How Well Do You Remember Ross and Rachel's Relationship?


Throughout television history the "will they/won't they" love interest storyline is a classic screenwriting device which has captured our attention and baited our collective interest in some of the most famous couples in TV history. Examples abound include Richard Castle and Detective Kate Beckett of "Castle", Niles Crane and Daphne Moon of "Frasier", Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of "The X-Files" and who could forget Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big from "Sex and The City"? But few "will they/won't they" couples have captured hearts the world over like that of Ross and Rachel of "Friends". For ten years an average of 52.5 million viewers watched every week and hung on every word the two of these characters spoke to one another. From the first episode, America and soon the rest of the world was ravenous for even the slightest hint as to what the fate of these two characters and their relationships with one another would be.

Are you one of those avid followers? Do you own every season on DVD and watch this record breaking show so often that you know everything there is to know about this famous couple? Let's see if, in fact, you do. Across the next fifty questions, your knowledge of not only the show but specifically this couple will be tested. If you can pass this test you are not only an avid watcher and most likely a hopeless romantic ... you need a life!

Question 1

What treat do Ross and Rachel share at the end of the pilot episode?

In the first episode of the series helpfully titled, The One Where It All Began we start the first scene with Chandler telling a story about a disturbing dream he had, and Ross feeling pretty rough about the fact that his wife and he are newly divorced. As he says he just wants to be married again, Rachel busts through the doors of Central Perk in a soaked wedding dress. Foreshadowing much? We could only hope. As the episode continues, we see that though Rachel does have a lot to learn about living on her own, she has someone near her braving the same storm in a sense.

Question 2

What does Ross say to Monica at the end of the pilot episode?

The end of any relationship is hard. Especially when you've only known that special person for so long. So it's easy to understand why Ross is feeling blue when he finds out not only that his ex is leaving him, but that she's a lesbian. Joey is particularly surprised that Ross didn't know that she was a lesbian. Ross exclaims, "Well she didn't know, how was I supposed to?" When Chandler consoles Ross by explaining that there are many different women out there, Joey launches into an analogy that Ross revisits for the final line of the series premiere episode.

Question 3

What is Ross and Rachel’s child’s name?

Ross Geller never planned to be a father. It seems as though the women in his life just keep surprising him with this kind of happy news. And almost every single time he is given such news, Ross is stunned into silence which is no easy feat for a man of many many words. After getting over the shock that he was going to be a father and Rachel was going to be the mother of one of his child, they went about the task of picking names. Ross and Rachel even had veto power over each other's choices of names.

Question 4

How many pages was the letter that Rachel wrote Ross when they were trying to get back together?

In The One With The Jellyfish, Ross and Rachel almost get back together but before Rachel will take him back she insists that he reads the letter she wrote to him so that he can fully understand her feelings and where she's coming from. She was willing to have sex with him only once he has read the letter so Ross rushes downstairs to begin reading but then he falls asleep reading the letter she wrote him. In the morning, he pretends he read the whole thing.

Question 5

What does Rachel call herself when she tells Ross about her lack of laundry skills?

In this episode, Rachel has plans to do laundry and Ross wants to spend time with her so naturally he sees this as the perfect opportunity. Ross being Ross, he comes up with an excuse to be around her by pretending that the laundromat in his building is rat-infested and that he needs to do his laundry that night as well. Rachel admits to a lack of domestic skill, giving herself a new monicker. He tries to console her by telling her that at the very least she definitely got the clothes clean, which is the most important part.

Question 6

In which episode did Rachel and Ross share their first on-screen kiss of the series?

In the ever wondrous saga that is Ross and Rachel's on again off again, love story there are many firsts, many adventures, and many, many kisses. But where was their first ever on-screen kiss? In the 5th episode of the first season, we find Rachel in an interesting predicament. Luckily, her dork in shining armor is there to help. Rachel is bereft after a minor domestic incompetence and is forced to fend off a would-be cart thief of sorts with Ross there to support her. In the excitement of her victory she gratefully kisses Ross.

Question 7

Which airport does Ross first go to when he tries to stop Rachel from leaving for Paris?

Rachel has been offered a brand-new, amazing job overseas and with Monica and Chandler packing up to move to the suburbs to raise their twins, it makes sense for Rachel to take the job and begin a new life for her and Emma. At the last minute, Ross realizes that he doesn't want to live without Rachel. At Phoebe's insistence, Ross hops in Phoebe's taxi cab and rushes to the airport. Initially, they cannot locate the flight because they went to the wrong airport.

Question 8

Which TV channel does Ross pass up an opportunity to be on in order to help Rachel?

In episode 21 of season 3 titled, The One With a Chick and A Duck, we find Ross once again coming to Rachel's aid at the expense of an incredible opportunity for himself. It turns out that there is a panel being assembled to discuss some new fossils found in Peru of which, Ross will be a member. Better yet, a very influential and well-watched TV channel will be there to film it. But when Rachel is injured catching Monica as she falls in a roller skating accident, Ross passes up the panel to help her by helping her get dressed and taking her to the hospital.

Question 9

What did Rachel want Ross to do to make up for yelling at her?

In Season 3, Episode 2 titled, The One Where No One's Ready, we find Ross in a very frustrating situation. Ross has a very important black tie event at the Museum and when he arrives at Monica's much-famed apartment to pick up the rest of the gang, he finds no one is ready. Events spiral out of control and we soon find Joey and Chandler are having a spat, and Rachel is still unsure what she's going to wear. Ross loses his temper and yells at Rachel who then refuses to go at all unless Ross does something to make it up to her.

Question 10

Which of Rachel’s sisters is Ross tempted to date?

The One With Rachel's Sister is quite an interesting episode indeed. Monica comes home after leaving work because her boss thinks she's sick. She is. She is also in denial. As the group is trying to convince her that a stuffy nose and the inability to control its contents are usually pretty good indicators of sickness, there is a surprising knock on the door. Monica opens the door and Rachel's sister steps into the apartment. She has been cut off by her father and while at first Ross didn't seem interested in her, she soon grows on him.

Question 11

Who does Rachel overhear that Ross is going to marry?

In the 19th Episode of Season 4 titled, The One With All The Haste, Ross decides that he loves the new man he becomes when he is with his somewhat newly acquired love interest. When he decides that he wants to move in with said love interest, he makes a joke about marriage. It seems like a crazy idea, but like most jokes, there is more than humor at the center. Before they know it, the idea of marriage is much more than just a joke. Rachel is heartbroken when she overhears the announcement of the wedding on the horizon.

Question 12

What does Ross do to bond with Rachel’s dad?

For most people in a relationship, once the relationship reaches the stage where meeting their partner’s parents is inevitable, stress and panic take over. The same was true for Ross. He was very nervous about spending time with Rachel's father because he always felt like Rachel's father hated him. He could not avoid it because it was very important to Rachel that Ross get along with her father whom she adores. Ross became determined to find a way to bond with Dr. Green.

Question 13

Where does Ross go with Rachel after her father has a heart attack?

The One Where Joey Speaks French is a very important episode for the character of Rachel when she finds out that her father has had a heart attack. We learn that he expected to recover though he is heavily sedated in the beginning of the episode. Ross decides that Rachel must go to see her father immediately and that he will accompany her. Once there, Ross and Rachel have a tension filled argument and Rachel admits that for them, the idea of love is never off the table.

Question 14

In season 4 Episode 8, Rachel shows Ross what’s in her keepsake box. What is among its contents that Ross finds?

With the holidays coming up the group is getting ready for their annual Secret Santa gift exchange. When Chandler tries to trade with Phoebe so he can be Rachel's Secret Santa, Phoebe tells him that Rachel exchanges every gift she's given and that it's near impossible to get her anything that she likes enough to keep. Eventually, the news of Rachel's propensity for gift exchanges gets to Ross who eventually confronts her about it. In her attempt to prove the group wrong, she shows him the contents of her keepsake box.

Question 15

What past action did Rachel discover Ross did, causing Rachel to kiss him in front of everyone in episode 14 of season 2?

Season two holds many surprises for Ross and Rachel. Ten minutes into the fourteenth episode we find Rachel in Central Perk being hit on by an attractive man and Ross is unable to believe that she is enjoying the exchange, despite all evidence that she's just fine with it. The two get into an episode-long fight as a result of Ross chasing said man away. Back at the apartment, Monica finds some old boxes and therein evidence of just how far Ross has always been willing to go to make sure Rachel is happy. He is rewarded with one hell of a kiss.

Question 16

What lie does Ross tell about how he proposed to Rachel at his parents place?

Season eight's eighteenth episode titled, The One in Massapequa, sees Ross and Rachel in a bit of a tight spot. They've gone to a party for Ross' parent’s 35th anniversary and his mother explains to them that in order to avoid shock, they have told their guests that Ross and Rachel have been married. Rachel takes the opportunity to fabricate some tales about their supposed nuptials and the events therein. She even goes so far as to tell people that Stevie Wonder sang at the wedding. When the crowd wants to hear about Ross' proposal to Rachel, Ross spins a tale of his own.

Question 17

Who was Ross jealous of at Rachel’s job?

Ross and Rachel were happy once. I know it's hard to remember but for five seconds they were actually happy until this season in which Ross begins to lose his mind with jealousy. Rachel had finally found a job that she was good at and fortunately that job had her working very long hours. Instead of being patient and understanding Ross becomes jealous of one of Rachel's co-workers and begins to believe she is spending time at work to be with him.

Question 18

What color umbrellas do Ross and Rachel have in the opening credits?

The opening credits of Friends was one of the most ubiquitously watched and referenced openings in television history. It even brought relative success to the authors of the theme song, The Rembrandts. The opening scene involves a montage of scenes from the show and of clips of the cast members playing around in a park presumably in New York. The cast is seen swimming in an open fountain (in New York? Are u crazy?), playing with umbrellas and turning off a suspiciously powered lamp in synchronization with the turning-off of the outdoor city lights.

Question 19

Who tells Ross that she’ll only come to New York if he stops speaking to Rachel?

The episode, The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS, is a pretty tense episode. Previously during his wedding when going through his nuptial vows he experiences the Freudian slip of a lifetime when he says not the name of his theoretically soon to be wife, but that of his paramour, Rachel. Obviously, the wedding was off. We come into this episode to see Ross on the phone to anyone who could possibly put him back in touch with his now ex. He eventually gets in touch with her but only to find that it's over for good unless he stops speaking to Rachel.

Question 20

Who did Rachel get to shave her head because she was jealous?

We all know very well that Ross was very jealous and that jealousy cost him his relationship with Rachel. It was the very reason they broke up. Of course, Ross making another crucial mistake the night they broke up was the reason they stayed broken up. But that did not stop Rachel from becoming jealous whenever Ross went on a date with another woman. Remember the time Phoebe set him up with someone she thought he'd love? Rachel was so jealous she convinced the person to shave her head in the hopes that Ross would freak out and dump her.

Question 21

Where is Rachel going when she has to say her final goodbye to Ross?

In the final two episodes of Friends, the whole world watched as each character began to put their lives in order. Monica and Chandler packed up their apartment to move to the suburbs with their new twin babies. Phoebe and Mike were settling into their married life. Joey was being Joey and Ross and Rachel were for preparing themselves for their goodbyes. Rachel had been offered an amazing job in another city which was, as Phoebe put it "full of Gunthers".

Question 22

What did Rachel’s sister break when Ross told her he couldn’t see her any longer?

We've all had terrible breakups in which hearts are torn, walls are punched, things are thrown and belongings are broken. Such is the case when Ross informs Jill that he can't see her anymore. Apparently, Rachel's sister has quite a temper and when given the news of Ross' inability to reconcile his feelings for Rachel, Jill flew into a rage, spewing many insults, and breaking one of Ross' more prized possessions. It may seem, cliche but, ... all's fair in love and war.

Question 23

Where does Rachel go when Ross spots Emily and does not get on the plane?

Standing at the altar, in front of all their friends and family, Ross said Rachel's name. To this day, we still cannot believe it. What is even harder to believe is that after saying Rachel's name instead of Emily's, it did not stop them from getting married. Emily went into hiding over the humiliation. Ross left Emily a message begging her to go with him on the honeymoon and it almost worked out except for the fact that when she got there Rachel was there with Ross.

Question 24

Which song is playing in the planetarium when Ross kisses Rachel on their first date?

In The One Where Ross and Rachel ... Ya Know, there's love all around. Monica begins dating her much older ophthalmologist and long time friend of the family Dr. Richard Burk, Joey and Chandler fall in love with two recliners, and Ross and Rachel go on their first, and second dates. The first date hits a slight snag when Rachel starts laughing when Ross touches her butt. She wants to take him out to dinner for a do-over, but when Ross is called into the Museum Rachel goes with him and they wind up spending the night in the planetarium. Not bad.

Question 25

How does Rachel first admit to Ross that she has feelings for him?

The One Where Ross Finds Out is a very pivotal episode in the story of Ross and Rachel. Previously Rachel found out that Ross had feelings for her just before he went to China. Upon his return to the United States, we meet Julie, whom he went to graduate school with and was reunited with while in China. In this episode Ross and Julie decide to adopt a cat together sending Rachel into a tailspin once she finds out that cats live upwards of 20 years potentially. Rachel is not happy about Ross' new long-term plans with Julie.

Question 26

What does Ross do when Rachel tells him that she is pregnant?

In Season 8 there are many adventures had, but none quite so eye-popping as that of fatherhood. It's that very adventure we learn is waiting for Ross in the 3rd Episode titled, The One Where Rachel Tells Ross. The news would take any man aback and Ross is no exception. In fact, when she tells him, his reaction makes for some pretty great comedy. Ross decides to go with Rachel to her doctor's appointment and decides that he wants to be there for every part of this experience.

Question 27

What item clues the "Friends" into the fact that Ross is the father of Rachel’s baby?

Once Rachel realizes that she really is pregnant, as part of “a risky little game” Phoebe plays with her at Monica's wedding, she is overjoyed. She decides she wants to keep and raise her baby. When asked by her friends who the father is, she decides she wants to tell him first. However, that does not stop her friends from trying to solve the mystery on their own. The father left clues behind and the friends are determined to put all the clues together.

Question 28

What does Rachel yell at Ross before storming out of the apartment when they broke up the second time.

Fans had waited so long for a Ross and Rachel reconciliation and when it finally happened, for a few moments we breathed sigh of relief. However, that joy did not last long. Once Ross found out that the letter he did not read because he fell asleep put all the responsibility for their break up squarely on his shoulders, he and Rachel had a massive argument and broke up once again. That had to be the shortest reconciliation in history.

Question 29

The first time we see Rachel and Ross say, “I love you” they are …

Love can come out in all sorts of ways and during all sorts of events. Such is the case for our all too often star-crossed lovers in this early episode of Friends titled, The One Where Old Yeller Dies. Rachel learns that Ross has planned quite a future for them inclusive of two kids, suburbs and a white picket fence. This leads to quite an interesting chain of events eventually landing us at the "I love you" moment. Ain't life grand?

Question 30

When Rachel finds out that Ross has feelings for her, it’s because one of the “friends” leaks the secret after Ross gives Rachel a very expensive gift. Who was it?

It was Rachel's birthday and all of her friends are there to celebrate except Ross, who is away on an archaeological dig. Rachel is very happy and surprised to see that even though Ross was not able to be there for her birthday party, he did in fact, leave a birthday gift for her. When she opened it, she was shocked and amazed, and so were all of the friends. Everyone except for the one person who then exposes Ross’ secret.

Question 31

What very expensive gift did Ross give to Rachel inciting one of the “friends” to leak the secret?

It was Rachel's birthday and much to her surprise her friends had gotten her great gifts. But no gift was as thoughtful and wonderful and expensive as the one that Ross got for her. Rachel recalled that she and Ross saw it in a store months ago and she couldn't believe he had remembered and bought it for her. When Monica says “I can't believe he did that”, one of the other friends chimed in telling the group “That's what he does when he's in love. Remember when he bought Carol that ridiculously expensive crystal duck?”

Question 32

What was the name of the guy that Rachel dated who looked just like Ross?

We have always believed that Ross and Rachel belonged together. We always believed that somehow one day they would make it work. Rachel however, wasn't so sure but her subconscious mind began to play tricks on her and she began to date a guy that looked so much like Ross he could have been his twin! Not only did the guy look just like Ross they had way too much in common for it to just be a coincidence and Rachel couldn't even see it.

Question 33

In the series finale, we find out that Rachel and Ross will in fact end up together as she appears in the doorway of the apartment and says what?

When Ross arrived at the airport and confessed his love for Rachel and begged her to stay, we all nearly cried when she got on the plane anyway. We were truly heartbroken and could not figure out why in the world these two crazy kids could not just make it work. And Ross gets home and there's a message from Rachel saying that she does love him and we all cheered. She had difficulty getting off the plane but once she did she appeared in Ross' doorway and uttered these epic words.

Question 34

When Ross and Rachel have conflicting ideas and tell the story of how they ended up having a one night stand, who REALLY came on to who?

Once all the friends know that Rachel is pregnant and that Ross is the father, they begin to wonder how it was that the two of them, who were not dating at the time, just happened to have a one night stand. As they each begin to tell the story it becomes obvious that they have a different version of the story of how that night happened. They almost argue about it but then it is revealed that there is a videotape that will prove definitively how it all happened.

Question 35

Where are Ross and Rachel when we first see the first kiss of their relationship?

So we all know that Ross and Rachel were in the laundromat the first time we see them kiss on-screen, but that kiss was merely a thank you kiss, and though it made for an interesting surprise for Ross, it wasn't their first romance based kiss. Where were they when they first kissed for the purpose of satisfying their combined romantic urges? We could give you a hint but let's face it, if you can't answer this one, you might as well pack it up here and now.

Question 36

What did Rachel think was Ross’ pre-ejaculation on their date?

The episode containing both the first and second dates of our much famed and favorite TV couple, has many laughs to offer. One of the biggest laughs of the episode, however, comes when Rachel mistakes a sudden physical sensation for a much feared masculine romantic failure. It happens to many, and disappoints all. Thankfully, this turns out not to be a problem Ross has to level with. Come on super-fan, what actually ended up being the cause of Rachel’s sudden romantic alarm?

Question 37

What did Rachel say when she told everyone that Ross and Julie were dating?

This show has many great one-liners but this is one of our favorites. When Rachel realizes that she has feelings for Ross, she does everything she can to get to him before he leaves for China but when she's too late we figure, hey no biggy. It's not like he's gonna meet some lovely woman in China and fly back with her, right? Wrong. He ends up running into a cute graduate school friend named Julie from his past while in China and Rachel just couldn't be happier about it. (Sarcasm much?)

Question 38

Who played the woman Rachel passionately kissed her senior year of college causing Ross to go into a fantasy state?

Ah, yes. A beautiful woman. Is there anything better? Yes, yes there is. Two beautiful women. What could be better than that? Well, most men would agree that two beautiful women ... "together" equals an arrangement quite a lot better in fact. That is exactly what Ross discovers lies in Rachel's past when an old college girlfriend ... a pretty hot old college girlfriend shows up in, The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss. Hey! Back to earth! No fantasizing here. Answer the question already!

Question 39

Who made Rachel realize she was still in love with Ross when he was about to marry Emily?

The great thing about having friends is that you can always count on them to tell you the truth. A real friend tells you things you don't necessarily want to hear but often need to hear. They tell you things about you and your life that are obvious to everyone but you can't even see them. One friend, in particular is often the most unlikely source of wisdom when it comes to Ross and Rachel's relationship and has on more than one occasion helped them realize they are in love with one another.

Question 40

Ross and Rachel are famously described as each other’s Lobster by which friend?

On this particular day, Ross is over at Rachel and Monica's apartment and answers their phone only to end up taking a message for Rachel from a guy she met at the movies. Ross is feeling frustrated that he and Rachel aren't together. One of the friends tell Ross not to worry and that they will definitely get together. Ross isn't convinced and when he asks said friend how he/she could be so sure they reply "because she's your lobster"

Question 41

Whose idea was it for Ross and Rachel to get married in Vegas?

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you get married. Then what happened in Vegas follows you all for the rest of your life pending a nasty court proceeding. This is exactly what happened when Ross and Rachel get trashed in their hotel and decide to leave the safety of their room. Monica and Chandler decided to go to a chapel in Vegas only to see Ross and Rachel stumbling out of the chapel very, very drunk, happy and very, very married!

Question 42

When Rachel suggests to Ross that they should take a break, what does he suggest they go get?

Things were going pretty well for Ross and Rachel until Rachel began working a lot of long hours. Ross begins to get insecure about the lack of time and attention he's getting. He again gets jealous of one of her co-workers and when he pushes the issue on a night when Rachel is particularly tired of having to deal with his insecurities, out of frustration she suggests that they take a break. Ross replies fine let’s take a break. Let's go get some ___________ or something.

Question 43

What does Rachel threaten to do when Monica accuses her of trying to steal her thunder?

Monica has been waiting her whole entire life to find her one true love and get engaged to be married. When that day finally arrived, she was so excited and asked all her friends to get dressed so that they could all go to the Plaza Hotel together to celebrate. Just when they are about to leave, Monica opens the door and finds Rachel and Ross kissing in the hallway. She gets super mad at Rachel and accuses her of purposely stealing her thunder. They begin to argue a bit and Rachel threatens to further steal her thunder by ____________.

Question 44

What does Rachel want Ross to do to help her go into labor?

The final few months of pregnancy can be extremely uncomfortable for women. Around the eighth month, their backs hurt. Their feet and hands are swollen. Their bladder has been stepped on more times than they can count and they're just ready to give birth. The discomfort becomes even worse when the baby does not come by its due date. This happened to Rachel and she began to wonder if the baby would ever "come out of her". She tries to talk Ross into helping her out by any means necessary.

Question 45

What song do Ross and Rachel sing to Emma to get her to laugh?

Every new parent highly anticipates all of their babies' "firsts" - the first time they smile, laugh and walk. Many parents will do anything to orchestrate one of their baby's first milestones. Ross and Rachel are no exception. Ross first discovers that the baby will laugh when he begins singing a song to her but when he shares the news with Rachel, she is horrified. A day later Rachel tries other songs but none of them work so she too sings this song and Emma laughs repeatedly.

Question 46

There was a play written about Ross and Rachel and their life together after the series finale. Who wrote that play?

Ever wonder what happened to the characters of Friends after they all go their separate directions at the end of the beloved series? How did Monica and Chandler fare? Does Joey ever really make it big as an actor? Does Phoebe ever do ... well ... anything? But most of all how do Ross and Rachel fair? Do they actually stay together and get married? And, if so, do they beat the staggering 50% divorce rate in this country? One playwright has decided to take it upon himself to answer at least the question of Ross and Rachel's future goings on.

Question 47

What was Ross’ reaction to finding out that Phoebe and Rachel got tattoos together?

When Rachel and Phoebe decide to go and get tattoos together in the episode titled, The One Where Joey Moves Out, it's originally Phoebe's idea. When they get to the tattoo parlor, Rachel has second thoughts but goes ahead with it at Phoebe's behest. When Phoebe's turn comes up, however, she chickens out just after the artist touches her, and she winds up with a small blue dot. Phoebe later describes it as, a tattoo of the world from afar. Rachel wants to hide it from Ross, but no such luck.

Question 48

Rachel uses a fake surprise party for Ross and Emily as a way to spend time with who?

In this episode, Rachel was having a bad day at work. She had just finished helping an 80-year-old woman try on a thong that she didn't even buy and that was the last straw. She was just about to tell her boss she was quitting when in walks a handsome man. She’d try everything to get him to ask her out but her usual tactics did not work so she had to resort to a new level of seduction. She convinces Ross to go along with a fake surprise party for his girlfriend Emily.

Question 49

What rumor did Ross and Brad Pitt’s character spread about Rachel in high School?

Audiences and fans could not wait to witness the epic TV moment when Brad Pitt would appear on an episode of Friends opposite his wife at the time, Jennifer Aniston. Brad Pitt played a formerly fat friend of Ross' from high school. He and Ross formed a club whose sole purpose for existence was to hate Rachel. Rachel knew nothing about this club until it was revealed at Thanksgiving dinner. It's also revealed that they started a vicious rumor about her that spread around not only their high school but other high schools as well.

Question 50

What color pants was Rachel wearing the night she and Ross conceived Emma?

Now before anybody writes nasty letters claiming that this couldn't possibly be true, that we couldn't possibly know this or that this is in any other way BS, we're here to tell you that you're wrong. In fact, if you pull out the DVD set of Season 8 that surely you all have, and watch episode 4 titled, The One With The Videotape and travel to around 16 minutes and 51 seconds, you'll see that the answer is not only knowable ... it's known! So gumshoes, what color were those pants that Ross just had to take off of Rachel?

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