what makes him a deadly threat to the other tributes. What was Peeta's biggest advantage in going in as a tribute to The Hunger Games?

Question 7

What was the name of this first head Gamemaker?

When the very first film began, the head Gamemaker was one of the first characters that was introduced to the audience. While interviewed, it became instantly apparent that he wasn't in touch with the districts in how they felt about The Hunger Games. He admitted that The Hunger Games may have started out as a way to oppress the districts but then he stated that it was what brings them all together. The whole notion of the districts rallying together in order come together as a nation seemed completely ludicrous but that just went to show how the people of the Capitol were not able to truly see the injustice that was being done to the people in the districts. What was the name of this first head Gamemaker?

Question 8

Capitol President

When the tributes all made it to the Capitol, they had to interact with a number of different Capitol citizens that were completely different from anyone else in the districts. All of the Capitol citizens thought of The Hunger Games as a huge celebration. The tributes were treated like rock stars and celebrated as if it were some sort of reality show gone horribly wrong. While the people of the districts completely understood that The Hunger Games was just another way of the Capitol oppressing the people in the districts, not everyone could see it for what it really was. At the head of all of this was the one man that had final say over everything and absolute power. What is the name of the man that ran Panem?

Question 9

Who told Katniss about the tracker jackers?

When Katniss and Peeta finally made it into the arena, they had to walk very different paths. Peeta was able to make it into an alliance with the career pack but Katniss was all on her own. Her phenomenal score put a big target on her back and she hadn't made many friends in the Training Center. The Gamemakers were influenced to make sure to kill Katniss off before she could become a victor and didn't allow her to stay on the outskirts of the arena to wait out the other tributes' deaths. In an effort to mock her "Girl on fire" nickname, the Gamemakers used synthetic fireballs in order to try and kill her. It brought her face-to-face with the career pack and forced her up a tree. Yet, she was able to drop tracker jackers on them to get away. Who told her about the tracker jackers?

Question 10

How did Peeta die in the 75th Hunger Games?

When The 75th Hunger Games was constructed, it became obvious that the main goal of the mission from the resistance was to get Katniss Everdeen to District 13. While it was all a mystery while everything was going on, hindsight shows just how much Plutarch didn't seem to care about the safety of the other tributes. Gloss and Cashmere were out for blood from the get-go and Plutarch didn't even seem to flinch when Peeta's life was put in danger. Peeta began fighting with another tribute almost immediately after the countdown completed from the very start. While he was able to kill the other tribute, there was another incident inside the arena where he wasn't quite so lucky. Although Finnick was able to get his heart beating again, he was technically dead. How did Peeta die in the 75th Hunger Games?

Question 11

How did Rue die?

When Katniss made it to The Hunger Games arena, she wasn't fighting the career pack all on her own. Rue had been following her around in the Training Center and helped her when she was stuck up a tree. She was the one that told her to drop the tracker jacker nest on the tributes below and helped her after she had been stung. She became her only ally and friend in the arena and there were a lot of similarities between Rue and the younger sister of Katniss. When Rue was killed, it changed the entire arena situation since it was the spark of the uprising in District 11. This was the start of when the Gamemakers changed the rules in The Hunger Games. How did Rue die?

Question 12

What is the name of this center portion of the arena that contains all the supplies?

Each Gamemaker tries to put their own stamp on the games with each new year. Yet, there are some things that remain the same. Each Hunger Games starts off with the tributes in equal distances from the center arena. The center portion is always filled with a plethora of weaponry and there are also packs that contain necessary items surrounding it. This isn't just the Gamemakers trying to ensure that all of the tributes are well prepared, this is a tactical move to try and incite a blood bath. While it's always great to have a draw out storyline in The Hunger Games, the core of its purpose is to kill off all of the tributes until only one survives. What is the name of this center portion of the arena that contains all the supplies?

Question 13

What is the name of this Hunger Games TV host?

With The Hunger Games focused on the tributes all killing each other, it's difficult to fathom that the entire thing is televised as if it were just another reality series. Yet, it's hugely celebrated and the tributes are treated like they are competing for fortune and fame rather than just being used by the Capitol. There are a number of characters that help to facilitate this "reality show." From the pre-show interviews to the commentary during the actual games, there is a main host that keeps the festivities going. Yet, it's obvious that he's not just a television host. He is obviously on the same agenda with President Snow and his allegiance is apparent during interviews with Peeta after he was captured inside the games. What is the name of this Hunger Games TV host?

Question 14

What happens if the tribute steps off the platform too early?

Even though it seems like The Hunger Games gives an added advantage to Districts one and two, each of the tributes all start off in the exact same manner. They are forced into platforms that rise up to reveal the new arena. Each Gamemaker puts their own stamp on the environment layout and it remains a secret to the tributes prior to entering the arena on these platforms. All of the platforms are an equal distance away from the Cornucopia and therefore, there is no favoritism amongst the tributes. There is also a strict guideline in how the tributes are able to start off. There is a countdown that allows the tributes to start at the exact same time. What happens if the tribute steps off the platform too early?

Question 15

How did they get these sponsor gifts?

The Hunger Games are more than just the survival of the fittest in regards to the tributes. While it would definitely be an advantage to be one of the older tributes that has speed and strength, there are more factors to surviving than just being the biggest or the strongest. In the book series, there is a lot more detail surrounding the manipulation of the Gamemakers in giving advantages to tributes that would be more Capitol-friendly. There is also more detail on the gifts from sponsors. Yet, moviegoers completely understood the importance of the sponsor gifts since it often meant the difference between life and death. From medicine to food to necessary supplies, these sponsor gifts were highly sought-after by the tributes. How did they get these sponsor gifts?

Question 16

What did the Gamemakers change in the rules in The 74th Annual Hunger Games?

In The 74th Annual Hunger Games, the Gamemakers made an unprecedented decision to try and switch up the rules of the game. While there have been alterations to the game guidelines before, they have always been because of a commemorative volume of the games. Yet, this Hunger Games was different because the change to the rules occurred while the tributes were already in the arena. The districts were already feeling oppressed prior to the start of the games but there was one death, in particular, that sparked an uprising in District 11. Rather than treating Katniss as the immediate threat and killing her immediately, the Gamemakers tried to deter her from becoming a martyr to the cause. What did the Gamemakers change in the rules in The 74th Annual Hunger Games?

Question 17

Where do the victors go to live after they've won?

When the Victor is finally crowned at the end of each Hunger Games, there has to be some sort of reward that is offered the tribute that is able to survive. The Capitol describes this as a way to show the districts how merciful they can be by not killing every single one of the tributes. The victor is spoiled in riches and supposedly gets a completely transformed life. Yet, the truth is revealed once the Victor finally does realize his or her fate. While they may not live in the same homes they resided in prior to the games and they no longer have to worry about having enough to eat, they are still under the control of the Capitol. Where do the victors go to live after they've won?

Question 18

What do the Gamemakers do with the dead bodies?

The simulated environment of The Hunger Games is often designed in a way to become more than just a backdrop to the tributes killing one another. The arena is filled with dangers that include everything from Capitol mutts to poisonous berries. Whenever a tribute dies, the sound of the canon is what lets everyone else know that they have one less opponent in the arena. There is also a picture of the tributes that have fallen so that everyone can know who has died. Yet, they don't leave the bodies there to rot. In the book series, they mention how this was a factor that changed after an incident where one of the tributes started eating his fallen comrades out of hunger. What do the Gamemakers do with the dead bodies?

Question 19

What changed in the guidelines for The 75th Annual Hunger Games?

When Peeta and Katniss became the first double Victors of The 74th Annual Hunger Games, neither of them seemed to realize what would be in store for them for the rest of their lives. They became so fixated on how to get themselves out of the arena alive that they forgot about the fact that they would no become mentors for the next tributes that came after them. This was undoubtedly why Haymitch had become addicted to alcohol and couldn't seem to cope with the life he was in since he had seen so many of the tributes from District 12 slaughtered. Yet, there was a difference in the next Hunger Games after Katniss and Peeta's win. What changed in the guidelines for The 75th Annual Hunger Games?

Question 20

What was the name of the new Head Gamemaker at the Third Quarter Quell?

The interesting part about the world of Panem is that the people of the Capitol are seemingly unaware of how inhumane The Hunger Games are to those in the Districts. Yet, it's not just the tributes that are affected in the annual Hunger Games. The Head Gamemaker is responsible for ensuring that each Hunger Games goes off the way the Capitol wants it and there are still penalties for those that don't comply. The same is true for the stylists that work with the tributes. The stylist to District 12, Cinna, was ultimately killed for seeming to incite the Mockingjay resistance and Seneca Crane hung himself rather than eat the poisonous berries given to him. What was the name of the new Head Gamemaker at the Third Quarter Quell?

Question 21

What was the shape of the arena Plutarch created?

Each Head Gamemaker has the freedom to create virtually any sort of arena they want when they create The Hunger Games. The futuristic computer technological abilities in the Capitol far surpass anything that exists in our reality so they are only hindered by their own imagination. In the book series, there is a little more information regarding past Hunger Games and it even goes into detail on how Haymitch managed to become the sole Victor when he was a tribute. Past Gamemakers have used desert settings, a destroyed city, forests, and open fields. In the case of Plutarch Heavensbee, he had an interesting dilemma. While he needed to create a believable and deadly arena, he was also in on the resistance movement and needed to create something that would allow District 13's rescue aircraft. What was the shape of the arena Plutarch created?

Question 22

Victory Tour

While Katniss and Peeta were completely fixated on surviving The 74th Annual Hunger Games, they weren't exactly going to go back to the same lives they were living before becoming tributes. The one thing about The Hunger Games was the fact that the Capitol managed to keep the oppression going year-round. From televising the tribute drawings to the Tribute Parade to the Victory Tour, the Capitol made sure that the districts never forgot. Yet, the Victory Tour had another purpose for the Capitol since it often helped to separate the districts from one another. Yet, in the case of The 74th Victory Tour, Peeta and Katniss helped to unite with District 11 when they didn't stick to the cards that Effie wrote them. Their emotional speeches led to a man in the audience sending them support through the patented whistle and hand salute. What happened to that man?

Question 23

he layout looked eerily familiar and it caused someone to turn to Katniss and say, "Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games." Who said that?

When President Coin first started addressing the people of District 13, she didn't exactly have the type of personality that people would characterize as a leader. She began getting help from Plutarch Heavensbee and she eventually started to use Katniss in her endeavor to rally the people of Panem around her. Once she realized that Katniss was hugely popular with the resistance, she began to worry about whether or not Katniss would throw her support towards another candidate. Even though Katniss disobeyed the orders to stay off the front lines, she couldn't pull her off without people realizing that she hadn't been calling the shots. The mission to get to the Capitol wasn't exactly without its trials and tribulations. The layout looked eerily familiar and it caused someone to turn to Katniss and say, "Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games." Who said that?

Question 24

Star Squad: Who was the initial leader of the squad?

When the mission was forming to charge onto the Capitol, President Snow wasn't completely let in the dark with what was going to happen next. There was already chaos in all of the districts and it was only a matter of time before the fight would make it to the Capitol. In an anticipation of this, President Snow had traps set out in the outlining areas, which resembled the layout of a Hunger Games arena. Although the Star Squad had equipment that allowed them to see where the biggest concentration of traps were, they were still cautioned to be extra careful while moving towards the Capitol. Katniss was able to sneak out to be on the front lines and later, Peeta joined the squad. Who was the initial leader of the squad?

Question 25

Seneca’s death: How did he die?

President Snow disagreed with the way Seneca Crane was handling The Hunger Games from the very beginning. He could see that there was a threat from Katniss Everdeen from the very beginning. Getting a volunteer from an outline district was bound to turn some heads and their dynamic entrance in the Tribute Parade helped to put a big red flag on them as well. When Seneca allowed Katniss to score an 11, President Snow felt that it was a bad move. He tried to talk to Seneca on a number of occasions and tried to get him to see the folly in what he was doing but it was difficult for Seneca to fully grasp it. In the end, Seneca Crane died. How did he die?

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