How Well Do You Know WWE's The Miz?


The Miz has made a name for himself in the WWE as one of the company's most prolific bad guys. The Miz is a loud, obnoxious, and overconfident character that is able to get almost any fan to hate him.

Even though he is a bad guy on TV, his journey to the WWE is a Cinderella story that you can't help but get behind of. He tried to get his name on WWE's radar by joining reality shows, then worked on the independent scene and competitions, until he was finally signed as a host.

His hosting duties soon turned to wrestling duties with the company. Fans and even fellow wrestlers hated him and never believed in him because they thought he was just a reality star that didn't belong in a WWE ring.

The Miz went on to prove everyone wrong as he held the company's most prestigious title and even went on to the main event--WrestleMania. Also, after over 10 years with the company, The Miz is still on top of his game and getting better and better.

The Miz's success in WWE has also translated to some success in Hollywood. While his gimmick may be that he is an "A-Lister", The Miz has yet to hit it big time with his acting career. He has been in multiple movies and reality shows, however, and he has even made appearances on some of the TV's top shows.

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin has had quite the unorthodox career, so let's see just how well you know the Awesome One.

Question 1

The Miz was the first WWE Superstar to do what?

The Miz was someone that people never thought would make it in the WWE, never mind make history for the company. Well, like he has always done, The Miz proved the haters wrong once again. In The Miz's 10+ year run with the company, he has made a decent amount of history along the way, and with history, there is a "first". The Miz was the first ever to accomplish a feat in the WWE. What was it that the Miz did first?

Question 2

Who has The Miz NOT won tag team championship with?

Before The Miz was a top-tier singles competitor for the WWE, he began to make his mark in the tag team division. He and his tag team partner, John Morrison, were able to make a name for themselves and were so successful that they managed to hold tag team gold. Even though this may be The Miz's most memorable run as a tag team champion, he has won those belts with a few other partners, too. Who has he NOT won a tag team title with?

Question 3

What season of The Real World did The Miz first appear on?

Before The Miz made his mark in the WWE, fans were already familiar with him and his character. This is because The Miz appeared on a season of MTV's "The Real World" before he started his wrestling career. While many saw The Miz as a joke in the wrestling industry because of his time spent on reality TV, it did get his name out there and helped pave the path for him to make it to WWE. What was the name of the season of Real World the The Miz appeared on?

Question 4

What was the first WWE video game that The Miz was featured in?

Legend has it that you never really make it big in sports (or sports entertainment) until you can play as yourself in a video game. This is a privilege that The Miz has had for several years. While he has not been a featured cover Superstar for any of the WWE games, he has had quite the tenure with the SmackDown vs. Raw series, the WWE 2K series, and other spinoff WWE games. What game was The Miz first featured in?

Question 5

Who did The Miz defeat to win his first Intercontinental Championship?

The Miz often prides himself on the work he has done with the Intercontinental Championship. This is because he claims that, when the belt is around his waist, he brings it from nothingness back to relevance, and it is hard to argue with that fact. The Miz has truly been a must-see champion whenever he is the Intercontinental Champion, and that has never been truer than with his 2016-2017 runs with the belt, but who did The Miz first defeat for his first run with the belt?

Question 6

Which of the following was never a finisher performed by The Miz?

The Miz has been criticized as a poor in-ring technician. He has also been criticized for stealing the moves of other Superstars. Being the driven person that he is, The Miz has constantly worked to improve his wrestling, and he has also changed up his move set, as well. That also goes for his finishers. The Miz has been looking for the perfect finisher, and while he has been using the same finisher for over five years, what finisher has he never used in his WWE run?

Question 7

What was the ring name used by The Miz when he went in disguise to win a contract on a pole match?

When The Miz was drafted to RAW in 2009, he began a feud with John Cena. John Cena defeated The Miz at a PPV, and then beat him again on an episode of RAW. The stakes for the RAW episode, however, were that The Miz was banned from RAW. The Miz found a loophole and dressed in disguise to compete in a contract on a pole match. He ended up defeating Eugene in this match for a contract under what ring name?

Question 8

How many Intercontinental Championship reigns has The Miz had?

As previously stated, The Miz loves to run his mouth about the work he has done with the Intercontinental Championship. This is because the belt appears to be worthless with some competitors, but once The Miz wins it, it regains its prestigious presence. The Miz and the Intercontinental Championship have history, and he has held the belt multiple times for varying amounts. While some reigns may have been short, they all counted towards his resume. How many total reigns has The Miz had with the Intercontinental Championship (so far)?

Question 9

How many of WWE's The Marine movies has The Miz starred in?

Everyone has got to start somewhere. While a WWE Studios film that goes straight to DVD isn't exactly the role that every actor looks for, it could help kickstart an acting career. John Cena, for example, starred in the first ever "The Marine" movie as his first acting gig, and now he's starring and appearing in some of Hollywood's biggest movies. The Miz hopes to take on a similar path to superstardom, as he has starred in "The Marine" series, too. How many of these movies has The Miz starred in?

Question 10

Which TV show has The Miz NOT appeared in?

While a lot of The Miz's TV appearances have mainly been on reality TV shows, he has also dabbled in other areas, as well. The Miz is still trying to make it big in the acting world, but it looks like he is already getting his foot in the door. He has managed to make appearances in some of the hottest TV shows at the time, and these could lead to bigger roles for him. Which of these shows has The Miz not appeared in?

Question 11

What role has The Miz never taken on as part of WWE's Tough Enough?

The Miz's name always seems to be linked to WWE's Tough Enough series. The point of this show is to find contestants willing to get put through rigorous tasks that emulate the traits needed to succeed in the WWE. The show is in a competition format with judges and trainers helping out the talent, and one or two winners get awarded with WWE developmental contracts as a reward for winning the contest. The Miz has been part of this show in several different ways. What role hasn't he taken on?

Question 12

Who did The Miz defeat for his first United States Championship?

The Miz has been a staple of the mid-card scene for quite some time. While he takes the most pride in what he has done with the Intercontinental Championship, he is no stranger to the United States Championship. It was the first singles title that he had ever won in the WWE. It helped catapult his career from a mid card champion to a Money in the Bank contract holder to a WWE Champion, but who did he first beat for that US Championship?

Question 13

The Miz debuted on SmackDown as the host of what?

When The Miz first appeared on WWE television, WWE officials were both impressed with his mic skills and his ability to get recognized by casual fans that may have caught his 'Real World' appearance on MTV. WWE officials, however, were not big fans of his wrestling skill set due to the fact that he was a relative beginner. So, rather than starting him out as a wrestler, The Miz was relegated to hosting duties. What was The Miz the host of during his initial debut?

Question 14

Who was The Miz's first NXT Rookie?

Before NXT was WWE's third brand that put on compelling storylines and thrilling matches while developing and grooming talent for the main roster, NXT was a terrible competition-like show that would make any viewer cringe. The basic setup would be that a rookie, mentored by a WWE Pro, would compete in silly challenges in an attempt to win. The Miz was a WWE Pro twice during the series' lifespan, and he has two NXT Rookies. Who was his first?

Question 15

How many Slammy awards has The Miz won?

The Slammy Awards are like the WWE's cheap version of The Oscars, but they do not mean nearly as much. It is really just a fun way to remind the fans of all the exciting and best moments that have occurred throughout the past year. Some awards include the "LOL Moment of the Year", "Superstar of the Year", "OMG Moment of the Year", and "Tag Team of the Year". How many Slammy Awards has The Miz won in his 10+ year run with the company?

Question 16

Who was The Miz's co-host for his WWE web show 'The Dirt Sheet'?

The Miz was never going to begin his successful career with his in-ring skills. His natural charisma and incredible mic skills would be what would bring him to superstardom, and his move to ECW gave him the perfect platform to showcase that. That platform was in the form of his own web show, "The Dirt Sheet", that he and his co-host wrote each episode of. This show was able to get him over with the fans and was what The Miz needed to give him his first true push. Who was his co-host?

Question 17

Which legend was once The Miz's mentor?

The Miz has been a heel for almost all of his career. A heel, in wrestling terms, is the bad guy. This is a role that The Miz excels in, but for a short period of time, WWE decided to make The Miz a babyface (a good guy), and he completely flopped. He stayed the same cocky and obnoxious character, and he could not get the crowd behind him. However, during his face run, a WWE legend was his mentor and even passed down one of his signature moves to The Miz. Who was his mentor?

Question 18

Who did The Miz cash his Money in the Bank contract on to win the WWE Championship?

The Miz finally reached his greatest height when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to win WWE's most prestigious title, the WWE Championship. He had a lengthy run and even defended that championship against John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania. The Miz's cash-in was a historic and memorable moment in his career, and he will surely never forget when he won his first World Championship. So, who did he cash in on to win the WWE Championship?

Question 19

Who got fired, along with The Miz, when they interfered in matches and claimed there was a conspiracy against them?

After The Miz lost his WWE Championship, he thought there was a conspiracy going on against him. This was because he believed there was some unknown reason for why he wasn't getting put back into the main event scene, and he was not the only one that shared this feeling. Two individuals began taking their frustration out on anyone and everyone until they got their message across to the higher-ups. This resulted in Triple H firing The Miz and who else?

Question 20

The Miz avidly supports which football team?

The Miz loves his sports almost as much as he loves wrestling. He constantly appears on shows like Sports Nation to give his take on current sporting news and events - primarily basketball and football. The Miz is also serious about his fantasy football. In one episode of Total Divas, The Miz was ignoring his wife because he was too focused on his fantasy football draft. Football means a lot to The Miz, and one team, in particular, means a lot to him, and it is this NFL football team.

Question 21

Where is The Miz currently living?

The Miz is one to reassure crowds of his wealth and his luxurious lifestyle. He talks about the prices of his suits, the expensive after-parties he attends, and of course, his incredibly expensive house. Obviously, this is the WWE character rather than the person speaking when he says this. Regardless, The Miz has made quite the living in the WWE and can afford a nice home that has been showcased on Total Divas a couple of times. Where is The Miz's house located?

Question 22

Where did The Miz grow up?

The Miz, as stated before, is just like everyone else. He was once just some kid from some town trying to make it big in the wrestling industry. While The Miz shows some love to Cleveland sports teams, he also boasts about his love and connection with Los Angeles and also roots for their teams from time to time. Which is the actual hometown of The Miz, though? Are either the hometown of The Miz? Is he from somewhere else? Where did The Miz grow up?

Question 23

Which college did The Miz attend?

Even though The Miz is a WWE Superstar, he started out just like everyone else. He was just Mike Mizanin. He went to a regular high school and was apart of the swim and basketball team, and he was even his school's baseball team captain during his senior year. While he did not play any sports at the collegiate level, he still attended college before pursuing his reality TV and wrestling goals. What was the college that The Miz attended?

Question 24

True or False: The Miz graduated from college.

The Miz, at least in his early years, never seemed like a bright kid when he was projected onto the national TV spotlight. When he was on The Real World, he was kind of a goof that no one could really take seriously. When he first started out in the WWE, he was an immature jerk that would just hit on all of the WWE Divas. So, while he may not have seemed like the brightest individual, did The Miz still manage to graduate from college?

Question 25

What was the year The Miz and Maryse got married?

It is no secret that The Miz is married to Maryse. Ever since WrestleMania 32, Maryse has been an integral part of The Miz's gimmick. She made her return to WWE television the RAW show after WrestleMania to aid The Miz in winning the Intercontinental Championship. Since then, Maryse has stood by The Miz's side on WWE television as his wife, and he has been better than ever because of it. So, when did the "It Couple" officially get married?

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