How Well Do You Remember Clueless?


Who hasn’t seen the epic film Clueless? We have all adopted the classic “Whatevers” and tried to match up with Cher's fashion statements to no avail. Not to mention we’ve run through this movie roughly 4,5894,228 times laughing through it every single time. It’s one of those feel-good movies that only appreciates with age and makes us walk down memory lane about our own high school days. Who hasn’t gone through their own trials and tribulations with boys and been one of the people that just didn’t feel like they fit in? Been there, done that.

Although this movie might seem a little shallow, there are a lot of fun little details to sort through. Have you seen this movie enough times to know all the little things that happened from scene to scene? Do you know what gift Cher and Dionne gave Mr. Hall to help him win the heart of Ms. Geist? How about the baked good Cher put in the over to impress her hot date, Christian, the night he cam over to her place? It might be harder than you think. Take our like totally awesome quiz to figure out if you’re truly a Clueless master!

Question 1

How does Josh know Cher?

He seems to be Cher’s nemesis at the beginning of the film as he picks on her as a person, but she also seems to return the favor. He also seems to get along with Cher’s dad extremely well as he also wants to be a lawyer as well. Throughout the film, their opinions of each other seem to soften and they even begin to like each other, which neither of them expects. By the end of the movie they are even making out with each other, which is pretty weird considering the circumstance but hey…who am I to judge?

Question 2

Who is Cher saving herself for?

Cher has big dreams, you have to give it to her. Although it likely won’t happen, she still maintains she has a fighting chance and leaves herself available for her one true love. I think underneath it all Cher actually has a code of morals she’s not willing to break. Come on Cher, you have to know that this guy isn’t going to come knocking on your door. You aren’t that stupid. Cher is actually a pretty good girl that’s just looking for the right guy rather than a guy that’s just available at the time. Good for her.

Question 3

Cher compares her life to a commercial for which skin cleanser?

Must be nice to have a picture perfect life that you can compare it to a commercial. It’s true though. Cher does have a life that many people dream of and never achieve. She’s very lucky and she knows it. Life isn’t hard for her, and she knows that many people envy her. Her and her best friend Dionne have it made. The worst problem they have is picking out what outfit they should wear every morning for school. Deep down, she’s a nice person though because she dedicates herself to helping Tai.

Question 4

Cher says searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a movie starring whom?

When it comes to boys, Cher’s kind of all over the place in this film. One second she’s saving herself, the next second she’s throwing herself at Christian, then she’s making out with Josh, but who am I to judge I guess? One thing I will agree with is that high school is a hard time to find a decent guy. Cher is a young and naïve girl who’s just trying to find someone to appreciate her during this confusing time in life and that’s pretty understandable at the end of the day though.

Question 5

Why does Cher say she friends with Dionne?

Cher and Dionne seem to be a match made in heaven when it comes to their friendship. They are both stylish, beautiful, and somewhat airheaded. They are both loyal to each other until the bitter end though and they have kind hearts underneath their vapid exteriors. Cher specifically says why she’s friends with Dionne at the beginning of the film and it makes sense for a girl like her. Although it might seem shallow, these girls actually have a pretty deep friendship all and all.

Question 6

Which exercise video does Cher do with Tai?

Cher really puts in her best effort with Tai as she wants to help Tai lose a couple of pounds and hook up with Elliott although Elliott is only interested in her. During this scene Cher digs out one of her exercise tapes to get their sweat on in her luxurious living room. Must be nice to have all that space to work with in Southern California. For whatever reason, Cher thinks that Elliott and Tai are the perfect match for each other although they have absolutely nothing in common. Although she’s trying to help, she is way off.

Question 7

Cher compares Amber’s looks to the work of which Impressionist artist, when she says, “From far away it’s okay, but up close, it’s a big old mess?"

There is no love lost between Amber and Cher. It’s probably because the two of them are so similar and neither of them are followers. Some of the banter they have back and forth is pretty funny and it makes you think they they’d be a real force to be reckoned with if they’d just put their differences aside and join forces. In the meantime, we’ll sit back and enjoy all the “whatevers” and sassy eye rolls because who doesn’t love all that attitude?

Question 8

Who designed Cher’s dress for her first date with Christian?

It seems like a bit of a stretch that Cher goes after Christian, but, hey, whateverrr. You can understand what Cher is going through because everyone around her seems to be hooking up with someone and there she is on her own. Too bad for her sake he will never be interested because he ended up being gay, but on the plus side she gained a friend for life, right? At the end of the day Cher did just fine in the romantic end of things, it just took a little time a patience.

Question 9

Cher and Dionne give Mr. Hall what to share with Ms. Geist?

It’s a school love connection that orchestrated by Cher and Dionne, which is actually pretty thoughtful. Mr. Hall and Ms. Geist are socially awkward teachers that seem to have feelings for each other, but are too shy to do anything about it so Cher and Dionne take things into their own hands by giving Mr. Hall something to share with Ms. Geist. It’s a small gesture that seems to work as the two seem to get the love started after that.

Question 10

How did Cher's mom die?

What a way to go, but I guess she went doing something she loved…maybe? Here’s the thing though, Cher grew up without a mother figure because of it and that’s a pretty sad all and all. Sure her dad remarried, but there’s not a whole lot of mention about Cher’s stepmother, which makes you believe that there wasn’t a whole lot of maternal presence there. At least she had her maid, Lucy, to step in as a somewhat of a maternal figure to talk to at least.

Question 11

Which movies did Christian bring to Cher's house?

There’s a certain actor that Christian is obsessed with so he brings over a couple of his movies to share with Cher. It seems like he is more interested in these films than hooking up with Cher to her dismay though. It’s probably for the best though because things end up working out for her at the end of the movie anyway and the two of them become really tight friends. Sometimes you just need a really good buddy rather than a guy to hookup with anyway.

Question 12

What does Cher put in the oven to impress Christian?

This movie is filled with so many awkward social situations and this is just another example of one. Cher believed that she needed to have something baking in order to impress her date, but she doesn’t really know how to bake so she aimlessly threw a random item into the over and forgot to check on it leaving the kitchen smoky. You have to give her props for trying, but she should have just been herself and not tried to be Betty Crocker.

Question 13

Which actual band plays at the party?

There’s a pretty awesome party that goes down during the movie complete with a band. The thing is, the band that played is an actual band that did pretty well during the ‘90s. During the movie they seemed to get the crowd pretty pumped up and kept the party moving along as a great band would. I wouldn’t mind an invite to a party like this. Too bad there were never actual parties this outrageous during the high school days. What parent would allow it? The answer is none. Imagine the clean up.

Question 14

Cher helps her dad on his case by highlighting telephone conversations. What date does he want her to find?

This is the part of the movie where Cher seems to bond with her dad and it’s actually somewhat heartwarming. Although Cher is kind of an airhead, she seems to have the makings of a lawyer underneath it all anyway. Helping her dad shows that she actually does care about where her family’s money comes from and she does want to help her father’s cause. It’s nice of her to ask to help, but what date was she asked to look up?

Question 15

Which designer is Cher wearing when she gets robbed?

Poor Cher. She was just wanted to get home after having a bad time at the party then she gets robbed. So not cool. Maybe it’s not the best idea to wear your finest designer clothing when you know you’re going to be out and about at all hours of the night because that’s when the riff raff is also going to be out on the streets too. I guess she learned the hard way, but what a lesson to learn. Good thing Josh was able to save her in her time of need.

Question 16

Where is Cher's family's maid, Lucy, from?

Lucy was a stable force for Cher throughout the movie, which is something Cher needed especially because Cher didn’t have a mother figure. Lucy knew how to get the job done around the house and kept everything moving forward while everyone else was off doing their thing. It seemed like Cher looked up to Lucy and liked having her around to talk to as a sounding board. It must have been nice to have that relationship considering her dad wasn’t really around to have that relationship with her as well.

Question 17

Why did Tai almost die at the mall?

Tai tries so hard to be cool, but it just comes off as forced because it really is. At the mall she puts on her cool act and it backfires big time. You kind of feel bad for the girl because all she wants to do is fit in, but she should just be herself rather than trying to impress people that she doesn’t really fit in with while just being her. Heck, the girl can’t even date who she wants without getting scoffed at. Yeah, Cher’s trying to help, but she should just let Tai be Tai.

Question 18

What cartoon character does Tai offer to draw on Travis' skateboard?

Despite Cher trying to hook Tai up with Elliott, she actually has a thing for burnout Travis. The two seem to bond over a cartoon character that Tai offers to draw on his skateboard. Both of them also seem to have a lot in common, but Cher thinks that Tai is much better than what Travis has to offer, which is a bit unfair since the two have kind of hit it off. At the end of the day, Elliott proves to be a dud and the two end up hitting it off anyway.

Question 19

What does a person need in order to hang with The Persian Mafia?

The Persian Mafia, seems like they are poking a little fun out of some stereotypical groups at the high school lunch table if you ask me. They weren’t mentioned a whole lot during the film, but there was one specific thing you needed to have in order to become part of their posse. Not that Cher wanted to be part of their group, but she was showing Tai the ropes of the school and explaining the different groups and what makes them tick. Nice of her to do.

Question 20

Elton says he needs to leave class to find which CD?

Oh Elton, how vapid you are. Yes, the school should stop what it’s doing so you can find your CD. Of course the world revolves around you. Well, that’s what he thought the entire movie anyway. Understandable that he didn’t have feeling for Tai and didn’t want to date her, but he could have been a little cooler to her. Also, when Cher didn’t return his feelings towards him he could have been a little less of a jerk too. What a total tool.

Question 21

What does Cher tell Ms. Stoeger so she'll raise Cher's grade?

Yeah, it’s the old manipulating my grades trick. The teacher feels bad for your circumstance and gives you a higher grade for it. Cher came up with quite a story for her teacher to empathize with her and she actually got a better grade for it making her father pretty darn proud of her. Doesn’t it make you wonder if you could have pulled that off when you were in high school? Regardless, Cher proves to be quite the manipulator when it comes to getting her grades to where she wants them to be.

Question 22

What was the name of Cher's high school?

Cher and Dionne are the undisputed queens of their high school and when they induct Tai as a fixer upper into their group she also becomes as popular as them. This pristine looking high school has a ton of different groups dwelling within their walls. It seems to be nestled within a well to do neighborhood as well, but what is the name of this school? The nice weather, the kids that seems to have their noses up in the air, and the interesting array of teachers all seem to belong to this LA school.

Question 23

How long does it take to get anywhere in LA?

In all reality, this statement isn’t too far off. As briefly mentioned in the movie, it takes a specific amount of time to get pretty much anywhere in LA if you’re in LA anyway. If you’ve ever been to LA, you’d find that this statement actually is pretty true as traffic is usually pretty steady in the LA area. However, if you’re a horrible driver like Dionne, it might take you a little longer to get from point A to point B and you might leave a ton of damage in your wake as well.

Question 24

In debate class, Cher uses what as an example for why oppressed people should be allowed refuge in America?

Yeah, it seems pretty ignorance but it was enough for Cher to win her debate in her debate class I guess. Maybe it’s just a Southern California thing or a Valley Girl thing, but for whatever reason this teacher thought this argument was enough to win a debate. Call me crazy here, but in the real world I’m not sure this example would pass. However, it seems like Cher is the hero of the hour by pulling this example from her sleeve.

Question 25

How many times is the word "clueless" said in the movie?

During this time in filmmaking, the title of the film usually appeared in the film. It became a joke to point out when it happened because it was so cheesy. This movie did it a little differently though as many movies usually integrated the title one time. Did you take the time to count how many times “clueless” was said within the film? The answer might surprise you on this one. Next time you watch the film, make sure to key into it.

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