How Well Do You REALLY Know Spike?


Very little in this world is written in black and white, and that’s only intensified in a place like Sunnydale, where demons and vampires good and bad roam the streets each and every night. Sure, the majority of bloodsuckers and murderous monsters are pure evil, yet a few of them nonetheless possess a humanity that makes Buffy the Vampire Slayer think less about ending their lives. Of course, there’s the love of her life in Angel, a rare vampire with a soul, and later Buffy also meets her beau’s old running mate, Spike, again deciding to let the vamp live due to the positive qualities within him.

Of course, Spike is hardly the same type of “good vampire” as Angel. The two go way back, but it’s not a similar personality type that brought the two together. In fact, Spike bloody hates Angel most of the time, thinking the showboating big lug should lighten up a bit and enjoy chewing on the scenery. Part of this has to do with Spike’s romantic nature, a rare vampire who falls in love not just with his victims but also in the more traditional sense, opening his heart to more than a few women as the Buffyverse unfolds.

One doesn’t have to be bad to the bone to fully understand a vicious killer like Spike, because the guy himself isn’t all evil and gore, either. True fans of Spike and/or Buffy probably know this already, not to mention a whole lot more about our favorite reformed Big Bad. If you happen to be one of them you should take the following quiz and find out how much you know about Spike.

1Who is Spike dating when he arrives in Sunnydale?

All right, enough of the background stuff. Moving on to what Spike actually does within the confines of Buffy, the thing that sets him apart isn’t his record with Slayers, but rather the romanticism and deep emotional nature he constantly portrays. While plenty of vampires date in a casual way, most would turn on one another in a heart beat, and Spike shows outright devotion to his lovers. Well, the ones he actually loves, anyway. Spike’s first and longest lasting love is the whole reason he enters Sunnydale in the first place. What is her name?

2Who turned Spike into a vampire?

Every character on Buffy has a beginning, and for vampires, they have two. Before he ever became Spike, the vamp in question was a meek poet looking for love in the 1800’s, living with an increasingly sick parent. Seeing them slowly die in front of him definitely played a role in why Spike was so easily tempted into the arms of an alluring stranger who promised him eternal life. The fact he had just been publically shamed by the love of his life didn’t make him long for the mortal world, either. Who took advantage of Spike’s state and sired him?

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