How Well Do You Remember Raiders Of The Lost Ark?


Released more than 35 years ago, Raiders of the Lost Ark capitalized on the successes of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Harrison Ford. With two great filmmakers and an emerging actor who already won our hearts in Star Wars, the previously unheard of character of Indiana Jones exploded into pop culture. With his iconic look, gruff charm, brains, and capacity for crazy adventure, the world fell in love with Indy, and Harrison Ford came into his own in what would become yet another massive series of films.

But Indy wasn't just an iconic, lovable character who'd go on to inspire countless Halloween costumes. For some, he was a source of inspiration. The image of the geeky, bookworm professor was transformed into someone who could also explore ancient tombs and track down long-lost artifacts while still giving James Bond a run for his money. Archaeology wasn't just something studied by poring over dusty books in a classroom or library, it was a tangible pursuit that made history real, accessible, and immediate. When I watched the Indiana Jones films as a kid in the 90's, I knew immediately that I wanted to be an archaeologist, and it took a long time before that idea started to change.

Though Raiders came out more than three decades ago, its impact is still felt in pop culture today, and fans continue to watch it again and again. So, with that in mind, here's a quiz to challenge even the most savvy Raiders fans!

Question 1

In what year do the events of the film take place?

Though the historical setting is inferred and maintained consistently throughout the film through period-accurate costumes, vehicles, attitudes, technology, and the foreboding presence of Nazi Germany, the specific year in which the film is set is shown on-screen only once at the very beginning of the film, just after the opening credits. Intriguingly, though Raiders is the first film in the Indiana Jones franchise, it's actually set one year after the events of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the second film in the franchise.

Question 2

What's the name of Jock's pet snake?

Indy escapes the hazards of the temple only to come face to face with Belloq and his group of native allies. Belloq promptly orders them to kill Indy, forcing him to hightail it out of there and run for his plane, where his pilot, Jock, has been waiting for him all this time. Indy barely makes it and, as the plane flies away, he discovers Jock's pet snake at his feet. Visibly terrified, Indy loudly voices his displeasure. Jock tells him to "grow a backbone", but not before pointing out that his pet snake has a name.

Question 3

A student in Indy's class writes what words on her eyelids?

One scene features Indy in his professor role, teaching archaeology to a class of students, many of whom appear to be female. Though the majority of them gaze longingly at Indy as he delivers his lecture, one student in particular stands out for the great lengths she goes to to get Indy's attention, writing a message on her eyelids so it'll be legible to him when she blinks. Despite the strangeness, her plan works, and Indy stands there shocked for a good few seconds.

Question 4

What word does Indy write on the chalkboard in class?

When we first transition to the scene of Indy teaching his class, we see him writing a word on the board, which is already full of diagrams and other concepts, as a starting point for the next topic of his lecture. He writes it out a bit too quickly, pauses, and pretends to not know how to spell it, which draws a few laughs from his students. He then proceeds with his lecture, having successfully lightened the mood a bit.

Question 5

The Ark was created to house which holy relics?

In his meeting with the officers from US Army Intelligence, Indy describes the origins of the Ark in detail, drawing on multiple accounts from the Bible. Though the Ark went on to have a long life where it traveled all across the Holy Land and was ultimately lost, Indy tells us that its original purpose was to house some of the most important holy relics. It's not clear whether these relics were the source of the Ark's power, or if it was inherent to the Ark itself.

Question 6

What food is poisoned by the man with the eyepatch?

While in Cairo, a mysterious man with an eyepatch uses his pet monkey to get closer to Indy and co. Eventually, after meeting up with the Nazis in the area, the man attempts to kill the heroes by poisoning their food. Unfortunately, however, his pet monkey is the only one who succumbs to the poison and drops dead on the floor. Sallah, vigilant that he is, notices the dead monkey and uses his quick reflexes to save Indy's life, thus averting the danger.

Question 7

Before joining up with Indy, Marion runs her own bar in which country?

Once he realizes he needs the assistance of the Ravenwood family, Indy takes numerous flights to reach the remote country they were living in to find them. He discovers that Marion now runs her own establishment, and learns that her father has passed on. Though this country would become more globally popular in future decades, at this point it remains largely desolate and uninhabited, and its wintery landscape makes it stand out significantly from all the other locations in the film.

Question 8

Which trap does Indy NOT face in the temple?

In the iconic scene at the beginning of the film, we watch Indy and one of his guides make their way through the treacherous temple, which is laden with numerous traps. Indy uses his expertise to overcome most of them pretty well, and even comes prepared with a bag of sand to replace the idol with. However, he doesn't quite get the weight right, and all hell soon breaks loose, ultimately resulting in the death of his not so loyal guide.

Question 9

The Ark resides in a chamber with what ominous name?

Indy first mentions the Ark's resting place in his meeting with the Army Intelligence officers, and even then the name suggests it won't be the most welcoming place. When Indy does at last manage to enter the chamber, he and Marion discover that the name is entirely appropriate given that the place is populated entirely by corpses and thousands of snakes. Despite the name suggesting there might not be a way out, however, Indy's keen eyes help him notice a possible escape route.

Question 10

Why does the Nazis' Staff of Ra not point them to the right location?

Despite Indy's claim that the pole of the Staff is "just a stick," its role is just as important as the more memorable headpiece. Without both parts of the Staff functioning properly, it will not point to the location of the Ark in the map room. The Nazis, having failed to acquire the real headpiece, were forced to create their own. Their version of the Staff was functional, but misled them because of one key flaw, which Sallah and Indy realize simultaneously.

Question 11

What object does Belloq show Indy to make a point about archaeology?

After seeing Marion die in what he thinks is a fatal explosion, Indy is approached by Belloq's men and is invited to meet him at a tavern. Belloq talks to Indy about the shady side of archaeology and suggests that they're not so different people aside from their motivations. During the conversation, Belloq stresses the fact that any object, no matter how worthless, becomes priceless after being buried in the sand for a thousand years, and he illustrates this point with a particular object.

Question 12

What compliment does Indy give Sallah?

After arriving in Cairo, Marion and Indy meet up with Sallah, Indy's longtime friend, who invites them to stay at his home. Once settled in, the three meet up on the rooftop terrace to discuss their game plan and the Nazis' activities in the area. Sallah, with his insider knowledge as a key player in the local archaeological trade, gives them all the details they need about the dig. Indy, impressed and thankful, pays Sallah a compliment, specifically calling him...

Question 13

The Ark is said to be located in what Ancient Egyptian city?

Though the exact location of the chamber containing the Ark is unknown, there were rumors that it resided in a specific city in Ancient Egypt. When one of the Army Intelligence officers reads out a Nazi message mentioning the city, Indy and Marcus realize that the Ark must be the artifact the Nazis are after. Though the name of the city was known to the archaeological community, it was never found due to a cataclysmic sandstorm that completely consumed it, leaving the Ark hidden beneath the desert sands.

Question 14

What's Professor Ravenwood's first name?

Though he dies before the events of the film even begin, Professor Ravenwood, Marion's father, plays a key role in the story. The Army Intelligence officers mention that he was a person of interest to the Nazis, and Indy, a former student of Ravenwood's, asserts that he was one of the foremost experts on the Ark, especially the lost city where it was meant to have been before disappearing forever. Ravenwood's first name is mentioned only a few times in passing.

Question 15

How many children does Sallah have?

We meet Sallah's family, including his wife Fayah and their many children, soon after getting to Cairo. Though the children are rambunctious and presumably get into all sorts of trouble, they inherit the kindness and selflessness of their parents. When Indy is completely surrounded in the tavern, he only escapes because Sallah's kids encircle him and escort him to safety. Marion roughly estimates how many kids Sallah has when she asks Indy about settling down, but the only way to know for certain how many there are is to pay close attention to the end of the tavern scene.

Question 16

The Ark chamber features statues of what Ancient Egyptian god?

Appropriately, the grim chamber where the Ark is held is decorated with several statues of an Ancient Egyptian god most often associated with mummification and ushering souls into the afterlife. Though the name of this god is never mentioned in the film, his unique appearance makes his identity clear to those well-versed in Ancient Egypt. He is usually depicted in black, with a human body and the head of a jackal or canine, and he is often seen holding an ankh. One of the statues also gives Sallah a good scare.

Question 17

In total, how much money does Indy offer Marion for the headpiece?

After finding Marion and briefly catching up with her, Indy inquires as to the whereabouts of the headpiece of the Staff of Ra, an artifact that her father used to have. When Marion plays hard to get, Indy offers her an initial sum, which she shows little interest in. Realizing he needs to sweeten the deal even further, Indy then offers to give her an additional sum when they get back to the United States. In total, he offers Marion...

Question 18

While on the ship, Marion first kisses Indy on what part of his body?

After getting shot, scraped, battered, bruised, and beaten by a very large and buff German man, Indy is looking worse for wear by the time he and Marion embark on a ship destined for England. Once they get settled in a cabin, she attempts to treat his wounds and make him feel better, but he keeps complaining that everything hurts. Annoyed, Marion asks him where it doesn't hurt, prompting an iconic scene in which she kisses him all over and he promptly falls asleep in the blink of an eye.

Question 19

Why is Indy unable to destroy the Ark?

Upon hiding aboard the U-boat and infiltrating the Nazi island base, Indy manages to catch up to Marion, Belloq, and his men. He loudly announces his arrival and threatens to destroy the Ark with a rocket launcher unless Belloq lets Marion go free. Belloq, however, sees right through him, and points out that Indy would never be able to bring himself to destroy the Ark even if he wanted to. In this moment, Indy realizes that Belloq knows him better than he thought, and their conversation in Cairo seems to carry some truth after all.

Question 20

What ultimately happens to the Ark?

The Ark is brought back to the States as promised and delivered to Army Intelligence, but what becomes of it after that point remains a mystery to Indy and Marcus. They do their best to get information but are unsuccessful, and thus cannot be sure if the Ark is being studied, developed into a weapon, hidden away, or simply destroyed. However, we get a glimpse of what happens to the Ark in a brief scene at the very end of the film just before the closing credits.

Question 21

Who said the following quote?

"You chose the wrong friends. This time, it'll cost you." Spoken by a male character in the first half of the film, this quote is used in a situation where one character clearly gets the upper hand over another and then immediately gloats about it. Soon after it's spoken, the character who's down on his luck finds himself in a deadly situation and must flee to preserve his life. The character with the upper hand goes on his merry way, content in his success.

Question 22

Where does Indy get shot during the truck chase scene?

During the truck chase scene in the desert where Indy tries to reclaim the Ark from the Nazis, he takes a lot of punishment. He gets punched repeatedly while trying to drive the truck, struggles to hang on for dear life when he's stuck on the front of the vehicle, and deliberately drags himself on the ground at high speeds to maneuver himself to the back. During all the commotion, one particularly nasty foe manages to land a shot on him and tries to exploit his pain.

Question 23

How many kisses does Marion give Sallah before leaving?

Once the Ark is recovered, Sallah arranges passage for Indy, Marion, and the artifact on a ship bound for England. Before departing, Marion makes sure to properly thank Sallah, giving him multiple kisses. She clarifies that some are for him and others are for members of his family. Marion and Indy prepare to board and Sallah, visibly delighted, has a spring in his step and sings jubilantly to himself and he walks away. He does, however, make sure to give Marion and Indy one last friendly wave.

Question 24

Indy and Marcus are assured that who is working on the Ark?

At the end of the film, Indy and Marcus are brought in for a final debriefing meeting with Army Intelligence. Compensation and other matters are briefly discussed, but Indy and Marcus are desperate to know who has been chosen to study the Ark. They demand more information but are consistently stonewalled by the Army Intelligence officer, who cryptically assures them that a qualified group of people is working on the Ark. When Indy presses him further, the officer simply repeats...

Question 25

What does Indy call "one of the great dangers of archaeology"?

During the classroom scene near the beginning of the film, Indy is in the process of warning his students about "one of the great dangers of archaeology" when Marcus walks into the room. Indy is visibly flustered, but continues on. He clarifies that he's not talking about the physical stresses of risking life and limb, but rather about traditional beliefs and the threat they can pose to the preservation of archaeological sites and artifacts. To refer to these beliefs collectively, he uses the term...

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