How Well Do You Remember Majora's Mask?


Back in 2000, Nintendo released a Legend of Zelda title like no other. This installment in the series had insanely big shoes to fill since Ocarina of Time had been released two years earlier (1998).  The premise was smart, with Nintendo re-using a lot of the character models and architectures that were featured in Ocarina of Time. It made gamers feel as if they were experiencing a true sequel to the smash hit. However, that's where most of the similarities end.

Majora's Mask is very much its own game, filled with an intriguing storyline and set in an alternate world. It was well received for the most part but failed to overshadow Ocarina of Time, most likely due to its rather creepy and depressing subject matter. Majora's Mask was filled with an array of emotions and dark undertones. It wasn't the bright and vibrant world of Hyrule we'd seen in Ocarina of Time.

Because of this, Majora's Mask developed quite the cult following. Many gamers actually prefer it to the original, speaking to its creative gameplay and gritty story.

Were you absolutely in love with Majora's Mask? How well do you think you know the game? See if you can ace our quiz!

Question 1

What massive object is falling from the sky?

This seems like the only suitable way to start off this quiz. The world of Majora's Mask is much different than the Hyrule we're used to seeing. Things look and feel a bit "off,." One of the most shocking differences is the massive object hanging in the sky. You later find out that this creepy figure is an imminent threat. In three days time, it plans to fall from the sky and crash into the ground below. Do you remember what object we're referring to?

Question 2

Where does The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask take place?

Although some parts of the land seem similar, Majora's Mask doesn't actually take place in the realm of Hyrule. The Hero of Time stumbles across this new place after finding himself astray in the mysterious Lost Woods. Those of you who played Ocarina of Time will have a hard time believing that Link is in a new world, considering all of the recognizable characters roaming around. This is a "sequel," but the tale of Majora's Mask is very much its own adventure. Where does this title take place?

Question 3

Who is the main antagonist?

We're used to seeing Link battle Ganondorf (or Ganon) for the fate of Hyrule. That's one reason that Majora's Mask felt so different from any other title in the long-running franchise. Rather than face his formidable arch nemesis, Link finds himself struggling against a mischevious creature with a powerful artifact. The Majora's Mask is capable of many twisted magicks, turning a seemingly normal troublemaker into a benevolent baddie. This creature also featured in Ocarina of Time, specifically in the Lost Woods.

Question 4

Who is Link searching for at the start of Majora's Mask?

Although some Legend of Zelda titles seem to exist in separate timelines, Majora's Mask is very much a sequel to Ocarina of Time. The start of the game takes place after the defeat of Ganondorf (Ocarina of Time), where Link has been sent back to relive his childhood. This is done because Link is unfairly thrust into adulthood during Ocarina of Time. After a few years have passed, the young Hero of Time sets off to find a missing friend. Who exactly is Link looking for during the opening sequences of this title?

Question 5

True or False: You cannot turn into Adult Link during the events of Majora's Mask?

Everyone that played Ocarina of Time will remember how important the aging process was. The Hero of Time had the ability to transcend time periods, thanks to a magical temple and the Master Sword. There were many different dungeons that required Link's adult form to conquer. On the flip side, Child Link was required to collect a variety of useful artifacts, or to visit areas that were no longer accessible in the future. Did this mechanic carry over to Majora's Mask? Could you flip between Adult Link and Child Link?

Question 6

What is the name of Link's fairy companion?

No, we aren't talking about Navi this time. In Ocarina of Time, Link was given the chatty fairy by the Great Deku Tree. In Majora's Mask, he is "bestowed" a fairy by very different circumstances. When Link first meets Skull Kid, he has two fairy companions. The fairy siblings follow their master after the first encounter, but Link later meets one of them who has been separated from its master. The fairy has no choice but to ask for Link's help and ends up traveling with him.

Question 7

Who is this eccentric collector?

The beginning of Ocarina of Time sees Link awaken in a village, surrounded by Kokiri. Throughout his journey, Link happens across a slew of friendly faces and caring individuals. The same cannot be said for the beginning of Majora's Mask. After tumbling into a strange world, Link is robbed (by the Skull Kid) and left to perish in the forest. He only receives help when he stumbles upon this gentleman. He's a bit creepy and has a rather fiery temper.

Question 8

Which town sits at the center of Termina?

Although it's an alternate world, Termina appears to be parallel to Hyrule. You'll bump into many familiar faces, but these individuals will not know Link. Some have different names, while others have simply "changed outfits." The best place to see these doppelgangers is smack dab in the center of Termina, within an area that is meant to mimic Ocarina of Time's Castle Town. The place is named for its tall monument, which stretches far into the sky and looms over the town's residents.

Question 9

How many main dungeons are featured in Majora's Mask?

Although Majora's Mask was very similar to Ocarina of Time in terms of gameplay, it differed quite a bit in terms of story. Many critics and gamers noted that the title had a much darker tone, which may be the main reason it didn't sell as well as its predecessor. Another reason for lack of sales may be due to the number of dungeons and "overall content" featured within the release. Ocarina of Time had a total of 9 main dungeons, but Majora's Mask had fewer. How many main dungeons did the title feature?

Question 10

What type of creature does the Skull Kid turn Link into?

During their first encounter, Skull Kid manages to steal Link's horse. The Hero of Time grabs onto his faithful steed as she takes off but is unable to hold on and tumbles to the ground. After stumbling through the dark Lost Woods, he finds himself falling down a pitch black hole. Link awakens to see the Skull Kid once more, who remarks that he did away with Link's horse, before turning the young protagonist into a small creature. What does the dastardly villain turn Link into?

Question 11

How many days does Link have to save Termina?

When you first arrive in Clock Town, you'll learn about a terrible event that's due to take place. Skull Kid has summoned a massive moon, which threatens all of Termina. The moon is destined to crash into the ground, giving Link a limited time to confront Skull Kid and save the world. During the final day (of the first cycle), Link confronts Skull Kid atop the Clock Tower in Clock Town. There he finds his Ocarina, which he is able to use to avoid disaster. How many days are in each "cycle?"

Question 12

Which of the following dungeons do you visit first?

The journey through Termina isn't nearly as long and arduous as Link's adventure through Hyrule. You'll still find yourself traveling through time (in a rewinding-type way) but there aren't nearly as many dungeons to conquer or bosses to eliminate. This was fine for most players since they considered Majora's Mask to be much creepier than its predecessor. They welcomed a shorter play time. Although there are fewer main dungeons to explore, you'll still find yourself completing them in a specific order. Which of these dungeons is visited first?

Question 13

Which arrows do you find in Snowhead Temple?

You'll find a few familiar items in Link's inventory during your adventure through Majora's Mask. For the most part, however, Link uses his mask-wearing abilities to turn into powerful creatures with useful skills. Because of this, you won't find yourself bouncing from dungeon-to-dungeon (like you did in Ocarina of Time). Instead, you'll need to conquer these dungeons to free some mysterious guardians. That said, you'll also find some elemental arrows along the way. Do you remember which arrows you find in Snowhead Temple?

Question 14

In which Temple do you find The Hero's Bow?

What good are magical arrows without a bow to fire them? You'll need to locate the aptly named Hero's Bow if you plan on completing your mission in Majora's Mask. The tool is required to pass a variety of puzzles and will help you defeat numerous bosses and mini-bosses. The question is, where exactly (and when) do you find this required weapon? Thankfully, there aren't many dungeons to choose from, but this can be a difficult question if you haven't played in a while.

Question 15

True or False: Link can only use the Hero's Bow in human form?

We've established that the Hero's Bow is vitally important to Link's journey through Majora's Mask. It's needed for many things and would be impossible to progress without it. Much like Ocarina of Time, Link is capable of combining elementally-charged arrows with the weapon to create magical effects. If you're having a hard time solving a puzzle or defeating an enemy, chances are you just need to pull out this iconic bow. Is human Link the only one that can wield this weapon? Or can any of his mask forms use it too?

Question 16

Which of the following creatures does Link NOT transform into during Majora's Mask?

Throughout his adventure, Link is given the ability to transform into four unique creatures. Each of these variants come equipped with an array of skills that the Hero of Time can use to conquer certain dungeons and defeat difficult bosses. You receive your first transformation near the beginning of the game and can pick up three more along the way. Can you remember all of Link's possible transformations and what they were used for? Which of the following creatures does Link NEVER transform into during Majora's Mask?

Question 17

How many masks, including transformation masks, are available to collect in Majora's Mask?

We wanted a challenging question at the halfway point for this quiz. This one might be a bit tough for the average fan. This is the type of question that is best tackled by a Majora's Mask completionist, as it requires the collection of every single obtainable mask in the game. This is no small feat, considering a lot of these wearable "faces" are collected through various side quests. Let's see how much you really love Majora's Mask. How many masks total and be collected AND worn in this title?

Question 18

What does the Bunny Hood do?

You'll spend most of your time flipping between transformations and using a variety of weapons to complete your Majora's Mask adventure. Yet, there are many masks to collect that can make things much easier for the Hero of Time. Some masks come equipped with trivial skills (like dancing), while others can be worn to increase Link's abilities. Take, for example, the Bunny Hood. When worn, this specialized mask can be very useful. What exactly does the Bunny Hood do for Link?

Question 19

What useful item is found in the Pirates' Fortress?

What good would an Ocarina of Time sequel be without some iconic items making a return? As Link slashes his way through Termina, he'll be forced to tangle with some mini-dungeons. These areas are smaller than the main Temples but very necessary to Link's quest. On the way to the Great Bay Temple, our Hero makes a quick stop at location filled to the brim with Gerudan Pirates. Do you remember what famous Legend of Zelda item Link finds at the Pirates' Fortress?

Question 20

How many of Lulu's eggs are stolen?

The world of Majora's Mask is dark and depressing. A lot of the Ocarina of Time storyline featured a grandiose adventure in which the Hero of Time vanquished the evil Lord Ganondorf. Most of the story for Majora's Mask revolves around loss, pain, and death. Nintendo held no punches with this gritty franchise entry, and in some ways, we're glad they didn't. One of the sadder quests you undertake is for Lulu, a Zora who had her eggs stolen by Gerudan Pirates. How many eggs were taken?

Question 21

What purpose does the Romani Mask serve?

This is another unique mask that you can obtain through a side quest (a rather important one at that). You receive this mask from Cremia, after helping to fend off a group of mischievous thieves during an escort mission. Upon first glance, the Romani Mask looks like nothing more than a cow-shaped Halloween-like prop. It actually serves a pretty important purpose, especially if you plan on making things a bit easier for yourself later into Link's quest. What does the Romani Mask do?

Question 22

What nickname does Romani give to Link?

One of the most important things to do on your first night (of a new day cycle) is to find and rescue your beloved horse, Epona. To do so, you'll need to locate the Romani Ranch and help protect it from a devious group of thieves (as well as some Poe balloons). There you meet Cremia, who serves as the doppelganger to everyone's favorite Ocarina of Time ranch hand, Malon. When you first meet her, she gives Link a unique nickname.

Question 23

Which Temple contains the Light Arrows?

Back to the subject of arrows. They're a big part of Majora's Mask, so we might as well include a couple questions about them. This time we're talking about the Light Arrows. These same projectiles featured in Ocarina of Time and are almost identical in Majora's Mask. The only difference is that they do more damage to enemies. They can even harm fully-armored Iron Knuckles.They're incredibly useful during the final boss fight. Do you remember which Temple contains these vitally important arrows?

Question 24

In which Temple would you find this menacing boss?

There are few things more annoying than a particularly mobile Legend of Zelda boss. We still have nightmares about Moldorm from A Link to the Past. There is something annoyingly difficult about these foes. You meet a rather "speedy" boss during your Majora's Mask journey. He looks like a large masked goat, hence the supremely original name, "Goht". In order to defeat him, you'll need to keep up speed. This can be difficult, as the enraged boss will kick up rocks that can damage you. What Temple does he reside in?

Question 25

What does the Giant's Mask do?

There is one particular boss that can be quite the headache if you engage him unprepared. His immense size makes it difficult to fight him. You'll battle this terrifying beast in the Stone Temple Tower and you'll need to make use of magical arrows to defeat him. However, there is a much easier way to take this masked monster down. The Giant's Mask will give Link an ability that makes the fight a breeze (by comparison). What exactly does this mask do?

Question 26

What's the name of the Goron that gives Link the Goron Mask?

During your journey to Snowhead Temple, you'll happen across a group of Goron who are freezing from an unseasonably long Winter. You later discover that the weather is caused by the masked beast that resides within the Temple. Unfortunately, the only way to defeat this boss (and the temple itself) is by turning into Goron Link. To do so, you'll need the Goron Mask. You receive this mask after playing the "Song of Healing" for the ghost of a Goron warrior that you meet in a nearby graveyard. What is that Goron's name?

Question 27

Do you remember the name of the massive boss from the Stone Tower Temple?

Many people hated the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. Those same people probably cringed when they reached the Stone Tower Temple in Majora's Mask. It's easily one of the most frustrating levels in Legend of Zelda franchise history. To make matters worse, the boss can be pretty annoying as well. This massive worm-like creature will give the Hero of Time a run for his money. It's capable of performing powerful attacks and spawning enemies. You'll need to make use of Fire and Ice arrows to down this colossal monster. Do you remember its name?

Question 28

What's the name of the ghost that resides in Spring Water Cave?

Once you reach the Ikana Canyon, you're tasked with repairing the dried up riverbed. A nearby Music Box House has a water-wheel powered song mechanic that rids the area of Gibdos. Your quest takes you towards the Spring Water Cave, where a vengeful ghost spreads a horrid purple cloud across the area. You're forced to seek out this spirit's brother, who teaches the "Song of Storms" to help snap the specter from his evil trance. Afterwards, the river begins to flow again. What's the name of the ghost you meet in the Spring Water Cave?

Question 29

Which Mini-Dungeon contains the Mirror Shield?

Much like Ocarina of Time, you'll need to locate the Mirror Shield in order to progress through certain areas of Termina. The shield is used to reflect light, solve puzzles, block some projectiles, and can even destroy undead enemies instantly (with projected light). The Mirror Shield in Majora's Mask is definitely creepier, as it depicts a screaming face on its glowing surface. Unfortunately, once you collect this item, you'll be forced to stare at it for the remainder of the game. What mini-dungeon houses the Mirror Shield?

Question 30

True or False: The Mask of Truth will allow you to talk to Gossip Stones?

It seems that developers were always intent on using masks for something Zelda related, ever since they introduced them in Ocarina of Time. Perhaps this is why Majora's Mask revolved around the transformation and collection of so many props. You may recall completing a mask trading side quest in Ocarina of Time, which would reward you with the Mask of Truth. This allowed you to speak to Gossip Stones. You can also obtain a Mask of Truth in Majora's Mask. The real question is, does it do the same thing?

Question 31

What's so special about a Chateau Romani?

After going through the Romani Ranch side quests, you'll gain access to the Romani Mask. This cow-like prop allows you to mingle with patrons of the Latte Milk Bar. This isn't just a social space, you can actually buy useful milk-based products from here. A regular milk will only set you back 20 Rupees, but you'll need to shell out a whopping 200 Rupees for a Chateau Romani. There is a particular reason this "potion" costs so much. Not only will it refill all of Link's hearts and magic power, it also comes with a special effect.

Question 32

Lulu is the lead singer of what prominent Zoran band?

When you first meet Lulu, you learn that all of her eggs have been stolen by dastardly Gerudan Pirates. To make matters worse, the poor Zora has lost her voice. This is particularly devastating because Lulu is the lead singer of a popular Zoran band. The group is made up of five members, with each one playing a different instrument (except Lulu, since she sings). The popular musicians were set to play at the Clock Town festival before Lulu lost her voice. What is the group called?

Question 33

How many masks must Link collect to receive the Fierce Deity Mask?

There are technically four different transformation masks that Link can collect, but one of them is rather hard to get. You'll spend most of your time transforming into a Deku Scrub, a Zora, or even a Goron. However, near the end of the game, you'll have an opportunity to collect a fourth transformation mask. Inside the Moon, there are children that you can give masks to. In order to unlock the Fierce Deity Mask, you must give a certain amount of collected masks away. How many masks must be sacrificed?

Question 34

True or False: You can wear the Boss Masks you collect from a defeated Boss?

In Ocarina of Time, defeating a boss would reward you with a heart container and the freedom of a Sage. In Majora's Mask, it's almost the same. You'll get a heart container and free a giant, but you'll also pick up the "mask remains" of the vanquished boss. Each of the four Temple bosses are masked creatures and each one leaves behind their mask when disappearing. These items go into your inventory, but are you able to equip them like all the other masks?

Question 35

Can you name the song that summons the four giants to stop the moon?

This seems like a fitting end to this quiz, since it happens near the end of the game. Once you've rescued all four giants from their respective temples, they can appear to hold the moon from crashing into the ground on the final night. This will give Link enough time to enter the moon and confront Skull Kid and Majora. You learn this song as soon as you free the first giant, but you won't actually use it until all four of them are freed and ready to help. What is this song called?

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