How Well Do You Remember Joey Tribbiani's Girlfriends?


When it comes to the three guys in Friends: Joey, Ross, and Chandler - Joey definitely wins hands down as the ladies man, though it is Ross and Chandler who finally end up with their long-time hotties Rachel and Monica.

That said - Joey so has a way with the ladies, managing to make his cheesy "How you doin?" line work literally every time, with just about the most gorgeous ladies on screen. And despite all of Joey's "let's just have fun" casualness - he is indeed great boyfriend material for he is one character who manages to exude playfulness and casual relationships without coming off as a jerk.

So yes, he's a narcissist who loves his face as much as he loves his food (no, he doesn't share that pastrami!) and is a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to actual relationships - but all his girls have loved him and he has loved them back as well. And despite the innumerable number of women in his life in blink-and-you-miss-it roles, there are not that many "girlfriends" that Joey has had; mostly because shies away from serious relationships and also because not many girls want to commit to a mostly out-of-work actor!

So do you remember the various girls that were part of Joey's life on Friends? Were they a pair, and why did they break up and the other itsy-bitsy facts that only a True Friends fan would know... Check your Joey-pedia with this Quiz on Joey Tribbiani's girlfriends...

Question 1

Joey has a marriage pact with Phoebe.

In the double sixth season finale, the spotlight is on Monica and Chandler. Chandler wants his proposal to be a surprise and convinces Monica that he hates marriage. Monica is trying to adjust to this new attitude of Chandler, and all the while Chandler is planning his proposal, Phoebe and Rachel are a bit depressed as they have no marriage plans in sight. This is when Rachel springs up with the idea of a backup plan that if they aren't married by 40, they should marry Ross and Joey.

Question 2

Joey dates Erin, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Joey dates Erin like he dates all his women - he wines and dines them, sleeps with them and then basically vamooses from their life like a distant memory. Rachel and Phoebe convince Joey to give Erin another chance because they think she's perfect for him - loves baseball and sandwiches and even loves beer. When Joey desists, Rachel and Phoebe set them up on another date and this time Joey realizes that he really likes Erin too, and so they start to go out steadily.

Question 3

In Season Three, Joey tries to get "pally" with Rachel.

In Season Three, there's a flashback episode to three years before; Chandler is shown to be looking for a roommate and the choice comes down to Joey or Eric, a fashion photographer. Joey finally moves in with Chandler and that is when he gets invited in for lemonade. He takes this the wrong way though and ends up stripping down to bare nakedness, to his embarrassment and the audience's delight. He is made to realize his mistake though and ends up with no hooky, or lemonade!

Question 4

Joey dated Phoebe but they break up.

In Season One, Joey and Chandler spot Phoebe working in a bar and for some reason, that makes Joey look at her in another light. This is also the episode in which Carol (Ross' lesbian ex-wife) is preparing to give birth to their son along with her lesbian partner Susan, and when she sees an actual childbirth video, she says that she'd rather go without the childbirth and the child can just stay where he is, safe and sound in her womb...

Question 5

Phoebe ends up impersonating Ursula to break up with Joey.

After a few dates, Ursula loses interest in Joey (like she does always) but her idea of dumping him is to simply avoid him and not talk to him. At the same time, Joey still thinks that Ursula is perfect for him and is wondering what wrong he did... This is the reason why Phoebe never wanted Joey to go out with Ursula because Ursula is shown to be this mean and uncaring witch who puts only herself first and manages to get the better of Phoebe all the time.

Question 6

Joey breaks things off with Erin over infidelity.

When Joey initially meets Erin and spends the night with her - he tells Rachel to blow her off and takes off for work. Rachel ends up chatting with Erin and making her pancakes. Rachel ends up liking her so she and Phoebe try to convince Joey that Erin is perfect for him. Joey does not feel the same so Rachel and Phoebe trick Joey into another date with Erin and now he likes her too. They start to go out but Erin may have a few secrets of her own.

Question 7

Joey falls for Janine, Chandler's roommate.

After Monica and Chandler get serious and declare their love and future plans for each, Chandler moves out of his apartment and tries to hand Joey some money to cover expenses. Joey refuses and says that he values Chandler for his friendship and needs to be independent now. This is the time Joey ends up meeting Janine, played by the very hot Elle Macpherson who fairly sizzles in the role and makes all jaws drop - especially since she plays an exotic dancer.

Question 8

Joey and Janine never get together.

After Janine moves in, flirts with Joey and even does her dance workouts in the living room, Joey is keenly interested in her and confesses this to the rest. All of them, however, advise Joey not to act upon his feelings - in true Joey fashion, he doesn't really get that until it is explained to him how difficult a breakup or rejection can get. He gets it, but goes and tells Janine about his feelings anyways because he cannot get her out of his mind.

Question 9

Janine cannot stand Joey's friends Chandler and Monica.

Joey and Janine really seem to hit it off and are happy with each other. So much so that they go out on a double date with Chandler and Monica - all of them seem to have a great time. The next time Chandler and Monica invite them over, Joey has to cancel because Janine is running a fever. The friends understand but right that moment, in walks Janine, apparently back from an event that she simply had to attend.

Question 10

Joey breaks up with Janine because she hates his friends.

When Janine initially tells Joey that she can't stand his friends, he is shocked. She then relents and says that she's fine to hang around sometimes with them, but not all the time. So Joey makes excuses about her to Monica and Chandler but the truth soon comes out. Janine promises to mend her ways and even apologizes to Monica and Chandler, but can Monica really forgive being called loud? And is Chandler okay with being called bleh? And what about Joey in the middle!

Question 11

After Chandler and Janice break up, Janice and Joey hook up.

Frankly, Chandler and Janice are more on and off than anyone else on the show, including Ross and Rachel. When Chandler dumps Janice, again, she is looking for someone to dig her proverbial claws in. She sets her sights on Joey and even said that he was the only one left. The off again, on again Chandler and Janice finally did break up for good when Chandler gets engaged to Monica and everyone got a break from her incessant nasal whining.

Question 12

Joey breaks up with Katie because she steals his food.

We may know Soleil Moon Frye as Punky on Punky Brewster, but she did a rather brief stint on Friends as Joey’s girlfriend Katie, who is, well, rather spunky and was pretty memorable. A petite hottie who really likes Joey, Katie also has a rather strange way of showing her affection for Joey that makes Joey, well, not so into her anymore. In this episode, Rachel ribs Joey for being afraid of Katie and not standing up to her, but actually, helps Joey in the end.

Question 13

Does Joey actually wear six sweaters to "protect" himself from a girlfriend?

When it comes to girls, Joey loves to play the swashbuckling actor of a lover who loves them and leaves them, unless his heart is really into it that is. Then he goes all sensitive and even makes the audience moon over him, for the kind of utterly sweet boyfriend he'd make. But he often uses excuses to break up with girls, not wanting to face the music, and sometimes even because he doesn't want to hurt the girl in turn.

Question 14

When Kate, an actress Joey likes dislikes him, he goes out with her understudy.

Joey is chosen to be in a play where the lead actress Kate, is very condescending towards him because she recognizes him from a commercial he did and doesn't consider him to be an actor. They even sleep together but Kate brushes him off which leaves Joey shocked because well, he is the one usually doing the dumping after the sex and not the one who gets dumped. This is one episode where Joey is the one, getting the Joey treatment.

Question 15

Despite Kate's dislike for him, Joey has intense feelings for her.

Kate, the actress playing the lead role in a play with Joey, is dating the play's director. During the rehearsing of a scene where the director feels that Joey and Kate don't have chemistry, things get rather hot and sweaty - and they end up in bed. Despite that, Kate's behavior with Joey is the same condescending one till the play finally bombs (with the plot shown, no one was very surprised though) and the director dumps her, much to her chagrin.

Question 16

Joey went around with Cecilia aka Susan Sarandon too!

Joey gets a call about returning to Days of Our Lives and assumes that it would be as Drake Ramoray’s evil twin. The plot is different and instead, Drake is getting a brain transplant from another character on the show, Jessica Flockhart who is played by Cecilia Monroe (Susan Sarandon). Cecilia is a megastar with sexy magnetism about her but she gets shocked when Joey tells her that her character on the show is on its way out which makes her mad.

Question 17

Joey tricks Erica into believing that he really is Drake Ramoray.

When Erica Ford bursts into Joey's life, he is initially terrified of her because he believes that she is a stalker. When she lands up at Joey and Chandler's apartment, they try to defend themselves with a pan and a mustard bottle! But when Joey sees Erica, he is floored by her utter sexiness and despite Chandler warning him not to, Joey starts dating Erica. While she is shown to be a bit of a kook, she is one gorgeous one indeed.

Question 18

Joey actually got pummelled by Andre Agassi since he and Brooke kissed.

Brooke Shields played Erica Fords in Friends - the nutty fan who believed that Joey was Dr. Drake Ramoray. Erica is shown to be in awe of this doctor's greatness and so often makes cliched statements and speeches, licks his hands and then even gets jealous when Drake starts to go out with another woman on the show. When Brooke would shoot for her scenes, Andre Agassi, her then husband, would be on set and fly into a rage whenever Brooke and Matt shared a kiss.

Question 19

One of Joey's girlfriends Kathy, was played by AJ Cook, also in Criminal Minds.

Kathy becomes a bone of contention between Chandler and Joey. Initially Kathy dates Joey and Joey is with Kathy like he is with all his girls. However, Kathy is attracted to Chandler who also cannot get her out of his mind. Joey is out on a date with another girl (they are not exclusive) and Kathy and Chandler end up kissing which makes Chandler feel very guilty. Chandler confesses to Joey who then gets very angry and refuses to talk to Chandler because he didn't ask first.

Question 20

Joey breaks up with Kathy for Chandler.

While Joey is initially shown to be a friend with a big, big heart - he cannot bring himself to forgive Chandler for kissing Kathy behind his back, without his permission and while Kathy and Joey were still an item. Not usually the one to carry a grudge, this time Joey is actually hurt by his friend's adultery and he even says that Chandler kissing Kathy is the worst thing Chandler could ever have done to him. And he does not talk to Chandler at all.

Question 21

One of Joey's girlfriends actually leaves him for Ross.

Charlie Wheeler seems like the perfect intellectual match for Ross but ends up dating Joey and they do seem to have some fun. However, Joey's dumbness soon starts to irritate Charlie and soon she cannot stand it anymore. After Joey uses the word acrimonious without knowing its meaning and also suggests that she use Star Wars stuff to make her boring presentations more fun; Charlie and Joey have a huge fight and Joey is pretty upset that Charlie thinks he is dumb.

Question 22

Joey really breaks up with a girl because she takes food off his plate!

Phoebe sets up her friend Sarah (Annie Parisse) on a date with Joey. Things are going well till Sarah takes some food off of Joey's plate. He storms off but Phoebe demands he give Sarah another chance. Magnanimously Joey orders a plate of fries to split between them the next time they go out. Joey and his eternal love for food is no secret on Friends, and in one episode he even yells at Rachel once for dropping the pastrami from the sandwich Joey has made.

Question 23

Joey and Rachel kiss with Ross' permission.

Throughout the series, Joey is shown to flirt with Rachel on and off but this is taken in a light-hearted way by Rachel. A couple of times Rachel even puts the ball in Joey's court by flirting back which makes Joey back off pretty fast. But when Rachel is pregnant with Ross' child - she and Joey go out on a date because she is depressed and Joey begins to develop feelings for her, which causes awkwardness between him and Ross.

Question 24

Joey and Rachel call it off because they can't seem to get physical.

Joey develops feelings for Rachel while she is still pregnant and confesses to her but she lovingly turns him down. Then Rachel mistakes his search for a ring as a proposal while she is labor, and she says yes. After the confusion is cleared up, Rachel develops feelings for Joey. They kiss and date a few times but deep down they hesitate to take their relationship to the next level. With Ross' permission and pained approval, Rachel and Joey try to make a go of it.

Question 25

All through the ten seasons, Joey has slept with over a 100 women.

According to a couple of articles, Joey leads in his number of partners over the others including one night stands, girlfriends, and short-lived relationships. Though he is shown to be a womanizer and has relaxed morals, there is still an inherent goodness about him that probably made many a woman dream about him or someone like him in their lives. Joey treats the woman he is with well, and while he may skedaddle after a night, he does leave her with a memory of sweet spiciness.

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