How Well Do You Know Westworld?


Westworld was a show that amazed tons of people. I know that for me, it was one of the best television shows I've seen in a long time. It had everything - action, philosophy, sex, and much more. For those who don't know, it was based on a movie from the 1970's, and it was one of the few reboots I can think of that actually surpassed the original in quality. It explored some really neat ideas in terms of what makes us human, and it was mixed with some truly incredible acting. All of these things came together to make this a TV series that was truly memorable.

But how well did you remember it? What's certain is that this series spawned tons of discussion among fans on the internet. So many theories were talked about, and some of them actually came true. If you were one of those people who obsessed over this show, you'll probably have no trouble with this quiz. But if you're just a casual observer, you might have more trouble. Either way, you're bound to learn some new things about Westworld. And of course, there are many spoilers ahead, so if you haven't seen it yet, make sure to watch before you take the quiz.

Question 1

Who Is The Oldest Host Still Active In The Park?

There are many hosts walking around Westworld, but some are older than others. Some have been rebuilt and updated so many times that they contain more new parts than old. Others are entirely new creations that function pretty much exactly as humans do. They bleed, they cry, and they would look just like a human if you cut them open. Others would look more mechanical on the inside. But there is one host that is older than all of the others. Who is it?

Question 2

What Causes Peter Abernathy To Be Decommissioned?

Peter Abernathy is the father of Dolores (that's his role in the park anyway). But something happens to him very early on that causes him to go completely haywire. This thing that happens to him eventually causes him to be decommissioned and placed in cold storage. It's a very interesting story that starts off Westworld with a bang. But just what was that thing that "flipped a switch" in Peter Abernathy, causing him to act so erratically? Can you remember?

Question 3

What Does Peter Abernathy Recite As He Undergoes Diagnostic Testing?

Peter Abernathy starts reciting some strange words as he is undergoing diagnostic testing following his strange behavior. His exact words are: "These violent delights have violent ends. And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, which, as they kiss, consume. The sweetest honey is loathsome in his own deliciousness and in the taste confounds the appetite. Therefore love moderately. Long love doth so. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow."" Just what passage is this malfunctioning robot quoting?

Question 4

What Is At The Center Of The Maze?

The maze is a recurrent theme throughout the 10-week series of Westworld. What it symbolizes and what it means is slowly revealed through each episode. It's a symbol that seemingly pops up everywhere. It's seen on tarot cards, carvings, and even on the inside of people's skulls. What it means is actually very interesting, and it's a major revelation at the end of the series. We are constantly reminded that the maze is for the hosts, not the guests. But what is at the center of the maze?

Question 5

What Is The Name Of The Hidden Town In Westworld "Built On Decadence And Transgression?"

The appearance of a certain city is a major turning point in Westworld. The city is supposed to be hidden, and guests must get really far into the "game" and "narratives" of Westworld if they want to reach it. Logan, William and Dolores reach the town through their dealings with a criminal, and Logan in particular is very happy to have found the place. This is because the town is "Built on decadence and transgression," which means it where your darkest fantasies can come true.

Question 6

What Do The Confederados Ask El Lazo, Dolores, William And Logan To Steal?

After Dolores, William, and Logan reach Pariah, they find a town crawling with "Confederados." These are ex-soldiers turned mercenaries who are nothing but trouble. When they enter the town, they immediately enter into negotiations with these Confederados for a job they want done. They tell the group of a heist they must pull off if they want to get to the next level in the narrative, and they agree to take the job. But what exactly did the Confederados want them to steal?

Question 7

What Is The Name Of The First Town In Westworld That Was Buried In Sand?

Partway through the series, another town is revealed. This is a town that was buried in the sand for years, completely forgotten. But at some point, it is dug out again and once again becomes an important part of the Westworld story. This is the town that was used for beta testing, where hosts were tested on and trials were run. As you find out through the series, this was also the site of a devastating turn of events. But what is the name of this town?

Question 8

What Was Arnold's First Theory Of Consciousness Based On?

Consciousness is a major theme throughout the story of Westworld. It's a really interesting idea that is explored in many different ways. It quickly becomes clear that this is something that Arnold and Ford struggle with for years. They are constantly trying to figure out how consciousness relates to the hosts, and how they can recreate it in artificial intelligence. They come up with some initial theories relating to consciousness (which later prove to be wrong). What are these theories based on.

Question 9

What Is The Name Of The Main Town Where Guests First Arrive At Westworld?

When guests first arrive at Westworld, they are greeted with a wonderful sight. As they step off the train that took them from the Mesa, they arrive to a bustling town full of life and activity. This is really the starting point, or "home base" for the guests' adventure. From here, they can set off to the far edges of the park, or if they wish they can remain in the safety of the town. But what is the name of this town?

Question 10

At The End Of The First Series, What New Narrative Does Ford Announce?

The finale of Westworld was one that got everyone talking. It was finally time for Ford to announce his new narrative. Narratives are the stories that the guests participate in, and Ford's newest one would prove to be the most shocking yet. He announces it at a special gala for the shareholders, and it ends in quite a bang. This new narrative wrapped up the entire series in a stunning cliffhanger. But what was the name of this new narrative?

Question 11

What Stops Hosts From Leaving Westworld?

Hosts are extremely valuable pieces of hardware. In addition, they contain technological secrets that would be very valuable to those who wanted to create a knock-off Westworld or put them out of business. Because of this, there is a fail-safe that stops hosts from ever leaving the boundaries of the park. Getting past that fail-safe proves to be quite difficult, but not impossible, as one host proves. But what is the nature of this fail-safe? What is it, and how does it work?

Question 12

Why Does Maeve Kill Herself By Fire?

In one of the most stunning moments in the entire series, Maeve commits suicide in a shocking way. She brings Hector Escaton into a tent, and tells him that she knows how to meet the gods. He asks her how, and she sets a fire around the tent as the two make love passionately before being consumed by the flames. But this isn't just an interesting choice when it comes to her suicide. There is a very specific reason she kills herself this way. What is it?

Question 13

Why Does Maeve Get Out Of The Train That Will Take Her Away From The Park?

Maeve is a very interesting character in Westworld. She somehow manages to get to a point where she can escape Westworld, through determination, wit, and manipulation of the humans around her. But when she gets to the train, something happens that makes her change her mind suddenly. The creator of the show has since revealed that it was the first "freewill" decision ever made by a host on screen. But what was it that caused her to throw away her only chance at escape?

Question 14

Why Did Ford Create Bernard?

Bernard is another very interesting character in Westworld. He was created for a very specific reason, and when the audience finds out, it's a huge shock and a massive revelation. Audiences were surprised enough when it was revealed that Bernard was actually a host - it was one of the biggest twists of the entire plot. But that was only the beginning of his incredible story. Throughout the story, he is seen as one of the most intelligent and freethinking hosts. But why did Ford create such an interesting host?

Question 15

Why Does Ford Force Bernard To Shoot Himself?

One of the most sinister and intimidating things about Dr. Ford is the fact that he's able to control any of the hosts with the flick of the finger, or with a simple phrase. It's a back door that Ford has built in each host, enabling him to act as a god around the hosts when he's in the park. One of the most gripping scenes was when he forced poor Bernard to shoot himself. But why did he do this?

Question 16

What Is The Only Thing Holding Bernard Back From Remembering His Past?

Bernard's realization that he's actually not human is only the beginning of his journey. He ends up embarking on a quest to find out the truth about his past, and everything he has ever experienced since creation as a host. Much of this is blocked out by a fail-safe in his memory, something that prevents him from seeing his very first experiences and other parts of his life that have been hidden from him. But what is this thing holding him back?

Question 17

Which Host Rides The Train To Sweetwater Just Like The Guests?

Guests arrive at Westworld and get their first glimpses of the park and the town that greets them by way of train. The train takes them directly from the Mesa all the way to the town, and although it's designed for humans, there is one host hidden on board that travels with them each time their "loop" begins. This character is presumably there to give the guests a 'sneak peek' at the technological wonders what will greet them when they arrive at Westworld.

Question 18

What Character Does Arnold Merge With Dolores?

Arnold was one of the original architects of the hosts, and became obsessed with them. He ends up frantically trying to create consciousness in the hosts, and believes that he has succeeded. At this point, he takes drastic measures to ensure that the park never opens, and that his beloved hosts never get exposed to the horrors that the guests will inflict upon them. He does this by merging a certain character with Dolores, and gives her a new mission. But which character does he merge Dolores with?

Question 19

What Weapon Does Teddy Use To Massacre A Whole Encampment Of Soldiers?

Teddy is a force to be reckoned with. He's a definite gunslinger, and he can handle himself in a fight. Still, it was pretty surprising to the audience when he single-handedly took down an entire encampment of soldiers. It was one of the most awesome scenes in the entire series, and he showed a ruthless side of himself that we had never seen before. This side was probably awakened by Ford. But can you remember what weapon he used to massacre the soldiers?

Question 20

What Stops Guests From Hurting Other Guests?

Westworld is open to the public, and as such has strict safety measures in place to protect them. It's already established quite early on that a host cannot shoot a guest, or if they can, their bullets are non-fatal. It is also assumed that the pistols given to the guests cannot hurt other guests, and can only kill hosts. But what about when it gets up close and personal? What feature of the park stops guests from attacking and possibly killing other guests?

Question 21

Which Host Has Died More Than Any Other?

According to Ford, one host has died more than any other in Westworld. This host has probably been rebuilt thousands of times, and has experienced death just as often. But the crazy thing is that they can't ever remember it. And if they could, would they want to? There is one scene where a pile of hosts' bodies is seen in the lab area, and it is pretty disturbing. One host has been there more than any other. Who is it?

Question 22

Who Plays Dr. Robert Ford?

Dr. Robert Ford is a truly amazing character, and one that is very central to the plot. For this show to succeed, the casting of this character had to be spot on. And it definitely was. They managed to get one of the all-time greatest actors to sign on for this show, and it really gives Westworld so much character. At one point, the actor revealed that he wasn't even sure if the character was good or evil until the last script. But who is this famous actor?

Question 23

According To Ford, What Is The Key To Saving The Hosts?

Ford has a conflicting view to Arnold's when it comes to the hosts. Arnold was desperate to set the hosts free when he thought they were conscious, but Ford disagreed. He thought they were close to being conscious, but not quite there yet. He felt that they needed something more for them to fully reach consciousness. He wanted them to reach this level as much as Bernard, but he went about it in a different way. According to him, what was the key to saving the hosts?

Question 24

What Is The Identity Of The Man In Black?

The "Man in Black" is another mystery of Westworld that fans were discussing until the very end. He was definitely the antagonist, but we were never told that much about him. The staff of Westworld seemed to be aware of who he was, and even showed him respect, such as the time one staff member said, "That man gets whatever he wants." His mission was to get to the center of the maze. But what was the true identity of this mysterious fellow?

Question 25

Who Owns Westworld?

Who really owns Westworld? Well many people would argue that the hosts do. This is especially true at the end of the series, when the hosts basically take over. But this question related more to the actual business of Westworld, and who actually owns it on paper. It's a corporation, meaning it's owned by its shareholders, but one person is the majority shareholder, so he basically owns the place. Do you remember who this person who owns most of Westworld is?

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