How Well Do You Know X-Men's Cable?


Cable is my favorite comic book character. What's not to like? His comic books have been incredibly entertaining. They include time travel, paradoxes, clones, and cyborg-ish goodness. Time travel is always so interesting, and Cable is one of the few mutants that brings this into the Marvel universe. He's also a complete beast in combat. He's always portrayed as a super-soldier, usually wielding some insane-looking futuristic weapons and beating people down with his metal arm. One look at him and you know that this is one superhero who is thoroughly extreme.

So you can understand how pumped I was when it was announced that Cable was going to finally appear in a Marvel movie. I honestly can't wait. But for those of you who don't know anything about Cable, you're probably wondering what all the hype is about. Who is Cable? If you're a fan of Deadpool, you've probably heard of him before, as those two have crossed paths multiple times. And if you're already an expert on Cable, then you understand why everyone is so excited about his appearance in the upcoming Deadpool sequel. This quiz shouldn't be much of a challenge for all you Cable fans out there. But for those of you who don't know too much about him, this quiz is a great way to prepare you for the upcoming Deadpool sequel, and it'll give you a taste of what's coming.

Question 1

Who Is Cable's Father?

Cable, although created for a very specific reason, was born naturally just like any other human (or mutant for that matter). It was the powers of his parents combined that made Cable into such an extraordinarily strong mutant, with powers that made even the strongest villains quake with fear. So it goes without saying that his father must have been an incredibly strong mutant himself. Unfortunately, however, his father didn't get to spend too much time with him before Cable was sent into the future. But who is Cable's father?

Question 2

What Is Cable's Real Name?

Cable is obviously not his real name. In fact, nobody really knows why Cable is called Cable. It's a code name much like Wolverine or Cyclops, but while those nicknames make sense given the nature of the characters they represent, Cable's is more mysterious. Many people have suggested that Cable's name represents his link from the future to the past. Others point out the fact that a cable represents the metal sinew that his arm has become overcome with. But what is his real name?

Question 3

Who Does Cable Frequently Team Up With?

This shouldn't be too hard of a question to answer, given the name of the movie he's about to appear in. Did I just give it away? Damn. Anyway, Cable is actually seen teaming up with a huge variety of different characters. He actually led a whole group of mutants called the X-Force at one point and has enlisted the help of many mutants to defeat his enemies. But one character formed a memorable and often hilarious partnership with this mutant. Who is that?

Question 4

Why Is Cable's Arm Metal?

One of Cable's key features is his huge, shiny metal arm. But those who are not familiar with Cable's backstory might not know why his arm is metal. It certainly looks cool. And because it's metal, his arm has a lot of interesting qualities that can be advantageous. In appearance, it looks very similar to the skin of Colossus, and given the type of metal that Colossus can form over his skin, this should give you a clue as to the nature of Cable's arm as well.

Question 5

In What Year Did Cable First Appear In The Comics?

Cable has been around for quite some time. He was a fan-favorite and quickly became one of Marvel's most popular heroes. Interestingly, he was never intended to be as big as he has now become. He was created as an interesting side-plot for the romantic saga of Cyclops and Jean Grey, but the Marvel readers cried for more of Cable, and the comic book giant obliged. Since then, he has appeared in countless comics, and his backstory has been explored in more detail. But what was the year that he first appeared in comics?

Question 6

What Movie Has Cable Previously Appeared In?

At first glance, Cable is perfect for Hollywood. He's the archetypal superhero—strong, stoic, and morally righteous. He also has some really cool elements in his backstory, like time travel and other things that can be explored in depth on the big screen. In addition, he's quite well-known among the comic book community and was incredibly popular in the '90s. Perhaps he's indicative of that time, because he draws parallels with action sc-fi movies of that era, such as Alien and Terminator.

Question 7

Who Will Play Cable In The Upcoming Deadpool Sequel?

So, now that we've established that Cable has yet to actually appear in a movie, we are faced with a new challenge. Who do we cast to play this iconic mutant? There were actually quite a few names thrown into the hat, and the entertainment community was speculating for months over who would actually win the role. In the end, they've finally decided on a name, and it's a big one. And not too many people can argue that they didn't cast this perfectly.

Question 8

Why Did Cable Travel Back In Time To The Present Day?

Cable's appearance in the present day is not without reason. He appears when the New Mutants need him the most. These New Mutants were without a leader, but were fighting against Cable's common enemy. That is why he recruited them, trained them, and equipped them, forming them into the famous X-Force. And Cable's fight against the New Mutants' common enemy is the whole reason why he traveled back in time. But what was this common enemy? Or was his decision to travel in time even intentional?

Question 9

Who Is Cable's Mother?

We've already established that Cable's parents were instrumental in giving him his amazing powers. If it weren't for their mutant genes, he would not have been as powerful as he is today. We now know from the previous quiz question that Cyclops is Cable's father. But what about his mother? At first glance, it may seem obvious who Cyclops would choose to have a baby with, as it's well-known who he is in love with. But, is it really that obvious?

Question 10

Who Is Cable's 'Half-Sister?'

Cable is a character who has tons of clones, alternate reality versions, and so-called 'half-siblings.' But they're not actually half-brothers or sisters in the way that you or I would use that word. You see, Cable has traveled through multiple timelines and dimensions, and in each dimension, there's another version of him. But in some alternate realities, Cable was born to an alternate version of his own parents, and in some realities Cable, wasn't a man at all, but a woman. So, who is this so-called 'half-sister?'

Question 11

Who Organized The Creation Of Cable?

As I previously alluded to, Cable's birth was no accident. There was a person who actually made sure that this mutant was born. This person did everything possible to make sure that he was born, and he knew that the offspring of Cyclops and Jean Grey would result in one of the most powerful mutants of all time. This person actually cloned Jean Grey when it was clear that she wouldn't want to have a child with Cyclops. But who was this puppet-master?

Question 12

Why Did Mr. Sinister Create Cable?

Now, we move on to the actual purpose of Cable's birth. Mr. Sinister had a very specific reason for creating Cable, and it might not be quite as "sinister" as you would expect. He was the mastermind that cloned Madelyne Pryor, encouraging her to seduce Cyclops and plant his seed within her. With that finished, Cable's birth was all but secured. Mr. Sinister could then move on to phase two of his plan. But what was this plan in the first place?

Question 13

In The Comic Series 'Deadpool & Cable,' What Was The Name Of Cable's Floating Island?

Cable has again and again shown his capacity for greatness. In the comic book series 'Deadpool & Cable,' the hero builds his own floating island, and it quickly becomes the most utopian society the world has ever seen. Anyone who wishes to live there is allowed in, and many refugees, scientists, and philosophers flock to the island and are accepted into the society. If they pass a week of psychological screening and tours, they are accepted. But what was the name of this island?

Question 14

Which Mutant Chases Cable And The Baby He Is Protecting Through Time?

Cable has been put in many strange situations over the course of his comic book career. But the most memorable situations are those that provide a foil to his stoic and stalwart demeanor. In 'Cable & Deadpool,' Cable's seriousness is hilariously offset by Deadpool's relentless banter and ridiculous activities. And in another series, Cable becomes a nanny. That's right, he's tasked with taking care of a tiny mutant baby girl, and he must travel through time to protect her. But who is he protecting her from?

Question 15

What Is The Name Of Cable's Clone?

You've probably learned by now that Cable's past is incredibly convoluted. There are just too many alternate versions and clones of Cable to keep track of. But a true fan will be familiar with all of them. Cable was in fact cloned at one point by Rachel Summers, and he was pretty much a "back-up plan" for the possibility of Cable's death. But when he was discovered by Apocalypse, he became the classic "evil clone." What was the name of this clone?

Question 16

Who Will Play Domino In The New Deadpool Sequel?

There will be many new characters appearing in the Deadpool sequel, tentatively titled "Deadpool 2." While we already know that Cable is making his first ever appearance on the big screen, there's another character who is also making her debut—Domino. Cable and Domino go way back and have some serious history together, so it's no surprise that she's appearing alongside the time-traveling super-soldier. But with a new character comes the challenge of casting the right actress. Who landed the role?

Question 17

Cable Has Psychic Abilities, But They're Often Seen As Disabled. Why?

Cable's most prominent superpowers are his psychic abilities. He is telepathic and telekinetic, although in many of his appearances, these powers are negligible. Why is that? If he has those powers, shouldn't he use them? On rare occasions, he is seen wielding the full might of his psychic powers, and then he truly is a sight to behold. At the very height of his power, he was able to fight the Silver Surfer and levitate Providence simultaneously. But why are his powers often so weak?

Question 18

Why Was Cable Initially Sent To The Future As A Boy?

Although Cable was born in the present timeline that we are all familiar with, he was quickly whisked away to a far-away future. Rachel Summers sends a woman back in time who appears before Cyclops and Jean Grey, who were raising the boy. She then offered to take him into the future. But why? And more importantly, why did Jean Grey and Cyclops agree to let her take him into the future? Whatever the case, that was the beginning of a long and complex story that would eventually lead Cable back to the present day.

Question 19

What Does Cable Say When He Wants To Teleport?

Cable has many powers, and he uses them to their full advantage. One of these powers is the ability to teleport. Whether or not Cable has the ability to travel through time is pretty straightforward, he has in fact traveled through time before. But can he do it at will? Beast has revealed that Cable has some "latent time travel abilities;" whatever that means. But what about just regular teleportation? When he does this, he says a certain phrase. What is this phrase?

Question 20

What Was The Name Of Cable's Space Station?

When Cable says the words "Body slide by one," that's him sending a message to his space station which in turn, has the technological power to teleport him vast distances. This space station is actually a relic from the future and contains all kinds of advanced technology. He often retreats there to spend time alone. It's basically his home base, and it proves incredibly useful in many ways, not just the ability to teleport him. What's the name of this base?

Question 21

Why Does Cable's Eye Glow?

Cable's appearance is completely awesome. Some people say that his image is simply too much, and it looks like the artist just "vomited all of their ideas onto the page." But I completely disagree. Cable's appearance is completely bada*s, and I wouldn't change a thing. One of the most awesome things about his appearance is his eye. It constantly glows in the most awesome way possible. But why? Is there any purpose to his eye, or is it just a cool thing the artists wanted to include?

Question 22

What Is The Name Of Cable's 'Half-Brother?'

Get ready for another weird alternate version of Cable. We've already touched on Cable's clone, Stryfe, and his so-called 'half-sister', Rachel Summers. But there's actually another version of Cable who briefly appears. Like Rachel Summers, he is from another alternate universe and was born to slightly different versions of Cyclops and Jean Grey. But unlike Stryfe, he's not all that bad. He actually ends up sacrificing himself for the greater good. But what was this half-brother of Cable actually called?

Question 23

What Is The Name Of The Baby That Cable Must Protect?

We've already mentioned the fact that Cable once had to reluctantly become a nanny and protect a baby from all harm. As well as protecting her from the ruthlessly pursuing Bishop, he also protected her from all other sources of danger. At a certain point, Cable realized he should probably name this baby. This name came to represent one of the most interesting and powerful mutants ever born. But what did he choose to call this newborn mutant baby girl?

Question 24

What Did Cable Manage To Do When Battling The Silver Surfer?

Cable has taken on some seriously powerful enemies over the years. And each time he does, he really surprises the readers with his incredible power. In the comic book series 'Deadpool & Cable,' Cable's enemies enlist the help of Silver Surfer, one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel universe. Cable meets him head on and is able to bring his unleashed psychic powers to their full potential. He is not able to win against the enemy, but he does land a major blow. What was this?

Question 25

Why Is Cable Protecting Hope Summers?

We've already talked a lot about Hope and Cable and their connection to one another. But we haven't explored why Cable is so attached to Hope and why he tries so hard to protect her, often putting his own life in danger to protect her from foes like Bishop and everything else the universe can throw at them. Why is Cable too dedicated to protecting this baby? Is she special in any way? Or is he just doing what any normal person would do?

Question 26

Who Eventually Cures Cable Of The Techno-Virus?

The techno-virus is something that has haunted Cable for all of his life. But at one point, Cable is actually cured of his deadly disease. This is something that Cable was never actually able to pull off on his own, and the best thing he could ever hope for was to keep the deadly virus at bay with his impressive psychic abilities. One powerful mutant was able to absorb the techno-virus, leaving him 100% organic material. Who was this savior?

Question 27

What Powers Does The Techno-Virus Give His Infected Arm?

Although the techno-virus is seen as a detriment to Cable, it's not without its own benefits in certain ways. Time and time again, his techno-virus-infected arm is seen to be quite an advantageous thing in many of his battles. Aside from looking incredibly cool, his arm is actually pretty useful. But, how exactly does it help him? This might be pretty obvious, given the inherent advantages metal has over skin. But there's also something that you might not expect.

Question 28

Why Does Cable Have Scars On His Right Eye?

Another really cool feature of Cable's appearance is the scar around his right eye. This adds to his general level of bada*s-ery and really cements his image as a veteran soldier that has seen it all. But, only few people actually know why he has that scar and why it's over the right eye. There are many sources that could have given this scar to Cable, from his youth as a boy to later age. He's seen a lot of combat. So what caused this scar?

Question 29

How Did Deadpool First Meet Cable?

The union between Cable and Deadpool is one that has spanned many pages of comics and one that is much celebrated by comic book fans everywhere. They seem like a perfect match—the dead-serious Cable and the ever-joking Deadpool. They really play off each other's strengths and weaknesses. You know what they say, opposites do attract! But how did this unlikely duo ever join forces in the first place anyway? How did these interesting characters even cross paths to begin with?

Question 30

When Cable And Captain America Fought In Hand To Hand Combat, Who Won?

Cable has gone toe-to-toe with many incredible fighters and lived to tell the tale. But it was a very interesting moment when he fought Captain America. Captain America was sent by Nick Fury to investigate what was going on in Providence. Cable, knowing the plan, welcomed his idol into the city and allowed him to see how wonderful the city was. But when Cap confronted him, he engaged him in a fight. When the fight was over, who was left victorious?

Question 31

Who Is Rumored To Be Cable's Son?

Cable has traveled vast distances across space and time, so it's no surprise that he's had a child. But this is still a rumor. It was never actually confirmed that his son is actually his, as there are rumors that his longtime enemy, Stryfe, actually raped his wife and the resulting offspring is not his. But regardless, Cable tried his best to raise him as best as he could. But what is the name of this supposed son? Can you remember?

Question 32

Which Present-Day Super-Heroine Was Cable Involved With Romantically?

Although Cable has had children with a woman from the future, he's actually had romances with women from the present day. But, these romantic encounters are not as common as you might think. This should narrow down your list of choices considerably. After all, Cable is always presented as a man on a mission, so he has little time for romantic encounters. He just doesn't have time. But who was the one super-heroine that Cable made time for and even loved?

Question 33

Why Did Cable Name The Baby He Was Protecting 'Hope?'

The name 'Hope' was no accident. Cable gave this name to the small baby for a very specific reason. This name came to be quite famous in the Marvel Universe, as she would grow up to be one of the most powerful and influential mutants in history. She was the one who would actually heal Cable of his techno-virus infection one day. But when he was giving her a name, he wasn't thinking about any of that. What caused him to call her Hope?

Question 34

What Powers Does Cable Get From His Techno-Virus-Infected Eye?

Just like his arm, there are certain advantages to Cable's techno-virus infection in his eye. It may seem like something that's incredibly painful; just imagine a cyborg organism slowly taking over your eye. It's certainly not something someone would willingly expose himself to. But, Cable has learned to live with the infection and turns it into an advantage. His infected eye actually gifts him a few pretty impressive abilities that really give him an edge on the battlefield. What are these abilities?

Question 35

How Is Cable Able To Interface With Machines, Computers, And Locks?

Cable is also seen to be gifted with computers, locks, and machines. He can crack codes and locks just as well as he can crack his enemies' skulls. And again, this is a very advantageous ability. He is seen turning the tides of battle after displaying his ability to interface with all kinds of technology, future and present. Often, this means he can activate machinery, spaceships, and simple locks in seconds, surprising his enemies. But how does he do this with such ease?

Question 36

What Is The Name Of Cable's Weapon Of Choice?

Cable is seen with all kinds of weapons. In fact, every time you see him, it seems like he's wielding a different weapon. Typically, you see him with a wide range of futuristic firearms, from rocket launchers and flamethrowers to more advanced energy weapons such as lasers. But there is one weapon that Cable obviously prefers, and he is more at home with this weapon in his hands than with any other. What is this signature weapon of Cable specifically?

Question 37

What Iconic Weapon Of A Famous Hero Did Cable Carry In The Future?

In the future, Cable uses whatever he can to gain the edge against his enemies. His future is an incredibly dark one, and he is assailed on all sides by enemies that are hardly imaginable by mutants back in the present day. At one point, he picks up a weapon that is very iconic. It turns the tide of the battle and leads his comrades to victory. When Cable reveals this to its owner in the past, he is stunned. What weapon is this?

Question 38

Who Educated Cable?

Cable is presented as a military genius. He has lived his entire life fighting, and he never once stopped. However, he didn't just teach himself all of his knowledge. Most of it was gained from a very specific source. When he returns to the past, he brings all of this advanced knowledge back with him and often stuns and surprises those in the past. He used this knowledge to turn Providence into a utopia. Who gave him this advanced knowledge?

Question 39

Which Member Of Askani Clan Did Cable Befriend?

Growing up with the Askani Clan was a memorable experience for Cable. The Clan was made up of all kinds of people, all fighting for the same cause as mother Askani, who was actually Rachel Summers. Of all of these fighters, one formed a close bond with Cable, and they fought like brothers on the battlefield. This particular member of Askani Clan is also a mutant and is capable of increased strength, as well as absorbing the mutant abilities of others.

Question 40

What Post-Secondary Education Does Cable Have?

Cable is well-educated in the art of warfare, drawing upon his extensive education from the Askani Clan. In addition, he has learned many lessons from his baptism of fire on the battlefield. But interestingly enough, it seems as though Cable has found the time to attend post-secondary education in the present day. This education added even more to Cable's general knowledge and probably helped him understand the present day. But what type of education and what credential does Cable hold?

Question 41

What Was The Name Of Cable's Wife?

Cable spent many years in the future, and it only makes sense that he developed feelings for someone in the community in which he was raised. As time goes by, he actually weds this special woman, and as far as I know, this is the only wife Cable has ever had. It was with this woman that he had his only son, Tyler Dayspring. It's obvious that this is one woman Cable really cares about. But what was her name?

Question 42

Who Helped Cable Create The X-Force?

The creation of X-Force was not something Cable was able to do by himself. As capable as this mutant is, even he couldn't organize a group of new mutants into a fighting force singlehandedly. He needed the help of a certain person. Although Cable often operates as a 'lone-wolf,' there are certain times when he will accept help. But in order for him to do this, the person offering help has to be very capable. So who was this person?

Question 43

What Type Of Food Does Cable Hate More Than Anything Else?

Cable is an interesting fellow. Since he's such a popular character, his writers have had a lot of time to explore his many peculiarities. Hell, one time, he even broke the fourth wall, just like Deadpool. Just once, though; he later denied it. But there are many other quirks that this time-traveling super-soldier exhibits. Some are pretty unknown, like the fact that Cable has a strong dislike for one particular type of food. But what is this food he hates?

Question 44

Why Was Cable Forced To Shoot His Son, Tyler Dayspring?

Although Tyler Dayspring was Cable's son, things went badly right from the start. You see, his son was eventually captured by Cable's clone, Stryfe, and he was corrupted beyond repair. He became a spoiled brat, completely immoral. He never thought twice about committing murder. In short, he became the exact opposite of his father. Cable and his son eventually came to blow, and Cable was forced to shoot his own son after a terrible situation. But what made Cable shoot his own son?

Question 45

How Does Cable Describe Living With The Techno-Virus?

Cable has to deal with an incredible pain every day. This is a direct result of living with the techno-virus. It's an almost indescribable struggle, but he does his best to make others understand just how hard it is. One wonder, though, is if the techno-virus was the reason why Cable is so strong and tough. Think about it. He's had to fight against an enemy every day for his whole life, never once getting a break. That must develop some serious mental fortitude.

Question 46

When Cable Fought Red Hulk, Who Won?

We've gone down the list of some pretty impressive heroes that Cable has gone toe-to-toe with. He's battled Silver Surfer, Captain America, and many other giants in the world of Marvel. But the Red Hulk was perhaps one of his greatest challenges ever. Just entering into the fight with Red Hulk took some serious balls, and he should be commended for that. But it's even more impressive considering the fact that Cable was hours away from death and in intense pain while he was fighting Red Hulk.

Question 47

Why Did Cable Purposely Bring Apocalypse Back To Life?

One of the most bizarre developments in Cable's storyline was when he purposely brought Apocalypse back to life. Onlookers, such as Deadpool, were amazed when they witnessed this and couldn't believe what they were seeing. After all, Apocalypse is one of Cable's greatest enemies, someone he has traveled across space and time to fight time and time again. But when Cable finally explained his reasons for purposely resurrecting Apocalypse, he once again gave an answer that only a mutant like Cable could give.

Question 48

When Cable Loses His Psychic Powers, What Does He Use To Replace Them?

Partway through the events of 'Cable & Deadpool', Cable loses his psychic powers completely. After this happens, Cable is almost the same as a normal human being. After all, aside from his techno-virus-infected body parts, which gives him some powers, psychic abilities are the only power he has. But this weakened Cable quickly finds a way around this. After he manages to find a replacement for his psychic powers, his glowing eye changes from yellow to an ominous blue. Ring any bells?

Question 49

Who Infected Cable With The Techno-Virus?

We all know by now that Cable's techno-virus is a major part of his powers, identity, and his past. And it wasn't an accident that he was infected. Someone purposefully infected Cable with the techno-virus when he was a child. This almost killed Cable, and it was only due to his transport to the future that he was saved from death. Who could do this to an innocent child? Can you think of someone evil enough to do such a thing?

Question 50

Why Did Apocalypse Infect Cable With The Techno-Virus?

So, now that we know WHO infected Cable with the techno-virus, it's time to explore WHY. Apocalypse obviously did it for a reason. Or did he? Whatever the case, the infection would prove to be a major plot device throughout Cable's appearance in comic books and now, movies. Although things like this are important to Cable's identity, I wonder how deeply this will all be explored in his appearances on the big screen. Because to properly explain this all, you would need hours and hours. So, why did Apocalypse infect Cable with the techno-virus?

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