How Well Do You Remember Finding Nemo?


The legacy of Finding Nemo will always have it go down in history among the greatest animated films of all time. Children and adults alike both enjoyed the charm of the heartwarming story of a young fish getting lost with his father doing everything possible to find him. The beautiful tale helped establish Pixar as the dominant brand for animated films under the Disney banner. Finding Nemo set records as the highest grossing animated film ever at the time before other movies surpassed it in following years. It also still holds the record as the best-selling DVD of all time.

Viewers, critics and Hollywood all embraced the movie to make it a powerful brand in the entertainment world. Finding Dory was released as a sequel in 2016 and managed to dominate the box office again proving the Nemo Universe brought people to the movie theaters. Most diehard fans of the film have watched it many times through the years since its release all the way back in 2003. You will be putting your knowledge and memory to the test with the following quiz looking at the scenes of the film along with fun facts and historical impact. Find out how well you truly remember Finding Nemo by answering all of these questions to get your result.

Question 1

What kind of fish was Nemo?

The beautiful visuals in Finding Nemo show stunning animated portrayals of various sea animals in the ocean. Nemo and his father Marlin are a very specific kind of fish that is acknowledged early in the movie. The unique orange color makes this fish stand out in real life and it led to the perfect choice for Nemo. You have to believe the entire franchise would not have been as successful if Nemo was not this type of fish. What fish is he?

Question 2

Who voiced Marlin?

Marlin is the father of Nemo that suffers the heartbreak of losing his child. The task of Marlin is to set out and find Nemo through many hardships and odds placed against him. Despite Nemo and even Dory being the characters fans most attach to the franchise, Marlin’s story is what creates the depth of the movie. The heartwarming tale of a heartbroken father looking for his son gets you to invest emotionally. Pixar was lucky to get a talented actor to voice Marlin. Who was it?

Question 3

Who voiced Dory?

Dory was the breakout star of Finding Nemo. The adorable fish suffered from short-term memory loss but attempted to help Marlin find Nemo after meeting on his trek. Many of the film’s best one-liners were said by Dory as she definitely brought the humor. Pixar loved the Dory character enough to make the Finding Dory sequel all about her backstory. A big name celebrity was hired to voice Dory and it worked out to perfection. What household name found the best voice acting role of their career as Dory?

Question 4

What is the name of Nemo's late mom?

The significant other of Marlin and the mother of Nemo is shown in the first scene of the movie. Marlin and the mother to be are looking at all of their eggs discussing their future plans of becoming parents. As things would unfold, Nemo’s mother would die before he was born, but she chose the name of Nemo for him. Marlin named Nemo in his mother’s honor. The name of Nemo’s mother was shared in her scene. What was it?

Question 5

What did Marlin want to name the rest of eggs?

The opening scene between Marlin and Nemo’s mother featured them looking at all of their eggs with the hopes of having many young children. Nemo was the name selected by his mother, but Marlin made a joke about wanting to name the rest of the eggs with the following name. These other eggs would never hatch and only Nemo would be born. What was the name Marlin wanted the other eggs to have when joking with their mother in this scene?

Question 6

What animal ate Nemo's mom and the other eggs?

The most heartbreaking moment comes when it is revealed that Nemo’s mother is not alive and neither are the rest of the eggs that were supposed to be his siblings. Marlin comes home to find his wife and all of the eggs eaten by another sea creature. Only one egg survived the aftermath and this would become the future Nemo as the sole loved one of Marlin to start the movie. Which sea animal is the one to destroy the dreams of Marlin and his family?

Question 7

Where does Nemo want to go but Marlin is hesistant about?

The current day story of Finding Nemo begins with Nemo wanting to go somewhere for the first time. Marlin is not happy with Nemo’s desires and has become an overprotective father. The backstory of Nemo’s mother and the other eggs dying has led to Marlin going well out of his way to ensure the safety of Nemo. Marlin eventually allows Nemo his wish but not before trouble arises. Where does Nemo badly want to go that leads to friction between him and Marlin?

Question 8

How does Nemo get lost?

Nemo gets into a fight with Marlin regarding Marlin being overprotective. The friends of Nemo try to defend him to Marlin stating he was not going to the open water. Marlin’s fears cause him to snap at Nemo lecturing him before demanding he go home. Nemo defies Marlin by heading into open waters despite the warnings of the dangers around said actions. This is where Nemo gets lost thus starting the main story of the movie. How does Nemo officially get lost?

Question 9

What noticable physical difference does Nemo have?

The attack on the eggs did not leave Nemo unscathed. Nemo suffered one physical effect from the attack on him in the egg stage. Marlin is even more overprotective of Nemo due to this physical difference that makes certain aspects of fish life difficult for Nemo. The flaw is something that Nemo has fears about as well before getting lost and figuring out how to overcome it. What is different about Nemo that has Marlin afraid to let him swim on his own?

Question 10

Which Australian vegatarian animals try to help Marlin before things get ugly?

Marlin and Dory set out to find Nemo shortly after he is gone. They meet many sea animals along the way. One of the first encounters come when they meet three terrifying animals from Australia. Marlin is worried these creatures will attempt to eat them before the animals reveal they are vegetarians that no longer eat fellow friends of the ocean. This is until Dory starts to bleed and one of the animals sniffs the blood thus losing their composure. Which animals were the ones to try to help before it got ugly?

Question 11

Nemo gets stuck in a tank at an office. Which kind of office is it?

Nemo is in for a shock when realizing he is no longer in the ocean. Along with other small fish, Nemo is in a fish tank at a small office. The lost young fish bonds with the others in the tank but remains terrified of his future after being separated from his father for the first time. This tank in Sydney is a part of a very specific office of one of the people to “save” Nemo in the ocean. What kind of office is it?

Question 12

Who is the leader of "The Tank Gang?"

The fish stuck in the tank at the office are dubbed “The Tank Gang.” Along with Nemo, we have an eclectic bunch of smaller sea creatures purchased from the pet store or found in the ocean. Gill the moorish idol, Jacques the shrimp, Gurgle the gamma fish, Peach the starfish, Deb the damselfish and Bloat the porcupine pufferfish all welcome Nemo to the family as they plan an escape. One fish has led the gang through many failed escape plans. Who is the leader that badly wants to escape?

Question 13

What nickname does The Tank Gang give Nemo?

The Tank Gang welcomes Nemo into the tank by helping him adjust to his new environment along with thinking of new ways to escape. All of the unique fish bond together. Aside from Gill, all of the other fish made their way to the tank from pet stores. Gill and Nemo are the only two fish from the ocean. The background of Nemo gives him a peculiar nickname from the rest of the fish. What is the nickname given to Nemo?

Question 14

Who is the "fish killer" that wants to own Nemo?

The Tank Gang is fearful when they find out the owner's plans to give Nemo to his niece as a birthday gift. This specific young girl is known to them as “Fish Killer” due to her poor treatment of the sea animals. She killed one of their former friends that were given to her due to shaking the bag too much. Nemo’s desire to escape is stronger than ever following the news of the Fish Killer wanting to take him home. What is her name?

Question 15

What kind of animal hurts Dory and Marlin?

Marlin and Dory’s trek to find Nemo was met with many hardships including almost dying at the hands of one dangerous creature. They ran into a plethora of the following animal before having to swim through them in an attempt to find Nemo. The risky action leads to them both passing out before waking up much later to realize they survived the fear. Which sea animal provided such danger that almost ended the trip of Marlin and Dory in finding Nemo?

Question 16

Who helps bring Marlin and Dory to find Nemo?

The biggest help for both Marlin and Nemo in finding each other featured one character knowing both. This specific character talked to Nemo and the other fish in The Tank Gang before hearing about the story of Marlin and Dory traveling across the ocean looking for him. Nemo finds out his father is looking for him and Marlin finds out that Nemo is okay thanks to this character. The plan doesn’t work but he attempts to bring Marlin into the office to reunite him with Nemo. Who is this character?

Question 17

How does Nemo get out of going with Darla?

Nemo is placed in a small bag to give to the dentist's niece Darla for her birthday but gets out of it in an attempt to get flushed down the drain. The plan goes awry due to Nigel coming with Marlin and Dory along with other variables that lead to Nemo being set free. Nemo however sets the plan in motion by pulling off the following action that prevents the dentist from giving him to the dangerous niece. What happens to get Nemo away from Darla?

Question 18

How does Gill save Nemo?

Nemo is on his deathbed out of water after his plan goes poorly. Gill puts it all on the line by doing something heroic to save his fellow Shark Tank Gang fish. The moment helps Nemo get out of the office and back into the ocean. Gill making his way out of the tank and pulling this off gives Nemo the ability to find Marlin. It changes the course of the movie and was the end of Nemo’s time with The Tank Gang. What did Gill do?

Question 19

What word helps Dory remember how to help Nemo find Marlin?

Marlin gives up all hope after Nemo appears to be dead at the office before being sent back in the ocean. Nemo finds his way to the ocean as well and meets Dory after a heartbroken Marlin abandoned her. The short term memory loss of Dory makes it impossible for her to remember Nemo or Marlin until reading a word that reminds her of the trip. This word is what Dory read to help Marlin find Nemo earlier in the movie. What word was it?

Question 20

What motto helps save Dory and other fish at the end?

After being reunited, Nemo and Marlin face separation again when Dory is caught with a school of other fish in a fishing net. Nemo joins them in an effort to save Dory to help lead the fish in swimming down to stop the fishermen from taking them all in the net. A motto is said in unison by all of the fish as they continue swimming downward fighting the momentum of the net attempting to take them up. What was this motto that has become popular with the Finding Nemo franchise?

Question 21

What regretful thing does Nemo apologize for saying to Marlin when reunited?

The moment of tension between Nemo and Marlin before Nemo would get lost featured him saying something harsh to his father. Upon reuniting after both of their respective long treks back together, Nemo instantly regrets his words and apologizes for it. Marlin doesn’t even think twice about forgiving him and is just happy to have his son back. Nemo holding on to that regret when believing he’d never see Marlin again was a huge part of the story. What was the hateful quote that Nemo needed to apologize for?

Question 22

How old was the sea turtle Marlin met?

Marlin remembers a fun fact from his journey when meeting Nemo that answers a question he has had for quite some time. Before getting lost, Nemo wonders how long a sea turtle can live up to upon hearing different answers from his friends. Marlin met a sea turtle that helped him get to Sydney to find Nemo and found out the shocking age. Nemo is stunned with the knowledge and overjoyed finding it out from his father after their reunion. How old was the sea turtle Marlin referenced?

Question 23

What happens in the mid-credits scene?

Post-credit scenes are part of the fun of a blockbuster movie these days and Finding Nemo was ahead of the curve back in 2003. Following the end of the movie, another story is put in play in the middle of the credits. Pixar wanted to reward the viewers that remained in the theaters sitting through the credits to see the extra scene. It was a nice ending to the movie by adding this cute little scene. What was the scene that takes place after the movie ends?

Question 24

Which prior Pixar film did Nemo appear in as a stuffed toy?

Pixar is great with the hidden Easter eggs that connect movies in subtle ways. We actually saw Nemo for the first time in a prior hit Pixar film. A stuffed animal toy of a clownfish is shown in the aforementioned movie looking exactly like Nemo before Finding Nemo was released. This turned into one of the cooler Easter eggs of the 2000s thanks to the shock fans had looking back after watching both films. Which Pixar movie had the Nemo stuffed animal in it?

Question 25

What was the only movie to make more money than Finding Nemo in 2003?

The massive box office success of Finding Nemo helped establish the dominance of Pixar. Toy Story was its own franchise leading the studio to attempt to create similar success stories with new original films. Finding Nemo did just that when it set the box office ablaze becoming an iconic animated film. Only one other film of any genre grossed more money in 2003. This movie made an incredible $1,119,929,521 to reach the top spot. What was the only film to out-gross Finding Nemo?

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