How Well Do You Know Your Arrowverse Villains?


The CW's DC Comics-inspired television shows have dominated the lineup since the debut of Arrow in 2012. Since then the network has added The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl and has loosely connected the shows and some animated content by placing them in a shared multiverse known as the Arrowverse. Because of their shared world, the heroes are able to collaborate with one another for large-scale crossover events. This shared world also means that they can share adversaries as well.

With three shows, Arrow, The Flash and Legends, making up the core Arrowverse there are a lot of villains out to stop the good guys from saving the day and sometimes the world. Think that you know all about the Arrowverse villains? Take this quiz to find out if you can help out the heroes and tell who's who among the Arrowverse's many and varied bad guys and girls.

Question 1

Which villain believes that you "can't lock up the darkness"?

Despite initially presenting himself as being there to help, this villain used his faux befriending of Team Flash to further his own murderous aims. With his all black attire matching his dark nature, even when Barry defeated him in season two's "The Race of His Life" this villain didn't completely disappear. He may not be Barry's primary antagonist, but this wicked villain has appeared, albeit in a slightly different form, on Legends of Tomorrow where he haunts another speed-related villain.

Question 2

Which villain almost became Oliver Queen's step-mother?

Born in Moscow, Russia but adopted and relocated to the United States at age nine, this Arrowverse villain was a member of the Blood Cult and a partner with Slade Wilson. Before her villainous turn, however, she was Robert Queen's mistress and when he jilted her instead of leaving his family like planned she became bitter and obsessed with revenge on the Queen family. This obsession lead her to die without guilt or remorse for the things she did in the name of revenge during the second season finale of 'Arrow'.

Question 3

With a bit of time, which formerly rogue villain became a hero?

Having started as a major antagonist on 'The Flash,' this villain found himself recruited as part of a rag tag group people slated to save the time stream. Over the course of two seasons on 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' this heat gun-toting misanthrope goes from petty thief to time jumping bounty hunter to antihero. Despite briefly being seduced to the evil side in the 'Legends' season two episode "Fellowship of the Spear," this villain proves that you don't always get burned when you play with fire.

Question 4

Which villain is responsible for The Undertaking?

In the first season of 'Arrow' a massive earthquake destroys a portion of the dangerous, high-crime area of Starling City known as the Glades. The earthquake was not of natural origin and was instead the culmination of a plan to remove the danger that the Glades represented that this villain had been working on since the murder of a loved one many years before. Unfortunately, the earthquake, also referred to as The Undertaking, resulted in the death of another of this villain's loved ones.

Question 5

What was the name of the villain who was also mayor of Starling City?

In the 'Arrow' third season episode "Taken," Oliver Queen's young son William, is kidnapped by Damien Darhk who demands that Oliver suspend his mayoral campaign and fully endorse the opposing candidate in order to protect his son. Oliver does so and the candidate, who happens to not only be a member of H. I. V. E but also has a close personal tie to Dahrk, ultimately ends up beating Oliver and, though only briefly, becomes the mayor of Starling City.

Question 6

What is Bug-Eyed Bandit's real name?

Appearing as an antagonist in both the first season of 'The Flash' and the fourth season of 'Arrow,' this villain once worked at Mercury Labs developing robotic bees. Originally meant for agricultural purposes, Bug-Eyed Bandit furthered their development to military grade. The Bandit eventually turns the bees into personal weapons, killing numerous people along the way by attacking them with the venomous robots. When the Bandit needs a microchip in Felicity Smoak's back, this bee-wielding villain goes after Team Arrow.

Question 7

Who is the Earth-2 counterpart of Barry Allen's ex-girlfriend, Linda?

In the second season of 'The Flash' it's established that there are multiple Earths and that everyone has a double on Earth-2. Iris West, reporter on Earth, is a detective on Earth-2. Barry's Earth-2 counterpart is still a CSI, but doesn't have speed. However, not all Earth-2 doubles are good guys as Barry's ex-girlfriend Linda Park learns. Earth-2 Linda appears in the episode "The Darkness and the Light" with a mission from the murderous speedster Zoom to kill the Flash.

Question 8

Who is Black Siren?

Equipped with a sonic scream that allows her to destroy entire buildings with her voice, this metahuman villain went toe to toe with Team Arrow's Dinah Drake in the season five 'Arrow' finale. The two ladies both have the same metahuman power but use it in very different ways. Black Siren's villainous turn is difficult for the members of Team Arrow as she reminds them of someone that many of the team was very close to prior to her death.

Question 9

Amanda Waller was the leader of what organization on 'Arrow'?

After saving Oliver Queen from the destruction of the ship the Amazo, she conscripted him into committing crimes and doing her bidding in Hong Kong and China. Due in large part to her leadership role, Waller also put together a select group of criminals to be her Suicide Squad. She conscripted them into action with the promise of reduced prison sentences and an explosive chip implanted in their bodies to prevent them from running for freedom while on Waller’s missions.

Question 10

Villains from which show are not considered part of the Arrowverse?

While their home world technically exists as part of the Arrowverse's multiverse, villains from one alternate Earth aren't part of the Arrowverse. While other characters from this other world do sometimes show up on 'Arrow,' 'The Flash,' or 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' CW show runners have been clear that this entire world wouldn't be integrated into the Arrowverse the same way the other shows have been. This means that character sharing would be limited to planned crossover story events crossing all series.

Question 11

Who is Savitar revealed to be?

Declaring himself the God of Speed, this villain wreaked havoc as Savitar and was the fastest speedster known to the entire Arrowverse. Also called Dark Lord by his followers, Savitar had his own cult and appeared in various myths and stories leading Jay Garrick to believe that Savitar was the very first speedster as well. Savitar is ultimately erased from existence by The Flash after the hero is able to thwart Savitar in his evil plan to kill Iris West.

Question 12

Despite being erased from existence, this villain went on to torment the Legends

In the first season finale of 'The Flash entitled "Fast Enough" this villain is effectively killed when his ancestor dies. However, this isn't enough to stop a devoted villain so when Barry Allen undoes the events of his own world during Flashpoint it restores the villain. Hoping to prevent another erasure, super-fast villain starts bouncing through time with two other bad guys who crave a chance to fix the past while they hunt for a device called the Spear of Destiny.

Question 13

Which character is not really a villain?

During the second season of 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' the Legends found themselves split apart and separated through time. While most of the team is able to reconnect, one member remains lost for most of the season and during that time away from the team ends up an unwilling participant in their nefarious schemes. Their bad acts while under the Legion of Doom's control are largely forgiven by the team when they're able to come back together because they all know what it's like to not truly be yourself.

Question 14

Which villain really just wanted to teach people about love?

Not every villain steals, kills or is otherwise motivated by evil or dark intentions. Every so often there's a villain who wants to help, in their own weird way. In the third season episode of 'The Flash' entitled "Duet" this villain kidnaps Barry and Kara into an alternative world where they must perform according to the script in order to get out alive. The catch? The two heroes don't have any idea of what the script is, but there's a lesson to be learned or die trying.

Question 15

Which villain was redeemed only to become a villain again?

Oliver Queen doesn't always make the best choices. When a young vigilante wants to kill Ruvé Dark in order to get at her husband, Damien, Oliver steps in and convinces the vigilante that becoming a killer isn't the answer. Later on in season five, Oliver gives the vigilante a chance to do good as part of Team Arrow. Unfortunately, Oliver's past sins as The Hood drives his new recruit right back to the dark side and an all new goal of watching Oliver suffer and die.

Question 16

The Colonel is a henchman for which villain?

When the Legends find themselves in the 1980s chasing after a time hopping villain they discover that the Soviet scientist Valentina Vostok has been working to create a Soviet version of Firestorm for her employer to use as a weapon. After gaining access to Vostok's research facility, Vostok unleashes The Colonel on the team and puts Ray, Mick and Stein into a gulag. When Vostok's attempts to see how Firestorm worked failed, she and her employer tortured Ray and Mick.

Question 17

Which villain targeted victims based on skin cream?

Following The Undertaking, a particularly gruesome serial killer escaped from prison and targeted Quentin Lance for revenge. Lance had been the police officer to who took him down. Once out of prison and on the streets, the serial killer quickly went back to work, targeting young women because of the quality of their skin and the specific cream they used. Felicity tries to lure the killer out by purchasing the cream, but he ends up kidnapping Lance’s daughter Laurel instead.

Question 18

Who disorients their victim's by inducing a sense of vertigo?

When the particle accelerator exploded and sent dark matter through central city it created metahumans with widely varying powers. This former member of Leonard Snart's gang ended up with the ability to intoxicate their target by inducing a vertigo-driven high, causing them to be disoriented and unable to fight back. Fortunately, these powers are used mostly for mischief such as robbing banks though should an opportunity to face off with Leonard Snart present itself, things could get far more serious.

Question 19

Which villain group planned to kill all metahumans if their demand was not met?

This group of villains were the common thread in the 2017 crossover between 'Supergirl,' 'The Flash,' 'Arrow' and 'DC Legends of Tomorrow.' Threatened by Barry Allen's disruption and eventual restoration of the timeline in Flashpoint, they came with the demand that he be turned over so that the timeline and universe would remain intact. If Barry decided not to sacrifice himself, they planned to detonate a bomb that would kill all metahumans worldwide, leaving the assembled heroic teams to figure out how to truly save the world.

Question 20

Whose life did Barry ask to be spared despite them being a villain?

After a life of torture and experimentation, this bad guy came to only see and believe in the worst human beings had to offer. However, when Barry and Team Flash sent him to Earth-2 despite finding an entire city inhabited by those like him, this villain still didn't fit in and was desperate for a way out. When his plan to rule failed and the rightful ruler could have killed him, Barry intervened, saving his life and delivering the villain to A. R. G. U. S.

Question 21

What superpower did Damien Dahrk use the most?

Many villains in the Arrowverse have superpowers of some sort that they are able to use against the heroes. Damien Dahrk is no different. The former member of the League of Assasins and leader of H. I. V. E. has a lot of skills and abilities at his disposal. He just happens to get the most mileage out of one of very specific skill that he uses against Oliver Queen and other opponents frequently. It makes him a very formidable foe.

Question 22

What is Prometheus' real name?

The main antagonist for the fifth season of 'Arrow,' the villain known as Prometheus, has a deep hatred of the Green Arrow. Fueled by the need for revenge, Prometheus will stop at nothing to destroy the Green Arrow with the intent not to kill Oliver Queen, but to crush him so badly that he will wish he were dead in order to achieve this goal Prometheus kills numerous people, including his own wife, all while hiding in plain sight as part of Mayor Queen's administration.

Question 23

Which villain helped make Oliver Queen into the Arrow?

Not all of Oliver Queen's adversaries started out opposing him. When Oliver was prisoner of Bratva captain Ishmael Gregor, this future adversary saved Oliver and subsequently trained him so that he would be able to take down Konstantin Kovar. As part of his training, Oliver was given the green suit and bow that Oliver would use as the Hood before eventually becoming Green Arrow. The outfit and bow, Oliver was told, would help contain the darkness dwelling inside of him.

Question 24

Which 'Arrow' antagonist was once a Starling City Police officer?

This villain started out as one of the good guys as an officer for the Starling City Police Department. However, after being discharged for stalking a colleague and nearly being killed by Deathstroke's henchmen the penchant for stalking took on a new focus in the form of the Arrow. Fixated on winning the Arrow's love, this baddie visited every crime scene connected to the vigilante and claimed to want to help him clean up Starling City despite committing crimes themselves.

Question 25

Which villain's signature mark resembled a vampire's bite?

In the first two seasons of 'Arrow' Oliver Queen and his team find themselves dealing with a vicious drug lord notorious not just for the drugs he was selling but also for the vampire-like mark left in customers' necks. Later on, he would cleverly use mobile flu shot clinics to poison all of Starling City with his signature drug, and kidnapped and threatened to inject Felicity Smoak with the drug when she discovered just how he was infecting the population.

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