How Well Do You Know WWE's SummerSlam?


These days, the annual SummerSlam extravaganza is one of the most hotly-anticipated PPVs of the wrestling calendar. Next to the Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania, the WWE regularly champions SummerSlam as the second biggest show of the year.

As such, SummerSlam has become a huge, huge deal over the past three decades, and it's been the destination for some epic match-ups and some truly legendary wrestling bouts. In fact, many longtime fans would even say that SummerSlam has had more all-time classic matches than WrestleMania, which goes to show part of the appeal of the Biggest Show of the Summer.

Created in 1988 as yet another way for Vince McMahon to further tighten his grip on the wrestling industry, SummerSlam has gone on to become a phenomenon. Of course, given the PPVs lengthy and extensive history, that means it's all kinds of ripe for quiz purposes. After all, you may well talk the talk, but how well do you really know SummerSlam throughout the years? Now's the time to find out, with these next 25 questions set to separate the jobbers from the main eventers. The question is, which one are you - it's time to test your SummerSlam knowledge and find out!

Question 1

How Many Appearances For Mr. SummerSlam?

Whilst Mr. WrestleMania is a moniker often placed on Shawn Michaels, HBK's longtime rival Bret Hart is someone who many longtime wrestling fans revere as Mr. SummerSlam. Much like Michaels at 'Mania, The Hitman had a whole host of memorable and classic matches and moments at SummerSlam throughout his legendary career. During his time with Vince McMahon's company, Hart stole the show at largely any event he was involved in, but this was particularly true of SummerSlam. Just how many SummerSlam PPVs, though, did the Excellence of Execution actually wrestle on?

Question 2

Who Has The Most SummerSlam Appearances?

Since SummerSlam debuted way back in 1988, literally hundreds of various grapplers have performed at the Biggest Show of the Summer. Of course, some superstars have competed more than others, though, and for every one-and-done talent that has appeared, there's been several who have returned year after year to do battle at SummerSlam. As it stands at this point in time, with SummerSlam 2017 on the ever-nearing horizon, the big question is which wrestler has made the most SummerSlam appearances in the event's history?

Question 3

Who Was Steve Austin's First Opponent?

Obviously, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has gone on to become thought of as one of the very best wrestlers of all time. In fact, given that Austin was the hottest star of the hottest time the business has ever seen, there's a strong argument to say that he IS the very best of all time. When it comes to SummerSlam, Austin has been involved in many battles over the years, beginning with his first SummerSlam bout back in 1996. That match actually took place BEFORE the live portion of the PPV aired, but who was it against?

Question 4

Who Did Alundra Blayze Face At SummerSlam 1994?

With the WWF Women's Championship once again back in play by 1994, Alundra Blayze was the person most synonymous with that incarnation of the title before she ultimately jumped ship to WCW and threw said belt in the trash on live TV. Regardless, Blazye was a huge deal during her WWF run, and she was easily the face of the women's division at that point in time. Who was it, though, that Alundra successfully defended her championship against at SummerSlam 1994?

Question 5

Did Hulk Hogan Ever Lose At SummerSlam?

Hulk Hogan has had several stints with the WWE over the decades, and it only feels like a matter of time before The Hulkster will be back with the company in some capacity once more. To many, Hogan is a sign of the rock 'n' wrestling era, with him headlining any and every show, from Royal Rumble, to WrestleMania, to SummerSlam, to Survivor Series. Throughout his various spells with the company, though, is it true or false that Hogan never once lost at SummerSlam?

Question 6

Who Did Randy Orton Beat For His First World Title?

The 2004 edition of SummerSlam was famous for Randy Orton winning his first ever World Championship, in turn making him the youngest World Champion in WWE history. After a so-so start to his main roster career, Orton took on the Legend Killer moniker and then became part of the famed Evolution stable, both of which saw his stock rise to the point that he was soon viewed as a big time player. But who was it that Orton beat for the gold at SummerSlam 2004?

Question 7

Which Event Had The Highest Attendance?

SummerSlam has been held in some huge venues over the decades, and as such has brought in some hugely impressive numbers - to the extent that the event has often brought in as high an attendance figure as several WrestleMania shows. Of course, 'Mania is now to the point where it's a huge deal and looks to smash attendance records at any possible turn, but which edition of the WWE's SummerSlam show managed to draw the highest attendance figure to date?

Question 8

The Heartbreak Kid Returns

Love him or hate him, there's no disputing just how good Shawn Michaels was (and likely still is!) between the ropes. The Heartbreak Kid is revered by many of his peers as the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots, and so the wrestling world was shocked when Michaels had to retire due to a back injury in 1998. Luckily for anyone with an affection for the business, HBK would make an in-ring return for an Unsanctioned Match against Triple H - but at which SummerSlam did this bout take place?

Question 9

Who Didn't Team With Cena?

By the time 2010's SummerSlam rolled around, the WWE landscape was being dominated by a faction known as The Nexus. Headed up by Wade Barrett, this stable of former NXT rookies had made a huge impact as they'd decimated several of the company's top stars with multi-man beat downs. In an attempt to put a stop to Barrett's crew, the ever-reliable John Cena decided to put a team together to battle The Nexus in a 7-on-7 match at SummerSlam. Which of these names DIDN'T feature on Cena's team in that match, though?

Question 10

Who Did The Rock Face At SummerSlam '99?

By 1999, The Rock had become one of the hottest stars in the wrestling business. After having his issues as the all-smiling, baby-kissing Rocky Maivia, The Great One had an attitude adjustment that saw his stock rise immeasurably, and by 1999 he was well and truly in the race to become the top dog in the company. When it came to the 1999 edition of SummerSlam, however, who was it that The Rock battled in a one on one match?

Question 11

What Year Did Bret Hart Defeat Mr. Perfect?

In the history of SummerSlam, there are certain matches that stand out from the crowd as true all-time classics. One particular match that is largely viewed as one of the greatest matches in SummerSlam history is when Bret Hart defeated Mr. Perfect to win his first singles titles, the Intercontinental Championship. To this day, this match still holds up to the reputation it has garnered over the subsequent decades, but at which year's SummerSlam did The Hitman dethrone The Perfect One?

Question 12

Who Answered Honky Tonk's Open Challenge?

The Honky Tonk Man is the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE history, with his historic run clocking in at a whopping 454 days. Along the way, Honky Tonk would managed to keep hold of his belt by hook or by crook, somehow sneaking away with the win regardless of who he was up against. So confident that nobody could take his championship from him, Honky Tonk Man cockily made an open challenge at SummerSlam back in 1988. But who was it that answered said challenge?

Question 13

What Was The Gimmick For Mankind Vs. Triple H?

One of the grapplers with the most SummerSlam performances under his belt is Triple H. In fact, to the likely surprise of many fans, Hunter even has a pretty poor record when it come to wins and losses at the Biggest Show of the Summer. In one of his earlier SummerSlam bouts, he would fight Mankind back in 1997. That match had a particular gimmick attached to it, but what exactly was that gimmick attached to one of the first major battles of these two longtime rivals?

Question 14

Undertaker Vs. Undertaker?

One of the most flat-out bizarre matches in SummerSlam history saw The Undertaker battle against... The Undertaker. Yes, it was as bonkers as it sounds, including on-going skits through the show that saw The Naked Gun's Leslie Nielsen and George Kennedy trying to solve the mystery of two 'Takers. What played out was Ted DiBiase's Phenom going up against Paul Bearer's Dead Man in a bout that wasn't quite as bad as it sounds but still wasn't anything less than passable. What year did this all take place, though?

Question 15

Who Walked Out Of 2012 As The IC Champ?

In the annuls of SummerSlam history, some of the PPVs greatest ever matches have involved the Intercontinental Championship. In fact, many would say that the IC title matches have outshone the World Championship bouts featured on the card more times than not over the years. As such, walking in or out of SummerSlam as the Intercontinental Champion is rightfully seen as a huge deal. Which superstar was it, however, that walked out of the 2012 edition of SummerSlam as the IC Champ?

Question 16

How Many SummerSlam Matches Did Shawn Michaels Have?

He may be commonly known as Mr. WrestleMania, but Shawn Michaels didn't just save his big performance for the Grandaddy of Them All. In fact, The Heartbreak Kid also regularly stole the show when it came to SummerSlam, with him having famous battles with the likes of Razor Ramon, Triple H, and Hulk Hogan at the Biggest Show of the Summer. When all is said and done, though, just how many SummerSlam matches was Shawn Michaels actually an active in-ring competitor in?

Question 17

Who Won The First Ever TLC?

These days, Tables, Ladders & Chairs is a relatively common stipulation that fans have become accustomed to. Back in the 1990s, such a concept was simply unimaginable. That all changed, though, when the Ladder Match bar was raised by The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian at 1999's No Mercy PPV, and then by those two teams and The Dudley Boyz in a three-team battle at WrestleMania 2000. By the time of SummerSlam 2000, the three tandems battled in the first ever TLC match, but which team emerged victorious on that night?

Question 18

Which SummerSlam Event Was The First To Feature a MITB Cash-In?

Up until 2010, the Money in the Bank concept was synonymous with the Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania. Later in that year, the WWE would famously start running the MITB-themed PPV that is still going strong to this day and is one of the most hotly-anticipated high-risk events of the wrestling calendar. Money in the Bank has also had a role to play in SummerSlam over the years, with several cash-ins having at the Biggest Show of the Summer. In what year, though, did SummerSlam see its first MITB cash-in happen?

Question 19

Who Never Left SummerSlam As World Champion?

SummerSlam has regularly been a PPV that has featured some truly epic, explosive World Championship bouts. As such, some of the biggest names in the history of the business have walked in as the WWE Champion, whilst others have left the even with the biggest prize in the industry in their possession. Despite that, there are still some major grapplers who have never walked out of SummerSlam as World Champion. So, which of these legends never once left SummerSlam as the Champ?

Question 20

Who Did The Undertaker Beat At SummerSlam 2008?

With The Undertaker now seemingly retired following this year's WrestleMania bout against Roman Reigns, The Phenom has left us all with a whole cavalcade of memories and moments from a career that is as Hall of Fame worthy as they come. When it comes to big battles at big events, 'Taker has been there and done it all in a WWE tenure that is over 25 years long. Of course, The Dead Man is famous for many a Hell in a Cell match, but who did he beat in just such a bout at SummerSlam 2008?

Question 21

Which Celebrity Did Neville Team With At SummerSlam 2015?

These days, Neville is absolutely tearing it up as the King of the Cruiserweights, dominating opponent after opponent for the past several months. Following his move from NXT to the main roster, Neville initially got a little lost in the shuffle before injury ruled him out of 2016's SummerSlam. Back in 2015, though, the former NXT Champion was featured heavily on the SummerSlam as he teamed up with a certain celebrity. Which celebrity was it, though, that Neville team with at that show?

Question 22

Who Was The Other Family Member?

In 1992, Bret Hart defended his Intercontinental Championship against The British Bulldog in what still ranks up there as one of the greatest SummerSlam matches of all time. Bret would ultimately lose the bout and his belt to Davey Boy Smith in front of a packed Wembley Stadium, and adding further to the emotion of the event was the involvement of Bret's real-life sister and Davey Boy's real-life wife. Thinking back, do you remember the name of this female family member, though?

Question 23

Who Has The Most SummerSlam Losses?

Even the biggest names in the business don't always get it their own way when it comes to SummerSlam. Many a big-time player has seen their dreams of glory and championships go up in smoke when it comes to the Biggest Show of the Summer. In fact, many huge names have some frankly awful records when it comes to SummerSlam. So, out of the names listed, which of these superstars has come up short and lost more SummerSlam matches than the rest?

Question 24

Which Title Has Changed Hands The Most At SummerSlam?

In amongst the epic match-ups and all-time classic bouts, SummerSlam is a PPV that has seen more than its fair share of title changes over the years. Every single belt that has been active at any time in the WWF/E has been defended at the Biggest Show of the Summer, from secondary tiles, to tag gold, to the biggest prizes in the business. As such, many a championship has changed hands as SummerSlam, but which title belt has changed hands the most when it comes to this PPV?

Question 25

Who Was Steve Austin's Last SummerSlam Match Against?

Once the wheels really got rolling for him, every single match that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was involved in was seen as a huge deal. People just absolutely loved Austin and his ass-kicking ways, and so there was a massive buzz about anything and everything he did during his in-ring career. And that career just so happened to feature multiple SummerSlam outings. With his career as an active competitor now having long come to an end, which superstar did Steve Austin face in his last ever SummerSlam match?

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