How Well Do You Remember Chandler And Joey's Bromance?


There was a lot of love and coupling that took place on Friends over the course of the show's run. Some slowly migrated together and some were off and on, but there was one couple who were close from the beginning until the end: Joey and Chandler. These two were part of one of the greatest bromances on television. Together, they formed a duo that made guys everywhere long for male friendship. At ties, their love for each other dipped into territory that made them uncomfortable, but they always realized that their friendship was something special.

Well, we wanted to explore this bromance in some detail. Chandler and Joey played huge parts in some of the best storylines in the show. Their paths are some of the most memorable and most quotable, so this quiz should be easy, right? We know these two, but how well do you remember the specifics of their lives together. Each of the questions on this quiz has to do with Joey and Chandler as a partnership. While both of these characters were incredible on their own, we want to see how well you know them as a duo. We ask you: How Well do you Remember Chandler and Joey’s Bromance?

Question 1

What was Joey's chair named?

Before they were broken and then replaced for large black Barcaloungers, Joey and Chandler had two brown reclining chairs in their apartment. They loved these chairs and spent many entire days in them. While it was never revealed if Chandler ever named his chair, Joey did. It was because of Joey's love of this chair that both Rachel and Chandler took responsibility for it breaking and had it replaced. What was the name that Joey gave to this beautiful chair?

Question 2

What was the Chick's name?

Though Joey and Chandler never did have human children, the chick and the duck were every bit their babies and the show ran a few gags related to this. The duck never did get a name but the chick did get named early on. No, the guys never really kept up with the name and usually resorted back to calling it the chick, the chicken or the rooster. Still, it was named. Are you able to remember what its name was?

Question 3

What was the name of the girl both guys dated, the one with the artificial leg?

In the One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner, Chandler meets this beautiful woman coming out of the men's bathroom in Central Perk. The two go out on a date, which freaks Joey out because he too dated her. Joey is worried because when he was dating her, he accidentally threw her artificial leg into the fire and then ran away rather than dealing with it. Eventually, this woman is creeped out by Chandler's nubbin, so it doesn't last, but do you remember her name?

Question 4

What was in the box Joey stored at Monica's room?

After the group of friends were locked in Monica's room while Rachel and Ross fought, Joey made a plan to never let that happen the same way again. He stored a box of goodies in the room after Ross said Rachel's name at the alter while marrying Emily. In 'The One with the Kips', Ross and Rachel have a personal discussion and the gang is forced into Monica's room again. When Joey pulls out the box, everyone digs in and we see what the contents of the box are. Which is not an item in it?

Question 5

What does Chandler wear as punishment for lying to Joey?

In 'The One with Ross' Grant', Chandler's company is looking to start up national commercials, and Joey asks for a part. Chandler agrees to pass on a tape of Joey's work, which he later says he did, but Joey finds out he lied. He knows that Chandler lied because Chandler never made fun of him for what was on the tape. As punishment for lying, Joey makes Chandler wear something that he once did ads for. Do you remember what it was?

Question 6

Chandler says that Joey cries every time he watches what movie?

We know that Joey is in touch with his emotions. We know that Chandler is not. Joey is never afraid to talk about his feelings, whereas Chandler is barely able to express his feelings for quite a while. In 'The One with all the Candy', however, Chandler tells one of Joey's secrets to the group. He says that whenever Joey watches this one particular movie, he cries. We soon learn that Joey certainly isn't ashamed of this fact, but still the question remains. Can you name which movie it was?

Question 7

How Were Chandler and Joey Busted for Losing Ben?

In 'The One With The Baby On The Bus', Chandler and Joey were asked to look after Ben while Ross was taken to the hospital for an allergic reaction. The guys took the little baby on the bus and used him to talk to females. When some women agree to have drinks with the guys, they all exit the bus, forgetting the baby on board. Thankfully, they find Ben at the Department of Human Services, but they are forced to choose between two babies. They pick the right one, but they are busted when Ross gets home. How?

Question 8

What did the bracelet that Joey gave Chandler read?

In 'The One with the Prom Video', Joey is making some good money for the first time in a long while. Because Chandler was so generous and helpful to him, paying for his headshots and just about everything else, Joey decided to give him a gift. He buys him a huge gaudy gold bracelet and had it engraved. He later buys himself a matching bracelet, but he overhears Chandler making fun of the bracelet. Do you remember what the engraving read?

Question 9

What is so funny about the "rainy window scene" with Joey and Chandler?

When Joey moves out of the guys' apartment and into his own place, there is a scene that shows the guys facing their new situations. As "All by Myself" plays, we see a montage of each of the guys being confronted with their loneliness. Joey watches Baywatch alone and looks over to an empty recliner. He then debates on calling Chandler but decides against it. Chandler plays foosball by himself and Joey plays ping pong by himself. Then we see Chandler looking out the window as the rain comes down. In the other apartment, Joey does the same, but this one is funnier. Why?

Question 10

What picture hangs on the wall behind the TV in the guys' apartment?

While Chandler and Joey's apartment switched around quite a bit throughout the seasons, there was one constant that went largely unchanged in the room. Even after they were robbed of everything in the apartment, moved things around and got new furniture, there was always a picture hanging on the wall behind the TV. The picture was symbolic in many ways, though it is never discussed. Interestingly, this same picture was in Joey's room from Full House. Do you remember what the picture was?

Question 11

Who was the girl who very nearly got "in-between" Joey and Chandler?

Joey and Chandler had similar tastes in women but it was almost never a problem because they two guys were so different. Joey was the ladies man and Chandler was the funny guy. Joey usually got his way with women, but there was one that went the other way. This woman started dating Joey but then discovered that she had much more in common with Chandler. When they started dating, Joey realized he couldn't handle it. This tryst almost broke up the bromance. Who was the woman?

Question 12

Where do Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. get lost?

In the final episode of the series, Joey gets Chandler a parting gift to bring to his new home: a chick and a duck. This was fitting because these birds were a big part of Joey and Chandler's bromance. The new little birds are named Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. It doesn't take long for these guys to go missing. They are found and rescued in the end, mostly with the help of Monica. Do you remember where these little birds were?

Question 13

Where do Joey and Janice go to bond?

When Chandler and Janice start dating again, he tells Joey that this time it's serious. Joey decides to be honest with Chandler and tells him that he can't stand Janice. To try and fix this problem, Janice asks Joey to go out with her and have a day of fun. Even though they both come back seemingly happy, Joey reveals that he still can't stand Janice and the day of fun was awful. Can you remember where it was that they went?

Question 14

When Ross helps Chandler and Joey pack up Monica's apartment, what was Joey wearing?

In 'The One With Rachel's Going Away Party', Monica asks Ross if he could help Chandler and Joey pack up the apartment. Reluctantly, Ross agrees and goes into the bedroom. When Monica comes in, it's revealed that they're just horsing around. Chandler says they were taking a break. Monica then asks, "from what," to which Chandler replies, "jumping on the bed." But we're interested in what Joey was wearing in this scene. Do you remember what funny thing he had on?

Question 15

How did Chandler and Joey enter Monica's apartment to claim it?

In the famous episode, 'The One with the Embryos', Ross designs a high-stakes quiz game for Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey. If Rachel and Monica win, the guys have to get rid of the birds. If Joey and Chandler win the game, they get Monica's apartment. Obviously, the guys win. Despite some major pushback, the women uphold their end of the bargain and move out. When the boys pack up and come to claim their prize, how do they enter the apartment?

Question 16

How does Joey almost kill Chandler?

Sometimes, when Joey tries to be helpful, he is more hurtful than anything else. This is exactly how it went down when Joey decided to make a wall unit for the apartment. As Chandler napped, Joey got to work building that monstrosity of a unit. During the build, Joey nearly killed Chandler while the poor guy slept. It was close enough that Chandler even called Joey out for almost killing him. Do you remember what exactly happened? How did Joey almost kill Chandler?

Question 17

What was the name of the woman who Chandler and Joey fought over during the football game?

In 'The One With The Football', Monica and Ross rekindled their competitive spirits by bringing back the Geller Cup, the annual football game on Thanksgiving. During the game, a beautiful woman is spotted watching nearby. Joey and Chandler, both single at the time, start competing for her interests. Eventually, Ross asks her to choose which of the two guys she likes best. She chooses Chandler, but during his victory dance, she leaves them both. Can you remember what her name was?

Question 18

How does Chandler get revenge on Joey/Joseph for throwing him under the bus at work?

In 'The one with Joey's New Girlfriend', Joey pretends that he works at Chandler's office and the people in the building start to believe it as well. This character, Joseph, with his professionalism and importance, is something that Joey really likes, so he commits to Joseph entirely, even creating an imaginary life for the character. At first, Chandler allows this to go on, but when Joey starts blaming Chandler for things he didn't do, Chandler fights back. What does he do to Joseph for revenge?

Question 19

How does Joey get back at Chandler for hiding his underwear?

In 'The One where No One's Ready', Joey and Chandler bicker non-stop. It starts with Joey stealing Chandler's seat while he was in the bathroom. As Ross pleads with the guys to get ready, neither one wants to leave because they will forfeit the chair. Joey eventually gives up the chair, but he takes the cushions with him. Chandler gets his revenge by hiding Joey's underwear. Joey then takes the upper hand by doing something drastic, what is it that he does?

Question 20

What does Joey's tailor do that is unusual?

In 'The One With Ross' New Girlfriend', Chandler needs a new pair of pants, so Joey sets him up with his family tailor, Frankie. We learn that Frankie has been doing Joey's clothes for a long time and he stands by his work. When Chandler visits this tailor, however, he learns that Frankie does things a little differently. Chandler then takes this information to Joey and confronts him. After hearing Chandler's story, Joey confirms that the way Frankie works is the proper way. It's only when Ross tells him different that Joey starts to question Frankie's methods. What does Frankie do?

Question 21

Why does Joey start turning into a woman?

In 'The One with Ross' Teeth', Chandler notices that Joey is becoming very feminine. Joey starts knitting and takes a liking to potpourri. Later, Chandler walks in on Joey giving Monica tips on how to keep flower arrangements looking fresh longer. Even when Chandler confronts Joey on his new femininity, Joey takes offense to not "what" Chandler said, but "how he said it." It's only then that Joey realizes that Chandler is right. But what is it that makes Joey turn into a woman?

Question 22

What surprises Joey, When Chandler shows him the phone bill?

Joey doesn't take a whole lot of responsibility in managing the apartment. Chandler pays the bills, does most of the cleaning and pretty much takes care of Joey's needs. When Chandler moves out, he tries to educate Joey on the various bills and how to pay them. Since Joey has never paid a bill in his life, Chandler has to go over each one and tell him how to figure it all out. As they go over the phone bill, Joey is greatly surprised. Do you remember why?

Question 23

Why did Joey want to pay chandler back?

For most of the series, Joey is a struggling actor trying to make a decent wage. Because of this, Chandler takes care of him. Chandler pays for almost everything throughout the show, but, in 'The One Where Rachel Is Late', Joey finally makes it somewhat big. After getting into a bit of a fight, Joey is determined to pay Chandler back for everything he's done. It's only when Joey sees how much he actually owed Chandler that he decides to squash their beef. What caused this?

Question 24

What was the dangerous game that Joey and Chandler invented?

Joey and Chandler made up many games in their time together. We rarely got to see any of them played, though we did hear about them from time to time. In 'The One With The Inappropriate Sister', Joey is bored so Ross encourages him to write a script. This gets Joey's attention, but Chandler finds a more interesting way to spend time, by playing a new and somewhat dangerous game. Eventually, Ross takes a hard stance and forces Joey to work. In the end, Joey finds the time to complete a short script and design a new improved version of the game. What was it called?

Question 25

What did Joey and Chandler trade the wall unit for?

When the guys try to sell the entertainment unit that Joey built, the offers are barely worth the price of the wood. They are offered a trade for another item, but Chandler refuses. Then, with Chandler gone, Joey is tricked by an alleged prospective customer, and he is locked in the entertainment unit and then robbed. When Chandler returns, the only thing left in the apartment is the unit. The guys then take this unit and trade it for that original offer. What did they trade it for?

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